Tiny alien discovered on Mars!

On March 2017, an ufologist has found on an image caught on Mars a really tiny alien. Very impressive…

Scott C. Waring explains on his blog:

An intersting video appeared this week and its shows an alien about 10 cm tall peeking around the side of a broken ancient wall. The aliens head appears sharp and almost bird like in nature, however its chest and abs are obvious. Also it has one leg sticking out as if it was sitting down on the side of the rock wall. Very interesting.


Weird red orb caught on tape over Laveen, Arizona

On March 2, 2017, a witness was in a grocery store in Laveen (Arizona, USA) when he has seen a bright red fireball like orb floating through the sky.

Witness statement:

Was putting groceries in the car at grocery store. Then I looked up and saw this and right away pulled my phone out and started recording. Another bystander saw it, but wasn't as amazed as I was. I don't know what made me look up, but then I'm always looking up at the sky. It was a very bright red fireball-like light floating to the southwest of Laveen. I recorded it, but I don't know how to upload a video.


White orbs caught over Madison, in Alabama

On March 28, 2017, a woman has seen and caught on photo a multitude of glowing white orbs. Her husband thinks it was maybe, weather balloons. And you, what do you think?

Witness report:

My wife had stopped at the local Kroger (grocery store) to get groceries. When she walked out of the store and started toward her car, a woman was looking up at the sky. The woman asked my wife "what are those".

My wife describes the objects as white orbs that "shook" slightly, were moving very slowly, but not as a unit. They were very high in the sky (see photos) but not sure of exact altitude.

This was about 5:15 PM and I had just gotten home. Sounding excited, my wife called me to come to the Kroger to check out what it was. By the time I'd driven there, the objects were gone. Thankfully my wife took pictures with her phone.


Passenger on Delta Flight 43 caught flying saucer on video

On February 23, 2017, the passenger of an airplane was on Delta Flight 43. He was traveling from JFK to Atlanta around 6:30 PM. Through the window, he has spotted an impressive flying saucer

Witness statement:

I suddenly felt compelled to look out my window for some strange reason almost as if I was prompted. I then noticed a faint object in the distance that I really had to focus on.

I waited to see if it was air traffic from another flight, but the object appeared completely different from any airplane, jet, zeppelin, etc.

It seemed as if it were a few miles away, but strange enough to keep my attention. It stayed consistent in motion for a few moments, but the longer I focused my attention the more it seemed to change position.

It was moving left to right, or suddenly blinking in and out view. It is very difficult to describe what I saw exactly, but it didn't seem like anything I could really wrap my mind around.

I took my iphone out which came out to be pretty low in quality, but I had my boyfriend enhance the footage by slowing it down/increasing the scale/reducing noise/adding contrast.

I have the original footage upon request, but as you can see, the object really emerged once we enhanced the original footage.


UFO appeared near wind turbines in North Carolina

On August 13, 2016, at 6:57 AM, a witness has seen a flying saucer hovering near wind turbines in Elizabeth City, North Carolina.

Witness report:

I am currently a private investigator and former law enforcement officer. I was traveling northbound on US 17 in Elizabeth City, NC. A wind farm is under construction and wind turbines are being constructed on some of the massive areas of farm land at that location. I was looking to my left and checking out how many turbines were under construction when I noticed an object above the height of the turbines and a little to my north west. The object was of a classic “saucer” shape with a domed top. It was silver in color and reflected the sun like chrome. It appeared to just hover and then slowly glide through the air. There was no visible exhaust and no sound noticed. No lighting on the vessel was observed. I thought to myself, “I need to stop and video this.” I looked to my right to see if the right lane was clear so I could pull to the side of the road. I looked back up and the vessel had vanished. There was no sign of it anywhere. I have seen other questionable lights and lighted objects at night but this was my first daytime sighting that I can say for certain was a UFO. I am also posting this, wondering if anyone else observed the same object that morning.

Photo: Main Street in Elizabeth City's Historic Downtown District, bTyler Newman Own workCC BY-SA 4.0Link


Telepathic communication with aliens entities in Vermont

On August 1970, an inhabitant of Bennington (in Vermont, USA) states he has had some telepathic communications with aliens. He has told his (long) story on MUFON website…

Witness statement:

Due to the fact that the sighting in 1970 happened at such a young age, the inability to maintain certainty in the conscious recollection of the event became evidenced in the lack of a consistent pattern that detracted from the credibility in an effective communication of the facts that pertained to it. This was due to a series of reprimands through inflicted psychological trauma to be unwilling to be further involved. In an example, the distance in the original sighting report to M.U.F.O.N.(70308) lists the distance to the U.F.O. at five hundred feet when first observed, and communicated at another time as three hundred feet away. The object was given in the dimensions of size at twenty five feet across, and given later as thirty feet. The conflicts in the rudimentary communication of specific detail of the Unidentified Flying Object seems to have been centered around discrediting the fact of the occurrence of it as a plausible denial. The conflicting statistics were to result in being categorized as not warranting investigation that was due to the discrepancies in the information that was submitted if I were to be interviewed about it. My personal knowledge as to the reasons for this could not be ascertained over the years. As a result of this behavior modification with mental trauma, I retracted from filing a report out of the unwillingness to be further involved until recently. Due to the length of time that has elapsed since the sighting, I do not think that the contents of the report will be interpreted as more than of a personal significance. I have paid a high personal price already, and I do not look forward to further conflict. Now that time has elapsed to such a degree where the verification in the purpose for the sighting will not be forthcoming, I find myself at liberty to file a report under my own recognizance. The complexity of this communication was meant to be in contrast to the lack of consistent data that was associated to the original sighting that was intended as a personal discredit of the basic facts in the observation that were relayed. The alien entities that were aboard that U.F.O. will coordinate what is involved independent of me. If what I was forced to endure was intended as an affront to those telepathic alien beings to go through the accepted channels in government security, then I would like to not be further involved.

National U.F.O. Reporting Center

I had recently filed a report about an incident. I was witness to an Unidentified Flying Object in Vermont. It is what has transpired since that time that has proven to be of interest despite that the event happened so long ago. There has been a complete shift in the approach by government intelligence analysts as to how military security considerations could censure anyone that has witnessed extraterrestrial phenomenon. It required this long for me to fully understand the reason for that encounter from the perspective of those alien beings themselves. I hope to spare other witnesses what I had to endure in strict national security considerations as information safeguards. About four months ago I had experiences of what I can only describe as a telepathic communication for about three full consecutive hours in length about that sighting. I was with a young woman that will corroborate being the witness to the sighting of that U.F.O. if she has not imparted this already. She was a friend of the family. The two of us were alone outside of a shoe store in Bennington, Vermont, in the afternoon on a clear day with bright sunshine. We were talking in a casual conversation, and the two of us turned simultaneously to notice a metallic saucer shaped object that was hovering about three hundred feet away and was stationary about thirty feet off of the ground. It was about thirty feet across in diameter. There was no sound that was emanating from the object. There was no mistaking that this was an Unidentified Flying Object. The two of us were enthusiastic about what we were seeing. I told her to go into the shoe store, and tell everyone inside to come out and see this. I was alone with the U.F.O. for about one full minute. I have had what I can only describe as a personal revelation of what had happened during this time. It was not a conscious process, and it required this long of a time for subsequent events to prepare me for this understanding in the purpose for that experience in the original sighting. The alien beings that were aboard that vehicle coordinate as to what their reasons are, and a subsequent disclosure to intelligence analysts will be under their terms and conditions. This description here is a bit lengthy, but hopefully it will prove to be of interest in a case study that is not limited to me. I noticed the vague nature in the specificity of my memory of these events after the sighting that revealed an uncertainty that was out of character for me. The lack of a cohesive communication of the facts concerning a description of the sighting detracted from a respect in the certainty of what was involved. In a direct example, I stated in the original report 70308 to M.U.F.O.N. that the alien vehicle was five hundred feet away, and then it became three hundred feet away that was reported on a later occasion. I communicated that the diameter of the extraterrestrial craft was twenty five feet across, and then reported that it was thirty feet across in a subsequent description. My memory of the facts in the sighting, such as detailed physical characteristics of the alien craft became limited and a seeming contradiction for the descriptions of the event to match under government evaluation. The pattern that developed became a reasonable cause to suspect that this was directed at a control over the credibility in a disclosure to other people, but was not tangible in the burden of proof that it was occurring against me as target specific. These alien beings pointed out to me the way that this encounter would be dismissed outright as not having the requisite basic facts to match. It is not difficult to take a youth such as myself at the time to conform to an uncertainty as a force of willpower in order to avoid mental trauma with the hope of limiting my credibility with other people. It was beneath my stature to provide conflicting statistics in such a rudimentary format. The reasons as to why I witnessed that U.F.O. was more important than the attempt to discredit the fact of the occurrence of it. The attempt to commandeer the respect for that event was not anticipated by me in the extent of the threat to protect prominent reputations. This conflicted with the level of my intelligence quotient as to how I interpret coercion as a means of a discredit to impart this sighting that would be outside of government control. Apparently for me to observe this intelligence activity conflicted with the mandate that this was exclusive to the evaluating authority as a security consideration. This very stark divide has revealed the attempt to develop a systematic process to control the credibility of any witness as the secret intention, and I was supposed to interpret that this jeopardy was limited to me as a personal exception. When this was unsuccessful as the intended end result to detract from an effective communication to other people that were being similarly compromised to limit or prevent unity, I found myself to be one of the unwitting victims of the classified research to prevent an organized investigative function that could theoretically compromise the military intelligence community if such were to happen without a strict regulation. The objective seems to have been to limit a public forum that could become a counterpart and escalate out of control and complicate the censorship of sensitive information. It became a plausible denial of character assassination as the covert objective to limit access. It is my hope to alert other men and women that have also been witness to exceptional events to not be the focus of a controversy that is beyond their control that might jeopardize their very lives. If I were to be asked what would be worth all of this controversy, the answer is the reputation of the Association for Research and Enlightenment. Mr. Hugh Lynn Cayce once told me and I quote: “I am not going to let you blow this now.” He never explained what it was that he meant by that, and it required about two decades for me to resolve this on my own. My father and mother knew and worked with the psychic, Mr. Edgar Cayce. If it was to become known that I was tortured for having seen that U.F.O. by members of my family, then this would affect the public standing of the Edgar Cayce Foundation. This was not meant to be a comparison of a personal worth of my life as contrasted to the reputation of my family in a contribution to the greater good, and their friends and colleagues at the A.R.E. I have endured needless hardship. What happened to me was not limited to me, and I have been on the receiving end of threats in a conspiracy of silence. Members of my family capitalized on this, and destroyed me as a man to protect their spheres of influence from questions of professional integrity. The ruthless nature of this persecution was espoused as objectivity, and revealed the animosity against me for being a witness to an exceptional event that they considered to be exclusive to them. I was tortured by my father with the hope of inducing a suicidal response to these circumstances. He would then point out the reincarnation of my soul as proof of his divine insight as a minister in order to silence his critics. The reality is that the inflicted pain would stand out like a serial number upon my soul that could be easily discerned by him that hardly qualifies as a truth of purpose. He considered himself to be ensuring the safety of the reincarnation of Mr. Edgar Cayce himself, and all others need not apply. This includes as a member of his own family. The future life of Mr. Edgar Cayce himself was a much anticipated event. I was given in reputation as either intentionally or inadvertently interfering in the security for the safe reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. The only problem with that approach is my innocence. The tact was then taken that I was a reincarnated war criminal that was trying to infiltrate my family line. I fit the stereotype of the master race that was being promoted by the German military in Second World War. Again innocence denied, and I do not even have lethal skills training. A desperation to find a flaw in my character that was worthy of such an affront was able to be observed. There were so many people that were trying to be privy to the secret next life of Edgar Cayce that it seemed to be of a priority to limit this knowledge. The confrontations between prominent ministers were contingent upon being aware of the reincarnation of Mr. Cayce. When I witnessed that U.F.O., I was destroyed anyway in full knowledge that this was an injustice. I was not even expected to survive, much less to make sense out of this persecution. In the year of 1974, at a private school on Cape Cod I had five A grades, and one B grade: I was almost a straight A student. The headmaster will verify the truth to this if he has not passed away from advanced age. Less than two years later in Pennsylvania, I did not even graduate with a high school diploma. My father hailed from a background at Harvard University. It is not very often that one of the most promising minds in the country is prevented from a fulfillment of an academic potential and laid waste. The gist here is that if I am not safe, then there are quite a few people of the same intellectual caliber that are not immune from censure either. What I had endured was also a warning to other people. It is the hallmark of illicit influence in the government that dares anyone to challenge the authority to engage in executions as the solution. This was only four years after the sighting in Vermont, and there was a direct correlation as to why this had happened that was associated to that event that was imparted to me like a jigsaw puzzle with the pieces finally coming together after all of these years from those telepathic alien beings themselves. It began with a photographic recollection of the sighting
in 1970. I then began to wonder in depth about what the reason was that I saw that U.F.O. and I started to have visions of people that were not known to me that were having contact with alien beings. There was diversity in a wide range of experiences with a different interaction. Some people were filled with wonder and anticipation, and some soiled themselves out of sheer terror. These alien entities took these people and provided desensitization to their traumatic life experience through intelligent design. The sublime nature of this mental programming of the collective unconscious was so fast that at first it was difficult to follow. Some people were terrified, and some were inquisitive, but all were given a microcosm in a history of their souls that was meant to bypass conscious awareness: The defining of the here and now as a force of god in a spiritual evolution. This was not an intuitive spiritual trust that was developed, but rather a more profound individual revelation. The end result of complexity is simplicity, and still there was a complexity to this despite that. It was like an ultra fast forwarding of a movie that had content and a purpose that was known only to those alien beings themselves of affect to an individual. One of the more intriguing facets was that psychoanalysis was completely absent. The defining of a respect for the miracle of divine intervention set the stage to yield to the collective unconscious. By the time that a computerized counterpoint became implemented to confuse the issue in a sublime manipulation the experience could be discerned as the source of conflict. The concept of a form of an alien mind control came into question decades ago, but over the course of the years there was no identifiable pattern of a mass subjugation to a subliminal programming that had a concealed agenda towards thought control. Enter the concept of post hypnotic suggestion. Now and then there are people that are actually taken aboard a U.F.O., and this always happens to separate out a specific person being removed from the consciousness for the collective of humanity as a gauge of spiritual influence in a variation on the theme of a domino theory of affect. This was under the guidance of these alien beings. Some were voluntary, and some were involuntary as abduction. The only reason that I have not been in the direct company of Extraterrestrial Biological Entities myself is because of the intention by government authority to prevent that from happening as a condition of military security. That is not intended as a statement of a personal worth, but a rather strict procedure in information safeguards that involve limited access. The one minute that I was alone with that U.F.O. could be paralleled as a form of missing time. I have just learned to trust these telepathic alien beings to impart to me what I am ready to ascertain about extraterrestrial intervention in the human race. The psychic transfer of thought processes with these alien beings themselves is a form of spiritual guidance, and I would theorize that this is commonplace with varying degrees of complexity. Another interesting dynamic was the likelihood that there are other people unbeknownst to me that have seen the same U.F.O. with the same alien beings under separate conditions. I was made destitute in the summer of 1984 after all of my personal assets were illegally disposed of and I was essentially abandoned by my family. I ended up in the state of Hawaii on The Big Island. Not long after arriving there, I was outdoors after not having the money to rent a room somewhere. I recall being in a field one night next to the Air National Guard in the city of Hilo. This was next to Hilo International Airport. Three dirigibles appeared overhead that seemed to be surrounded by a Nitrogen mist. I was not fooled by this display of wealth, and this set off a series of events that served to underscore the hope to confuse the issue with me about the sighting in Vermont that I was not at liberty to disclose at the time. This had to have a clearance with the airport administration. The hope was to discredit my experience in Vermont as deserving of being paralleled as an elaborate construct that I did not correctly interpret as a hoax. One of the dirigibles lightly collided with one of the others before drifting out of view. The secret communication was that the endeavor to label the sighting in 1970 as an unregistered hoax was not successful. The source in a position of responsibility was never made known to me for that event in Hawaii. I was then later provided with a fraudulent newspaper article that stated: “Mass sightings of U.F.O.’s over the skies of Mexico’. A friend of the family that was a prominent political activist that desired to be regarded as championing the plight of Mexican American citizens made a death threat to me to not ever go to her country. The fraud in that newspaper article was to induce a complacency in safety to research extraterrestrial activity that was a false front to make the unsuspecting vulnerable to extortion by traveling outside of the country. The formation of lists of people that will be executed if the demands for inclusion were not met was not forthcoming to attract the involvement of alien beings. The premeditation is that someone had to be expended in order to alert other people to this emerging threat. It would be better to give me in reputation as someone whose sighting was likely an elaborate trickery, and nothing more should come of the matter. I should have been more selective in ensuring that I could not be compromised in an imminent jeopardy. The only problem with that approach is that I was. The solidarity in support of the other people in my family was centered in the government of Mexico to be without recourse except to execute me or risk being censured in the same way that I was. It did not occur to me until later that the hope in my family was that I would go to the country of Mexico under duress, and answer for my lack of shortsightedness that could not be reconciled. Ending up in the incarceration system of foreign country is to lose the protection under the laws of the United States that is regardless of the circumstances as to how that came about. The same tact was tried in the state of Hawaii for me to get into trouble with the legal system there in an act of desperation by a group of those that were sympathetic to the country of Mexico, and my family. There is a saying that friends come and go, but enemies accumulate. The extrapolation as to the likely source in a responsibility for the expensive hoax in Hawaii is not difficult to isolate. This is especially true when such an ulterior influence desires the recognition for having done this. When it came time to provide an explanation as to the reasons for this animosity against me, the most critical aspect of this was apparently overlooked by those that orchestrated these affronts. The alien beings that were aboard that U.F.O. that I witnessed are handling the matter. The suggestion that I am an alien in human form that was trying to undermine the influence of my father and the Association for Research and Enlightenment is ludicrous at best. The prospect of an alien executioner that would be born as a human being in response to such an ulterior influence never attracted attention. The cover story was that I could be induced into a frame of mind to carry out reciprocity by conducting an execution as a public service. The tact was offered that I could be induced into a frame of mind to think of myself as an alien incarnate as a human being, or delusional in my understanding of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe in the same end result. The forces that are involved are welcome to cross the line and make a public spectacle out of me as some kind of a social statement to do so to address an injustice that has been attributed to me. I can do nothing to stop that retaliation, but such a threat is not deserved. If what I have been forced to endure was directed as an affront to these telepathic beings, then the fallout from that will alarm the majority of people. The reason for this is that it is dislocated from reality to suggest that someone, such as me, would not have a grip on reality that is requisite to be involved with these alien beings. That contradiction is what generates the aversion to be further involved with a person that represents an uncertainty: The true and untrue cannot exist at the same time. A personal interpretation becomes an issue of the safety of others in a collective consensus. It would stand to reason that this is coordinated under the auspices of these aliens themselves to differentiate the self apart from an experience en masse. There seems to be an interlocking effect one to another: What begins to affect the self begins to affect all involved. There is no militaristic agenda with these telepathic alien beings. Their planetary societies have endured what the human race is now experiencing, and they are here to help. Humanity is not prepared as of yet to begin to think as one singular motive force of consciousness to god. There is always a purpose to alien visitation. These alien beings are coordinating events in the disclosure to intelligent analysts and scientists in the database of extraterrestrial encounters. In an analogy, if fifty people see the same U.F.O. under different circumstances then the mass interpretation of the event comes into focus for a broader perspective in a respect for other people with the same experience. This then becomes even more complicated in the interaction with other people that have had collective experiences with different Unidentified Flying Objects, and in the actual physical presence of these alien beings. Extraterrestrial vehicles exhibit characteristics that challenge conventional
thought. There is no such thing as a conventional miracle. These aliens are visiting the Earth with the express purpose to engage in a defining of spiritual aptitude for the whole of humanity. Even some of the staunch critics of their intention to be here have been impressed with the application of the knowledge in the structure of life experience with someone in an individual interpretation of other intelligent life in the universe. That was how the speculation came into question in an exceptional brainwashing that was beyond human experience that had generated the initial concern, as quite a few people adjusted their system of belief after watching these alien beings in direct interaction. The deterioration of that militaristic control became alarmist as a possible indication of an exceptional influence to which humanity could not defend against. Very few people were not swayed after watching these alien beings transform lives for the better, and this was misinterpreted by some as a form of mind control. Modern computerized techniques in psychological conditioning mean that a resistance in defiance of such an exceptional manipulation is extremely limited at best. I saw that U.F.O. at the age of ten in the year of 1970 because that is the level of age to which young minds are now selected as targets for sublime manipulation by very real people with a concealed agenda: Pavlov’s dog is salivating at the prospect to make other people wealthy, and this now includes controlling public attitudes and reactions about extraterrestrial intervention in the human race. In the time frame of three hours these beings put forty seven years into perspective about the sighting in 1970 in Bennington. There were visual experiences that were imparted to me that all of these other people that were witness to the same U.F.O. under separate conditions began to become a collective awareness that was under the control of these same alien beings. It was a yielding to higher evolved intelligence to watch this unfold. I have no knowledge of the specific number of the other people that were witness to the same U.F.O. that I observed, or their identity. After awhile it became of interest just to make limited observations, and to keep in one’s place. This culminated in learning to voluntarily not to try to follow this as a conscious process: The complexity of alien visitation is not conducive to a fully literal understanding, and we are not expected to grasp all of the concepts involved. We are not telepathic beings ourselves. I found that the more that I thought about this, the more that this became a means to submit to a programming of the collective unconscious that could not be corrupted by an external influence without this becoming a contrast to very real people that tried to control this indoctrination to the domain of these alien beings. This served to separate these conflicting influences in the direct knowledge of how to identify the intention, as each side of the same coin were vying for a discrete control over how alien encounters are to be perceived by the majority of people. It was an elaborate chess game in which the players exceeded the individual comprehension of a witness to exceptional events with these beings: The ownership of the perspective with someone. With the prospect of climate change, the loss of ecosystems that comprise the food supply that billions of people depend upon, and a collapse of the infrastructure of the society that we live in, the average person will be at a total loss in the understanding as to why this is happening. There are elements of the government of this country that want to regulate how these alien beings interact with those that are given experiences in witness to exceptional phenomenon. This has become an ulterior control over these events, and not a submission to higher forces in the universe. I am of the belief that these alien beings are mediating a trust in divine authority that will help the majority of people to cope with this loss of critical provision in basic sustenance. Each person is able to achieve the appropriate level of conscious understanding towards a more highly refined objectivity to also help other people to not lose faith in god. I was given the opportunity to observe the interaction between people that were not known to me that had a common agenda to make sense out of why they were witness to extraterrestrial events. It became a summary of the purpose towards the eventual realization as to why these alien beings are here. The U.F.O. that I witnessed exited the sky in non-ballistic motion before anyone else could see it. This was the most significant symbol to me that the human race is ready to understand that there are other planets with intelligent life on them that will better provide for those that are deserving of it. This seems to have been labeled as abandoning humanity in a time of need that conflicts with what is happening in society as the will of god to have a purpose. This also seems to have been misconstrued that those that do not stay to make the world a better place do not deserve to partake of the planet when humanity overcomes this adversity. If I could make a contribution to the greater good by leaving the planet, then these alien beings will coordinate a series of events as an ultimatum to respect other people to not be further victim of what I was forced to endure just for having seen a U.F.O. I have been hospitalized fifteen times since the calendar year of 1984, and eight of those were in psychiatric hospitals. I have had to endure needless suffering just for being witness to exceptional events. The only constant that I have ever known in counterpoint is the company of these alien beings that just took the time to allow me a perspective on the kinds of people that have an ulterior motivation for being involved in classified research. There is a pervasive social competition to be a part of the education that involves these alien beings themselves. This has replaced allowing an interpretation of life experience to be without judgment by those in a position of superior comprehension. This is now so counterproductive that the humility to allow people to exist without a challenge in a contrast of a personal worth in academic achievement has become the first casualty. The majority of people are like compasses spinning out of control in a magnetic storm. I was given the opportunity to watch as these alien beings provided the backdrop to select people to not be destroyed by the experience of a futility to measure up to the standards of others. I personally want for better than to have to compete for the achievement in higher education that has been compromised by corrupt influence. Concealing that inherent corruption constitutes a hidden agenda in a disqualification of someone just for observing the existence of it. It is a vicious circle of a self reinforcing justification to suggest information secrecy that requires corruption of that knowledge to be condoned as the will of god. The implications of this are serious, and now the analytical bent is to force people to lose respect for these alien beings as a condition of being involved with them: That contradiction is not easily addressed. God will still provide, but not all that happens is the will of god. To confuse people about that is to force people to lose faith in a divine providence for a purpose to their lives. That area of contention was guided with me by these alien beings to observe the intention that some prominent people have to suggest that the human condition is the signal of a failure of the intervention by these alien beings. It is very real people that are intrinsically to blame. What is happening in society is the result of some people of prominent influence that demand inclusion with these extraterrestrial beings, but unfortunately it is not open to a control over the events that are being coordinated by them. Some people a have a hard time with that stark reality, and destroy the lives and reputations of those that have been witness to exceptional events. That was what happened to me. The age level for that experience with that U.F.O. in 1970 was unusual. It was widely thought that this would not occur because a child of that age would not be able to understand the experience. When that is combined with the prospect of computerized psychological conditioning that was now targeting that same level of age, then that became the catalyst for the encounter that I had. I was in a unique position to help to provide an understanding for some people to be tempered in their threats to other innocent men and women. I do not have a more specific knowledge beyond that, as that is the domain of these alien beings that are responsible for it in order to contain an imminent threat. To jeopardize innocent men and women as a bargaining chip to force inclusion in the machinations of these highly evolved life forms results in an exceptional response. No one is being unfairly denied anything by these extraterrestrials. I watched as some people degraded into citing a persecution that did not exist when the leverage failed to be given a classified clearance as the objective. Competition has no place here. It should be to live and let live, and without judgment upon others in the process. I am of the belief that there are witnesses to extraterrestrial phenomenon that are not even aware that they are potential targets by those that will use violent coercion to force involvement with these telepathic beings. These alien beings have been staving off the threats to people, such as I was subjected to, so as to limit indemnity by satisfying those with an ulterior motivation in order to shield the innocent. The circumstances now are such that this is being used to force information to be compromised on a regular basis
that has depleted the purpose for it. The covert signal with these corrupt influences in society is that it has been worn out to use this social trendsetting to be a part of it at all costs. Unfortunately there is not very much that can be done to help the majority of people to have a full understanding as to why they cannot move beyond the spheres of influence in the corruption of this knowledge. The war between good and evil was intended to be limited to those that need a structure of understanding in the developmental process for the human condition that will culminate in the liberation from the barriers to the achievement of a god given potential. The collective of humanity is cutting itself off from these alien beings out of a stance to control the very future of the human race: God has been replaced by people playing god with the lives of others. That is the hallmark of evil. If one is provided for in the human condition then that can be of benefit for spiritual development. If one is not, then these telepathic beings will step in and provide a resource to be provided for elsewhere in the night sky. These extraterrestrials do not need the approval of people to do this. This seems to be the area of contention that humanity is still the center of the universe in many ways. It is an unchanging constant of divine intervention that cannot be altered by the intention to interfere. The concept of future shock is a highly accelerated series of events that make an evasion to the submission to more highly evolved extraterrestrial intelligence to be impossible to circumvent: It becomes unavoidable to reconcile the influence of the self to god. The fall from grace in the Garden of Eden revealed a spiritual influence that had not achieved moving beyond the lure of the gratification of evil for the collective of humanity. Those that take more authority upon the self from god than is deserved become the product of their own decisions. To err is human, and to forgive divine. Every soul on the planet has the structure of the self defined apart from the collective. It is a process that is natural for everyone in what is appropriate for them in their level of comprehension. I would theorize that there are quite a few people that are having a similar introspection that saw the very same U.F.O. that I did with a simultaneous experience in this spiritual guidance at the same current time: It just stands to reason. These alien beings are coordinating a disclosure to the military intelligence community, and I can only describe it as the knowledge that this is the business of these beings themselves: If they want me to know then they will let me know that, and not the other way around. It is something that I just instinctively know to trust. It never occurred to me before to provide a report of the sighting because it required this long of a time for the occupants that were aboard that U.F.O. to bring this to the forefront. I have no self will to exceed myself as a soul. Because the original encounter happened so long ago, the respect for it may have fallen by the wayside as nothing more than a relevance to me personally. It required forty seven years for these alien beings to coordinate a disclosure for all of us that were involved with the occupants that were aboard that U.F.O., and I doubt that this will be referenced in the database. The circumstances are such that a correlation will only happen from these aliens themselves. I consider myself to be just one facet of this. The future of humanity is not uncharted territory. The use of a nuclear war to prevent a hostile takeover of the planet by these aliens will eclipse the evolution of collective consciousness. To have humility before god means not affecting the lives of seven billion people to force information to be divulged. The contamination of the planet with radioactivity and the decimation of natural resources will force humanity to a new planet elsewhere in the universe to continue in the evolution of consciousness. The only problem with that approach is that this tact is not necessary to replace god in this decision. These aliens do not have a militaristic philosophy, and work in parallel with righteous authority that is given of god that is without a perversion of that knowledge. The achievement of that social influence permits a miracle to travel to another planet with intelligent life. The potential for righteous judgment is available in the here and now. I am just one of many that will be evacuated from the planet if the concept of war continues to be proliferated to make victims out of the unsuspecting. This is not abandoning humanity in a time of need. Souls come and they go on a regular basis in the Earth experience. The ability to cope with pain was meant as a means of behavior modification in the structuring of self will, and consequence for decision. The concept of death is both an ending and a new beginning in the advancement of the soul that is eternal. The true will of god is why these aliens are here. They can help to define the purpose for life experience, but only when that knowledge cannot be compromised. A nuclear annihilation is an act of will, and not a yielding to divine authority. When the only people that remain on the planet are the ones that are destroying it, then real change will be achieved. Some people only change when they have no alternative. God provides for those that make a conscientious decision without coercion being needed to respect others. The collapse of the infrastructure of society is intentional. The lure of injustice is the illusion that all that transpires is the will of god. To control attitudes in a sense of futility has been directed at these extraterrestrial beings as having failed to shield humanity from itself. These alien beings are setting the record straight about the true source in a responsibility by delineating the collective unconscious. This is my last lifetime on the Earth, and I cannot say that I do not welcome it. It is not a negligence of a responsibility to the greater good, or an evasion to the truth of my own life. Justice unfolds in unexpected ways, and that is what makes it possible. The U.F.O. that I witnessed exited the sky in non-ballistic motion. The unmistakable symbol there was also the gift to me to move beyond further persecution. If the leadership of the country can affect a return to a respect for these alien beings without the endeavor to control it, then real change can be effected. These beings know more about humanity, than humanity knows about itself. That is why people are drawn to it as a means of a spiritual interpretation that is at first intuitive, and then becomes more refined in a literal understanding over the course of time. Even if nothing can be done to decrease the indemnity to the innocent, at least people will know why in the back of their minds. To be in the actual physical presence of an Extraterrestrial Biological Entity is a structuring in the cumulative life experience with a person in which this sublime trust is defined in righteous judgment as to how someone feels and reacts in the company of an alien being. It is not possible to be consciously aware of all of the dynamics that these alien beings use to define the social conscience in someone as subliminal programming. The prospect of a nuclear war interferes with this spiritual guidance in the termination of the future that is caused by that devastation, and that is why there is a resource to it as an affront to higher evolved intelligence. The trust in righteous authority becomes a means beyond individual discernment that tempers the steel of those that are inclined to the extremes of violence and the loss of hope through senseless suffering to reconcile as to the truth of the effect that they are having upon the innocent. If I had just come right out and said that I would have been allowed to go aboard an alien vehicle in the company of these E.B.E. occupants, then I do not think that this would have been accepted as a reality without a qualification. This spiritual guidance that I had for three full hours was the closest that these alien beings could get under the circumstances. So in that sense this qualifies as a new set of conditions in a revision to the report. I had often contemplated as to why it was that it required so long to be given the understanding as to why I was witness to that U.F.O. in 1970. The answer was that these beings are in control, and one learns to observe and respect without personal interjection getting in the way of a more in depth inclusion. The human race is heading down a very hard path in the loss of spiritual guidance. So many people are under the mistaken impression that they deserve to be telepathic in the here and now that these alien beings are relegated to imparting the developmental process that will lead to the achievement of the psychic transfer of thought processes to be possible. These emissaries from alien societies on other planets have imparted to me as one soul of many to watch the process unfold that the collective of humanity has not achieved a singular consciousness that is given of god that is requisite before the miracle of mental telepathy can be a logical concept to be able to apply that knowledge. It is not a matter of a personal initiative to be aware of what is involved. The concept of humility is meant as a way to allow the symbolism in frames of reference that are specific to the self structure in someone to be the most that can be assimilated in the level of a comprehension with a person. The end result of complexity is simplicity, and at times it can feel overwhelming, in that these circumstances with aliens do not always have a tangible means to be in a literal understanding as to how that influence works. Like anyone else, when I am confounded I chalk
it up to experience and continue on from there. We are not expected to do more than we can, and that is enough. After watching other people being subliminally programmed, a study in character comes into consideration. The psychological composition of people that have seen extraterrestrial events reveals common attributes. Personality types permit the understanding of how to learn to discern alien phenomenon. The most serious aspect of extraterrestrial intervention in the human race is the use of nuclear weapons as the solution to conflict. A future that is not there becomes a barrier to have the knowledge as to why such a cataclysmic ending to the consciousness of an entire planet cannot be avoided. It becomes a means to replace god in destiny, and the lure of that power reveals the system of belief in the justification for that to be a component of the will of god or it would not be happening. God permits self will because only the souls that decide to be a part of nuclear devastation will endure. So then these beings imparted to me of the concept of the human condition before the Earth on another planet. The same use of weapons of mass destruction, and not the ability to move beyond such a collective adversity as would happen as the will of god. This is the war between good and evil on their level. The current level in the development of human consciousness is not at a point yet to move beyond the extremes of violence into a new world order of peace and prosperity. People are not better off because of their experiences, and these telepathic beings take that very seriously. In short, the will of god is being denied and not fulfilled. There was no voluntary admission as to the truth in this that I could isolate, and again the solutions are upon the nuclear detonation codes. This is where I bow out of this gracefully, and blend back into the background. I hoped and prayed for something better than this life, and I found it. All of the people that have seen extraterrestrial phenomenon are at risk for being made a spectacle out of by those of wealth and influence that have that express purpose in mind. The future of the human race is not just uncertain on the Earth. It is not there on this planet at all. There are those that endeavor to force the human race to a new planet elsewhere in the universe as the symbol of the will of god for that end result. If there is a limited amount that these telepathic alien beings can do, then I do not believe that I could expect to effect any change for the better of my own volition. These alien beings are superior to me, and I welcome that fact. There are some people that do not, and are holding the human race hostage. God does provide, but not all that happens is the will of god. Each person needs to decide for themselves where the respect for the future of humanity is to be placed. At the risk of generating alarm, these beings can no longer intercede. The avalanche down the side of the mountain will consume all that is in its path: It is an unyielding force of consequence for decision.

Photo: The Bennington Battle Monument in Bennington (town), Vermont


Montreal: Imam Calls for Jews to be Killed

The Montreal Muslim community is outraged by preaching by an invited imam that called for Jews to be killed. The imam apparently recited verses that call for the deaths of Jews when he gave a sermon at a local mosque, according to a report by CBC News.

"At the end of time when the Muslims will triumph over the most evil of mankind [and] the human demons, the stone and the tree will say: O Muslim, O servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him, but the tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews," says the verse, according to a translation by the Canadian branch of the global Jewish service organization B'nai B'rith.

The imam who delivered the sermon is Sheikh Muhammad bin Musa Al Nasr, a cleric from Jordan; he was invited to the Dar Al-Arqam Mosque in Montreal as a guest preacher. His sermon caught the attention of B'nai B'rith, which filed a complaint with the police.

"This is inciting violence, and this is inciting radicalization," said Harvey Levine, regional director of B'nai B'rith in Quebec. "It's against the law and has to be stopped."

The sermon also caused outrage among the wider Muslim community. President of the Muslim Council of Montreal Salam Elmenyawi has said he wants to know why the imam was invited and that the mosque should apologize.

Dar Al-Arqam Mosque is one of the few Montreal mosques not represented by the council.

According to the CBC, the verse comes from the hadith, a collection of religious texts that record and interpret the words and actions of the Prophet Muhammad.

According to Imam Ziad Asali of the Association of Islamic Charitable Projects, the hadith in question is one of more than 100,000 that are written in many books. Some are considered authentic; others are not.

"To use the themes of the Prophet to spread hatred is actually something that is disrespectful towards the Prophet himself," Asali said.

Asali said that there are mosques in Canada that embrace extremist messages and incite hatred systematically.

"These people, not only do they show hatred towards non-Muslims, they even show hatred to us Muslims," he said.

Police have confirmed that they received the complaint, but they also said they are already investigating a similar complaint about the mosque filed about a month ago.

Photo: © Sputnik/ Said Tsarnaev


Weird glowing UFO filmed over Narara, Australia

On March 26, 2017, a witness was walking back into this house in Narara (Australia) when he has spotted something strange in the sky. He has had enough to take a video of this glowing UFO.

Witness statement:

I was at home outside walking back into the house , I noticed the object just above the tree line,I thought it could be a balloon of some sort, but it was very high and reflective, it did not seem to move at first, once I kept looking it started to move slowly, I took the video from my veranda,its silver in colour changing to red. I looked at the object with binoculars, it changed from silver to red and then to a very bright pink, at one stage it looks like the sphere/object changed shape as it turned pink, but this was only observed through the binoculars, it finally faded out.The object only moved very slowly, an air plane was heard in the vicinity during the sighting. It was very interesting to see especially through the binoculars, my daughter and wife both saw the object at the same time.


Bright UFO appeared over Calgary, Alberta

On March 25, 2017, two people were outside by smoking a cigarette. By looking at the sky, they have noticed a glowing spherical-shaped UFO over Calgary (Province of Alberta, Canada). What is it?

Witness statement:

We were just having a cigarette in our backyard when we noticed a white dot moving south, shortly after we saw the red dot emerge from a wisp of cloud and it remained really close to the white dot for a few minutes. Then the red dot moved a bit further away and was hard to see. They both seemed to keep a pretty southward direction.

I took a few pictures and then shortly after they disappeared into the distance a plane flew in a similar path and what appeared to be approximately the same distance away.

I will send both photos with the same amount of zoom applied to each photo on my camera.

They sort of look like balloons. but they didn't ascend like you would think balloons would. They seemed to take the same trajectory heading South but were not rising. The red dot moved above the white dot but then went lower again.

The other thing that seems strange is there appears to be something hanging from it like string off of a balloon but the "string" from the white dot is quite bulky to be considered string...

We lost sight after about 10-15 mins.

Maybe they were just balloons, I want to say that they weren't from our perspective of watching but maybe you will have more ideas.

I am providing a cropped image, the original image, and the picture of the plane with the same amount of zoom used on the dots, that appeared to be just as far away as the dots appeared to be.

If you think it is UFOS or just balloons, please let me know.


Watching porn affects the brain

Today, with pornography only ever a few clicks away, a multitude of attitudes to sex imagery abound. Regardless of what porn aficionados have to say, Swedish researchers maintain that excessive porn consumption affects the brain.

Like every other gratifying experience, watching sexual images releases high levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine, which is often referred to as the "happiness drug" and is a key ingredient in the brain's reward system. It is known to create vivid memories and spur a strong desire to relive the same stimulation again.

Neuroscientist Predrag Petrovic, an associate professor of psychiatry at the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, has long studied the brain's reward system and maintains that high consumption of pornography affects the brain in a similar way to other habits.

"This is the very purpose of the reward system. So it is no surprise if some images get stuck, especially when it concerns such strong instincts as sex and reproduction. Pornography is also widespread to such an extent today, that it may no longer be regarded as a 'natural' stimulus," Predrag Petrovic said, as quoted by the Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter.

Petrovic is more inclined to use the term "abuse" when talking about viewing porn, when it starts to forgo other activities one would like to do instead.

"Excessive consumption almost always leads to an altered brain, no matter what you are doing. However, pornography does not create a [physical] dependency in the same way as drug abuse because no external substances are involved," Predrag Petrovic noted.

A 2014 study by the Max Planck Institute showed that men who watched a lot of porn had a smaller amount of gray matter in a specific area of the frontal lobe, which is activated when people try to control their behavior. According to Petrovic, it is debatable whether this is a matter of a cause-or-effect.

"Actually, the causation could be reversed here, in that some people consume more porn since they had a poor ability to control impulses from the offset," Petrovic said.

Niklas Långström, a professor of child and adolescent psychiatry at the Karolinska Institute, who specializes in the treatment of sex offenders and various types of aggressive behavior, concurred that existing studies are so methodologically flawed that it makes it virtually impossible to draw causational conclusions, comparing it to the chicken-or-the-egg problem.

Although it is difficult to establish a direct connection between pornography and a penchant for violence, which is often maintained, porn consumption nevertheless seems to affect end users' sexual habits and preferences. For instance, a 2016 survey by an international team of researchers including Niklas Långström found porn consumers to make sexual debuts earlier, have more sexual partners and casual relations. Additionally, there are testimonies from women who admittedly feel pressured into certain types of sexual positions commonly seen in porn films.

However, the contrary view can also be argued. Sexual experience makes consumers seek out a certain type of pornography. Porn surfing was found to be powered by a thrill that researchers maintained was particularly common among young people who have not managed to acquire many sexual experiences of their own.

Indeed, getting to the bottom of how excessive porn surfing alters the brain is difficult, let alone being able to prove it with experimental studies.

Photo: Lita Phoenix


Weird light UFO caught over Seatac, Washington

On March 23, 2017, an inhabitant of Seatac (city in southern King County, Washington, USA) has spotted a mysterious light speed UFO near Jupiter. He has taken a photo.

Witness statement:

I was on my third floor deck with my mate and looking straight at Jupiter facing SE. I sky-watch every night when I go out to smoke. There were some scattered clouds, but none immediately around Jupiter and it's travel companion Spica. I had noticed a hole in the clouds in this general area several times earlier in the day, as if something kept punching a distinctly round hole in them. It was curious enough that I took pictures, as it didn't seem natural. It was within another of these 'cloud holes' that Jupiter was observed. While staring at it, a very brief lightning like flash in a clear cut ovoid shape flashed to the slightly upper right of Jupiter and Spica. Because I had been staring in the dark, the shape of the flash imprinted on my retinas, and I could see it's distinct, sharp edged shape for several seconds. It was slightly larger than my fist at arm's length. My mate had his back turned, but caught my reaction, which was a loud "what the H_l was that !!! It was definitely not lightning, definitely not a spotlight, as it was not projected onto a cloud, but rather appeared in the one area that had no clouds. It was so fast that had I not been staring at it I would have wondered where the flash came from. My mate perceived the flash even though he had his back turned. I have never seen anything like it. The photo I submitted is of the area of flash showing the hole in the clouds where this appeared. I set the camera to 1600 asa for more detail.


Sphere shaped UFO caught by MRO on March 2017

On March 2017, an amazing sphere-shaped UFO has been photographed on the surface of Mars by NASA. What the hell is it?

Scott C. Waring, ufologist, explains:

This amazing structure was found by Mars Moon Space TV of Youtube. Its so incredibly tall that it throws a long shadow across the surface. Awesome find.

Eyewitness states:

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) Has captured this amazing image of what looks like a round Sphere shaped object on the Martian surface.


Arizona: Godly sign appeared in the sky

On March 2017, a giant hand is appeared in the sky over the state of Arizona, USA. This strange phenomenon has been filmed and the video has been published on YouTube. What is it? The hand of God?

Scott C. Waring explains:

This sunset photo looks like a giant hand reaching up. Its easy to take it as a sign since the outreached hand is often a sign of helping out others...a sign of love, caring and friendship. Since the abilities of angels and some aliens are in essence equal, its comes to reason that one can be the other, but this sign was meant for someone out there. It has purpose to it.