Black UFO caught over Lishui, in China

On February 6, 2019 at 14:48, a black UFO is appeared over Lishui, in the province of Zhejiang, China. It came from behind mountain. What is it?

Witness report:

I am a licensed atp (airline transport pilot), certified flight instructor, instrument instructor and multi engine instructor. i have flown for two airlines. i teach corporate jet training. i was a safety instructor for the faa. there aren’t any civil aircraft ever seen in this area. object made no noise. was not a drone due to the speed that it flew. you never see any aircraft in this area at all. no contrails either. ever. i got only a single picture. it was taken from the jinyun number 2 bridge, highway g330 in jinyun county town, lishui, zhejiang china. i was hiking the forested area south of the city. object appeared from behind a nearby mountain and flew behind jinyun tower disappearing behind a tree line. object moved straight line making no noise at a constant speed. no lights observed. object was stable, no wobble. there were a few low level cumulus clouds present. temperature was approximately 57°. i had the iphone 7+ pointed in the same general direction taking pictures. object caught my attention because there just isn’t any air traffic in this area. it’s general shape did not look right. (not like an aircraft)

Source, 14th February 2019

Strange unidentified lights over Gilbert, Arizona

On February 19, 2019 at 18:19, a man was riding in a car, while he saw odd cloud shape in the sky. So, he caught some pictures. On only one image, he noticed strange unidentified lights.

Eyewitness statement:

I was riding with family and we all noticed the deep pink color in the cloudy sky. while admiring the sky, i we noticed the cloud pattern was very odd. since i wasn't driving, i decided to take a picture with my iphone. the sky looked beautiful, ominous, odd, and perplexing all at the same time. we saw someone else in another car taking pics too.

At the time, a ufo never crossed my mind. but the next day, i shared the pic with my sister who loves clouds, and sent her a text message. she immediately asked about the lights and i told her i never noticed the lights when i took the pic. i noticed when she mentioned it. we discussed the pic, the lights, and i convinced her that the lights "could" be the reflection of oncoming traffic head lights. she thought the lights were from a ufo. i honestly didn't want to believe that. there is definitely an airplane in the pic, but clearly at some distance away from the lights.

The thick clouds have distorted my view in order to determine if the lights are truly reflections from traffic, or actually lights by a ufo.

Source, 14th February 2019

Long and bright UFO shot over Vancouver, Canada

On February 2, 2019 at 6:00PM, a witness has taken some pictures of a long and bright UFO flying over Vancouver, Canada.

Witness report:

2 weeks ago i have taken some pictures from vancouver! when i downloaded my files i saw something very strange in 3 my pics! i did this 3 pics with a long exposition! only a few seconds have passed from the first photo to the last one.

i have the original photos in file raw

Source, 13th February 2019