A black shadow haunts a parsonage in Leicester

A black shadow haunts a parsonage in Leicester

Old buildings often have rich, sometimes tormented, history. Maybe that's why these places are sometimes haunted. A presbytery, located not far from Leicester (in England), would thus be inhabited by a mysterious ghost.

In the small village of Walton-Le-Wolds, there is a large rectory with 30 rooms. According to Reverend Thomas R. Williams, a strange "black shadow" lurks in the halls of this building. Many witnesses would have seen him. It is said that when this ghost walks through a room, the air cools dramatically.

No one knows the identity of this spirit. The Reverend says he is in no way malicious. He explains that during his life he had already been called upon to cast out spirits using his holy water.

However, the clergyman explains that he did not see this ghost with his own eyes. “Perhaps it's be cause I do not wholly believe in ghosts,” he concludes.

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A vampire terrifies inhabitant in a Romanian village

A vampire terrifies inhabitant in a Romanian village

In Romanian mythology, Strigoi are troubled spirits who risen from the grave. These terrifying creatures are links with modern vampirism. Some people claim to have seen real strigoi or have been attacked by them.

On Reddit, an user known as ‘szyly’ said that his great grandmother was confronted with strigoi while she was young. Here is the story:

Romanians believe that vampires exist. We call them strigoi. “The ones who scream” that’s the translation of the word. Strigoi are evil spirits that come at night to torment people by calling out their names. Strigoi are thirsty for blood just as vampires. They can come in human or animal form. Strigoi are completely free on the Saint Andrew’s Night. 30th of November to be exact. Our type of Halloween. My Great grandmother told my mom that she heard a strigoi calling out her name. She said that it was very important to remain silent otherwise bad things could happen. They have the power to cause health issues to the people who respond to their calling.

When my mom was a child the whole community along with the priest went to the cemetery to kill a vampire. A man from the village died. He was a sinner or so everyone said. His family started to experience weird stuff. They would hear him calling out their names. Soon all the members of the family fell ill. That’s how they decided that their relative was a “strigoi”. My mother remembers that they used a wood stake to kill that creature. She remembers some noises coming from the grave. My great grandmother was there too. She said that the man looked like he was sleeping even though there were 6 months since he was deceased.

Vampires have been popularized by the Irish author Bram Stoker and his horror novel Dracula. Yet, underlying that old legend is some truth…

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Crescent-shaped UFO caught near the Space Station

On December 6, 2020, International Space Station was visited by UFO. On these images caught by NASA camaras, we can see a golden crescent-shaped UFO come close to the Space Station.

According to the ufologist Scott C. Waring, the man who discovered this UFO, aliens are interested by spatial progress.

He explains on his blog:

The object is golden in color and shaped unlike anything I have ever seen before. The UFO was not cloaked or invisible, but instead was hiding in the darkness not far from the space station. When the light over the earth began to hit the space station...the light also hit the UFO, causing it to become visible from the darkness below. I have explained that some aliens are extremely advanced and are equally lazy at manual labor...so they grow their ships...not all species but many. Biomechanical ships, living, but made to serve. The shape of this UFO off the bow of the space station makes me think it too...had been grown. This is 100% proof that aliens are watching humanity's activities in space...very closely...about 70 meters away to be exact.

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Scott C. Waring / NASA



A weird flying reptile killed in 1890 in Arizona

A weird flying reptile killed in 1890 in Arizona

In early summer of 1890, two farmers were returning home. In the desert, between Whetstone and Huachuca (in Arizona), they found a mysterious winged monster. This creature looked like an alligator.

On July 4, 1890, The Fort Morgan Times wrote:

A winged monster resembling a huge alligator, with an extremely elongated tail and an immense pair of wings, was found on the desert between Whetstone and Huachuca mountains by two ranchers who were returning home, says the Tombstone, (Ari.) Epitaph. The creature was evidently exhausted by a long fight, and when discovered was able to fly but a short distance at a time.

After the first shock of wild amazement had passed, the two men who were on horseback and armed with Winchester rifles, regained courage to pursue the monster, and, after an exciting chase of several miles, succeeded in getting near enough to open fire with their rifles, wounding it. The creature then turned on the men but owing to its exhausted condition they were able to keep out of its way, and after a few well directed shots the monster partly rolled over and remained motionless. The men cautiously approached, their horses snorting with terror, and found that the creature was dead.

They then proceeded to make an examination and found that it measured ninety-two feet in length, and the greatest diameter was about fifty inches. The monster had only two feet these being situated a short distance in front of where the wings joined to the body. The head, as near as they could judge, was about eight feet long; the jaws were thickly sel with strong, sharp teeth. Its eyes were as large as a dinner-plate and protruded about half way from the head. They had some difficulty in measuring the wings, as they were partly folded under the body, but finally got one straightened sufficiently to get a measurement of 78 feet, making the total length from tip to tip about 160 feet. The wings were composed of a thick and nearly tranparent membrane, and were devoid of feathers or hair. The skin of the body was comparatively smooch and easily penetrated by a bullet.

The men cut oil a small portion of the tip of one wing and took it home with them. Late last night one of them arrived in this city for supplied and to make the necessary preparations to skin the creature, when the hide will be sent east for examination by the eminent scientists of the day.

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Saint Anthony met a mysterious being in a desert in Egypt

Saint Anthony met a mysterious being in a desert in Egypt

Antony the Great (251-356) was a Christian monk born in Egypt. He is now considered as the Father of all Monks. One day, while he walked alone in a desert, he met a mysterious creature…

This incredible story was reported by Saint Jérôme as follows:

So Antony, astonished, and thinking over what he had seen, goes forward. Soon afterwards, he sees in a stony valley a short manikin, with crooked nose and brow rough with horns, whose lower parts ended in goat’s feet. Undismayed by this spectacle likewise, Antony seized, like a good warrior, the shield of faith and habergeon of hope; the animal, however, was bringing him dates, as food for his journey, and a pledge of peace. When he saw that, Antony pushed on, and, asking him who he was, was answered, “I am a mortal, and one of the inhabitants of the desert, whom the Gentiles, deluded by various errors, worship by the name of Fauns, Satyrs, and Incubi. I come as ambassador from our herd, that thou mayest pray for us to the common God, who, we know, has come for the salvation of the world, and his sound is gone out into all lands.” As he spoke thus, the aged wayfarer bedewed his face plenteously with tears, which the greatness of his joy had poured forth as signs of his heart. For he rejoiced at the glory of Christ, and the destruction of Satan; and, wondering at the same time that he could understand the creature’s speech, he smote on the ground with his staff, and said, “Woe to thee, Alexandria, who worshippest portents instead of God! Woe to thee, harlot city, into which all the demons of the world have flowed together! What wilt thou say now? Beasts talk of Christ, and thou worshippest portents instead of God.” He had hardly finished his words, when the swift beast fled away as upon wings. Lest this should move a scruple in any one on account of its incredibility, it was corroborated, in the reign of Constantine, by the testimony of the whole world. For a man of that kind, being led alive to Alexandria, afforded a great spectacle to the people; and afterwards the lifeless carcase, being salted lest it should decay in the summer heat, was brought to Antioch, to be seen by the Emperor.

In this book entitled, “Passport to Magonia: From Folklore to Flying Saucers”, the french ufologist and scientist Jacques Vallée thinks that this weird creature came from another planet. In fact, if it was a angel or a devil, Saint Antony would have recognized it. So, what it was? An alien or this story is just legend?

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Painting of Saint Anthony, a part of The Visitation with Saint Nicholas and Saint Anthony Abbot by Piero di Cosimo, c. 1480

  • The life of Saint Paul, the first hermit, Saint Jérôme


The terrifying prophecy of Mother Shipton about coronavirus...

The terrifying prophecy of Mother Shipton about coronavirus...

Ursula Southeil (1488-1561), better known as Mother Shipton is one the most famous English soothsayer and prophetess. According to some people, she predicted the Coronavirus pandemic…

The “Yorkshire witch” was born in Knaresborough in a cave. She was reputed to be hideously ugly. She married Toby Shipton, a local carpenter, near York in 1512. Throughout her life, she made predictions.

Now, researchers have found some references to COVID-19 in the prophecies of Mother Shipton. Here the complete prediction about Coronavirus:

And yellow people get more power
From the mighty bear with whom they lay.
But these mighty tyrants can’t do anything
They will not be able to divide the world into two parts.
For danger arises from their actions –
A terrible fever, leaving many dead.
And doctors won’t find a cure
For the disease will be worse than leprosy.

“Yellow people” refers to Chinese people and the “terrible fever leaving many dead” will be the coronavirus. The onset of COVID-19 will be a sign of terrible events:

When moving pictures seem alive
When boats like fish swim under the sea,
When people, like birds, will cut through the sky
Then half of the world, drenched in blood, will die.
Those who survive the century
Will be in awe and awe
Many will flee to the mountains, to the forests and hide in the swamps
Slowly they will die out
Searching for diminishing streams of water
Many will die of thirst earlier
Than the oceans rise to the shore.
Fire dragon cross the sky
Six times before this earth dies
Humanity will tremble and be scared
Until the sixth herald in this prophecy.
Seven days and seven nights
A person will watch this amazing sight.
The tides will rise beyond
The shores will begin to crumble
Mountains will roar
And earthquakes will split the plains.
And floods of water rushing
Flood all the lands with a roar
Having buried humanity in a dirty swamp
And a man will roar at his brethren.
He will bare his teeth, he will fight and kill
Fighting for food supplies
Hidden in secret hills
Not every soul on earth will die.
As the tail of the Dragons passes by.
Not every earth on the planet will sink
But plants, bodies of people and animals
Will roll around
They will rot, crunch under your feet and stink.

So, by reading these lines, we can say that our futur will be terrifying and hopeless…

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Old engraving of Mother Shipton, Public Domain


A child claims to have seen an elf at home

A child claims to have seen an elf at home

While still a child, a girl named Susan repeatedly saw a terrifying leprechaun inside her home.

She told her story to her childhood friend. At the time, she lived in the western state of Pennsylvania. Her best friend posted this account on Reddit under the pseudonym "ExistentialDead14":

One morning she came into school and told me in a whisper that she had seen a leprechaun in the hallway of her room the night before. I could tell it scared her. I asked her if she’d ever seen it before, and she said she had. She said she’d heard rustling noises out in the hallway, and gotten out of her bed to peek around the corner. In the corner of the hall she saw a small man approximately two feet tall in dirty clothes with red hair. She froze with fear, then she said the man disappeared. She said she’d seen him before out of the corner of her eye moving in the hallway, at all hours of the day. I remember her clear as day saying to me that it did NOT look like the leprechaun on the Lucky Charms box.

Being an amateur paranormal investigator even at nine, I asked her to draw me a picture. I still have the picture somewhere at my parents. She drew a small man with red hair standing in her hallway. She believed she saw the leprechaun one more time then she told me she never saw it again. It should be noted too that Susan was not asleep or in her bed the times she thought she saw the leprechaun. She would see it out in the hallway or out of the corner or her eye while she was upstairs. I believe too she only saw it over a six-month period. A lot of strange things happened at her house and I know she believed what she saw, and wasn’t just “making up stories.

The young woman who reported this story had already published the story of a policeman named Mike who ran over a leprechaun while he was on patrol. Now, she has decided to investigate these mysterious and folkloric beings. She thinks that this creature was not a leprechaun but a "tommy knocker". She explains:

Now that I’m older and do paranormal investigation myself, I believe that what Mike and Susan both saw are what are called Tommy Knockers. Tommy Knockers are leprechaun-like creatures believed by immigrant coal miners to live in the mines and move tools and such things. This being western Pennsylvania, each location where the leprechaun was seen was above or near a coal mine. They are often described as dirty, scraggly, sharp featured looking little men with reddish hair. I cannot express how sincere both of them were to me when telling me their stories. I personally know two people who claim to have seen a leprechaun, and are very sincere in their beliefs of having seen a leprechaun; also, the stories are very believable. I personally believe they’ve seen Tommy Knockers, which is sort of the “USA” version of a leprechaun.

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A new mysterious pyramid found on the Moon

On November 20, 2020, ufologist Scott C. Waring found a mysterious pyramid on a picture caught by Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LROC), a NASA robotic spacecraft launched on June 18, 2009 from Cape Canaveral.

LRO is part of the United State’s Vision for Space Exploration program. Final goal is to send men to the Moon.

On a picture caught during this mission, this ufologist found something strange : an incredible pyramid similar to the famous Pyramids of Égypte. He explains:

I found a pyramid on Earths moon today. Its really big, about 1km across. The pyramid is very similar to pyramids in Egypt seen from above using Google Earth. The site I got it from is an NASA endorsed site used by scientists. I also found many other interesting things...take a look at the video I made below and please subscribe to my channel because sometimes I make a video but wont make a post about it. This is 100% proof that ancient aliens moved from the moon to Earth thousands of years ago.

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A poltergeist scares inhabitants in a village in Malaysia

In Malaysia, many villagers are terrified of a ghost that never ceases to torment them. The testimonies are numerous and the mystery remains, to this day, intact.

Sabak is a coastal town in the Sabak Bernam district, Malaysia. For some time now, it has been the scene of paranormal phenomena. The country's media have reported a multitude of incidents that occur there almost daily. Local officials fail to explain what is going on. The police, meanwhile, rule out the possibility that they could be pranksters.

One of the inhabitants, victim of this poltergeist, testifies:

The knocking sound was loud as if someone wanted to get into the house quickly. When I peeked out the window, I did not see who was knocking. A few minutes later, the knock came back and it came from the bathroom in the house. Coincidentally, the bathroom has not been used for a long time, so my whole body shivered and my hair ruffled as soon as I heard the knock.

Muhammad Nazri Saiman, the president of Kampung Batu 37 Darat Village Community Management Council (MPKK) chose to handle this case:

It is understood that almost half of the villagers complained about the incident (knock on the door). I advise them to be careful and not open the door if they hear suspicious sounds.

But what to do when the beatings come from inside the house like Mhd Khairol Anuar Mhd Zaini did?

Disturbingly, these supernatural phenomena have spread to almost all of the neighboring villages.

The authorities noted that the events occurred mainly at night. So they decided to robust patrols in the hope of getting their hands on any jokers.

Some locals believe that these phenomena could be the act of shamans who invoked Penanggalan, evil spirits, in Malay culture.

Others believe it could be the spirit of a recent deceased whose soul is tormented.

Is this a phenomenon of mass hysteria? Are we dealing with a particularly active poltergeist?

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Sungai Besar à Sabak Bernam by Khairi Ahmad - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Wikimedia


Man saw his own funeral from beyond

Man saw his own funeral from beyond

A man has had an extraordinary near-death experience. While unconscious, he claims he had attended his own funeral in ghost form ...

A person named Thomas was clinically dead following complications during surgery. He has been in in the afterlife and had terrifying visions.

He reported his story on the Near Death Experience Research Foundation website:

I landed on grass and found myself in Willamette National Cemetery in Portland, Oregon.

I was wearing a hospital gown and I couldn't understand why no one could see me. I started to walk over to one of the shelters where funerals take place for veterans.

I noticed a large gathering was taking place. I walked over and could see my wife and my step-daughter crying.

I started to freak out as I realise it was my funeral. I tried to get their attention but there was no sound; it was absolute silence. Then, everything went dark again.

This time I could see from a different angle. I watched my parents arguing in a room.

The room had concrete blocks for walls that were painted white. I couldn't exactly hear what was being said but it almost seemed as if I was in my mother's womb.

I was being presented with various scenes that seemed to go on forever. (I'm going to save this part for a book.)

At the end, I became woozy and blacked out. I woke up in a chair. There was a woman in a nurse's uniform with a dark blue sweater who was standing in a dark room.

She started to talk to me but her mouth wasn't moving. She told me that I was being sent back because it wasn't my time yet.

Moments later, Thomas returned to his own body. He is now convinced that there is life after death.

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Image by Charles Thompson via Pixabay