Two men attacked by a dogman in Mexico

Two men attacked by a dogman in Mexico

A few years ago, two men were riding in a freight truck on an unpaved and rough road somewhere in Mexico. Suddenly, they were attacked by a terrifying and mysterious creature.

It was dark when this huge "dogman" jumped out of the back of their truck. The following testimonial was originally posted on the Beyond Creepy site by the nephew of the two witnesses:

They didn’t stop to see what it was because there were no lights on the road. My uncle on the passenger side saw this devilish creature that looked like a dog climbing closer to the cabin of the truck. They said the thing was huge. My uncle’s screaming in fear when they saw it, said they tried to shake the truck but it would fall off until they hit it against a tree on the opposite side of the road/path. They kept driving all night to the morning all freaked out. When they got to a gas station in a village, they saw gash marks and hand but animal prints on the windows where it was trying to get in and on the back trailer. They told their story to some of the villager or farmer and they told them that dogmen-like demons roam those areas. And they were not the only ones who have been attached before. They were so freaked out the hair on both arms rises even telling their experience. They said they never drove through Central America besides the cities or villages at night ever again. I wish I could have recorded them telling the stories. They have died already, but even before they died, they stuck with what happened to them and they never did drugs.

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He sees the corpse of a man moving on its own ...

He sees the corpse of a man moving on its own ...

A person who worked one night in the morgue was trying to reconstruct the body of a man who died in a car accident. Suddenly he saw that corpse's forearm move several times. Did the dead man want to send him a message?

The witness told her story on Reddit:

At times your imagination goes wild, especially if this is your first year working at a morgue and here is my experience. Sure just like any other person I enjoy horror movies, but I never thought of them as being ‘real’ especially when it comes to the supernatural.

There had been a big accident somewhere nearby (I live in a small town) and it was 3rd month working there, so being one of the newbies I had to show I was able to do this. It was a pileup, and there were several bodies at once in the morgue.

Since some of them came in as ‘pieces,’ and we had to put them back together like a puzzle. I don’t want to get morbid so I will skip this part. After a long while of trying to figure things out, some of the other guys decided to go to break. I decided to stay since I really didn’t know them.

I kept working and I actually thought I saw a forearm with a tattoo move a little bit. I thought to myself that it was my imagination so I kept working. Next thing I know I saw it move again, I decided to hell with it and kept looking at it but nothing happened.

I actually felt silly. I saw it move for a third time and this time it REALLY did move, right there in front of my eyes, but how can this be possible? My co-workers busted thru the doors and I didn’t say anything. Some time later, one of them approached me and told me “Hey man, you got it wrong.”

I got what wrong?” “That piece, that arm it doesn’t belong to that body.” “Huh?” “See this forearm goes over there, it belongs to that body.” I had actually made the mistake of misplacing the parts and I guess (I know it’s silly to say) maybe the arm was trying to tell me something?

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Several UFOs sighted near San Francisco in February 2017

Several UFOs sighted near San Francisco in February 2017

In February 2017, a couple were on a cruise and returning to San Francisco, California. In the middle of the night, the young woman observed several UFOs in the ocean ...

The witness was on board the Dawn Princess, a cruise ship. She was returning from a trip to the Mexican Riviera. As the boat passed Half Moon Bay, she saw something inexplicable.

She told her story on the NUFORC website:

I was coughing up a storm at 2 A.M., and my husband went to find a hot lemonade. I was awake anyway, so I pulled back the curtains and stood in the window to watch the ship’s churning water – mesmerizing! After about 5 minutes, three softly glowing objects came into view – three uniform, nearly spherical objects, evenly spaced in a line parallel to the ship’s hull and hovering just above the water surface. Based on the appearance of dolphins from the window, and of people seen standing on piers, I’d say that these spheres were somewhat larger – maybe 12-15’ high. Perfectly smooth, and with a pale bluish-white glow. They appeared to stay in one place while the ship moved past them. They were hovering, but didn’t disturb the water below them. Just as they went out of my sight, the left one toward the bow splashed down into the water and disappeared. Of course, I hadn’t thought to tear myself away from the window to get the cell phone or camera (both in the safe, and of doubtful use through a window at night…). And, of course, three more glowing spheres, hovering in a straight line along the edge of the wake, came past the window 2 minutes later! 4-5 minutes after that, two more spheres were seen, but farther away from the ship. The first and second groups had been located just where the ship’s wake or foam line ends. The last group was about twice as far away. The “bow-ward” of these last two also dropped down into the water and disappeared. I was still standing at the window, in amazement, when my husband came back with lemon tea. I told him about the spheres, and we watched for a while, but no more sightings.

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The day an explorer found a man-eating lotus

The day an explorer found a man-eating lotus

Phil Robinson, an explorer, had strange and terrifying adventures in Africa. In his travelogue published in 1881 and entitled "Under the Punkah", he recounts seeing man-eating plants ...

In this fascinating story, he explains that one of his plants attacked his uncle. He would have emptied his charger on this thirsty plant. He then took out his knife before stabing it to multiple occasions. He finally managed to escape. One of his guides did not have this chance and literally was devoured by one of his plants.

Robinson described this cannibalistic plant:

This awful plant, that rears its splendid death-shade in the central solitude of a Nubian fern forest, sickens by its unwholesome humours all vegetation from its immediate vicinity, and feeds upon the wild beasts that, in the terror of the chase, or the heat of noon, seek the thick shelter of its boughs ; upon the birds that, flitting across the open space, come within the charmed circle of its power, or innocently refresh themselves from the cups of its great waxen flowers ; upon even man himself when, an infrequent prey, the savage seeks its asylum in the storm, or turns from the harsh foot-wounding sword-grass of the glade, to pluck the wondrous fruit that hang plumb down among the wondrous foliage. And such fruit! Glorious golden ovals, great honey drops, swelling by their own weight into pear-shaped translucencies. The foliage glistens with a strange dew, that all day long drips on to the ground below, nurturing a rank growth of grasses, which shoot up in places so high that their spikes of fierce blood-fed green show far up among the deep-tinted foliage of the terrible tree, and, like a jealous body-guard, keep concealed the fearful secret of the charnel-house within, and draw round the black roots of the murderous plant a decent screen of living green.

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High school student recounts near-death experience

High school student recounts near-death experience

While in the first year of high school, Candy had a near death experience after one of her classmates unwittingly strangled him.

Shortly after losing consciousness, the witness was persuaded to have been in the afterlife as he recounted on the NDERF website:

One day as our study hall monitor was out, this senior picked me up from behind with one arm across my upper shoulders.

He swung me around with what I assumed was a big smile and laugh. The class thought it was hilarious.

What they didn't know is that his arm had slipped to my neck.

Without knowing it, he was strangling his victim in the throat, preventing oxygen from reaching the brain. Slowly, Candy lost consciousness.

He described being surrounded by darkness until it all disappeared and absolute silence set in.

Though the lights went out; yet, my consciousness was highly alert. I could no longer hear anyone or anything from in the classroom but I knew that I could hear. I saw nothing but darkness but did not feel blind.

I knew that I could see the darkness. It was velvety, soft and comforting.

Candy thinks he spent about five minutes in this state of darkness before he started to care about his well-being with the outside world.

I became aware of the senior in a panic trying to revive me.

Today Candy is convinced that there is life after death.

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Colombia: security guard attacked by poltergeist

The mayor of the city of Armenia, located in the Quindío department in Colombia, shared a mysterious video on the Internet. In these images, we can see a security guard being thrown violently against the wall of the town hall by an invisible force ...

José Manuel Ríos Morales has been the mayor of this city of over 300,000 inhabitants since 2020. On August 2, 2021, CCTV cameras in his town filmed a supernatural phenomenon. While security guards patrolled, as usual, at night, one of them was attacked by a ghost inside the town hall offices.

In these inexplicable images, the agent is seen walking down the middle of the hallway. Suddenly he is thrown to the side before bumping into the wall. Nothing can rationally explain what caused such a fall. For the mayor, there is no doubt that this is a "supernatural force".

Moments later, the guard, then on the ground, tries to crawl but this same invisible force pulls him. Two of his colleagues then come to his aid.

The mayor explains:

I want to share this video with you today, emphasizing that, as mayor, I have the conviction that faith has insurmountable power.

I want to give everyone a little peace of mind and let them know that in the company of the bishop and other religious leaders, we will bring God’s blessing to every corner of this workplace.

We ask for respect and a union in prayer, and we assure you that nothing can steal our peace and tranquillity because we are protected by the hand of our Lord.

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A fleet of UFOs flew over Arnhem in 1952

A fleet of UFOs flew over Arnhem in 1952

On July 24, 1952, at the start of the morning, several witnesses observed a big formation of "flying saucers" over the city of Arnhem, in the eastern Netherlands ...

It was 6:30 am when a mother and her four children (two girls aged 16 and 13 and two boys aged 12 and 10) saw several spherical UFOs moving in a "V" formation in the sky.. These unidentified craft came from the north and went south.

After a few minutes, they suddenly disappeared without leaving the slightest trace.

This mysterious case was the subject of a CIA report. The document was declassified on November 6, 1978.

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Cairo - The ghost of Jane Brown

Cairo - The ghost of Jane Brown

In 1891, a terrifying ghost haunted a little caban in a farm near Cairo, Egypt. Thousand of people saw it and nobody could explained this surnatural apparition.

The following story was published in 1891 on the newspaper ‘The Saint Paul Daily Globe’:

Near Cairo there is alleged to be a. veritable ghost, whose reality stands the test of daylight as well as inspection in the night. The location of the spook is on the farm of Hart Floyd, and it makes its supernatural apppearance in a room in a negro cabin, writes, a correspondent of the Courier-Journal. It is the ghost of Jane Brown, a colored woman who died twelve months ago, and is in appearance an attenuated form of the woman when alive. The ghost stands by the side of the fireplace with one hand on the mantel. Fully 500 negroes went to see it yesterday, waking pilgrimages to the cabin from miles around, and the army of wagons gathered presented the appearance of a fair. The observation of the spook is made through a window, and every one who has looked is satisfied that he saw Jane Brown as she was I when alive. Some suppose the woman is not dead, but the majority think she I has really returned to haunt the house for some reason unknown. So great is the superstition and dread of the visitors that no one could be induced to enter the room where the apparition stands.

White people as well as colored have visited the cabin, and all corroborate the statement made by the latter as to the genuineness of the ghost. It is certainly a very mysterious circumstance. No syllable has yet been uttered by the immovable spirit, but the people are expecting that, like the ghost of Hamlet's father, it has a communication from the other world of which to unburden itself. The crowd that visits the spot increases daily.

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