Goldfish with human face found in China

On November 2019, a incredible goldfish with human face was found in a river in Miao, China. What is it?

Scott C. Waring, ufologist, explains:

A tourist who was in a town in southern China was stunned after seeing a fish with a human face . The video, which has become a trend in social networks, shows a face with mouth, nose and eyes, very similar to a person's face. The woman who recorded the video was so amazed that she burst into tears. "The fish has become a fairy, it has a human face," said the woman who wanted to remain anonymous. The strange animal was discovered this week by a visitor in the town of Miao, a tourist destination near the city of Kunming. The images became viral in China after they were published on the popular Weibo social network, with numerous users offering all kinds of opinions and theories about the strange creature. Some said it was a mutant fish escaped from a laboratory , while the most skeptical said there was nothing sinister or supernatural in the unique condition of the fish, since the spooky face was simply the result of matching body markings.

But the truth about this fish is that alien have been doing experiments on all forms of life on earth for millions of years, often causing evolution to take days for what normally would take millions of years. Sure aliens have abducted humans to do experiments and even cut up cows and sheep on farms, but the experiments have a more sinister side. As you see this fish with a human face is evidence of that. When it pokes its head out of the water, its eyes, nostrils and mouth all come into focus. This is an alien experiment.

Source, 21th November 2019

Weird UFOs caught over Vik, Iceland

On October 27, 2019, at 7:45pm, two unidentified objets were appeared in the night sky above the city of Vik, Iceland.

Witness statement:

I reviewed some footage that i had recorded on my gopro of the northern lights and found 53 consecutive images with these objects. i would believe them to be satellites, but i had never seen a satellite so close to the ground. furthermore, they seemed to meet each other and combine into one before they disappeared from my lens. the first object is horizontal and is on the right side of the photo, traveling east. the second object is mostly vertical and is in the top left of the photo, traveling towards the horizon. i have included the original photo followed by an enlarged photo of each, as well as a progression of their movement. please let me know if these are indeed satellites! thank you!

Source, 21th November 2019

Ancient alien head found on Mars

On November 6, 2019, a famous ufologist found ancient alien head on a photo caught on Mars. What is it?

Scott C. Waring explains:

I was looking at a Gigapan photo of Mars when just 10 seconds into it, I noticed a huge head sitting on the edge of this hillside. Its easy to make out that the head has on a helmet that looks to be made of a turtle shell. His eyes, nose and cheeks also stand out.

As you see in the photo comparison above, the head has a lot of similarities to Mexicos Colossal Olmec heads. Sure its worn down and eroding from weathering and time, but its details still stand out strong. Also...did you notice the head is sitting upright? Did you notice that the head is looking outward from the side of the hill for the view? Wow, those two details are big deals. They mean the head didn't break off and roll here from the top of the hill. It was created and placed in this specific location...pointing outward on purpose to achieve the best possible view. Obviously this is a monument to someone important.

Source photo

Source, 20th November 2019