Black cylindrical-shaped UFO spotted near Sonora, CA

On September 14, 2012, an automobilist was driving between Don Pedro and Sonora for work when he saw a dark cylindrical-shaped UFO hovering just over a field. What is it?

Witness report:

I left home by 720 am from lake don Pedro Ca by 724 am I reached hwy 49 heading towards don Pedro dam rec center I was hit in the face by two huge bright glares reflecting off a dark charcoal black craft it was hovering left to right In straight path towards tree tops on the small hill across the field I stopped my truck to get a picture of the cylindrical object it was massive like two local motives cabooses put together my phone would not let me open my camera ap it was malfunctioning so I just watched it for almost 9 minutes by 7:32 I raced up the hill to get better visual then I saw it just take off sw in a blink of an eye it was gone disappeared into the clear blue sky I panicked I raced up to top of dam to see if it was on other side of the hill but it was gone I was so in shock I speed all the way to my clients house ran up to her telling her what I saw she convinced me to contact union democrat to report my sighting her husband is a pilot with fedex air and she said she believes what I saw was unconvetional and no way it was a missile I decided to make my report she grabbed the phone dialed up news reporters Chris caskney to take my story it was so sureal I was even slightly shook up but confident I would not be viewed as crazy it was Amazing ! I drew up a sketch but later found the identical craft as mine in another sighting report I need it to be used as evidence of my sighting because it is literally the identical craft

This object moved in hyper speeds had no sound and was massive


A witness sees an alien inside his room …

A few years ago, an inhabitant of Virginia Beach has seen a strange alien that appeared inside his room. According to the witness, this being was very tall, skinny with long and skinny limbs and fingers.

Witness statement:

Sometime in November a few years ago, 2013 or 2014, my brother, his girlfriend and their baby were living with us. We also had 2 dogs, a husky and a Chihuahua, neither of them barked. The husky would "talk to us" if anything...but I did hear her bark once when she was frightened by the mail man, only time in 8 years though. The Chihuahua did sort of bark but only when people came to the door and things like that, his barks are not loud at all though. The house we lived in was in Virginia Beach, VA. It was a tri-level home, brother’s family on the top floor and I was on the bottom floor.

My husband had a job working in Charlottesville at the time, so he was gone during the week. This was a weekday, so I had my 2 daughters sleeping to the right of me, and my son was laying on my left arm. I was holding my phone with my left hand, scrolling through news articles and Facebook with my right hand. I don't recall what time this was, but I feel like it was around 10-10:30, not too late, not too early. I always sleep with a box fan, which was on at the time. I remember distinctly that I was looking at my phone when I had this sudden and very intense feeling of fear of my bedroom door, which was shut. I was so fixed on my bedroom door that I was scrolling through my phone but not looking at it, looking beyond it towards my door. All the sudden I saw this being appear inside my room, in front of the door. It was very tall, very skinny, with long and skinny limbs and fingers. The knuckles and joints were very apparent due to how skinny this thing was. This being had very distinct features in the face, looked almost skeletal. It looked similar to a grey. The eyes were large, but very short so it looked sort of like it was squinting, or maybe it was at the time, I don't know.

I could NOT move, NOT speak, I was unable to do anything but breathe and think. It came closer to my side of the bed, was so tall that when it bent over my side of the bed it was damn near a 90-degree angle. From my phone light (I had the automatic screen shut off after a certain amount of time turned off) I could see the pores on this thing. The skin looked shiny, but not oily if that makes sense. The skin also looked like a mix of pea green and grey color. I was freaking out because it reached over me with its long arm and fingers and my heart was racing.

All I could do is think. I felt like this thing was able to pick up my thoughts and feelings, and was able to do the same back to me. I had this strong feeling that when it looked over and saw my kids, I was not in so much danger anymore. Like it had an intention, but changed its mind.

That's when it stepped back, and I had the oddest sensation I've ever felt in my life. I felt like a vacuum cleaner sucked me up instantly, until I looked down and saw me sitting up, phone still in hand, kids still there, I saw the carpet, my bedding, EVERYTHING. I remember trying to stop but I couldn't. I started reaching the ceiling and was scared I would hit it, but then I blacked out.

I don't remember anything until I woke up the next day, still in the same position as I was when I fell asleep. I had this OVERWHELMING sense that I needed to remember something, and was just so confused and disoriented. I just sat there trying to piece together what happened and slowly I started to remember.

I went to get my phone thinking it was on the left side of the bed or maybe the floor, but it was on the other side of the room in a spot where even if I had gotten up, I wouldn't have put it there.

I got up and when my brother woke up he started saying something like "man, last night was crazy" or weird, however he worded it. I started grilling him like what do you mean, was Cheyanne (his girlfriend) up, etc. etc.

He told me around 2 am (their normal sleep time was between 2-3 am) he heard the dogs barking like crazy, lots of growling, and movement. He said he opened the door which was on one end of the hall, and he could see into the bathroom which was on the other end of the hall. He said VERY specifically that it was very bright on that side of the house outside (where my bedroom window was on the floor beneath it), I mentioned the word "light" to him but he said it wasn't a light shining on the house, but a light just outside causing that side of the house to be very bright. He said he could see the light shining through the shower curtain and it lit up the bathroom enough to use it in pitch darkness.

Then he said he heard this loud windy sound, and it was all over very quickly. I do NOT remember this AT ALL. To me, this didn't even happen. I am a light sleeper; I usually wake up for anything. I never heard the dogs, never heard the wind, never saw the light. I felt SO "off" for the longest time after this. I’d never had the feeling like my memory was tampered with, or that I had lost time. I didn't feel like I slept.

After my brother pretty much validated that something strange happened, I talk to my best friend about feeling watched the night before. Then I start going into the details. She lived over an hour away, but she stated that she had a weird event happen to her that same night, same time, saw a being as well. I don't have the slightest clue as to what that means.

I know it can sound like a trippy episode of sleep paralysis. I've had sleep paralysis before too. This was completely in its own zone. I'd definitely feel better just classifying it as SP if it weren't for the other coincidences. I don't know what happened, but I definitely feel like I "left” forcefully somehow.

I was not on any kind of medication at the time, wasn't under any particularly stress, no history of mental illness, nothing. I don't know what happened. I don't have any proof, no photos, but I do have texts and messages I would be more than happy to share to prove that this did in fact happen. The only question is what REALLY happened. All I know is that I DEFINITELY did NOT feel asleep. I know SP can make you feel like your awake. But I WAS awake. Please let me know what you think. The next few weeks I searched for strange sightings on that night but I never found anything. I haven't looked it up in a while, though.


A man abducted by aliens in Caldwell, Idaho

On May 2016, a man living in the city of Caldwell (Idaho) thinks that he has been abducted by one or several aliens. He has told his story on MUFON website.

Witness statement:

On the approximate date of 10 May 2016, I was at home with my wife. It was one of my regular days off from work. I work nights for the State of Idaho. I live in a house where the basement has been converted into that of another living area. My wife and I have our bedroom down in the basement, and directly overhead of our room is another bedroom where my brother-in-law temporarily resides. I typically stick to a schedule, and am always in bed around 9:00pm MST or 10:00pm MST. On this particular night my wife and I were in bed, and I looked at the alarm clock directly to the front of our bed, where it sits on her dresser adjacent to the television. I recall it was roughly 10:00 (2200 Hours) MST. That is the last thing I recall before falling asleep, as it does not take long for me to typically fall asleep.

At some point I recall waking up in bed, and noticing the television was turned off and my wife was asleep. I recall the alarm clock was roughly around 11:00pm (2300 Hours) MST. I rolled over and went back to sleep. As I was drifting off to sleep, I remember my head started to have a buzzing like sensation, and I heard a loud constant ringing in my ears (Tinnitus-like) that would not subside. I must have fallen asleep, as the next occurrence I can recall is being awake, and on my back, slightly floating above my bed. I was in a zero gravity-like state, just floating above my bed. The ringing was slightly fainter in my ears, but still present. I recall I was looking up at the ceiling of my bedroom, and my arms were dangling toward the bed, and I was in a complete horizontal attitude to that of my room. I could not move, and even though I tried to look to my right where my wife was in bed, I could not move my head. I then recall the feeling of being "pulled" toward the ceiling, but remaining zero gravity-like. As I neared the ceiling, it appeared as though the ceiling somehow disintegrated from around me as I went through the ceiling. I then recall still moving upward toward the roof of my house, and as I went through the roof, the same disintegration of the roof occurred. The next thing I recall is looking straight upward toward a clear, star-filled sky. the air was warm on my skin, with a slight breeze. the breeze itself felt warm, yet somehow cool. I did not hear any wind, nor did I hear any of the nighttime wildlife, such as owls, or crickets. Everything then seemed somehow frightening, unnerving, yet serene all at the same time. I do not recall seeing any spacecraft above me per say, yet had the overwhelming sensation that there was something there, and somehow it was in a camouflaged like state, almost like the cloaking device used to hide spacecraft in Star Trek. Somehow I felt that even though something was there, it was reflecting or refracting the surrounding environment. I then recall being "pulled" in the same manner as described earlier toward the heavens. It is at this point everything goes blank. I do not recall anything past this point, until I woke up in bed the next morning.

The next thing I recall is waking up in an excited like state, and noticing my wife was already awake, and doing laundry, folding it. I was in a state of confusion, and disarray. I was freaking out thinking that I had to get ready for work, and that it was 10:00pm at night. When I questioned my wife, she told me it was 10:00am (1000 Hours) MST in the morning. I was so confused, I could not recall the time of day, and seemed to have no recollection of anything past 10:00pm (2200 Hours) the night prior, when her and I were in bed. In a sense, it felt like "missing time". It was not until later in the day, the recollection of what had occurred the night before came back to me. I discussed what had occurred the night prior with my wife, and she was supportive of my claims. Her and I are open-minded individuals.

Photo: The public pool in Caldwell, Idaho, bTdferro at English WikipediaCC BY 3.0, Wikimedia


Weird circular-shaped UFO seen over Fountain

On June 27, 2016, a man, living in Fountain (El Paso, Colorado), has seen and photographed a bright circular-shaped UFO flying in the sky. What is it?

Witness report:

Today I was working in my back yard when I heard a f16 hovering and I told my wife look the airplane but when we look I saw a white dot in the sky very far away. I told my wife let me get my camera because that look strange. I took a couple of picts when I look at them in my camera and zoom it in totally stun. The object have two levels and is spherical shape with some light around. I don't know what it is but I live close to Norad. I believe they have totally control on our air space. So this could be an experiment or an UFO.


A bright flying saucer caught over Banja Luka

On June 25, 2016, an inhabitant of Banja Luka (the second largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina) was sleeping when he has been awake by UFO. Witness has caught a photo of this possible flying saucer.

Witness statement:

I was in bed, sleeping and all of a sudden I felt strong vibrations and strane noise , thate woke me up. This is not the first time I saw it so I allready knew what it is. The object was hovering , then it left. Beside feeling strange vibrations I knew what it is , because I know e.t's are here , thats a fact. The object left , slowly and thats it. It was dark ,sorry if photo is bad.


Triangular-shaped UFO caught over a river in Dobbins

On June 22, 2016, a father and his son were fishing on a river in Dobbins (California). During this trip, they have photographed something of very strange. Is it UFO?

Witness report:

On Wednesday, June 22, I was on a boat fishing trip with my father. We were on the North Fork of the Yuba River. On this day at about 5pm I took several pictures of the surrounding canyon and forrest. We returned home on Thursday June 23. While reviewing all the camping photos, I observed an object in the sky above the treeline in one of the pictures. I had taken three pictures within a few seconds of each other. The second picture has the object. The first and third picture of the same location have no object in them. The object looks rectangular, and shiny silver or white on one side. In the location where the photo was taken there were no aircraft in the sky and the only birds we had had seen were hawks or vultures. The area we were in is very secluded. There were no other people around, and no noise other than the river going over a rock bed.


Bright UFO caught over a building in Berryville, Arizona

On June 6, 2016, a witness was in work in Berryville (Arizona, USA). After to have caught several photos, he has noticed a bright UFO on one of them…

Witness statement:

I was at a location performing duties for my job which included taking photos of subject properties. I took approximately 16 photos of various subjects at this location and noticed that there was an object above a building in one of the photos after I had left the location. It did not appear to be an airplane or any known aircraft. After noticing this object in the photo, I isolated the object in question in a photo editor and filtered the image to gain some perspective about what was in the photo. It appears to be an unidentifiable object. I did not notice this object when I was at this location but do know that there was no noise as one would expect with an airplane, helicopter, etc.


2 black UFO caught over Chandler, Arizona

On June 13, 2016, an inhabitant of Chandler (in Arizona) was going home when he has caught two black UFO near clouds in the sky. Witness didn't notice these objects before watching photos.

Witness statement:

I was going home from the park looking toward east I believe and noticed the Sun as it was coming up and saw how the Sunbeams looked so I decided to take a picture. It wasn't until almost two weeks later I was looking at the photo I took because I was thinking of maybe using it as wallpaper for my computer screen. As I enlarged the photo I noticed at least two objects near one of the clouds so I checked online to see if anybody else had submitted anything on that day and didn't find anything so I decided to submit my photo to see what it was I captured. I only took 1 photo so I made a copy and placed a circle on one of them where it looks like the objects are.


Black cigar-shaped UFO caught over Oahu, Hawaii

On September 3, 2014, a man and his girlfriend were on vacation in Hawaii. On a beach located in southeastern Oahu, they have photographed a black cigar-shaped UFO.

Witness report:

My buddy and I went to SANDY's (beach on the South East shore of Oahu, Hawaii).

We were sitting in the back/bed of his truck while watching the surf, and trying to chat with the pretty girls in the next vehicle.

I took a pic of the ocean, trying to "capture" a wave before it broke.

A month or two later I decided to post the pic on Facebook, and as I looked at the image (obviously enlarged on my Facebook page, versus my cell phone screen)... I noticed the disc shape.

I enlarged the photo and cannot see any wings. a tail, rotator blades, etc. It has a "penny" shape to it.

Unfortunately, I don't remember seeing ANYTHING that day in the sky.

Not sure if it is actually a UFO... but like I stated before, I cannot find any other identifying marks (wings, rotator blades, etc.)


Unknown object caught over Port St. Lucie, Florida

On June 22, 2016, in the early morning, a witness living in Port St. Lucie (in the state of Florida, USA) has photographed a weird black UFO without knowing it.

Witness statement:

I was home. I took three pictures on the moon at approx 7am. Later in the day I looked at my photos. The last picture had a black dot near the moon. When I enlarged it, I was amazed and confused. I did not see anything at the time of the picture. I wish I had. Not sure if I have taking a picture of a ufo?? I looked at the picture in black and white and the top and bottom of the item looks highlighted.


Nashville man sells his house but refuses to move out

Buying your first house is supposed to be a joyous occasion, but for young Tamara Holloway, from Nashville, Tennessee it was a terrible nightmare she couldn’t wake up from, because the man she bought the house from refused to move out.

Holloway closed on the home on June 1, and although there was no clause in the contract that stated former owner Justin McCrory couldn stay there past that date, he simply wouldn’t leave. “The transaction went through and they’re getting a good clean property,” McCrory told local reporters. “What’s the problem? … I technically don’t have to go anywhere. They’d have to evict me and they’re not having that.” Signature Title Services had said the processor for the closing also contacted McCrory asking him to move out of the house, but that didn’t seem to do much good, so the new owner filed a detainer warrant, the first step in an eviction process. However it can take up to 30 days until you can have someone forcefully removed that way, so things didn’t look good for the inexperienced buyer.

When the story was first reported, everyone was shocked. Mark Leedom with Signature Title Services, and local real estate attorney Grover Collins told News 2 Nashville that they had never heard about a case like this. Even The Greater Nashville Association of Realtors was stunned and released some warning so prospective buyers could avoid such problems. They strongly advised buyers to get the keys to their new property at closing, which Holloway did not, and try to work with sellers who have licensed realtors representing them, which McCrory did not. “Make sure your realtor understands that it’s a ‘for sale by owner’ and can work with that other party to make sure things like this don’t slip through the cracks,” said GNAR President Denise Creswell.

It’s been a nightmare,” Tamara Holloway told News 2 in Nashville. “The seller has essentially pirated my house.” Luckily for her, all the media attention her story has been getting both on a local and national level seems to have intimidated former owner Justin McCrory, and on June 14 it was reported that Holloway had finally gotten the keys to her new house. She admitted that the problem would have probably been much harder to resolve without the awareness raised by the press.


Weird white UFO caught over Honolulu, Hawai

On October 22, 2015, a person was on vacation in Honolulu (in Hawai). When he has reviewed his photos, he has spotted a strange UFO composed of ten white spheres. What is it?

Witness statement:

I noticed the ufo on the image after I reviewed my vacation photos once I made it make home. The UFO is hovering in the cloud in the top right of picture. It appears to have 10 lights. Do you know what the object is in the photo? Please help. I submitted this to another channel but never heard back. BTW, I was on top of a mountain.


Very weird orb caught in Burlington, WA

On June 19, 2016, a person was at the warehouse store in Burlington (state of Washington). Suddenly, he has accidentally caught a mysterious orb in the blue sky. Very strange…

Witness report:

I was at the warehouse store in Burlington, WA, by the gas pumps, just parked my car. I was checking out my camera on my Samsung Note 4 and I was going to drop the phone and when I went to save it, I accidentally pressed the picture shooter and the camera began taking continuous shots, multiple shots per second.

When I was done shopping, and arrived home, I started looking at the photos and realized that one had what looked like it had a funnel that appeared in the sky (which now I think is a portal) and/or sonic boom; the next photo shows the funnel reduced to a round pathway and an orb shooting through. The following photo shows the orb travelling, as well as the following photo. Then it looks like a ring develops around the orb. Finally the orb continues on and disappears.

At first I thought it was a cloud (the first photo), but as I zoomed in to the far right, it was obviously a formation of a some sort.

I knew what the object was because I have read and seen photos of it. I also know that many think that orbs are just weather balloons or satellites. I think that these photos tell a different story. The object looks like it came through a portal that opened up and immediate closed as the object shot through and began to travel.

These photos were taken slightly over a second as it was a rapid photo shoot. These were captured by accident.

I am not convinced that it is a weather balloon. I would like to know what it really is.


2 flying saucers caught in night over Glendale

On June 20, 2016, a witness has caught two bright flying saucers in the night since the city of Glendale, in Arizona, USA.

Witness statement:

I was casually taking a photo of the night sky to show my mother, the clouds and moon were particularly beautiful tonight. I looked at the photo to send and noticed two bright dots. I zoomed in and immediately was thrown. The objects are clearly not planes, clouds, reflections. It was very eerie! Looking at the sky the dots were hard to make out, looked far away.


Very fast UFO caught over Jerusalem, Israel

On September 22, 2015, a witness has caught a black UFO over Jerusalem, in Israel. He has published his photo on MUFON website (case number 77207).

Witness report:

While in Jerusalem late Sept 2015, we took lot's of Photos with one having unknown/seen object in picture. Picture taken seconds before has No object!
At first I thought it could be a Bird. However, other than an occasional Pigeon seen at and around Human food sources we saw Few birds flying Anywhere around the country. We have several hundred pictures and Only the ones near Humans have birds. We also seen other things of the same nature while there but this is the only picture with an object we didn't notice or possibly see with the Naked eye?


Bright UFO caught near Banff, Alberta

On June 19, 2016, two friends were in a car on a road located in Banff (in the province of Alberta, Canada). One of them has caught a bright unidentified flying object without seeing it. What is it?

Witness statement:

Was in the car with my friend on my way from Banff Alberta on my way to Calgary, i took a pic of the last chunk of hills before the land flattened out and didnt see anything in the moment, until 2 days later i was looking through my photos and realized there was a ufo or something round shaped object in the sky where there was no clouds,couldn't have been a cloud or a drone or a plane because i dont know of any round shaped airplane and it size compared to the hill beside it doesnt make sense. You have to zoom in to see the UFO.


Black flying saucer caught over Byers, Colorado

On June 20, 2016, a couple has caught a black UFO somewhere over Byers, in the State of Colorado, USA. What is it?

Witness report:

My wife and I were in Colorado for a very ill family member. decided to take a few minutes and go driving around looking at the scenery and decided to take some pictures.

When we got back I was looking at the pictures and found this in one of them.


Cigar-shaped UFO over Eagle River, in Wisconsin

On June 20, 2016, a witness has seen and photographed a bright cigar-shaped UFO moving accross the sky over the city of Eagle River, in Wisconsin.

Witness statement:

So I was playing basket ball you know just shooting some hoops an then all of a suddun this thing is going across the sky and at first I thought it was a drone but there's no way it was a drone so I pulled my phone out and took 3 pictures but for some reason my phone only captured 2 pictures and I still have them so. I really want to know what it was that's why I'm sending it in to you guys. I lost sight after it went behind the house and trees. I also felt kinda weird feeling after it went by, I don't know whether or not it was nerves but it was a weird feeling.


Blurred UFO caught somewhere in Maryland, USA

On June 17, 2016, a witness think that he has photographed a black blurred UFO somewhere in the state of Maryland.

Witness statement:

I was just taking some random pictures. When I came back and checked my photos I found an unknown UFO in the picture. I took 4 photos within 1 minute but I found only in this.


Man meets with aliens and takes photos, June 1963

On June 16, 1963, a man has met an alien civilization near the city of Albuquerque (in the state of New Mexico, USA). Witness has had several contacts with these mysterious visitors. This story is very impressive…

The full story:

June 16, 1963-close Albuquerque, N.M. Apolinar A. Estate, Jr., 49, a technician of 601 Niagara N.E.; Albuquerque, New Mexico, had a one of a kind benefit having prearranged gatherings with Space People for the particular reason for taking photos of their art.

Evidently, contacts of some kind with space individuals are not new to Mr. Estate. He says that he has been taught clairvoyance by extraterrestrial insight since he was five years of age. Despite the fact that he didn’t finish the tenth grade of school, he appears to have a decent learning on such subjects as arithmetic, power, material science, and mechanics, and has a bizarre “blessing” for distinguishing deformities in motors, generators, and so on.

Manor says that preceding capturing his first arrangement of saucers in 1963, he had seen around five Flying Saucers in the past five years, and he had chatted with a spaceman already. He said that his first picture-taking contact was his second in-individual meeting with extraterrestrial creatures. The first was in 1953 while he was working for the Department of Water and Power in Los Angeles. While at work one day in Long Beach, he had a compelling impulse to go down to the shoreline, an inclination he didn’t get it. There he met a man around 7 feet tall. At first Villa was a perplexed and needed to flee. Be that as it may, the man called him by name, and let him know numerous individual things about himself. “Manor understood that he was speaking with an extremely predominant insight, and he then got to be mindful this being was a spaceman. “He knew all that I had in my brain and let me know numerous things that had happened in my life,” Villa says. ” He then instructed me to watch out past the reef. I saw a metallic looking plate formed item that appeared to drift on the water. At that point the spaceman inquired as to whether I might I want to get onto the art and glance around, and I ran with him.” He said the saucer inhabitants were totally humanoid in appearance, albeit preferable looking as a rule over Earth individuals, as they were certainly more refined in the face and the body. Additionally they had a propelled learning of science, as confirm by their specialty, and by their discussion with him.” They advised Villa that the entire cosmic system to which our Earth has a place is a grain of sand on an immense shoreline, in connection to the unbelievable number of possessed worlds in the whole Universe. In view of their innovative progression, their spaceships can infiltrate the Earth’s radar location framework, with the goal that they are gotten on our radar screens just when they point out their nearness in our skies. It appears that their art are always dynamic over our surface, and that they arrange more sightings and arrivals with a specific end goal to expand open consciousness of their presence. They said they were here on a neighborly mission to help our kin; that they have bases on our moon; that Phobos, one of the two moons of Mars is empty and is misleadingly developed; and that their is a Superior Intelligence that represents the Universe and everything in it.

For his first arrangement of pictures, Mr. Estate says his space contacts let him know, clairvoyantly, to drive his get truck on June 16, (1963), to the meeting place, alone. There he saw a landed Flying saucer which he assessed to be around 70 feet in distance across. There were nine individuals on board the boat: four men and five ladies. They landed through a hermetically fixed entryway. These creatures, he says, extended in range from seven to nine feet and were proportional. Some were light; some were red-headed; (like cleaned copper); and some had dark hair. They let him know they originated from the cosmic system of Coma Berenices, numerous light years separation. They could talk numerous dialects, and in addition to convey clairvoyantly. Manor was told the art worked as a Mothership for its nine remotely-controlled observing plates which were 14 inches in measurement, and were controlled from instrument boards in the Mothership. They could get pictures and sounds from any zone from which they were coordinated, and after that could then transfer them to TV boards on board the Mother Craft. They allowed Villa to take photograph’s of their boat which postured and drifted near the surface somewhere around 2 and 4P.M. while he took different shots of the art surrounded by the trees in the frontal area. He utilized a Japanese-made Rokuoh-Sha camera with a f4.6, 75mm lens stacked with 120 Kodak film. Two of the photograph’s demonstrate the boat in a vertical position, on its side, to show that the Space People have made a manufactured gravity inside the specialty, and in this way are totally agreeable regardless of what position the boat is in, with respect to a planet’s surface.. By chance, in photograph #7…???, the vents in the body, thought by some to be port gaps, are not windows, but rather are openings straightforwardly worried with the drive of the boat. Manor says they let him know that the vents are opened just inside a planets environment – never in space.

Another contact… for his second arrangement of pictures, Villa was clairvoyantly guided to another region close to Bernalillo, New Mexico – around 15 miles north of Albuquerque. This was on Easter Sunday, April 18, 1965. The boat found in photograph’s #1,2 and 3, anticipated a beam which brought about a little wildfire. The smoke from the flame is visible (more unmistakably in color) in the trees just underneath the art, and simply above and to one side of the rear end of Villa’s truck. (Note: I have the photo’s..Dex)

In one photograph they scorched a tree top – by utilization of a beam coordinated from the boat. These things were done to exhibit some of their capacities. The boat landed and Villa passed judgment on it to be 300 feet in distance across. It had telescopic, tripod landing gear, which are distending from the base of the art in photograph’s ??? (Note: I don’t have…Dex).

The three crew member had light chestnut hair and tan skin. They gave off an impression of being around 5’8″ or 5’9″ tall. Estate chatted with them for almost two hours about individual and also broad matters. They let him know that our Astronauts, Edward White and James McDivitt, on their now-renowned GT-4 flight, were truly seeing a spaceship when they reported locating the Pegasus-like item. They additionally said our Government won’t discharge the Mariner-4 photograph’s since they indicate pumping stations for the waterway frameworks on Mars. They included, that by 1966, 17 countries will have the Atomic Bomb. Manor says they bantered both in Spanish(his local language)and in English. On their recommendation, the Contactee says, he quit smoking to upgrade his capacity to get clairvoyant interchanges.


Strange alien creature found somewhere in Argentina

On June 2016, a very strange creature has been discovered somewhere in Argentina. This animal seems to be a mix between an ostrich, a chicken and a giraffe. What is it?

Scott C. Waring, a famous ufologist, thinks that this creature is the result of an Alien experiment. He explains:

This strange creature was posted by MexicoGeek of Youtube and shows an animal that appears alien to this world. The creature has a face like a camel and a body and legs like a chicken. Its elongated neck give it a ostrich appearance, but its massive head is very similar to a camel or giraffe. This looks like alien experimentation, but whats do you guys think about this one?


Spiderman got a job as a College Professor in Mexico

When he’s not too busy fighting crime and battling super-villains in New York, Spiderman teaches computer science at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, in Ciudad de Mexico.

It all started in 2002, when the blockbuster movie Spider-Man, featuring Tobey Maguire, started screening in Mexico. 12-year-old Moises Vazquez Reyes instantly fell in love with the Marvel superhero and even started working on his own Spiderman outfit, after failing to find one that fit his high standards. He used online tutorials as inspiration, but it wasn’t an easy job for a young boy. Moises finally finished his dream Spiderman costume in 2014, the same year he started reading more comics about his favorite character. One day he stumbled upon the Amazing Spider – Man # 661 in which the popular superhero offers to be a substitute teacher at the Avengers Academy. He thought to himself “not a bad idea, wouldn’t it be great if Spiderman gave classes in computer science?”

Moises has been working as a teacher at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, for the last two years, teaching various courses like computer logic, higher algebra and programming languages. He doesn’t always do it dressed as Spiderman, but whenever the students have an exam or he wants to talk about something important, he dons the blue-and-red spandex costume to relieve the pressure and catch the attention of his class.

When he first came up with the idea of teaching his classes dressed as Spiderman, his family and friends feared that it could jeopardize his career, but the effect was completely opposite. Both the students and his fellow teachers were surprised at first, but then they all smiled and welcomed him with open arms. “SpideMoy” – as Moises has come to be known at the University – has already become a symbol that identifies with the Faculty of Sciences, and many students apply here especially to study under the tutelage. After all, not everyone can say they’ve been taught by Spiderman in college.

I do the same job as anyone else, I don’t think it’s the best class in the world just because I put on a suit. But I assure you I want to be the most honest and dedicated there is, I just want to make the classroom a better place,” SpideMoy said about his unique teaching method.

As photos and videos of this unlikely Spiderman clearly show, Moises doesn’t put his superhero outfit at school. He actually dressed up at home and rides the subway dressed as Spidey all the way to work. When people hear he’s actually a University professor, most of them act surprised, as their initial impression is that the costume is meant for a film shoot.


Fuzzy UFO caught outside Lawton, Oklahoma

On May 29, 2016, an automobilist was driving outside the city of Lawton (in Comanche County, Oklahoma). Here, he has caught a photo of an unidentified flying saucer. What is it?

Witness statement:

Me and my family where driving through the Witchita Mtn. outside of Lawton Oklahoma. So I took my husbands cell phone and stared to take pitchers . one week later I was going through the photos that I took and notice something in the sky!! so I showed my husband and he said its a bug but the funny thing is its too big and it has distant to it. so can you please HELP with this photo and let me know what it really is thank you.


Metallic triangular-shaped caught somewhere in Benin, Africa

On June 11, 2016, an person living in Benin (in northwestern Africa) has caught a photo of a bright triangular-shaped UFO. What is it?

Witness report:

I took this picture of my family house with my handphone camera on 12 June 2016. A few days later, when I was looking back at the camera photo folder, only then did I noticed a peculiar object in the sky just next to the cloud. In order to check whether the object is a mere speck on my canera lens, I looked at all the other pictures that I have taken during that time, and did not see that similar shiny object in all my other photos taken. The object looked like it is shaped like a shiny/metallic triangle object. Until today, I could not figure out what that object was.


A man attacked by a black alien entity

On March 16, 2016, a man living in Bloomington (Indiana, USA) was sleeping when he has been attacked by a black skinned entity after a sleep paralysis. This alien has injected in his body a unkown product.

Witness statement:

I was asleep in my bed about 4:00 am after going to sleep late (maybe midnight), I awoke in sleep paralysis coupled with shooting pain in my head and neck, at first I felt like my head was in the jaws of some large animal, like a puma. The pain was intense across the crown of my head and back of neck, as if something were forcing my spine to be straight while I was being held by a device. I broke free from this device after feeling two injections, one into my spine which left serious pain and the other behind my lower left ear on my neck (offset from the spine), which left me feeling drained. I mustered enough willpower to wrench myself free from the vice grip and turned to see an entity with black skin and speckled all over with silver (the entity was at least 6-8 feet tall, but was hunched over so height was not easily determinable, it felt larger than me and left a predatory aura of menace)- its eyes were speckled with silver swirls, reminding me of a chameleon's lidded eyes but conveyed the impression of swirling galaxies. The black skinned entity had long arms with an extra joint between the wrist and hand area. The entity made a loud noise as if surprised that I had wrenched free from the vice or device it had used on me, the sound was a deep throated noise that was similar to "Urrruck". It didn't seem to be telepathic communication or anything, just a loud noise it made. Then it suddenly seemed to grow hazy and vanish. By this point I was fully awake and terrified. I felt a terrible menace in my darkened house, with only a faint kitchen light. I felt or somehow knew, the entity was still here, waiting for my body to grow tired and me to fall asleep again. I forced myself out of bed and began searching my house, flipping on lights in every room as I did so. I found my kitchen and bedroom/bathroom empty. I still felt pain from my back, shoulder, neck and head that persisted. Fueled mostly by adrenaline I entered my sitting room and suddenly felt a spot of cold behind my couch and my hairs all stood on end. I began to check the entryway door to my house and suddenly I heard the sound of both my backdoor and my front door slamming loudly and simultaneously. I opened the door fast to see if I could catch someone or something running away, but found that my front door was locked. I ran immediately to the back door and discovered the same thing. I don't know if this was due to some sort of temporal anamoly or an ability to pass through solid matter, but I was fully awake and very terrified by that point. I went out the back door and looked up into the sky, the stars were out and light cloud cover, with clouds racing on the wind. Only one cloud was not moving and it had a round hole in the cloud cover - nothing seemed to be there but it was perfectly circular. I couldn't say how high up above the house it was, but it seemed close (<100<500yards). I went back inside after giving the sky the middle finger and returned to my house. I didn't know what to do but I wouldn't get back to sleep until 10am, I looked at myself in mirror and found a mark on the back of my neck under my left ear where I felt the second injection. I photographed this injection mark (although possibly it could have been a bug bite, although it was not there when I went to sleep) with my cellphone and the next day I would find a second mark (unphotographed) on the back of my neck right below the skull, right on my spine. The event was menacing and predatory and unlike any other encounter I've had. I periodically document my encounters during sleep paralysis when I seem to encounter entities, although this event was far more extreme and persisted long after I was fully awake. The entity encountered was unlike anything I've ever seen before or heard of as well.


Several small disc-shaped UFOs caught over Vineyard Haven

On June 14, 2016, an inhabitant of Vineyard Haven (Dukes County, Massachusetts) has observed small discs / orbs flying over rooftop during 1 or 2 minutes.

Witness report:

Doing yard work when I noticed the first object passing over. Approx. time was 3:15 PM. I was in the shadow of my roof line and thought that is a strange shiny object . Don't remember why I initially looked up . It passed by in a NW to SE direction. I watched it travel at a good clip over the tree line to my left. Sky was crystal clear and just a slight breeze. About one minute after another traveled the identical route. I observed more closely. Each one passed over pretty evenly spaced by about 1-2 min. between. As the sixth one passed over my son drove up the driveway and I insisted he watch for just one minute. He was in a hurry but did so anyway. He also saw one pass over and dismissed it as a mylar balloon.

To me this didn't look at all like balloons and it was pretty creepy. They appeared to be small craft of some kind. Seeing I had already seen so many I ran into the house and grabbed my camera. Cannon power shot. It' not so great for videos and does a pretty poor job of zooming so I set it on infinity as they were so small and pretty far away. First tried two short clips of video . One is about 10 sec. the second about 5. Took four pics and the battery died. They were still coming one at a time consistently spaced so I grabbed my telescope from the basement pulled it outside and realized the eyepiece was missing. Ran in to the house brought the computer online , called NUFORC and they advised me to take careful notes. Called my wife because I couldn't find the binoculars - found them and ran back outside with scrap paper , pen and binocs. I managed to focus on 3 or 4 still about one or two min. apart and the sun was reflecting off of them brightly to begin with and they appeared to have a small dome on top. As they traveled to my left the suns reflection wasn't as strong and was able to not only see a small dome but a faint red orange ring at the base of the dome. The shape overall was a fat disc or squashed basketball with the dome on top. The final one I saw was at 4:03 PM and it passed over a small single engine plane . I have to guess that the plane was about 600 to 800 ft. and the object in question was another 2 hundred feet higher. As it passed over the plane it curved more towards the SW instead of SE. I was a little relieved because I was able to get more perspective for my depth perception. The final orb traveled N to S then took a slight hook to the E. This was so fascinating , exciting and confusing to watch unfold. I saw an approx. total of 25 . I have in my notes 4:05 was the last one. I do regret talking to others about this already and am glad this can remain anonymous.


White glowing flying saucer over Blaine, Tennessee

On June 15, 2016, a witness has seen and photographed a very mysterious UFO with his telescope over the city of Blaine, in Tennessee. This object looked like a white and bright flying saucer.

Witness statement:

Saw a star or planet to the northeast just before sunset. Got telescope and at first thought it was Saturn but it was in the wrong location. Upon further viewing noticed it looked like a parachute or jellyfish reflecting sunlight. It may have produced it's own light but I think it was the setting sun reflecting. It seemed to be very high and a long distance away. It didn't seem to move just hover. You could see the detail very well with the telescope but the pictures I took using a DSLR and the scope for a lens aren't that great. I hope someone can enlarge them without the distortion. The object remained in the same general area , I only lost sight of it because of clouds that moved in. It was in view for at least an hour from the time I noticed it. It appeared to be 30,000 feet or higher.


Glowing UFO caught during night over Walpole Island

On August 16, 2014, an inhabitant of Walpole Island (in southwestern Ontario, Canada) has photographed a very mysterious and colored UFO during night. What is it?

Witness report:

I was outside taking pictures of orbs at night with a digital camera with a flash.

When I was taking pictures by the house, I viewed through the viewfinder when taking these pictures and also use the flash.

Sometimes I just point and snap without looking through the viewfinder.

Looking through the camera's viewfinder, I seen this rainbow thing in the air just what it looks like, I quickly tried to get picture of it and I did! It took the camera about 2-3 seconds to reload the flash to take another picture and I was able to again.

What is this?

It's not a spiderweb, bug or any object. I've taken pictures of those things - bugs, spiderwebs, dust many times.

I had moved my position slightly before taking the second picture. You can still see it changed position from one picture to the next as it came right at me in a westerly direction.

You can see the very low height of it by the satellite dish it is first near and the exterior of the house and in the second shot it is lower, coming in the camera's direction.

Thank you.