Black cigar-shaped UFO spotted in Baltimore, Maryland

On October 13, 2019, in the morning, an incredible black cigar-shaped UFO appeared over Baltimore, Maryland.

Witness report:

Crossing the key bridge in the early morning i noticed several cylinder object with what looked like spheres looping around each one. they went up and down, in and out of the clouds. sometimes disappearing and returning. after watching for about 5 min they all went into the clouds. several seconds later one dropped back out of the clouds, came down a couple hundred feet and stopped. at this point i started recording on my phone camera. the object hovers for about 1-2 minuets and then slowly moves off the the right (ne). with the naked eye, i could see the white sphere going beside and around the crate but the video doesn't show it. i also to still images. after watching it for a couple minuets i left to pick up my mother who was visiting from new hampshire. on the way back about 1 hour later we noticed 2 of the 3 crafts however they were much further away. the second time around i did notice something els. i noticed a very large white sphere. i only viewed it for several seconds before it was obstructed by trees.

Source, 14th October 2019

A triangular craft spotted in Pahrump, Nevada

On April 4, 2019, at 8:25PM, a triangular-shaped UFO was seen in the west above Pahrump, Nevada.

Eyewitness statement:

Taken in pahrump nevada from the exact same location 2 weeks apart exactly. both shots were taken around the same time & both shots were taken on a saturday. each time the objects suddenly appeared and stayed visible for about 45 to 60 seconds and then slowly started to get fuzzy around the edges and disappeared. both objects were completely stationary in the sky. both objects appeared to be hovering somewhere over death valley junction near amargosa which is about exactly 27 miles away from my location. my estimation is that they were each of considerable size. these were preceded by the appearance of a group of hovering lights on the night of april 4th 2019 at 8:24 pm. when i first saw them i was driving north on highway 160 heading towards my house. at first i thought that someone might be trying to land a very large commercial airliner at the small private runway in pahrump because of some emergency situation. as i continue to watch the lights i realized that they weren't moving. i made a right-hand turn under the street where i live all the while watching the lights and decided to pull over and try and get a picture of them or take a video (which i did though it is extremely bad quality cuz i didn't know how to turn off the flash light that comes on automatically when taking videos in low light, so the interior of my car is more lit up than what i was trying to capture). i drove the 800 or so yards of to my house and parked the car in the garage and came out to look to see if the lights were still there. instead of seeing the lights what i saw was the profile of the mountain range that i had thought the lights were in front of was lit up completely as if there was a gigantic very bright white forest fire behind the entire mountain range. this light illuminated the clouds above the mountains. at this point i thought they were probably military flares until they all of a sudden went out like someone turned off a light switch and reappeared very brightly behind the same mountain range about 5 miles to the right of where i had seen them go out. the lights stayed on for another minute or two and then went out just as suddenly as they had the first time. having just purchased a night vision scope i went inside and grabbed it to see if i can see anything over in the direction of the mountain top. as i was scanning the horizon in that direction a small what appeared to be light blue blinking light rose slowly above the mountain peak 2 several hundred feet above the horizon and just sat there blinking. i watched it for about 10 minutes hovering in the exact same location until i got tired and went inside.

Source, 14th October 2019

Two greenish UFOs spotted in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

On October 12, 2019 at 18:57, a witness saw two greenish UFO moving in sky in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Witness report:

I saw two greenish blue lights in the sky above a target parking lot.

Fuente, 13 de Octubre de 2019