Green UFO caught near the Tower of Pisa, Italy

On July 3, 2018, a green glowing UFO was photographed near the famous Tower of Pisa, Italy. The witness didn’t see this object to the naked eye…

Witness report:

Happened during sightseeing of Pisa in Italy.

Late evening hours.

Did not see the craft when we were there, only sounds there were few quiet people speaking around.

Noticed green light on pictures that got my attention.

After zooming in on one of the pictures you can clearly see green triangle light formation.

Looks like the object was stationary.

Photos were taken 5 seconds apart.


, 24th September 2018

UFO coming from moon shot in England

On September 23, 2018, an amateur astronomer living in Swansea, Wales, was taking photos of the moon. Then, he saw UFO coming from the moon. What is it?

Witness statement:

1. I was in my garden taking photos of the moon.

2. I was looking through my telescope's finder scope and noticed a moving object come from the moon at about 10 'o clock. (NE)

3. I first thought it was a satellite or the ISS.

4. I didn't see any detail on it as i was far away and happened really quickly, no more than 5 seconds. It moved quickly and in a diagonal direction from the left side of the moon in a straight line, then it disappeared.

5. I felt really excited when i saw it and was able to take a photo immediately. When i studied the picture and was unable to identify what it was i felt really elated at the prospect that it could be a UFO.

6. I lost sight of it and was unable to locate it again.


, 24th September 2018

An alien face found on asteroid Ryugu

On September 23, 2018, the famous ufologist Scott C. Waring found an alien face on asteroid Ryugu on a picture caught by Japanese probe.

He claims:

I found a large alien face on the astroid called Ryugu today. This is an astroid that is currently being examined by two Japanese mini rovers, so hopefully we will get some more great photos to search over.

The face is wearing a hat covering tis head and a mask covering its mouth and chin area. The eye, cheek, forehead area are all visible. The alien has an extended cranium, much like many have come to expect from some species of aliens.

I believe the hat and mask on the person is a cultural tradition, much like a muslim woman covering up her face and head...and yes, this does appear to be a female.

The astroid is 3,000-foot-wide (900 meters) across, so this head would be less than 1/7 the the head would be about 128.57 meters across. Also the current value of Ryugu for mining purposes is speculated to be US$82.76 billion.

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, 23th September 2018