A huge crop circle near the Pyramids of Egypt

In December 2021, a huge crop circle was discovered near the Great Pyramids of Egypt. What is it about ?

This crop circle looks very old and could indicate that an alien UFO landed there thousands of years ago.

Scott C. Waring, the author of this discovery, explains:

There is a huge ring in the mountains in Egypt, you know...the kind of rings that are left in farmers fields after a UFO lands in it. That kind of ring. The ring measures 1.6km across and looks worn as if the UFO had sat there for a very long time. There is also a thick trail going down to the lower ground area, and it looks like it was used to exit and enter the UFO that was landed there. The ring sits 300km from the the Great Pyramids and may have been the resting location of a UFO that was responsible for helping to build the pyramids themselves. Even with todays technology and machine, we could not and have never built anything like it. This ring is 100% proof that aliens helped build the Great Pyramids in ancient Egypt.

Légende - Photo
Scott C. Waring, Copyright, https://www.ufosightingsdaily.com/2021/12/ufo-landing-ring-near-great-pyramids.html