A luminous UFO over Calcutta, India

In January 2019, after dark, a UFO was photographed over the city of Calcutta in north-eastern India.

(Source: Instagram)

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Red/blue UFO spotted over Lahaina, Hawaii

On January 20, 2019 at 18:58, a red/blue spherical-shaped UFO was spotted over Lahaina, in the State of Hawaii.

Witness report:

I was watching the eclipse on 1/20/2019 on a very clear night on the lawn of the ritz carlton kapalua, maui, hi., when i noticed a star or planet that was a little brighter and twinkling more than the others. i didn't think much of it but took a picture of it out of curiosity that i'd see something when i got home and "blew it up". i used a sony a7riii camera w/ a canon 100 - 400 zoom lens at 400mm. i only took 1 picture of it but i observed it multiple times and it just seemed to be a bright star that was staying in place, nothing else stood out about it. so far only one friend told me that he saw the same after i showed him my picture. a brighter star that seemed to twinkle and caught his eye. i included the original uncropped photo and a cropped one. it doesn't appear to look like anything i have seen in all of my night photography and would think you would find it interesting.

http://ufostalker.com/sighting/97934, 22th January 2019

A black cigar-shaped UFO caught during the Supermoon

On January 20, 2019 at 01:20, a man and his wife were looking at the super moon in Ridgely, Maryland. They caught pictures. By watching images, they noticed a black cigar-shaped UFO

Witness statement:

My wife and i were looking at the super moon sunday night at 1:20. i took my phone out and pointed at the moon and took 3 pictures in succession. pic- 1 shows a tic tac shaped object under the moon. dark in color. picture -2 shows a tic tac shaped object under moon as well but it seems to reflect light off the top. picture -3 shows that the object has departed or it shows a small part of the object. all 3 pictures we taken at the same time. 5 seconds or less.

Twenty minutes later at approximately 1:30 am i took 2 more pictures. those pictures were taken in secession as well. in image i'll call #3 shows an elongated object, kind of hard to explain. image #4 shows what appears to me as 2 objects in the bottom of the image. the moon was so bright and beautiful viewing from my back yard in my small rural town. i was facing southeasterly.

thank you.

http://ufostalker.com/sighting/97941, 22th January 2019