Who am I?

I am like millions of inhabitants of the known and unknown Universe passionate about strange and unexplained facts. My goal is to identify all paranormal phenomena around the world by browsing the numerous related literature, surfing the Web, constantly keeping up to date with current events, and, of course, collecting your testimonials.

But where does my nickname come from?

In Sioux mythology, Wakonda is the Great Spirit guarantor of the balance of the Universe. He reveals its Great Secrets to a few rare shamans.

A city bears my name ...

Wakonda is a small town located in the southeast of the state of South Dakota in the United States. It was founded in 1885 by settlers. The railway line had just been built which allowed this village to flourish economically. According to a local legend "Wakonda" means "Wonderland". Today it has around 400 inhabitants.


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