Mysterious bright UFO flying over Pombal, Portugal

On December 8, 2019, in the morning, a man caught photos of a mysterious bright UFO flying over Pombal, in Portugal.

He claims:

On december 8, as i drank breakfast after early morning to study, i noticed the beautiful colors and silhouette of the tree on the shore. as i take photographs, whenever i can, when i see a landscape that pleases me in sight, i decided to take the photographs. to my astonishment when i check the photographs, i noticed a strange light that seems to be moving photo by photo. note the date and time of the "modified" field of photo properties. Rui Ramos.

Fuente, 13 de Diciembre de 2019

He saw black eyed kids just before Halloween

On October evening just before Halloween, a Reddit user “bloodybones,” claims he encountered mysterious black eyed kids.

He claims:

During my walk I see the normal. The occasional person putting up Halloween decorations and kids playing in their yards, but this story is about something far more sinister. I remember seeing two teens about age 14, knocking on a door asking to use the phone, which of course I thought was weird because most teens these days have phones. As I kept walking, they stopped and stared at me for a short moment. I felt the blood in veins chill. I felt so creeped out I hurried to the next block. The next block seemed fine, until I looked behind me and saw the two teens were following me. I took off sprinting to the store at this point. I saw the sign for the store, and relief washed over me. I opened the door, and I told the cashier about what happened on the way here. He looked at me slightly creeped out, and told me a story about this happening to him in his hometown and how they found him the day he left, and asked for his help, in an emotionless voice, and he told me to never agree to help. He told me another story, but at that point I was no longer paying attention because they were standing at the door asking to be let in. The cashier freaked out, and locked the door. The teens never seem to waver or leave. They wouldn’t step away from the door. It had been an hour. The cashier and I were ready to fight our way out, but instead he took me out the back. The one teen came around the back just as the door shut behind us. Can you help me is all he could say. He was closing in on us, and his eyes. They were black as a starless night. They were peering right into my soul. I couldn’t help but gaze into his eyes. The terror, I can’t remember too much of what happened next, but I do recall the sounds of struggle. When I came too, the cashier was struggling with both teens. He was calling out to me for help. I ran towards them, grabbed him by his collar and pulled him between the two, and knocking them over in the process. I didn’t look back until I was near my house, the cashier was gone but the teens were still following behind. I ran into my house, closed all the blinds, and turned the music up. I got lucky that day, but I’m not sure how long I can keep out of there grasp. I tried to find and thank the cashier for saving my life that day, but he didn’t show up to work after that. I asked his boss, and he told me he called over the phone and quit. He said he was moving. To this very day I sometimes feel the fear of those eyes watching me as I drive to work. I sometimes will look out my window and swear I see them watching my house from a couple blocks away. Waiting for their next chance.

Source, 13th December 2019

UFO over White House cause Capitol panic

On November 2019, UFO appeared over the White House causing panic and lock down. What happened?

Scott C. Waring explains:

A few days ago the white house reported that an airplane caused the Whitehouse to lock down and send up fighter jets to go investigate, but today they are changing their story. Now they say it was a unidentified flying objects seen on radar that appears to be blob shaped. Although visible on radar, to the naked eye it appears to be invisible, because no photos or eyewitnesses of this UFO have yet been reported. The US gov has scrambled to try to explain the situation saying its birds or a outdated radar system, and even saying its a creation by the weather system, they even said this huge object could be a tiny drone...they were really reaching. Clearly they have no idea what this object it was unidentified...and it was flying and it was an object.

This is absolutely a visit from alien craft. UFOs have been seen over Washington as far back as 1952 when for several weeks from July 12th until July 29. The objects in 1952 were first spotted on radar...just like he UFO this week. Then they saw on radar the movments of the craft were nothing like conventional craft, but moving around like nothin they had ever seen. Then an aircraft spotted one...saying it was like an orange ball of fire with a long trail, but others were white and tailless. They UFOs shot off after the pilot got too close.

So you see...aliens have a high interest in the American President, the White House...I'm sure 1952 wasn't the first time that ever happened, and 2019 wont be the last. Aliens love seeing history being made first hand. Look at computers screens for them is not as real as...reality.

Source, 12th December 2019

UFO over White House cause Capitol panic

On November 2019, UFO appeared over the White House causing panic and lock down. What happened?

Scott C. Waring explains:

A few days ago the white house reported that an airplane caused the Whitehouse to lock down and send up fighter jets to go investigate, but today they are changing their story. Now they say it was a unidentified flying objects seen on radar that appears to be blob shaped. Although visible on radar, to the naked eye it appears to be invisible, because no photos or eyewitnesses of this UFO have yet been reported. The US gov has scrambled to try to explain the situation saying its birds or a outdated radar system, and even saying its a creation by the weather system, they even said this huge object could be a tiny drone...they were really reaching. Clearly they have no idea what this object it was unidentified...and it was flying and it was an object.

This is absolutely a visit from alien craft. UFOs have been seen over Washington as far back as 1952 when for several weeks from July 12th until July 29. The objects in 1952 were first spotted on radar...just like he UFO this week. Then they saw on radar the movments of the craft were nothing like conventional craft, but moving around like nothin they had ever seen. Then an aircraft spotted one...saying it was like an orange ball of fire with a long trail, but others were white and tailless. They UFOs shot off after the pilot got too close.

So you see...aliens have a high interest in the American President, the White House...I'm sure 1952 wasn't the first time that ever happened, and 2019 wont be the last. Aliens love seeing history being made first hand. Look at computers screens for them is not as real as...reality.

Source, 12th December 2019

Three UFOs hovering over Florida river

On November 2019, a Youtuber found three cloaked UFOs hovering over Florida river on 3D radar imaging. What is it?

Scott C. Waring explains:

Here is an intersting discovery made by Youtube user Florida Maquis. He shows us three unique and flying objects above the coastal area of Florida. When I added contrast to the screenshots, they really came into focus. Each of the three objects are flying and all have an intelligent design to them. They do appear to be three large UFOs. At the time of sighting, they were probably cloaked in a cloud or using some other cloaking device, but google earth radar caught them and included them into the map. Just mindblowing! Absolute proof that aliens are visiting coastal regions of Florida.

If you have trouble finding Chrome browser and click on Google earth web version. It will take you there if you drop the coordinates into it.

  • Craft 1: 29°47'8.00"N 81°16'40.00"W
  • Craft 2: 29°46'59.41"N 81°16'37.61"W
  • Craft 3: 29°46'55.86"N 81°16'35.99"W
Fuente, 11 de Diciembre de 2019

A man saw an outlandish tentacled entity in his room

A witness called Ken encountered a strange tentacled entity in his own bedroom. He explains that at the time he had been living out in Rosemead, California, in a small little house. He ran a tattoo business.

After he moved in, he said he heard strange things moving around in the dark in the kitchen and living-room area.

Sometimes, he saw a “misty shadow” roaming.

One evening, he awoke and lived the surreal experience. He says:

One night I woke up in a very calm and relaxed state but I found myself floating above the bed with my feet barely hovering off the mattress. I knew I wasn’t dreaming because I was aware of all the items in my room and my eyes were scanning around. I found my body floating gently back down onto the bed but was suddenly slammed down onto the mattress violently, as if somebody put his hand across my face and pulled me down. It felt as if I was in that state of sleep paralysis. To my horror, as I looked to my side; I could not move my face or body but with my eyes, I clearly saw the silhouette or the shadow figure of this creature. I saw the clear defined sharp pointed nose and as crazy as it sounds the silhouette of this tentacle for an arm with all suction cups clearly defined. Its other arm held my head down to the bed and pulled it, as it was trying to make me look back at the ceiling and, in shock, every inch of my black ceiling was covered with this bizarre looking hieroglyphic as if it were painted in wet substance. In my head, it was the color of blood as it was hard to make out in the moonlight shining through my window. I felt as if the entity was trying to tell me something. With all my energy, I willed myself out of this paralyzed state and once I blinked my eyes, it was over. No writings on my ceiling. No creature. Everything was gone. A few other weird things happened after this incident, especially at night and sometimes even during the day but nothing that tops that crazy night I told you about. I’m not sure if there is a dark history in this residence or if I’m just haunted myself because I’ve seen things in every place I’ve lived. Friends don’t believe me, thinking I was under the influence of something but I wasn’t. I was completely sober. I know what I witnessed.

Source, 11th December 2019

UFO caught above Boracay Island, Phillipines

On November 25, 2019, an Indian residing in China caught a strange UFO in Boracay Island, Phillipines.

He claims:

Hi, I am a Indian residing in China since 2014. I am working as Senior Merchandising Manager in a Jewelry Export House in Guangzhou, China. Recently I planned family vacation to Philippines from 24-27 Nov. in Boracay Island. I stayed at Fairways & Bluewater Resort at New Coast, Boracay Island. On 25th Nov night, at Fairways & Bluewater Resort I was clicking images of surroundings and in sometime I feel like looking up in Sky and I found this object glowing/pulsating. I put my iPhone XS Max on video mode and with its max 6X Zoom capacity I made 2 videos which are attached herewith. The object was hovering very high in sky and above the Ocean. Approx in 2 minutes time, it vanished or zoom above into sky (not sure). So, I am wondering what this object might be. Can you guys help me to figure out what I saw? Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks, Anurag.

Source, 10th December 2019

Fleet of UFOs recorded from the Space Station

On November 2019, a fleet of rectangular UFOs was recorded from the Space Station ? What is it?

Scott C. Waring ufologist explains:

Guys, this was just sent into me from a fellow Youtuber going by the name of Infowars Wikileaks. The photos we have here are all viewing earth and space from orbit. They were taken from the International Space Station...the ISS. I know this because the URL address has ISS036 in it. That should be the 36th day of active duty of the space station. The photo shows many glowing lights between the space station and the earth, but more close to the ISS. NASA has been recording UFOs since the day NASA was founded. They just don't want the public to ever find out.>

Source, 10th December 2019

Huge UFO with tail caught over Denver, Colorado

On December 6, 2019, at 9pm, a huge UFO with tail is appeared above a building in Denver, Colorado.

Eyewitness statement:

Object looked to be an odd smooth square shape with three prominent and extremely large circular lights on the front. a curving tail was observed. very unusual object changed shape.

Source, 09th December 2019

A black ghost caught moving near house

The famous ghosthunter Mark G. has posted a weird video on Twitter on November 27, 2019. On these images, we can a weird dark spirit moving above the ground. What is it?

He claims:

So. Um. Yeah. We have our own Ghost Adventures situation going on here. It’s not a bug. It’s not dust. I have no idea what the hell it is. But it’s creepy af.

Source, 09th December 2019

Crop circle at Farley Mount in July 2019

This crop circle appeared on July 8, 2019 in Farley Mount, Hampshire, England.

(Source: Twitter)

More information

A russian astronaut saw bright UFO aboard ISS

On November 21, 2019, a ISS cam filmed a bright UFO. On NASA’s video, we can hear a russian astronaut speak about this unidentified object.

Scott C. Waring described what happened:

Russian astronaut on ISS noticed the UFOs appearing on the live cam...

Russian on ISS: "A ship..."

NASA on earth: "Copy all. We just clarified. Its with you...thank you."

This conversation recorded from the NASA live cam is 100% proof that NASA knows about alien craft buzzing past and around the space station. When the Russian astronaut aboard the ISS said, "a ship..." The NASA ground control cut him off and said, "Copy all," before he could finish what he was saying. She already saw it on live cam at ground control. She reacted fast, before he could talk about it too much...but he already said the most important thing he could..."a ship!" You see, even he knew it was an alien ship off the bow of the ISS. Eventually going to a red screen with no cam.

Also, did you notice the video was clear, but when the UFOs caused a disturbance in the tech and made the video fuzzy. UFOs are known to cause electrical disturbances and to even shut down cars, trucks and watches. is 100% proof that NASA and Russia know that aliens frequently visit the space station.

Source, 08th December 2019

A ghostly shadow caught in a house in Paris, France

On October 23rd, 2019, a mysterious ghost was filmed in a house located in Paris, France.

This video was posted on Reddit by the user 'vltzlthab'.

The person who posted states:

"My husband is taking care of his grandmother, She’s living alone and she is paranoid about being harassed by her neighbours ( they are in conflicts ) and she believes they are trying to poison her... So my husband checked the camera to reassure her and this is what we saw."

She went on to add:

"She is turning the light on in the room because she was hearing noises and was scared. A shadow’s moving near her, she is sleeping in the medical bed at the back of the room."

Source, 08th December 2019

5 round UFOs hovering over Lake Michigan

On December 4, 2019, a witness saw five very bright round UFOs hovering over Lake Michigan, Chicago, Illinois.

Eyewitness statement:

Driving on a clear morning, pulled over to view sunrise over lake michigan near my home. dotted in the sky hovering objects over water, shinning brightly, no clouds, commercial jets flying much higher on approach to o'hare with recognizable red flashing tail and wing lights.Took just a few photos, watched for 5 mins. as objects hovered in place, then shot across the sky horizontally and straight-up at speeds not achievable by modern aviation known to me. i have witness other objects over lake michigan especially in 2012 during nato summit held in chicago during president obama's administration. over 3-days i witnessed major activity during early morning hours, capturing unbelievable photo's that were so disturbing i never reported and only have a few photo's to this day. i felt strongly objects knew i had taken photographic evidence and rarely shared experience.

Source, 07th December 2019

A quantum physicist confesses to meeting extraterrestrials

Deep Prasad, a popular quantum physicist of the University of Toronto, decided to come clean and share his own experience. He claims he has already met extraterrestrials.

Now, he is CEO of ReactiveQ where he’s helping to develop the first generation of quantum computers.

In a Twitter thread, he said:

It’s Thanksgiving, and this is going to be a rather complicated post. It’s also objectively not a good idea for me to write it given every Scientist has a target on their back in the UFO community (rightly so) and given that I am still a tech CEO.

Near the beginning of this year (February 1st), I had the most absurd, world-changing experience of my life. It happened in broad daylight at 9:40 in the morning in my home. More specific details will be for another time when I have a better safety net and can expand more. But to put it simply: I was paralyzed against my will, could not move, and saw 3 entities that had no-chill. Could I be crazy? Sure. Do I think I am? Obviously not. Could this have been a hallucination? I can’t prove it wasn’t or I wouldn’t be so worried about sharing this.

These entities projected hundreds/thousands of sentences and paragraphs in a language that looked like a marriage of Japanese and Egyptian hieroglyphics. I was terrified that I could barely move and was in complete disbelief at what was happening. I’d go back and forth between, convincing myself that I was having some sort of seizure or had fallen unconscious and that there was no way this was happening, to downright fear realizing that it all felt more real than reality.

I was scared that I couldn’t move and was not in control of the situation yet could think perfectly straight. My mind was racing. “These things are really real? Is this really happening right now? Are my family and friends ready for this if it ever happens to them? Are they going to kill me? How do I convey that I don’t want to die and that I’m not a threat?”

At the same time, I was trying to make sense of the symbols. It was incredibly frustrating that I couldn’t understand or translate them. The sentences and paragraphs would keep flipping rapidly and the only English word I saw, at least 3 times, was the word, “DNA”. This means that whoever or whatever was doing this (even if it’s my brain), clearly understood English. But was choosing not to use it for everything. The image of my room would disappear when I raised my head a little. But it was hard to do that and I would feel extremely nauseous.

When it disappeared I realized I was no longer in my room but somewhere else. When I would put my head back down, the image of my room would come back on again and the symbols were back on again. I decided to stop fighting what was happening and for some reason no longer felt fear but total fascination. The fear feeling would come back every now and then, but by this point, I was astutely observing everything that was going on. The color of their suits, their size, their mannerisms, the feeling that my mood was being rapidly cycled, etc.

After a certain point, one of them jumped on top of me. And slowly walked towards my head. Right before it did this, it was on the ground near my TV and displaying these beautiful golden holograms in the middle of its suit. These golden sparkles would jump around it too. When I saw this, I immediately rolled my eyes and said “This is a f***ing joke. What is wrong with me? What are these things??” Because I assure you, they did not look like what you expect of an “ET”. These things seemed etheric in nature. Hard to describe.

Once it was on me, it walked towards me so slowly and cautiously that I felt I was being treated like an animal. I felt this weird light hitting the top of my head. And suddenly I got hit with the most blissful, euphoric feeling I have ever felt. I will try my best to describe it: It felt like the Universe was sentient and aware of my existence. The feeling was of warmth and nostalgia(?), it was like a reminder that space is teeming with life and that we’re all related to each other by virtue of existing. I use the word “oneness”, which meant nothing to me before.

After a few minutes(?) of experiencing this, I got knocked out/lost consciousness. And woke up “instantly”. Not a minute had gone by since the experience started. I was heaving and looking around completely shocked at what just happened. I couldn’t believe no time had passed. I STILL didn’t think what had happened could be authentic, but I question it less today than I did when it first happened. This all happened around an interesting time in my life. I had spent roughly 3 months in UFOlogy which is why I doubted the experience since I was biased.

I was debating whether to delete all my tweets on the subject because I was starting to think it was all one big scam and I was disgruntled with the lack of hard evidence. This pushed me over the edge and made me double down on my obsession. I decided I needed to find more people who had these experiences. So I got in contact with the Toronto CE-5 group (which I left after 2 sessions cause one of the guys running it was a total lunatic). I booked a ticket to the SCU conference and would meet Hal and Lue Elizondo the next month. I needed to know.

I needed to know who these people were, what was going on and if I had officially gone crazy. A lot of you have followed me since post SCU, and I only learned more and more. My life got weirder days after this experience. Very, very weird. First of all, another thing that had happened a few weeks before this was the suicide of someone in my circle. We were not that close but I looked up to him/related to him. Finding out about his death had me traumatized. It was affecting my work &on top of that my inner debunker/believer battles didn’t help.

Yet after the experience, I realized that feeling of oneness had not gone away. The euphoria part, sure. But I was WAYYY better off mentally. I had no more anxiety, no depression or stress or trauma. It was impossible to feel fear. I literally could not feel fear no matter how hard I tried. I felt love for everyone, and it was very hard to make me mad. When I did, it wouldn’t last very long and sizzle out fast. I was objectively the better version of myself. My beliefs in God changed almost instantly too. I went from an atheist to being spiritual.

I started having dreams of seeing the inside of some of the UAPs we so commonly hear about. Mostly saucers and Orbs. Some of my dream characters spoke only through telepathy. I had never in my life dreamed such things until this year. I’d experience impossible electrical anomalies wherever I went the first 2 weeks after it happened. I started feeling unnerved because I felt I had lost my free will to an extent. I didn’t like that this newfound fearlessness, unconditional love and so on were not coming from me. I didn’t think I had earned it. And that it was not normal, whatever was happening to me. I considered getting an MRI done to see what parts of my brain were rewired so that I could feel this way. It was unnatural (but extremely good and liberating). If the whole world experienced this state of mind I was in, we would level up overnight. I am convinced hate, fear, anger, depression and anxiety would disappear overnight from our society. After a couple of weeks, this feeling/state of mind dwindled down until I was back to my normal self again.

Sometimes I wish I could go back to the way things were those first 2 weeks after the experience. But the next best thing is with conscious effort, I can easily go back to that state of mind. The difference is back then, it was an unconscious effort on my part. I had my first UFO sighting just weeks after this. And have had 4 in total since. 2 of which I’ve recorded. And 3/4 times there were other people with me. So yeah, that’s me. My life changed (for the better), became much more complex and has led me to where I am today.

I don’t know what happened, nor can I prove that this isn’t me having gone crazy (I will pass any psychological test no problem but there will always be doubt, which is fair). But I’m forever grateful for the experience. I’m thankful for everyone I’ve met since then on here. There are countless people I admire and like on here. I believe we will figure this mystery out and that Humanity has an incredible future ahead of it. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Source, 07th December 2019

V-shaped UFO spotted in Belfast, on November 2019

On November 26, 2019, a witness saw a big boomerang-shaped UFO flying over Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Witness report:

On the night i was putting rubbish out in bin when i noticed lights off to the south east which i thought thats not a plane. i observed the lights coming towards me at a distance of about 10 miles away and about 10 seconds later they were directly overhead. there was two rows each light i guess was about 3ft dia, with aprox 10ft between each light. the lights were dim but a constant warm glow. i would guess that the object was between 800ft and 1200ft altiude skimming the cloud base. it had no efect on the clouds no swirls, nothing. there was no noise at all coming from the object and it was moving fast. i would say it was aprox 200ft from tip to tip.And aprox 15ft front to back. thickness aprox 12/15ft. this object was nothing of this world.

Source, 06th December 2019

Large bright UFO over Pompano Beach

On December 5, 2019, at 7:45pm, a large bright UFO was seen above Pompano Beach, Florida.

Eyewitness statement:

Very large bright light about 1000 ft above my neighborhood shot off exremely fast and then hovered for about 5 minutes emitting a bright light. it sped off so fast and was so high in a quick instant. very unusual experience. i actually ran inside the house and grabbed my nikko hd digital camera and took a few pictures. i would say the object was about 100ft wide and looked rounded. the photos are not the best but it was the best my camera would take.

Source, 06th December 2019

A black UFO caught over Roseau, Minnesota

On December 4, 2019, early in the morning, a man caught a black UFO flying above Roseau, Minnesota.

Witness statement:

Looking at the awesome sun rise this morning out padio door and took some photos. when i was reviewing the photos, i saw this object in the first photo but not in any others. very confusing and strange. not sure what to think.

Source, 05th December 2019

A YouTuber films ghost opening door

Daisy Marquez, a beauty influencer with more than 1.3 million YouTube subscribers, managed to catch a ‘paranormal incident’ on video.

On a video shared on YouTube and Twitter on November 26, we can see a ghost opening a door. Before that, she was pushed by mystery force.

She claims:

I was in the middle of filming a sponsorship and this just happened.

Daisy wrote in a subsequent tweet:

I’m trying to put two and two together and I find it so weird that I fell down the stairs earlier today… I didn’t trip, I wasn’t on my phone I legit just fell down the stairs as if something pushed me… I find it so bizarre and scary now that this just happened.

Angélica-Maria, a follower, wrote: “I’m sorry to say this but the only reason this is happening to u is because some kind of entity latched on to you because of your weak headspace not saying your weak but because of what u go through it’s feeding off your fear and sickness.

Another says:

Girls! The spirits/ghosts/whatever will feed off your fear. What helps is making noise, having fun (dance to music) and of course telling the spirit that it has no power over you. Instead trade that fear for love and comfort. I should know from experience.

Another commented: ‘There’s no such thing as coincidences. She’s haunted, this stuff doesn’t happen to everyone.

Source, 05th December 2019

Weird black triangle UFO near our sun

On November 21, 2019, a famous ufologist found an incredible black triangle-shaped UFO near our Sun.

Scott C. Waring explains us:

I was looking over Helioviewer and noticed that the black triangle that I reported two months ago is back. This time it has reversed its orbit of the sun. The object was moving from left to right of the screen, but now its moving from right to left! That should be impossible. Its skimming the surface of the sun, actually touching the sun. Its about the size of earths moon. The shape is a black triangle. I am very surprised that NASA has never mentioned this huge object on earths southern region. This is 100% proof that aliens exist and NASA isn't doing its job. Watch the video to see this object as it moves.

Source, 04th December 2019

A tree grows through a car in France

On November 2019, something strange was found in France. In fact, witnesses saw a tree grown through a car. How is it possible?

Scott C. Waring explains:

In France a car was seen on the sidewalk with a huge tree growing out of it. It dismayed the locals and shot across social media platforms. But it turns out when I did some more digging, that a local theater group created it as a piece of art to help advertise their local play, but is sounds hard to swallow to me. Possibly a cover up for something much more sinister going on.

The local theatre group called The Royal De Luxe, popularly known for impromptu pieces of art that defy logic like this one- as reported by Ouest-France. “The street theatre company led by Jean-Luc Courcoult settles in this neighbourhood straddling Nantes and Saint-Herblain, in full urban renewal” Not much information has been reported on how such an enormous act was pulled through; but well, there can only be two logical explanations to it.

But honestly, is this all just a elaborate cover-up to make people think its not what it looks like? I mean, what if this really was some kind of time displacement in this location? Causing a bubble in time that sped up time within that bubble by decades? France happens to be very close to the CERN collider which had some scientists saying that it could displace time or even cause small black holes to perhaps it did this.

Source, 04th December 2019

A cigar-shaped UFO captured with a nature cam in Ohio

On December 1st, 2019, a nature cam has filmed a tic tac shaped UFO over Tipp City, Ohio.

Witness report:

Trail cam pictures of bird feeder with wood pecker three shot burst tic tac ufo below flapping bird i70 175 interchange.

Source, 02th December 2019

Weird circular lights spotted above Hurricane, USA

On December 1st, 2019, a witness saw glowing circles in disc shaped over Hurricane, West Virginia.

Eyewitness statement:

Approximately 6:32 pm on december 1st i was heading home from work. i head north on hurricane creek road in hurricane, wv, and as i was driving towards the entrance ramp to interstate 64 heading west towards huntington, wv i saw three bright glowing circles lined closely in a row horizontally in the middle of the sky. i thought it was parking lot lights at first since we have shopping plaza to the nw sitting on a hill. i realized there was nothing in the direction of the lights/disc for it to be attached to or to be anchored to. instead of turning on to interstate 64, i continued to head north to continue viewing the lights/disc. the ufo was hovering in place, then went straight up a few centimeters as i was viewing it. it then continued to hover in place. i turned left on to grace drive to get a better look at it at a higher location. i continued west on grace drive and looked to my right and saw the ufo still there, but unsure if was still hovering or if it moved a little further west. i turned south into the walmart parking lot and then headed east for a few feet and then looked out the left window of my car. the ufo was completely gone. i continued to head east to leave the walmart parking lot back to grace drive and east towards hurricane creek road where i saw the object clearly and for a few minutes. i turned south on to hurricane creek road and east on to saturn way to try and look towards the west to see if it had gone behind some trees. i was unable to locate it as of 6:36 pm. the object had three glowing circles which were lit up as bright as led headlights on a car and were as large as headlights on a car. they were in a row horizontally with a small space in between each one. the light was so bright it prevented me from seeing the remainder of the object. it was either a dull color or was not visible at all. the two images i included is an edit of the location where i saw the object hovering. i was unable to get a photo of it, but i drew the image in its place. the second is a map of my route when i first initially saw the object and then after i lost sight of it.

Source, 02th December 2019

Strange chemtrails caught over Lancaster, California

On November 26, 2019, strange chemtrails appeared over the city of Lancaster, California. These clouds left shadows in the sky…

He claims:

Video of morning chemtrails leaving a strange shadow on the cloud formation. Morning footage taken at 0715hrs in the SoCal high desert community of Lancaster.

How is this phenomenon explained?

Any coincidence that the spraying ramped up soon as the Impeachment Inquiry public hearings started?

Can anyone explain this strange happening?

These are NOT "contrails"! Chemtrails is the conspiracy word. They call this Atmospheric Aerosol Injection.

Source, 01th December 2019

U-shaped UFO passed by Apollo 12 module in 1969

On November 1969, a U-shaped UFO passed by Apollo 12 module near the Moon. What is it?

Witness report:

I found this UFO in an Apollo 12 index and it shows a U shaped UFO with a blue trail behind it. I added a bit of contrast to the photo to make its detail sharper. The object is huge and from the angle of the blue trail, the UFO must have come down at a 45 degree angle to the surface of the moon.

The photo states:

While astronauts Charles Conrad Jr., commander, and Alan L. Bean, lunar module pilot, descended in the Lunar Module (LM) "Intrepid" to explore the Ocean of Storms region of the moon, astronaut Richard F. Gordon Jr., command module pilot, remained with the Command and Service Modules.

Source, 01th December 2019

Alien bases found on the Moon

On November 2019, an ufologist found alien bases on Moon by watching photos from NASA website.

He claims:

There are defiantly some strange things on earths moon. here are two odd structures I found today that really scream alien life. These two structures are made with many right angles and contain a balance on both sides that is proof that it was intelligently made.

NASA photo

Fuente, 30 de Noviembre de 2019

Orange cigar-shaped UFO over New Orleans, Louisiana

On November 29, 2019 after 9:00pm, a glowing orange cigar-shaped UFO was spotted over New Orleans, Louisiana.

Eyewitness statement:

Cigar-shaped orange light drifted across the night sky. as it flew away the light seemed to disappear behind a black outline, which was domed. we viewed it for about 30 seconds, looking away a few times. it flew steadily across the sky and drifted far enough away that we could no longer see the light or black outline. there was nothing else in the sky at the time.

Source, 30th November 2019

This day in UFO History: Milakovic family encounter

On November 20, 1968, a family living in Hanbury, England, saw a incredible UFO. What happened?

The ufologist Scott C. Waring explains:

A large, house-sized object witnessed by a family. It had a dark bowl-shaped bottom, with a clear dome on top. In the lit dome area, several humanoid figures were seen moving. Two physiological effects were reported: heat felt as object passed over and burning of the eyes when its light intensity increased. The small, dank mining town of Hednesford, Staffordshire, England, lies near the southern end of Cannock Chase. Mr. and Mrs. Milin Milakovic and their 11 children live at 432 Cannock Road. On the afternoon of November 20, 1968, the Yugoslavian couple and their 11-year old son, Slavic, left Hednesford on a house-hunting trip. They journeyed through the English countryside to Rugeley, Abbots Bromley, and stopped at Hanbury to view Hanbury Hall. Hanbury, on the Staffordshire-Derbyshire border, is midway between Uttoexter and Burton-on-Trent. Three and one-half miles to the northwest is Central Workshop 32 R.E.M.E., an army installation. Two miles to the northwest is a Royal Air Force station, used as an ammunition dump "and there are very vague rumors that nuclear weapons are stored there." Three miles to the south is a World War II airfield, used by the Ind Coope brewery firm for light aircraft. On the road home, the Milakovics stopped just outside Hanbury to look at an old house for sale. As they continued on, dusk was rapidly approaching. It was between 5:30 and 5:45 p.m. The couple saw a rabbit scurry across the road, followed by a number of other rabbits from a hedge on the left side of the road. Glancing to the left, the witnesses saw a brilliant object in the field. Milakovic stopped the car as the UFO rose slowly and flew over the car. The couple got out of the automobile and watched as the object moved over a field on the right side of the road toward a house about 100 yards away. As it got over the house, it stopped, hovered, and quivered "like a jelly." Doris Milakovic said that the air temperature appeared considerably warmer as the UFO flew overhead, but, as it moved on, the temperature dropped. She also said that the object looked "as wide as the house." For approximately five minutes, Mrs. Milakovic, her husband and son saw what appeared to be several humanoid figures walking across the bright top of the UFO. Intermittently, "some of the figures were seen to bend down as though looking at something in the part of the object below the rim. . . ." Then, the object began moving up in a "pulsating or jerky" movement. Its light intensity greatly increased and Milakovic felt his eyes were burning. Thoroughly frightened, Milakovic, normally a brave man, pushed his wife and son into the car and sped away from the scene.

Source, 30th November 2019

Weird black UFO spotted over St. Pete Beach, Florida

On November 24, 2019, a strange black UFO is appeared above St. Pete Beach, in Florida. What is it?

Witness statement:

We were at the hurricane resturant on passe grill sunday the 24th of november, 2019. we were taking selfies from the roof top bar. took two with my phone then several with my girlfriends. after the pictures we were looking at them and noticed the strange black shapes i my two photos, taken directly at the sun. then when we looked at hers, taken about 20-30 seconds later we see another strange object on the same path out of the sun (the object is located to the right of our heads in the clouds). i took my two pictures in dynamic camera mode, you can actually see the black shape moving and changing shape in both pictures. that same day. i was taking pictures of our back yard, new fire pit, and just realized i captured something hovering above the elctrical wires above the shed.

Source, 30th November 2019

Glowing orange UFO caught over Bradford, England

On November 14, 2019, a witness was at work using the CCTV. Suddenly, he noticed a bright orange UFO flying over Bradford, England.

Witness statement:

I was looking at the cctv when these strange lights appear on the monitor green and orange lights beaming from the sky and then a orange strange shape appeard changing shape in the service car park for around 10 minutes then just vanished into nothing ive submitted screen shots but i also have it on video.

Source, 28th November 2019

Giant alien statue found on Mars

On November 2019, a giant statue was found on Mars. According to the ufologist Scott C. Waring, it’s a proof than aliens existed.

He claims:

Is is a huge statue that is half buried by the sands. Its easy to make our the waist, hips, chest, arms and shoulders. However the helmet is turned sideways, with its back to us so its difficult to see. The helmet also seems to have decoration on it. This statue was found by Art Alien of Youtube. Just as humans made the faces of presidents on Mount Rushmore in South Dakota...aliens made this statue alone the edge of this rocky hillside. This is 100% proof that aliens existed and they looked like us.

Source photo

Source, 28th November 2019

3 flying saucers spotted above Argenta, Illinois

On November 24, 2019, in the afternoon, a witness saw three disc-shaped UFO glowing in the sky over Argenta, Illinois.

He claims:

I’m driving from champaign il to springfield il. it’s about 5 pm. sun setting. i couldn’t take any pictures as i was driving. i’m looking at the sky and see two shapes that look almost like plane trails starting to form. they don’t expand or even move. just staying in one spot. then a third shape shows up. a bright dot, almost star like. i’m curious about it, go under an overpass then the dot is gone. not anywhere else in the sky. about a minute later there are now 3 shapes in the sky. then they fade out of sight (again from same position). then two come back in different positions in sky. not along a flight path as a place contrail would behave. i keep driving, trying to keep an eye on them. the road curves. i go under an overpass and they’re gone. attached is an photograph example of what i saw from show ufo chasers episode alien cowboys (found on google search)

Source, 27th November 2019

UFO flying over power lines in Rio de Janeiro

On November 2019, a snow flake UFO was spotted over power lines in Rio de Janeiro, in Brasil.

Scott C. Waring explains us:

Here is a really strange looking object flying over some power lines in Rio De Janeiro this week. The object has ten arms sticking out. The UFO appears to be snowflake in shape, ten spines or more sticking outward. I have never seen a UFO this shape before, but they do come in all shapes and sizes. This one silently hovers over the power lines while it scans the information moving through the lines. The UFO doesn't need electricity, but does seek knowledge. Many UFOs over the years have been seen near power lines doing similar research.

I am certain this is not a RC drone since it is silent and drones are very loud. Also it has ten arms or more, drones usually have six or less.

Source, 27th November 2019

A fisherman abducted by aliens in 1999

In 1999, a fisherman was on Carlyle lake, in Keysport, Illinois. Suddenly, he has been abducted by aliens

He claims:

During hypnosis of an October 28, 1999, abduction I was out boating on Carlyle Lake. I remembered the flight from the lake to the craft and getting a good view of our town from the air, and going through the floor of the UFO. The boat gradually moved over me and went through the bottom of the craft before I did.

I did not get a good look of the UFO as I was concentrating on my boat and other possessions as we were brought through the floor.

The next thing I recalled is standing inside the craft and seeing an examination table which was on a pedestal that almost reached the edge of the table.

It was molded into the floor. There was some kind of structure over the table that looked like a light or some instruments. The room was rounded and I was guided to the table by a small gray. I remember getting up on the table as if I had done it before.

At that moment, I discovered that my clothes were gone. Shortly there after a larger gray came up and put his face into mine and I felt he was sucking the memory out of me.

I was okay afterward and left alone. I then tried to get to my clothes, but wound up back on the table. After I received some kind of examination, I again went to my clothes and the small grays helped me get them on.

The next thing I remember is sitting in the boat and a ramp with a rounded front that opens up. The grays pushed me and the boat out some 750 feet above the northern portion of Carlyle Lake. I did not stay in the boat, but floated out.

Afterwards, I just forgot the whole thing except the position change which was about one quarter of a mile and I was going in another direction. I have been able to determine that there were two abductions and one failed abduction before during the same year and have recalled parts of others with and without hypnosis.

Two of the abductions and a failed abduction were recorded on a GPS and saved.

Fuente, 26 de Noviembre de 2019

Blue spherical UFO spotted over Scottsdale

On November 22, 2019, a solid blue sphere is appeared near the sun in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Witness statement:

I shot two photos into the sun one minute apart. the first photo showed nothing next to the sun. the second photo had this blue sphere in it. i duplicated the photo and cropped it. nothing else was edited. i shot this with a sony a6000 mirrorless camera with a 50mm lens and vr filter.

Source, 26th November 2019

Weird purple lights above Quincy, Massachussetts

On November 24, 2019, at night, a witness saw a weird purple lights in the sky over Quincy, Massachussetts.

Witness report:

Around 12:13 am on october 7, 2019, i was woken up by a video call from a friend in quincy, massachusetts. she and two of her friends were standing outside their apartment building at that time and saw bright circular-ish purple light in the sky. it seemed huge and stationary. the sky was a little hazy. not cloudy. we couldn't estimate the size. it was visible for over 15 mins in the same direction (80âºe). we thought of possible explanations like stadium lights' reflection, bridge lights, some kind of chemical reaction, etc. none of that made sense. no beam of light seemed to be projected upwards. not sure where this purple light came from. i wonder if such mysterious lights would even be considered as ufo event. any explanation to it would be helpful. we searched online and found two similar videos with below links: https://youtu.Be/kdzwz4f_guo https://youtu.Be/lo9m1rk9hds

Watch video

Source, 25th November 2019

Pulsating oval-shaped UFO over Port St. Lucie

On November 12, 2019 at 11:30pm, a pulsating oval-shaped UFO is appeared above Port St. Lucie, Florida.

Eyewitness statement:

I observed in the night sky a strange pulsating object in the eastern sky at about 11:30 pm. i have a video of it taken with my phone. if you expand the object you can see a strange pulsating oval shaped object. this is not the first time my neighbors and i have seen an object in the sky like this one. after filming the object shot straight up into the night sky and was gone in seconds.

Watch video

Source, 25th November 2019

Greta Thunberg is a secret Time Traveler

On November 2019, a man discovered a photo that proves that environmental activist Greta Thunberg is a time traveler.

Scott C. Waring explains us:

A Youtuber named Art Alien has a theory of why Greta Thunberg is so successful in spreading her global warming messages worldwide. He has a theory that she is a time traveler moving from place to place trying to make things better. To fix bad moments in history. He even found an old photo that looks like it was taken over 120 years ago...and it has Greta Thunberg is in it! This would explain why a child in speaking at the United Nations and how she become world famous almost over night. Its even possible she is an alien from an advanced species trying to stop the destruction of humanity.

Source, 24th November 2019

Fleet of mysterious crafts found on Google Earth

On November 2019, a mysterious and incredible fleet of floating crafts was found on Google Earth off the coast of Florida.

Grey, from, explains:

Prove of the use of cloaked ships and the use of anti-gravity? It's so weird.. the same formations can be found in the ice of Antarctica and the mid-east desert. Don't believe what the military says that they have and don't have because everything that they show us like its new to them and it's not perfected, has already been perfected at least 15 to 20 years beforehand. They have advanced the technology way far ahead of what we get to see.

Source, 24th November 2019

UFO fleet passing moon on November 2019

On November 2019, a telescope caught an incredible UFO fleet passing near the moon.

Scott C. Waring claims:

This video was brought to my attention by Terrys Theories of Youtube. He posted a video from an eyewitness that caught three unidentified flying objects moving past our moon. The exciting part of this is that when I enlarged the screenshots, I could clearly make out three box like objects. No visible propulsion, wings, or tails which rules out birds. As the UFOs approach the edge of the moon, they tighten closer together. That made me think birds until I made the close up and saw the truth. These are three alien ships.

Fuente, 23 de Noviembre de 2019

A black triangular-shaped UFO over Valdosta, Georgia

On November 2, 2019, a black triangular-shaped UFO was photographed near Blue Angels in Valdosta, Georgia.

Scott C. Waring explains:

This just in from MUFON. A report of a black triangle craft buzzing around the famous Blue Angels. The black triangle is seen in all the photos and does change distance from the jets. In one photo (above) you see it came so close to the nose of a jet that it could have easily hit the aircraft by accident. I believe aliens are interested most in the technology that humans have and use. This info allows aliens to more accurately predict the future of humanity. The Blue Angels are some of the most high tech jets with the worlds most skilled pilots. Of course aliens would have interest in scanning them...and I also believe that the UFO was also racing them, like a test of skill of both crafts and pilots. Yes, some species of aliens have huge egos and being better than other species seems to be of the utmost importance.

Eyewitness states:

I was doing a job just south of Moody AFB when an air show was going on. We saw the Blue Angles flying around and a few minutes later we heard the planes coming towards us again so I got my phone out to take some video. I was bad at using the phone quick enough to get to video mode so i took several still photos. We were excited to see the Famous Blue Angels show plane planes that close to us. When I got home that day I took a look at the photos to show off what we had the pleasure of seeing that day. I then zoomed in to see the planes close up as possible and WHAM. I could not believe that there was an object in the photos that was flying near the Blue Angles group. I know good and well they would not have anything in the same airspace as them. No Way The object could only be seen after I zoomed in on the photos. We did not see the object during the live event. I zoomed in on all 4 photos I took and the object is in them all and it was definitely moving as were the planes. You will see in all 4 pics the UFO object i noticed.

Fuente, 22 de Noviembre de 2019

Flying saucer caught in Panama on November 2017

On November 2017, a cloaked flying saucer appeared in cloudy sky somewhere in Panama.

Witness statement:

On november 21, 2017, at 8 a.M., was driving on my home, soon after midnight shift. was on the road betweem miraflores locks and the former clayton base (us army). saw a strange cloud formation so decided to take a picture (love nature). two days after i took the picture, i decide to take a look at it and, to my surprise, i see a grey entity shape like on it and to the left upper side a blurred imaged of what it seems like a disc shape ufo.

Source, 22th November 2019

Goldfish with human face found in China

On November 2019, a incredible goldfish with human face was found in a river in Miao, China. What is it?

Scott C. Waring, ufologist, explains:

A tourist who was in a town in southern China was stunned after seeing a fish with a human face . The video, which has become a trend in social networks, shows a face with mouth, nose and eyes, very similar to a person's face. The woman who recorded the video was so amazed that she burst into tears. "The fish has become a fairy, it has a human face," said the woman who wanted to remain anonymous. The strange animal was discovered this week by a visitor in the town of Miao, a tourist destination near the city of Kunming. The images became viral in China after they were published on the popular Weibo social network, with numerous users offering all kinds of opinions and theories about the strange creature. Some said it was a mutant fish escaped from a laboratory , while the most skeptical said there was nothing sinister or supernatural in the unique condition of the fish, since the spooky face was simply the result of matching body markings.

But the truth about this fish is that alien have been doing experiments on all forms of life on earth for millions of years, often causing evolution to take days for what normally would take millions of years. Sure aliens have abducted humans to do experiments and even cut up cows and sheep on farms, but the experiments have a more sinister side. As you see this fish with a human face is evidence of that. When it pokes its head out of the water, its eyes, nostrils and mouth all come into focus. This is an alien experiment.

Source, 21th November 2019

Weird UFOs caught over Vik, Iceland

On October 27, 2019, at 7:45pm, two unidentified objets were appeared in the night sky above the city of Vik, Iceland.

Witness statement:

I reviewed some footage that i had recorded on my gopro of the northern lights and found 53 consecutive images with these objects. i would believe them to be satellites, but i had never seen a satellite so close to the ground. furthermore, they seemed to meet each other and combine into one before they disappeared from my lens. the first object is horizontal and is on the right side of the photo, traveling east. the second object is mostly vertical and is in the top left of the photo, traveling towards the horizon. i have included the original photo followed by an enlarged photo of each, as well as a progression of their movement. please let me know if these are indeed satellites! thank you!

Source, 21th November 2019

Ancient alien head found on Mars

On November 6, 2019, a famous ufologist found ancient alien head on a photo caught on Mars. What is it?

Scott C. Waring explains:

I was looking at a Gigapan photo of Mars when just 10 seconds into it, I noticed a huge head sitting on the edge of this hillside. Its easy to make out that the head has on a helmet that looks to be made of a turtle shell. His eyes, nose and cheeks also stand out.

As you see in the photo comparison above, the head has a lot of similarities to Mexicos Colossal Olmec heads. Sure its worn down and eroding from weathering and time, but its details still stand out strong. Also...did you notice the head is sitting upright? Did you notice that the head is looking outward from the side of the hill for the view? Wow, those two details are big deals. They mean the head didn't break off and roll here from the top of the hill. It was created and placed in this specific location...pointing outward on purpose to achieve the best possible view. Obviously this is a monument to someone important.

Source photo

Source, 20th November 2019

Cloaked UFO caught over Riksgränsen, Sweden

A man caught a video of a mysterious UFO cloaked into clouds somewhere over Riksgränsen, Sweden.

Eyewitness statement:

Please help me explain this!

I caught something strange when filming with my drone in the Swedish mountains. Take a look at the video where I have pointed out some details I have noticed.

Could this really be an alien UFO sighting or maybe it´s some other craft or just some weird weather phenomenon?

Please tell me if you know what this is or if you have seen something like this before.

Source, 20th November 2019