A witness saw an alien in Mazeppa, Minnesota

On January 31, 2017, an inhabitant of Mazeppa, Minnesota, was in his kitchen when he saw an alien. He told his story on MUFON website…

Witness report:

In the kitchen at 11:50 pm making sleep tea. Looked out the window in the back door and saw a deer like animal about 10 feet from the door. It’s body was barrel shaped, post set on legs, body to long for normal deer, to tall and head moved up and down, left and right. No movement to the ears. Have watch a doe with her fawn for past 6 weeks eating plants in my flower garden. This night the doe and fawn went flying in full panic mode between the swing set and this other deer. This animal just watched it fly by and looked back at me. Normal deer would have followed these two and not have just stood there. I have jumped deer walking and watched them flee. This doe and fawn were just a flash.

Would like you to know that I have selected sires for a dairy herd for over 20 years and know how to judge an animals appearance. We have had up to eight deer outside the house during the winter months. This one was not normal in any regard.

The next thing I see are two black eyes in front of my face, turned to leave the door and felt cold air on my back. Did not fully make the turn, was still bring by left foot forward when the eyes were in front of me again. I could not move and did not want it in my house. Could feel heat on top of my head that grew more intense along with the feeling of complete and total peace. Tranquility, but did not want it there, but it felt so good I was no longer able to stop it from happening. Next thing I know I’m standing about 5ft from the door with my house coat tied all bunched up at my waist feeling disoriented and like something is wrong, not right. When I check the time it was 3:38 am the next morning.

In the morning woke up with a small round scab on top my head with dry, totally dehydrated blood to the nape of my neck and a small lump on my head. By night there were small welts on my lower legs. These went away with in 12 hrs and new ones would come. This went on for two to two a half week and itched like crazy. Used all kind of lotions, nothing total took the itching away.


Possible alien abduction in Pearland, Texas

On September 12, 2017, a witness living in Pearland, Texas, has had a frightening experience. He would have been abducted by aliens

Witness statement:

I’m turning to you so that maybe someone else has had a similar experience and can help me, because I feel like I’m going crazy. I live in Pearland Texas, a suburb of Houston.

A few days ago, early morning of the 12th of September, I awoke with with strange visual (what I at first thought were hallucinations or that I’d been possibly drugged. The ceiling appeared to have swirling colors of pink and a greenish blue.

I looked to my right and saw something in my bathroom. It was small, I thought maybe a squirrel or raccoon had gotten in the house. I closed the door to trap it, but upon a closer inspection, nothing was there.

I heard what I thought were voices and strange noises coming from my neighbors’ yard. From my window, it looked like my neighbors were building a very large tall bench swing, there was a red color coming from this area.

I thought that the neighbors were maybe playing with lights of some sort and that this may have been the reason for the strange colors in my bedroom. This all happened around midnight. I wanted to find out what was possibly happening next door so I went downstairs.

As I was reaching the stairs I noticed an unrecognizable symbol on the wall that seemed to be made of blue light. When I touched it, it felt warm. This light also cast a blue reflection on the white enamel paint of the bannister.

I realized that this could not have been a reflection from next door because of the lack of windows in my staircase. When I got outside, it was quiet. I asked “hello” and didn’t get an immediate response.

The air felt staticy and it felt as though if I touched anything that I’d receive a shock. When I peered through the fence I saw ten black spheres; Four on top, three below, then two and one, like an inverted triangle.

It rose slightly, then the top left sphere broke away from the others and came towards me. At first I panicked and could not move. As I looked into this sphere, it had an iridescence to it that made me feel calm when I looked at it.

I do not remember going back to my room, I just remember being there. I noticed the clock said 1:45am. I also noticed some dried crusty blood around my right nostril. The room still had those two strange colors moving all around the surfaces of the walls and ceiling.

Not understanding what was happening, I jumped into bed and buried my face in the pillows. I woke the next morning with the distinct feeling that this was real and not a dream. There were still bits of dried blood in my nostril and for a few days after, the area just to the side of my nostril still hurt.

Deep under the skin like when a pimple is coming up. Then it went away. I know this happened to me, everything inside me says it was real.

I have no way of explaining it and I have no real way of filing it away in my mind like you would with a normal experience.

If any of your readers have had anything like this happen to them, would you please let me know because this experience has made me feel so alone.


Weird fireball spotted in Orlando, Texas

On November 11, 2017, an automobilist has seen two separate UFOs falling from the sky over Orlando, Texas. What is it about?

Witness report:

1. Where were you and what were you doing at the time?
Driving into Orlando, Fl at 6:30 on the Turnpike.
2. What made you first notice the object?
Bright fireball shooting across the night sky.
3. What did you think the object was when you first noticed it?
4. Describe the object and its actions and motions in detail.
Two objects in a fireball shooting across the sky.
5. Describe your feelings, reactions and actions, during and after sighting the object.
Excited and amazed.
6. How did you lose sight of the object?
Lost sight of it in the horizon.


2 disc-shaped UFO taken over Camotes Islands, Philippines

On November 3, 2017, a family has taken a picture of two impressive cigar or disc-shaped UFO hovering over the sear near Camotes Islands, Philippines.

Witness statement:

This event happened at a beach resort on the south western part of Camotes island at around 4:46 pm (local time), November 3, 2017. My family and I were at the beach, waiting for the sunset. I was playing some music from my outdoor speaker, so I wasn't able to hear if the UFOs were making a sound or not. And honestly, I didnt notice that there were presumably UFOs due to the brightness and glare of the sun which made the sky hazy, until I edited/enhanced the picture. I will send you three pictures,

1. Raw shot/photo
2. Edited photo
3. Zoomed and edited photo

I felt excited when I noticed the UFOs because I knew it happened in a very interesting place. First, Camotes island hasn't had passenger fast craft boats traveling to and from the island since less than a decade ago, which makes that place somewhat undisturbed and has quite a number of caves for a small island. Second, the area is a typhoon path, and I learned that UFOs usually appear near calamity areas. And third, the neighboring island to the east is where Tacloban is (which was hit by a massive storm surge a few years back), and nearby is Biliran island and its mysterious Mount Panamao, famous for its enchanting stories of disappearing galleons, cocoa plantations, and even people. Yes, there have been stories of people being abduted by enchanted beings. Anyway, I'm not trying to make you believe that there are aliens in the area, but that is the only hypothesis I can come up with considering the facts and stories.


White UFO appeared over La Verkin, Utah

On November 12, 2017, in night, a bright white UFO was seen over the city of La Verkin, Washington County, Utah.

Witness report:

First off I would like to say I served in the military for 8 years and have never seen anything like this. I went outside to smoke a cigarette which I do every night. I like to look at the stars at night especially nights like tonight when there is no moon it’s beautiful. Any ways as I was looking north easy from my front door about the small mountain which is no more then 300 yards away I noticed a very low and bright object I know this was not a star it was too low and I know it was not a plane or helicopter.

This object made the most beautiful colors and went from being very erratic to pulsating and almost calm I watched for awhile but I got emotional all of a sudden and I had to get inside the house something didn’t feel right I actually starting crying and didn’t know why. I built up enough courage a few minutes later to take a few pics with my phone mind you there terrible because it was pitch black. I just want answers of why I felt the way I did. I’m not crazy this thing scared me and I saw something very out of place.


Weird UFO snapped over Norton in March 2011

On March 22, 2011, a very weird UFO is appeared in the blue sky between Norton and Malton, in North Yorkshire, England.

Eyewitness statement:

Was taking picture at a cat outside my bedroom when notice this object zig zagging in the sky so just shoot few pictures then it desappear.


A trail camera caught a metallic UFO in Blanchard, MI

On December 22, 2016, a trail camera setted over farm in Blanchard, Isabella County, Michigan, has videotaped a metallic flying saucer.

Witness report:

Going through footage from camera in field last year. Camera triggered by motion of something within 20 feet. Burst of photos shows disc, golden, more c-shaped, moving across field. I didn't see any of it at the time, but was surprised what showed up, usually it's just deer.


Multiple UFO caught during a concert in Tunja, CO

On December 22, 2013, a witness was with his friends in a concert in Tunja, in Colombian Andes. One of these friends took a weird photo when mysterious UFOs are visible…

Witness statement:

I was enjoying a concert and a friend of mine took a photo then I took a look at the photo and I saw strange lights look up to the sky and they were just right up doing strange movements appearing and dissapering very fast moving up and down, they seemed to be trying to form a triangle at least three of them but they all were a line itself. When i looked at the photo thought it was a reflect but when I looked at the same point of the sky realized it wasn't. My first reaction was to tell them my friedns but they were skeptical and they didn't pay much attention to the objects I paid attention because the moving pattern was so incredible that I was sure it wasn't globes or planes or whatever I saw before in my life. The objects were there about 15 to 20 minutes from the time I realized of them after dissapering in secuential, like turning off lights each one after the other.


Farmer sells his ranch after alleged extraterrestrial activity

It seems that people are ready to go to any length in order to save their lives from paranormal creatures; it is especially the case with those who are a little bit crazy, to say the least.

Arizona farmer John Edmonds has said that he is fed up with paranormal activity at his 9.67-acre ranch, which is why he is selling it for $5 million, according to the Global Times.

Edmonds claims that he has personally killed 19 aliens with a samurai katana, and that he and his wife have been abducted by aliens on more than one occasion.

"They actually levitated her out of the bed in the master chamber and carried her into the parking lot and tried to draw her up into the craft," Edmonds was quoted by the Global Times as saying.

He said that he had to cut the aliens' heads in order to "disconnect the antennae" and prevent them from instantly "phoning home."

"Even with a razor-sharp sword, it is nearly impossible to decapitate them with one swing," Edmonds admitted.

Meanwhile, realtor Kimberly Gero said that the ad about the ranch's sale has proved a mixed reaction. While for some people the prospect of alien abductions is a distinct turn-off, for other it could be a huge attraction. Given the whopping price tag, perhaps old farmer Edmonds isn't quite so crazy after all?


Black UFO videotaped over Rosemount, Minnesota

On August 4, 2017, a black UFO with bright orange light flew across the sky over Rosemount, Dakota County, Minnesota. A witness caught images with his cellphone.

Witness statement:

It was 10:30 pm August 4 2017. I was in the round a bout of my Townhome complex. I looked up to see a black object with a bright orange light coming from it flying over the community center. It was traveling wear to East. I followed it. I took out my cell phone and took pictures. Then I followed it down Connemara going East. It stopped and hovered a mile down. I then took another photo. Then it took off headed Southeast as a fireball forb39 seconds before going into the clouds. Which I video taped on my cell phone as well.


Two UFOs seen from an airplane over Denver, Colorado

On July 7, 2013, the passenger of an airplane was over Denver, Colorado, when he saw two bright UFO descending together.

Witness report:

I was flying out of Denver International Airport and was taking pictures from my seat when the pilot announced we were flying over the Rocky Mountains. It was not until later that I noticed the two objects in the distance and I didn't remember seeing them when I was taking the picture. The emission trail coming from them seems to show they are flying in the same exact trajectory and descending rapidly. They seem to be flying perpendicular to each other and from a very high altitude. I guess they could just be airplanes but because of these points I thought it was odd. I would just like to get some opinions of the picture.


Blue square-shaped UFO over Elsa, Texas

On November 7, 2017, a blue glowing square-shaped UFO was videotaped over Elsa, Texas.

Eyewitness statement:

I was walking outside to HEB parking lot. Saw the employee pointing at sky didn't notice it til I paid attention to the direction he was pointing so I got my phone camera out and took pictures and video. We thought it was a satellite but then noticed that there was nothing said in news about any sightings of satellite as they always notify people. At first the lights were very bright and it was cloudy outside. And as the clouds passed in front it reflected the shape of the object. It only showed 2 lights then turned direction and saw 4 bright lights and they were flashing. I was excited because I enjoy watching the sky such as clouds and eclipse, satellites being moved from places, asteroid showers, etc. It is interesting to me other people were also taking pictures and video. I called the news station and they asked if I was also calling about the lights in the sky because many people were calling about it. I sent them the pictures and said they would investigate, but I don't know if they found out what it was. A cloud passed in front of object and it was gone.


Blue UFO that changing shaped over Hessel, Michigan

On November 7, 2017, very early in the morning, an inhabitant spotted a blue UFO that changing shapes over Hessel, Michigan.

Witness report:

Woke up and was looking out the window at 3 am on November 7th. I saw something flashing in the sky and it was a object above the tre line up by the stars it seemed. There was a trail of about 7 lines in a triangle shape. Whites, green and red For out of bed and took about 50 pictures of this. It seemed to change shapes It moved very slow I watched it for about 30-3( minutes and took pictures of it. Went back to bed , it was still there. I live in the woods with no city lights around or any major airports.

This thing just flashed and seemed to change shapes as the pictures show. I have many more photos then I could attach on here too.


New alien face caught on Mars by Spirit Rover

On November 10, 2017, the talented ufologist Scott C. Waring claims to have find an alien face by looking photos took by Spirit rover (Sol 1381) on Mars.

He explains:

It took me 10 seconds...probably a few less from the time I turned to the URL, enlarged the photo and found the face. 10 whole seconds! Now, with billions of US dollars, why the hell can't NASA do the same? I am just one person, working alone in his free time, but NASA is suppose to be doing this stuff daily for the public, and yet...the public hears nothing from NASA.

Here in the photo below, we see a face. What can we assume from this face? Easy, that this was molded or carved by an intelligent being that either was related to this species, or was familiar with it.

What does NASA do when they come across such monumental history changing, Nobel Prize winning information? They almost run it over of course. There is a scientific rule of ethics more than morals that scientists are suppose to abide by. That is, do no harm on other planets. Clearly, they are ignoring this rule, which means, NASA has no ethics.


An alien discovered in 1992 in Switzerland!

On November 2017, an ufologist from 'UFO Today' has uncovered a possible alien body on a video published on dark web.

He explains:

I found this footage on a server on the dark web. It contained a video file with no other references other than "EBE 1992, Eiger". It looks like a video that was taken from still photographs. The photographs appear to portray the discovery of an alien lifeform in a very cold environment (Eiger, Switzerland). It appears that somebody made this video under time pressure and in clandestine circumstances. Could this be a major discovery that wasn't made public?


Grey squid-shaped UFO caught over Colorado Springs

On July 18, 2017, a grey squid-shaped UFO with lights is appeared over Colorado Springs, USA. It was coming from the front bottom and something of strange hanging down from it.

Witness statement:

I was home in my living room, looking at Pikes Peak, looking at the rain coming over the mountains. I was going over my pictures when i notice it.I knew what it was when I open it wider.It was round in shape with something hanging down from it. It was exciting to see it, when i had finished taking the picture I walked away from the window.


Bright rectangular UFO over Cardiff, Wales

On November 5, 2017, a rectangular-shaped UFO was photographed over Cardiff, Wales, by an automobilist. What is it?

Witness report:

I was travelling east on the M4 motorway between Cardiff and Newport in South Wales on Sunday 5 November 2017 at approximately 4.05 pm. In the sky to my left was a white object which did not appear to be moving. I took 2 photos on my iPhone 7 but they are not very clear. Once home, I enlarged the images and saw that the object was definitely nothing I recognised, appearing as 4 vertical rectangles side by side. Had I been alone I would have pulled off the motorway to view the object further, but unfortunately this wasn’t the case.


3 unidentified lights over Point Pleasant, NJ

On July 31, 2017, three large, bright and stationary orbs flying in the sky in Point Pleasant, New Jersey, USA.

Eyewitness statement:

My family and I were eating dinner at an outdoor restaurant in Point Pleasant, New Jersey at the height of the summer shore season at around 8:20 pm on July 31st, 2017. I looked up to the northwestern sky and saw three, white, bright orbs in the air. The way they were aligned, and the fact that none were blinking, seemed somewhat odd, but I still reasoned that it was a plane. However, when I looked up a minute later they were all in the exact same spot.

For the next ten minutes I stared at them as they stood motionless in the sky. My family members were also baffled as to what type of aircraft the lights belonged to, if it was an aircraft at all. After that time, all three appeared to slowly dim then extinguish in about the span of five seconds. It was a beautifully clear summer evening over Point Pleasant, so someone else had to have seen them and wondered what they were as well. - Keith in NJ


Black flying saucer over Riverside, on August 2017

On August 31, 2017, a witness was in Riverside, California, and was taking pictures of a rainbow. When he looked at his pictures, he noticed a strange black flying saucer.

Witness report:

I like taking pictures of rainbows I left my house and proceeded down the street and noticed a beautiful rainbow well I took out my phone and took the picture . It wasn't till later when I look at my pictures I realized I captured a UFO, everyone I showed the pictures to told me you need send it in.


Yellow UFO snapped over Commerce, California

On September 26, 2017, a bright yellow UFO is appeared in the blue sky over the city of Commerce, Los Angeles County, California. A witness took pictures…

Eyewitness statement:

I was outside of my job sitting on a chair observingthe beautiful blue empty sky a little bit after 4pm, and all of a sudden this bright glowing object appeared more than a mile above ground. I observed it for about 5 minutes so i ran to my car to get my Nikon camera and came back to my chair and i zoomed into the gold glowing object, i took a few pictures and the object changed different formations. It would also appear then disappear many times. This gold object was not flying from to different direction, it stayed floating in the same location. It did not land, it simply floated in the same place. It was not a party balloon or a nasa satelite. This thing was definitely an unknown floating object. No helicopters or commercial airplanes were near this object. This (ufo) almost looked like a sports trophy at one point, then its edges had spike-like figures coming out of itself. This thing was NOT man-made. About 30 minutes went by and this ufo object simply vanished. It did not fly away from one place to another but it simply disappeared out of sight and never came back, this was my very first ufo witness experience. I took a few pictures, these pictures are not enhanced or customized (i dont even know how to do any of that stuff, i barely know how to make social media memes) All my pictures are original. Hope they help you solve something.


Two UFOs caught over Cali, Colombia

On November 4, 2017, a woman has taken a picture where we can see two UFO over Cali, Colombia.

Witness report:

My friend Vicky was walking near a school, south of our city, CALI-COLOMBIA, when she decided to take a couple of photos of the beautiful moon with her iPhone 7.
For one of the photos, she used the zoom of the iPhone.
Only after taking the pictures, she noticed the two objects, that seem to be changing direction or at least spinning over their own axes.
She never saw the objects with her own eyes.
One can deduce the relative distance by using the tree as a reference.


White flying object snapped over Jarreau, Louisiana

On December 24, 2014 at 17:05, a bright flying saucer was photographed over the city of Jarreau, Louisiana, USA.

Witness statement:

My husband and i were driving home and i was amazed at a very unusual sunset. i asked my husband to pull over in a vacant field so that i could snap a few images of the clouds over alma plantation, a local sugar mill. the mill was in full production at the time. the next day i opened the images and noticed a white “speck” and thought the image was marred. when i expanded the image to find out exactly what the white speck looked like i was a little stunned to see this “object” i was leery of showing this to anyone except for my husband in fear i would be thought of as a nut. this was almost three years ago and i now just want to know what others believe it to be. any comments will be very appreciated.


Cigar-shaped UFO over Gostivar, Macedonia

On July 7, 2014, an inhabitant of Gostivar, Macedonia, has taken a picture of an UFO flying below a rainbow.

Witness report:

It was raining for 2 minutes after that my son caled me to se a rainbow. I sow it and than went inside. and afer than I went again out cos my son wonted a.pic of the rainbow , sudenly apeared 2 rainbows. I tok a pic and went inside after 5 minutes i so
An ufo. or watever.


Huge circular-shaped UFO in Carmen, Philippines

On June 2, 2017, a huge circular-shaped UFO was photographed over the municipality of Carmen, province of Cebu, Philippines.

Witness statement:

I was shooting photos in the mountains. Later I observed the object when I was processing photos a few months later. I did not no it was there. Thought you guys might want the photo, and let me know what you think.


UFO caught over the Great Wall of China

On April 15, 2017, a witness has taken a picture of a metal disc-shaped UFO over Simatai, a section of the Great Wall of China, located in the north of Miyun County.

Witness report:

1. Went for great wall hiking.
2. Didnt notice at all untill i went back to the state & check on my cellphn picture album.
4.I think it was flying straight over the sky around the hill or great wall structure.
5. I didnt realise at first right after i took the picture. I was capturing the view site of the great wall while hiking.
6. None


3 mile glowing doorway found in Earths Moon

On November 1st, 2017, a famous ufologist has discovered a weird glowing doorway on a picture caught on the Moon.

Scott C. Waring explains:

While the world is making Trump into a global celebrity and Hollywood is turning into Hornywood...Hollywood being my hometown by the way. I decided to take a closer look a this moon map and in about 30 seconds found a glowing rectangle entrance into the moon.

There is also a long above ground transparent tunnel that glows at night like lightening. (Click here to see the night photos). This glowing rectangle is absolutely unexplainable by any scientists in the world...because its real. Even NASA will refuse to respond to such truth, because their lies have already boxed them into a room where there is no truth, only lies built upon lies. The glowing entrance is about 1.5 miles by 3 miles across.

I am Scott C. Waring, here to show you the truth that you demand.

Map link:


UFO with three lights caught over Calgary, Alberta

On October 28, 2017, an inhabitant of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, has spotted three unusual orbs in the sky. What is it?

Witness report:

I took a picture ,Saturday 2017 October28,around 6:30p.m.,on my balcony, of the clouds because the clouds was crazy I was with a friend.When I looked at the picture before posting it on instagram 2 days later I saw 3 orbs or lights. Maybe a reflection but the problem is that the space between the objects doesn't match the lights in front of me.And I have another picture without orbs/lights/or objects of the crazy clouds the next day. I previously saw a cylinder long like a football field 1 mile in altitude during a bright day of summer mid afternoon no clouds on a trip to KickingHorse ski resort before I learned of the existence of this things on Ancient Aliens. I saw flashing moving lights at night for over 30 minutes with 4 friends in 2000 and saw the same phenomenon on a video on YouTube without knowing how to save the video in 2011. In 2002 I saw a rectangle flying at 2 miles over my head,I was with 3 friends in a parking lot perfect blue sky and others around was observing it,it lasted 45 minutes. I also witnessed the Chinese rocket body entering the atmosphere in Calgary,2015 February. I have been followed by a light on the highway in 2000 with a friend,when we stopped the light disappeared. We started driving and the light did reappeared. We was on the highway. We took an exit and the light followed to disappear just in front of our eyes. We was completely alone in an area without any lights at 3 a.m. We drove away full speed completely in shock......no time missing or close contact,only followed by a weird light without any noise. Aliens don't contact the masses to avoid panic. Slowly humans understand that we aren't alone in the conscious known universe or multiverse that we live in.All my sightings are with different friends.


A terrifiying ghost caught inside a boat

A man was working on a boat when he took a photo of a mysterious black figure. This ghost seemed to hold an axe in his hand. The image was published on Imgur on August 2, 2014.

Witness statement:

As I have said in previous posts, I work at sea.

Last month we came into dry dock to carry out refit and repairs. Dry dock is when a ship is brought into a lock, the gates closed and all the water pumped out, leaving the ship high and dry 'on the blocks', thus allowing repairs/inspections etc.. of the underside of the hull.

Next to us was an old Military frigate being broken down for scrap. She had arrived about two weeks prior to us.

Once the Frigate was on the blocks and dry, all of the crew left the old girl to her fate. A sad sight but that's how these things go.

Once all the sensitive stuff had been removed, the dock workers were free to go on. The dock foreman, 'John' went on board first with a camera to take pictures of work areas. He took a couple of hundred all in all. This was one of them.

He later sent all of the pics to his boss, who upon seeing this one, called John straight away asking "Who is the guy with the axe at the edge of the camera flash?"

John had no idea. He never saw anyone. The area where this picture was taken was in a cross alley way, deep inside the ship. He was going around with a torch and a camera. When he'd go to take a picture, he would turn off the torch (leaving him in total darkness) snap the shot, turn the torch back on and be on his way.

Due to the fact that it was a military vessel the police were called. A search was carried out but no one was found. There was one way on and off the ship, and that was by a gangway covered by CCTV. (You couldn't jump over the side as it was a 25 meter drop on to concrete).

No one was seen to leave the ship after John had taken this.

I am a sceptic. Maybe its a trick of the flash reflecting off something, but if you really zoom in you can just make out the fuckers face, ear, collar of his jacket and the fucking axe in a meaty fucking fist.

Now it could be John blowing smoke up my ass, but when he was telling the story he seemed genuinely rattled. And the guy in the pic looks nothing any of the other workers we met at the dock.

If someone who is handy with cleaning up pictures, I'd be really interested to see what you can pull out of it.

And before anyone asks, I'm not going to name the ship or even where she is, as I'm not sure if I'm supposed to have a picture of the innards of a military vessel.

This gave me serious goosebumps. Needless to say, I did not go on board for a look.

TLDR Scary guy with axe on abandonded ship

EDIT: A lot of people are showing serious doubt as to the authenticity of the picture. As i have said, I too am a sceptic. But this isnt John. Looks nothing like him at all.

I didnt stage this as Im not the one who took the pic. It was sent on to me.

I say 'Ghost' as this was the running joke about it in the dock. I'm not a big believer in the paranormal. But which is creepier, a ghost or a fella with an axe just standing down the way from you?

I have no doubt there will be more edits as I try to address each quip and quibble