Two fireball UFOs over Las Vegas, Nevada

On July 11, 2018, two impressive fireball UFOs were appeared over Las Vegas, Nevada. What is it? Judge by yourself!

Scott C. Waring, ufologist, explains:

There two UFOs were caught by Steven Barone of Youtube over Vegas this week. In the video you can see several aircraft pass above and below the UFOs. That tells us the UFOs are flying and are very high up, not lights from a a car on a hill.

Its my personal belief that these are Tall White ships, because the US gov gave a small allotment of land behind the old firing range at Nellis AFB for use to the Tall Whites a few decades ago.

There is another option however. These ships hover in place and move slowly, as if the pilots are cautious and slow...learning the ropes of the controls, which makes me think these could be alien tech (TR3B) in the hands of new pilots at the USAF testing area.

Either way, awesome video that boggles the mind.

Steven Barone states:

I shot this video from my backyard in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas, Nevada on the night of July 11, 2018.


, 19th July 2018

Eerie ghost appeared under water in Puerto Rico

On July 8, 2018, a woman and her friends was on a little boat on Isabela River Canals, in Puerto Rico, when a frightening ghost is appeared under the water…

The Hidden Underbelly 2.0 explains:

Morales Deby and friends where enjoying some fun tubeing along the isabela river canals in Puerto Rico and recording the good times what she captured left her horrified as on reviewing the footage she saw this ghostly figure in pursuit..

Many thanks to Morales Deby for her great catch.


, 19th July 2018

Glowing orb seen over Hibbing, Minnesota

On July 18, 2018, at 3 AM, a witness woke up and saw a large unidentified object in the sky over Hibbing, Minnesota.

Witness report:

Woke up at 3 AM to see large object in the sky that looked like Saturn. There was no noise or movement. Brighter than all of the other stars.


, 18th July 2018