British medium Nicolas Aujula's predictions for 2021

British medium Nicolas Aujula's predictions for 2021

Nicolas Aujula is a famous British psychic, hypnotherapist, and astrologer. He claims to have received premonitions about what will happen in the year 2021.

The man had made himself known worldwide this year for predicting the coronavirus pandemic two years ago. For 2021, the medium indicates that there will be gigantic protests across the world and that there will be a mass exodus of the population.

The year 2021 will be tulmutuous. Political unrest will overwhelm the world and the British royal family will experience tragedies.

He explains :

I’m seeing people moving somewhere for a better life, almost like a mass exodus.

I’m not talking a few hundred – I mean thousands.

I keep getting the words ‘Tom Cruise’ and ‘heart’ coming to me.

Maybe that’s literal and he’ll be poorly with a heart problem, or maybe it’s metaphorical and he’ll go through a break-up or something.

I’m also seeing romantic heartache for Natalie Portman and Kim Kardashian.

Who knows, maybe she will split with Kanye West?

I’m getting visions of Meghan Markle appearing on screen somewhere, doing some sort of tell-all interview, where she spills secrets about the Royal family.

I have had a couple of quite horrid visions – one of a male world leader being assassinated.

I couldn’t see who it was, but sensed it sent shockwaves through the world. Obviously I hope that doesn’t come to fruition.

I’ve also had a vision of a world summit being plagued by a sex scandal and, a rise in far-right politics, particularly in southern Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and a volcanic eruption leading to major weather changes.

And I've had the words ‘pig flu’ come to me and seen images of mass panic.

I don’t think it will be another virus, but I can imagine the reaction will be alarmist, given what’s happened this year.

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A little girl and her gifts of telekinesis ...

A little girl and her gifts of telekinesis ...

Telekinesis is the power to move objects by thought. According to science, the existence of such a gift is impossible. However, a mother of a family recounted that her daughter, when she was little, broke objects with the thought when she got angry ...

She shared her story on Reddit:

When my daughter was little, whenever she would get upset, something in the kitchen would randomly break. It happened way too many times to be coincidental, and the things that broke did so in inexplicable ways.

I clearly remember one instance very early in the morning standing in the kitchen, telling her she couldn’t have cake from the night before. She immediately looked angry and I heard a weird 'plink' sound inside the cupboard. I opened it to find the plate on the top of the stack was cracked in several places. No signs of this in later years. She’s 24 now and I often allude to this and remind her boyfriend not to piss her off.

This story reminds us of Stephen King's novel Carrie. In it, the heroine, a teenage girl named Carrie, is bullied by her classmates and abused by her mother. After a tragic event, Carrie's gift of telekinesis awakens whenever anger rises in her ...

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Woman thinks she spoke with God in the Hereafter

Woman thinks she spoke with God in the Hereafter

In 2005, a young woman suffered serious health problems. She even almost died. It was under these conditions that she had a staggering near-death experience.

At that time Anne was suffering from lupus and kidney failure. She was hospitalized with a pulmonary hemorrhage. She was placed in an induced coma. His brain was no longer oxygenated. It was then that she had an experience she will never forget.

She told her story on the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF) website:

I may have been clinically dead, as I had no brain function according to a scan.

I was not expected to live and when I was disconnected from the respirator, I was suddenly in a dimly-lit room by myself. I noticed, in particular, that this room had a door, which I felt was special in some way. "Then I became aware that I was no longer alone. God was there!

Anne says she couldn't see him but had a feeling of “complete, total and unconditional love in the highest form”.

For her, it was this divine presence that gave her such an extraordinary feeling.

God would then have asked him the following question: “Are you too tired?

She thinks He was asking her if she was ready to go through the door leading into the afterlife.

I do not recall my answer, whether God sent me back, or if I made the decision, but I do know I was given a choice.

So it must have been my choice to come back. Miraculously, God sent me back well.

After many years of severe suffering with the pain and illness of lupus, when I came back, my lupus was completely gone!

What do you think of this story?

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A UFO spotted over Paramaribo during one hour

A UFO spotted over Paramaribo during one hour

On October 17, 2001, many people living in Suriname, a little country located in northern South America, saw something odd. In the morning, an unidentified flying object is appeared in the sky.

It was 10 o’clock un Paramribo, the country’s capital. Suddenly, a UFO is appeared from nowhere over Fiora neighborhood where the Suriname air force base is located. All witnesses have said the same thing. The mysterious object moved in the sky from one point to another at an incredible speed. It seemed to be looking for something.

Some time later, the same object was seen above the district of Cupido, in west Paramaribo. Once again, it moved back and forth.

One hour later, it disappeared. What was it doing over Paramaribo? Was it looking for something? What do you think about that?

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Following a car accident, a man saw Hell

Following a car accident, a man saw Hell

Some time ago, a man was a car accident. While he was clinically dead, he live a terrifying near death experience.

When he was unconscious, Jeff thinks he was in Hell. He saw and felt a thousand arms trying to grab him. He couldn’t see the faces of his attackers.

Jeff told his story on NDERF (Near Dearth Experience Research Foundation) website:

I was at the edge of a cliff stepping into a deep abyss of darkness filled with thousands of people with their arms outstretched to me.

I could see no faces but I saw the arms outstretched.

As I began to step into the void, I was snatched back from the edge by an unseen force and I heard the words, 'It is not your time; I am not through with you yet.'

The very next moment my wife was pulling me from the car and resuscitating me.

Jeff survived but after this incredible experience, he believes in life after death…

And you?

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Aliens would be interested in our souls

Aliens would be interested in our souls

A ufologist has come up with a rather interesting theory to try to explain what motivates aliens to come to our planet.

Nigel Kerner is a British essayist who has long been interested in the field of ufology. He claims that aliens come to Earth to harvest human souls.

He has also written two books on this subject: Song of the Greys and Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls. From his research, he concluded that aliens are "using" our souls. The man tried to explain why they were doing this and how.

Danielle Silverman, Nigel Kerner's assistant, explained the ufologist's thinking:

[Kerner] went on to delineate a fascinating concept, explaining that a ‘soul’ might be a derivational information field that comes out of a natural cadence that came into the Universe with the big bang. This field holds the power to maintain information in what he called a morphogenetic electro-spatial field with an eternal scope of existence in whatever form circumstance allows. The soul is thus an ancestrally contiguous and coherent mechanism for holding information. Nigel argued that if the Greys are an artificially created and manufactured roboidal form then they would find our facility for ‘soul’ an analogue of their own creators. This would be an analogue that they would want to try to combine with their own natures themselves. The ‘Greys’ he argued were synthetic biological programmed artificially intelligent machine entities sent out as super intelligent robots far more advanced than those we now ourselves send out to explore the Universe.

They are, however, subject to wear and tear as indeed are all atomically derived entities through the second law of thermodynamics which drives them into greater and greater states of decay with time. A non-atomic property however, such as ‘soul,’ is immune to the second law. Thus this property was their ultimate goal, their ‘holy grail’ so to speak. It was a property that they could never know or understand in its own terms as purely atomic artificial creations. Their only perception of it was the effect it has on atoms, the difference in other words between a naturally living entity and their artificial state. Ironically, what these artificially intelligent entities are seeking is eternal survivability. The Greys and any physical life that they might reconstitute from the DNA codes they carry on behalf of their creators, cannot access the state beyond death. They have no ‘soul’ they cannot be born. They are trying to use us as a bridge into ‘soul’ writing their programs into us through genetic engineering and implantation so that through us they can tap into an eternal existence.”

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Huge UFO caught near Popocateptl volcano in January 2021

On January 21, 2021, a webcam captured an unidentified flying object that entered the interior of Popocatepetl, an active volcano located 70 km southeast of Mexico City.

This UFO is gigantic in size. He is seen heading towards the crater before entering it. It was ufologist Scott C. Waring who spotted this mysterious object:

While watching the live cam for volcano Popocatepetl, I noticed this strange disk like object entering the mouth of the volcano. The object actually overlaps (half way covers) the volcano cloud...which is all the proof needed to confirm this object did enter the mouth of the volcano. You see if it went behind the clouds, it would mean its a plane. However I quickly rolled this out because this object is huge, and a plane would stay at least 5 km away from an active volcano...so if this was a plane, it would be close to 150 meters across! Thats impossible, and the fact that the volcano is erupting right at this moment prevents planes from flying over or near it.

UFO sightings near this volcano are very common. For this ufologist, there is an explanation: this volcano is home to a secret alien base! He explains:

Its absolutely mind boggling to see this UFO 30% in front of the clouds from the mouth of the volcano. This is 100% proof that an alien base is 5-7km below this volcano and has been there for thousands of years.

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Popocatepetl live cam / Scott C. Waring



A woman visits her brother in a dream before dying

A woman visits her brother in a dream before dying

In the early XIXth century, a young woman felt ill. She had a presentiment that she was dying. Strangely the night before she dies, she appeared in the dream of his brother to say him a last goodbye.

The Daily News tells this unexplained story:

A certain young lady, whom we will call 'Mary A,' was recovering from an illness. The doctor had declared her to be out of danger, and her friends and relatives were rejoicing in the fact.

Nevertheless, Miss A, receiving a visit one day from a sister, gravely assured her that she was going to die. The sister pooh-poohed the idea, and treated it as an invalid's fancy. Miss A, however, with the utmost calmness, repeated her statement. She was certain that she would die that night, and begged her sister to fetch her parents and other relatives to say good-bye. Thinking to humor her, the sister complied. One person was absent from this strange family gathering—a brother, who was at sea, and expected home in a week or two. 'But it does not matter,' Miss A quietly observed,. 'I saw him last night in a dream, and said good-bye to him in his cabin.' Before the sun rose again Miss A's prediction had come true; she was dead. That, however, is not the strangest part of this rather weird story. When, in due time, the sailor brother reached port, he was met by his other sister, who began to tell him the sad news. 'Ah,' he interrupted, 'you need not tell me. Mary is dead. I knew it, for she came to me one night in my dreams, and told me she was going to die and wanted to say, good-bye.' On comparing dates it was found that. the dreams were dreamed on the selfsame night.

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Specter warns of impending train crash

Specter warns of impending train crash

A hundred years ago, a young woman took the train to join her husband in Cambridge, England. Strangely, when the train stopped to a station, she saw a mysterious spectre waving for her.

The bride was shocked by this unexplained apparition. This spectre looked like her husband and tried to warn her of an accident.

The story:

Here is one more spirit story, whose truth I can guarantee - so far, at least, I can guarantee the truthfulness of the friend who sold it to me. A young girl on her way to Cambridge to meet there her fiance, started up at every station where the train stopped and looked so wildly out of the window that an old gentleman in the carriage at last asked her what was the matter. ‘Oh,’ she answered in great agitation ‘I have seen at every station the friend. I am going to meet at Cambridge on the platform, beckoning me to get out in a kind of agony of terror.’

“‘Then, take my advice.’ said the old gentleman, ‘and, if you see him at the next station still beckoning to you, get out at once.’ At the next station there still was the spectre beckoning to her in even wilder excitement than ever. She hesitated no longer, got out at once-as, indeed, did the old gentleman-and waited for the next train to take her to Cambridge. On her arrival she learned that an accident had happened to the preceding train, and especially to the carriage in which she had been seated, and from which, indeed, she had only and barely escaped with her life. The odd thing was that her fiance, when his spirit was appearing to warn her, was himself so sound asleep in the waiting-room at Cambridge that he had not even dreamed of anything of the sort.

Did her future husband have the gift of bilocation?

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