Former 'Miss Turkey' put on probation for insulting Erdogan

A Turkish court sentenced former national beauty contest winner Merve Büyüksaraç to 14 months on probation for "publicly insulting" Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in social media, Turkish newspaper Milliyet reported.

The former "Miss Turkey" 2006 posted on her Instagram a satirical poem that criticized and made fun of Erdogan, the newspaper wrote.

According to the lawyers of the Turkish President, the post as "an attack against the personal rights" of their client.

A court in Istanbul agreed with the arguments of Erdogan's attorneys and sentenced the young woman to 14 months probation. Her lawyer, Ali Deniz Ceylan, expressed his disagreement with the court's decision.

"As the lawsuit was filed by the head of the state, it is unjustified to examine the case purely as violation of criticism boundaries. We believe that the post published by our client, must be regarded as a political one, and therefore we demand to acquit our client," Ceylan told local media.

In 2014, the former beauty contest winner shared another link on the Internet which was a parody of the Turkish national anthem, later published in the satirical magazine Uykusuz.

According to the latest data, there are currently about 1845 citizens subject to investigation on charges of insulting Erdogan. If found guilty, the suspects might face a fine or up to four years in prison.

The Turkish political opposition has repeatedly slammed Turkish authorities over persecuting those who disagree with the policy of the current President.

In April, the "sensibility" of Turkish President even caused an international scandal when he forced German authorities to start an investigation into the case of German satirist Jan Böhmermann who read an insulting poem about Erdogan during a TV broadcast.


Strange UFO caught over Grass Valley, California

On May 28, 2016, a man named Derek was outside to smoke a cigarette. He was looking at the blue sky when he has noticed a white UFO. He caught several photos and the results are very impressive…

Witness statement:

At approximately 7:30 P.M, Saturday, May 28. I went to my back deck to have a cigarette. Just by pure chance I looked up and noticed a tiny dot high in the sky. At first I thought it was a planet, but after observing I realized it was slowly moving from left to right (east to south) in a slight upward angle. It was moving much too fast to be a planet and much to slow to be a satellite. Curious, I yelled to my roommate to get his camera. Once I was able to show him the anomaly he was able to get 5 pictures. The object stopped moving from left to right and began moving straight up until it crossed a very high altitude transparent cloud. Once it was in the area of the cloud it slowly faded from sight. The entire event lasted about 7 minutes.

Note, I'm aware that the ISS was to do a flyover in my area, but that wasn't supposed to happen until 9:35 P.M., two hours after the observed event.

It was an hour before sunset, so the sun was low to the West. To the naked eye the object appeared spherical and brighter on the side of the sun. Occasionally the object would dim. At no time did it look self-luminous, nor did it twinkle. I would say that it looked reflective, then less reflective, then reflective again, but with no apparent pattern.

My roommate downloaded the photographs to his laptop, opened them in an image viewer and zoomed in up to 800%. Of the five photographs, we had images of very different objects even though they were all the same object. One image appeared as a fuzzy sphere, one a metallic sphere,one very fuzzy but with two points of reflection, one oblong and orange with what looks like a silver sphere at the bottom and, lastly, one that looked like a orange gold bell with a number of reflective spheres at it's base. No two images are alike yet all are of the same object only moments apart.

My roommate saved the images to a USB stick and I opened all the images in Photoshop to see if I could get a better image, but could not. The object was so distant that past a certain point of zoom the just became too pix-elated. Under file info I made sure we had a time stamp and camera type used. I did not save in Photoshop. The photographs I'm attaching are the originals. In all five photos you will see, pretty much dead center, a very faint dot, when your experts zoom in between 300 and 800% they will see what's got me scratching my head.

If you have any questions please feel free to call or email. The originals are still on the camera.

All I ask in return for my description and photos is your professional opinion as to what the heck this thing is.

One final note, Beale Air Force Base is about 30 miles West of where I live.

Thank you for your time,



Alien UFO caught by a camera of SOHO on 2016

On May 28, 2016 at 03:30, the ufologist Scott C. Waring has discovered a cube-shaped UFO on photos caught by the camera Lasco C3 installed on SOHO.

S. C. Waring explains:

I was looking at an some NASA and SOHO sun images when I found the cube again. As you can see, this cube has a lot of matrix or patterns on it that stand out. Its not a flat cube but something more like the Borg spacecraft in Star Trek.

The shape and design of a spacecraft matters very little, as long as it is useful and has propulsion. If aliens have a cube, then it will be hell for other aliens to try find its vulnerable area when attacking it. This cube space craft is real and is several miles across. Its actually close to the SOHO camera satellite and further away from the sun. So it appears bigger than it is.


Brazil, 1973: UFO and 2 aliens spotted near Catanduva

One day of May 1973, a man and his wife were near the municipality of Catanduva (in the State of São Paulo, Brazil), when they have seen an unidentified flying object with two aliens…

Article :

A man and his wife employed at the Fazenda Secap claimed to have seen an oval shaped flying craft, "with two figures like people, in big hats and linked together by a sort of tube." According to one newspaper, as many as six local residents claimed also to have seen the UFO. There were numerous other incidents in the area at the same time.

Humcat 1973-11; Source: Gordon Creighton, FSR Vol. 11 # 3/4

Photo: By Creedence - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia


Black UFO caught over Williamstown, MA

On May 28, 2016, a witness was in a friend in Williamstown (Massachusetts). Outside, he has caught a strange and metallic UFO. What is it? UFO or bug?

Witness statement:

Hi, I was at a friends farm alone in Williamstown Mass. It was about 1130 am, I was completely alone, and took a pretty picture of the view there with my i-phone. Then I went home. I did not notice anything at the time. Then I loaded the picture on my computer (no photoshop here or anything I can alter it with, just i-photo), and just happened to notice an object high in the sky. I zoomed in and noticed it had a definite shape and seems like metal. Not an airplane in the sky or are we in any flight path. So I have no idea what it is. Maybe you know. Thanks for your time.
ps- just look in the center of the photo and zoom in. Maybe your computer knowledge is better than mine.


Weird bright UFO at the South-East of Portugal

On May 25, 2016, during night, an ufologist has filmed a white and bright UFO over Charneca de Caparica (Lisbon Metropolitan Area, in Portugal). What do you think about that?

Witness report:

One more night chasing UFOs, and this one was more bright than the others crossing the sky in this part of the planet. At the same time i have now the planets Júpiter, Mars and Saturn, at this time of observation no planes was flying or passing by. If we multiplied this observations for the people you are seeing the same, we arrived to a conclusion: this planet doesn't belong to us, the logistic is so big that we can cal a invasion. I have a son 11 years old, what kind of legacy i left to him!?
Thank you, but we must do much more to bring the true to the world, later we do that worse will be to the society, remember my words.

Black triangular-shaped UFO spotted over Langley

On May 27, 2016, an inhabitant was in home when he has spotted a black triangular-shaped UFO with three white lights on each point over Langley, British Colombia, Canada.

Witness statement:

I was sitting out sideide and I saw a distant hovering, black triangle I went to go in to find my camera but as I went out side, bright yellow and white lights illuminated the 3 points of the triangle. I went to takeep a picture, but as I did the thing just flew away extremely fast. After that I was shaking and terrified, I could hardly breath and my heart was racing.

Photo: By Leoboudv, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia


Obama may release tons of UFO secrets before leaving office

Before the beginning of 2017, US President Barack Obama is expected to declassify a large trove of information pertaining to aliens and UFOs.

The Paradigm Research Group, the only registered "alien disclosure" lobbyist in the United States, has been fighting for 20 years to get the White House to reveal what they know about the existence of extraterrestrials on Earth.

This will be a reality this year and across the front pages of newspapers across the world,” Steve Bassett, executive director of the group told the Daily Express, adding that it would be, “The most significant news story that has ever been broken.”

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has similarly pledged to send a task force into Area 51 in Roswell, New Mexico, should she be elected. Her campaign manager, John Podesta, has long fought for the release of information regarding an alien presence on Earth.

Podesta has made me personally pledge we are going to get the information out. One way or another. Maybe we could have, like, a task force to go to Area 51,” Clinton remarked to the Conway Daily Sun in December 2015.

"I think we may have been (visited already). We don't know for sure,” Clinton was quoted as saying.

Podesta is known to be a sci-fi enthusiast and has publicly spoken about the public’s right to know what the US government knows about the existence of aliens.

It’s time to find out what the truth really is that’s out there. We ought to do it, really, because it’s right. We ought to do it, quite frankly, because the American people can handle the truth. And we ought to do it because it’s the law,” Podesta, who also served as a top aide to President Obama, told reporters in 2002.

Roswell has been at the center of alien-based tales since July 1947, when the military announced that they found a crashed flying saucer. The claim was retracted the next day, and military representatives asserted that what was claimed to be a spaceship piloted by extraterrestrials was actually the remains of a weather balloon. Witnesses however, claimed that there were alien bodies among the debris, and that remnants from the crash site were taken to Area 51.

"The only circumstance under which a leading presidential candidate, her president husband and their common advisor would repeatedly speak to the extraterrestrial phenomena issue during a campaign, is when their collective brain trust is fully aware the extraterrestrial presence is fact,” Bassett stated.

Prior to the premiere of a six-episode special reboot of the X-Files series in January, the CIA declassified hundreds of pages of UFO reports and photos. All of the documents were from the late 1940s to the 1960s, and were kept secret until this year.

It appears the CIA used the revival of the X-Files franchise as a convenient time to remind the public the agency has, in fact, engaged the extraterrestrial presence issue in the past,” Bassett told the Mirror after the document release.


He sees UFO over Air Force Base in Utah

On May 27, 2016, a man living in Layton (Utah) has spotted since his home a UFO flying over Hill Air Force Base. He didn't taken photo or video.

Witness statement:

At about 10:00AM I was in our backyard with my wife and my 21 year-old daughter. We live about four miles south of Hill Air Force Base. Hill conducts training fly-overs all the time, so seeing aircraft is commonplace. On this particular day an F-16 flew over drawing my attention. Thinking that I might see another, I looked to the north and up and spied a bright silvery object high in the air. It was moving very lazily from north to south and appeared to be bobbing about like a balloon. My daughter also saw it.

From time to time Mylar balloons come untied and float away, so I thought what I was seeing was a balloon because object looked round and metallic because it glittered in the sky like silver Mylar balloon.

As I watched the object, to my amazement, it suddenly stopped dead, moved a bit further to the south and then did a very tight and quick 180-degree turn and shot off in a direct line to the north, vanishing in under three seconds. I could not tell if it was going up, but it appeared to be, also.

For the record, I was raised in Western Washington in the middle of Seattle Boeing Field, SeaTac International Airport, McChord AFB, Renton Boeing field, Paine Field where the 747s are built and at least four regional airports. Simply put, I have seen aircraft of all types. I even saw an SR-71 and a B-2 bomber in flight when they were not supposed to exist. Thus, I think I have a pretty good understanding of how various types of aircraft look on the ground and in the air. I even worked at Boeing field in Seattle for three years.

What I saw was not an airplane by our standards. No aircraft that I have ever seen stops in midair and then pulls a turn that, to me, appeared to have a radius of the same length as the object was wide. An airplane would literally have to turn on a wingtip to make such a turn.

My wife thought it might have been a helicopter. That is a possibility. Helicopters can stop in midair and turn on their own axis, but the object seemed too high for any helicopter I have been around and definitely moved too fast of one when it disappeared.

I wish that I could have taken photos or a video, but the event happened too quickly.

Photo: By Chadthomas2013 - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Wikimedia


ISS UFO Sighting: Is It a Bird? Is It a Plane?

The tagline for UFO hunter Scott Waring's website is "the truth is within our grasp," and he believes that he's uncovered a truth so great that NASA are trying to suppress it.

Waring and his UFO hunting compadres claim that video taken by the International Space Station shows a mysterious alien object hovering in low earth orbit. The website 'UFO Sightings Daily' argues that the shininess of the object is due to its metallic surface and that the footage provided is one of the best examples of a UFO captured by the space station in years.

NASA however, have denied that the speck of light is anything extra-terrestrial.

The explanation offered by the US space agency is far less exciting than that of UFO hunters, NASA insist that the mysterious object is nothing more than a reflection on the windows of the Space Station, something which is apparently quite common.

The explanation given by NASA would explain why the supposed "UFO" remains entirely static throughout the recording, whilst the Earth spins below — almost as though it were a part of the Space Station itself. Despite this, Scott Waring isn't convinced:

"It's funny that NASA decides to ignore all the thousands of UFOs on YouTube that have been recorded at the space station. I guess when your head's in the clouds, the public's opinion means nothing to you anymore. It may be time for the public to take over NASA and run it the right way."

NASA is of course a branch of the US Federal Government, and so is technically already run by the public. Or is it?


Black UFO caught over Delaware Water Gap

On May 23, 2016, a witness was hiking in the area of Delaware Water Gap (in Pennsylvania). During this trip, he has spotted and photographed a black unidentified flying object.

Witness statement:

I went to the mountains in PA for a week to go hiking and to enjoy the view my last day I was there I took pictures to remember my trip at the time I was taking pictures I was having a deep conversation with GOD and I was talking about aliens and how I would love to see one one day if they exist now it's not till the next day when I posted all my pictures on Facebook I realized there are five black dots in the sky in the distance in one picture and I remember exactly were I was when I took the picture and that's was when I was talking to god about ets.


A man of 53 year can run 350 miles without stopping

Most athletes would agree that lactic acid build-up in the muscles is the bane of all long-distance runners – but not American jogger Dean Karnazes. The 53-year-old has a rare genetic condition that rapidly flushes lactic acid from his system, allowing him to run indefinitely without ever experiencing a cramp or a seized muscle. The extreme runner has completed a marathon to the South Pole at -25C, and completed 50 back to back marathons in 50 days. He’s also jogged a whopping 350 miles in just 80 hours and 44 minutes, without any sleep!

When people exercise, glucose is converted into energy and a by-product of this reaction is lactic acid. As it builds up in the muscles, it causes cramps and fatigue, and signals the brain to stop. But in Dean’s case, he never receives those signals because lactic acid never builds up in his muscles. So he’s able to run for long distances over very long periods of time, giving him an edge in some of the toughest endurance competitions in the world.

At a certain level of intensity, I do feel like I can go a long way without tiring,” Dean said, speaking to The Guardian. “No matter how hard I push, my muscles never seize up. That’s kind of a nice thing if I plan to run a long way. To be honest, what eventually happens is that I get sleepy. I’ve run through three nights without sleep and the third night of sleepless running was a bit psychotic. I actually experienced bouts of ‘sleep running’, where I was falling asleep while in motion, and I just willed myself to keep going.

Dean has been running since childhood, having discovered his extraordinary ability for endurance at a very early age. He ran a total of 105 laps around his high school’s track at a fundraiser, while most of his classmates gave up after 15. But he did stop running after high school, returning to the activity only after his 30th birthday. Despite the gap in training, he was able to simply pick up where he left off, covering 30 miles in his very first run. Of course, he did suffer blisters, but his muscles showed no signs of tiring or slowing down. Since then, Dean has performed incredible feats such as completing the 200-mile ‘Relay’ from Calistoga to Santa Cruz all by himself. He did this no less than 11 times.

Amazed by his physical abilities, doctors have performed lactate tests on Dean to find out how long it takes for him to reach his threshold for lactic acid. The test usually ends in 15 minutes for most athletes, but in Dean’s case, the doctors simply had to give up after an hour. Other runners do develop a better lactic acid threshold after years of practice, but in Dean’s case, he appears to have been born with the ability to flush it out of his system.

I was sent to a testing center in Colorado,” Dean explained. “First, they performed an aerobic capacity test in which they found my results consistent with those of other highly trained athletes, but nothing extraordinary. Next, they performed a lactate threshold test. They said they would take it to 15 minutes, tops. Finally, after an hour, they stopped the test. They said they’d never seen anything like this before.

Dean, a father of two, believes other factors are at play here as well, like his low body fat percentage and his high alkaline, paleo-style diet. He almost always focuses on endurance and not speed. “I don’t care how fast I go,” he said. “I care about how far I go.

Photo: Dean Karnazes/Facebook


Several UFO spotted in USA in 1948

On Friday, January 9, 1948, the newspaper Linton Daily Citizen published an interesting article about the recent UFO sightings.


Mysterious objects seen floating in the sky over Kentucky, Tennessee and Ohio revived speculation about “flying saucers” today.

The latest report on the phenomena was at Wilmington, Ohio, where personnel at the Clinton country air base reported a flaming ball of red fire which was seen for 35 minutes until it disappeared over the horizon.

A bright, bulb-shaped object also was reported seen at Clarksonville, Nashville and Columbia, Tennessee, and at several points in southern Kentucky yesterday.

Officials at the Chicago Weather Bureau said there were no weather conditions which would have produced an Aurora Borealis.


Black flying saucer in the downtown of Caledonia, USA

On May 23, 2016, during sunset, an inhabitant of Caledonia (in California) has photographed a dark flying saucer over houses of a street. Witness says that UFO did not appear on other pictures.

Witness report:

Took pictures of sunset. When returned home noticed object in picture. One picture contained the object but other pictures of same sunset after taking the first picture did not contain the object.


Strange UFO caught over a farm in Davenport, CA

On May 22, 2016, a witness was in a farm in Davenport (in California, USA). Outside, he has caught a photo where a very clear UFO appeared. Object was no visible to naked eye. What do you think about it?

Witness statement:

We were at a farm picking berries. I was looking at pictures the following day and noticed one picture with some kind of object in the upper left hand corner. Can't tell what it is, but it looks unusual. Did not notice it while I was taking pictures.


3 black spherical-shaped UFO caught in Egypt

On May 20, 2016, two friends were on a terrace somewhere in Hurghada (city located in the Red Sea Governorate of Egypt) when they have seen and caught three black spherical-shaped UFO in the blue sky. What is it?

Witness report:

I was on my terrace in my beach house in El Gouna resort, Hurgada with a friend. I noticed them coming from a distance behind my freind's back. I pointed them to my freind and we both were surprised by the strange shape and colors of the objects unlike anything that flew.. Silent, no visible propellor, engine nor wings, moving at a steady speed similar to a regular plane. My freind ran for the phone camera and grabbed only a few pictures. When they were over head I noticed the front 1/3 bright blue almost like a swimming pool transparent container and slightly wider than the 2/3 dark anthracite metal body. Two were flying in the front followed by a third.. They were coming from the North heading south.. When they passed, and at a distance, the dark grey turned into silver metallic which I assumed was the reflection of the afternoon lights on them. I first thought they might be strange military objects carrying big pools since UFO's don't come straight to ones mind but being so strange in shape, color and the fact that they had no propellers nor wings perplexed us. Their silence as they flew overhead was very strange. They eventually continued flying south till they disappeared from our vision.


Bright flying saucer caught in Scotland during night

On May 23, 2016, at nightfall, a witness living in Scotland has spotted and photographed a bright UFO in the sky between Inverness and Aberdeen. On photo, we can notice that objet looked like a flying saucer.

Witness statement:

Turned off tv n saw beautiful crack in clouded sky out of my window like day light shining on the waters of The Moray Firth we have a RAF base here n frequently see helicopters n jets but NOT at this hour and you HEAR them.
I was in my upstairs living room in twilight n looked at the sky as it was surreal n beautiful.
The light just switched on so i grabbed my mobile n took two pics one before n one after.
The light did not pulsate it was static NO SEA VESSELS in the area the photo is how i took it not tampered with.
Ten minutes it shone the out like a light never reappeared.
It was bizarre!!


A family abducted by grey aliens for several years

A man living in the US has reported an unbelievable story: since a century and a half, the family house, located outside the small town of Piedmont (Missouri), is visited by mysterious creatures looking like the famous grey aliens.

The witness, 96, has explained that these creatures were small with large eyes. According to him, several family members were abducted by these aliens, but none seems to remember what happened during that time.

Witness statement:

I live outside Piedmont, Missouri on a farm that has been in the family since the 1850’s. I lived there with my mother, father, grandmother, and siblings. When I was a kid, whoever was the youngest had to sleep on the sleeping porch of the house. None of us wanted to sleep there because the “little people” would visit and we were all afraid of them. I remember that my mother and grandmother told stories about the little grey people who visited the farm at night and that the stories were in the family since before the Civil War. One night in particular, when I was 10 years old, I was laying in bed on the porch and I saw a grey being with big eyes walk up to the window and look inside at me. I was frozen in fear. He just kept looking at me. The next thing I knew, there were three of them, all about 4′ tall with no hair, big black eyes, small nose and mouth, and thin, standing next to my bed, and I remember thinking that I had no idea how they got inside. I was even more afraid and wanted to pull the covers up over my face but couldn’t. I don’t know what happened after that. The next morning I woke up and they were gone. They never appeared during the day, only at night. I never saw a craft of any type, but sometimes late at night we would hear a humming sound coming from the low depression area around the pond about 100 feet from the house, but never went to look to see what it was. I think we were afraid to. We also often saw small white balls of light in the yard and around the farm at dusk and after dusk but never knew what they were. The lights were about the size of a softball. The whole family was sure to be inside after dark and we just didn’t play outside after dark – the older family members made sure we came inside and as I think back on this it must have been because of the little people who would “take” us. That is the term my mother and grandmother used – the would say that the little grey people would take us at night but always brought us back before morning. It was almost like talking about fairies or something magical that was our little secret. It was not something we spoke about to other people – we kept it to ourselves and still do to this day. I still see them sometimes, only inside the house where I sleep now. I see them come in late at night, usually around 3:00 a.m. but for some reason I just fall asleep and don’t remember any interaction with them. I don’t let anyone sleep on the porch, though. My children and grandchildren have also seen the grey people. We are not so afraid of them anymore, just look at them as being visitors rather than something that will harm us. I don’t want any publicity or anyone to know who I am because they’ll think I’m nuts, but I’m not. I may be old, but I am strong and take care of myself, and have all my faculties


Weird black UFO snapped near Pine Island

On May 20, 2016, a young woman has photographed a strange black UFO near Pine Island, in the State of New York. What is it?

Witness report:

My daughter wanted to take photos of the Black Dirt fields near Pine Island, NY. She took several photos and nothing was visible at the time the photos were taken. When we arrived at home she was reviewing the photos and the object was in the picture. The two photos were taken within the same minute on her phone, seconds apart and she could not see it when she took the picture.


Round-shaped UFO spotted in Oman, Asia

On May 20, 2016, during night, a person has spotted a round-shaped UFO flying in the sky over Khasab, a city located in an exclave of Oman.

Witness statement:

I think I saw UFO or soccer in the sky last night
It was not clear for me but I seen a round chap thing in the sky and it lights deferent color of lights green blue red orange it was moving from one spot to other like flash but not near to me it was far in the sky i watch it for about 5 minutes then the lights turn off and despair in the sky.

Photo: By Jc8136 - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia


How Bin Laden Became a Pop Star in Brazil

The "new" Bin Laden, whose real name is Jefferson Cristian, is a Brazilian musician who has his own personal assistant arranging his phone calls and interviews with the press.

The 21-year-old Bin Laden is so busy with his music career that he can no longer communicate with journalists by phone without the permission of his PA Martins Emerson.
Emerson does his job well, but seems to care about his protégé too much, forbidding him from giving interviews on the phone and communicating with journalists without his approval, the website wrote.

"He is a superstar in Brazil," Martins Emerson says, explaining his strict rules and behavior.

In his address to the audience, Emerson asked the media to send all questions to him personally via e-mail. Interviews with the young Bin Laden can also take place only in the presence of his agent, so that he could "correct the direction of his answers."

According to Emerson, the author of the music hit "Everything's calm, everything's cool" ("Tá tranquilo, tá favorável") has a very busy schedule and "shouldn't be bothered" by interviews and constant contacts with the press.


Cylinder-shaped UFO spotted over Corydon, Indiana

On September 30, 2014, at 19:30, an automobilist was driving near Corydon (Indiana) when he has spotted a cylinder-shaped UFO during about 15 minutes.

Witness statement:

I was driving westbound on Interstate 64 (altitude ~534ft) when the object was seen in fixed position just above horizon. At first I thought it might be an airplane, satellite or possibly a star or sunset. Unsure of how large the object actually was since it was too far off to get a realistic measurement, however it appeared to be hovering around the Evansville, IN area but it could’ve been much further west when viewed directly from I-64, it was definitely large, oblong and stationary in the western sky. It had an oblong-oval / cigar shape and appeared bright white in color such as found with a star or a satellite / metallic object reflecting sunlight. I viewed it for approx. 15 minutes before exiting highway (exit 105) and it was still in the same location fixed on the western horizon when viewed directly down the I-64 corridor.

Photo: By Bedford at English Wikipedia - Own work, Public Domain, Wikimedia


UFOs cause a blackout in Versailles, Indiana

One day of March 2013, several unidentified flying objects have been spotted in the night sky after a brief blackout in Versailles, Ripley County, Indiana.

Witness report:

My wife and my son and I were watching TV. Around eight o' clock
the lights went out for a second and came back on. We went outside and found the street lights toward the east were out. We looked down to the east to see how far the power was out. We then saw four blackish red round lights in the sky. They were hovering in an x pattern with the bottom right space was empty. We watched for several minutes. Then all four lights went out at the same time. They did not fly off. I had a feeling they were still there. My wife and son went back inside after a few minutes. I stayed outside because I still felt they were there. After a few more minutes, a fifth light appeared to the left. It was low to the ground. Then traveled swiftly just above the ground for about two hundred feet. Then it flew up at an angle. It stopped precisely in empty space in the x pattern and went out. I watched for another or two, went inside. But I still had the feeling they had left yet.


He sees a spherical-shaped UFO since an airplane

On May 16, 2016, a flight passenger has spotted through the window an unidentified spherical-shaped object in the sky, just over the city of Phoenix (in Arizona, USA).

Witness statement:

I was in seat 4A, in American Airlines flight 620, on approach to Sky Harbor Airport, Phoenix, and looking out my port-side window (so I was looking south). I saw another plane in the distance on approach to an adjacent runway, and then I started looking at the ground. We were landing from the east. I saw the sphere pass between the two airplanes, but much closer to my plane, and a little below the wing.
When I saw the sphere, I jerked my head from right to left to follow it for a second before it disappeared out of view, and initially I thought "how stupid that there's something so close to the flight path!". I at first thought it was a stationary object, but realized that it was in fact moving in the opposite direction as the plane.
After it passed, I listened for any exclamations by anybody else who may have seen it, but I heard nothing.
I saw it clearly: a grey, metal-looking round ball, about the size of a large garbage can or very small car. It had a sort of 'double-chin' - almost like when you try to draw a circle, but you draw and oval, and then correct it by shaving off the end of the oval with another line to form the circle.
My friend "P", who lives in Phoenix, called me immediately upon landing and I told him about it, initially describing it as a 'foo fighter' from WW2.


Boomerang-shaped UFO over Edmond, Oklahoma

On May 12, 2016, at 10:50 PM, an inhabitant of the city of Edmond (in the state of Oklahoma) has spotted a boomerang-shaped UFO in the sky.

Witness report:

I was sitting on my back patio deck when I witnessed someting against the black backdrop of the sky. I was sitting in a fold out chair and from my deck, my view from NE to SE is obscured by my neighbor’s tree. I have a small (10-20 degree) view of the northern sky before the back of my home blocks my view to the northwest sky. I just happened to be staring into the sky when something caught my eye to the north. The object was boomerang shaped, had no lights and was only noticeable because it was reflecting some city light. It was barely a few shades lighter than the night sky behind it, but no doubt it was there. It appeared to be in a bank, as if in a turn from W to NW because I could make out a very distinctive boomerang shape. Like looking at a plane from the side when is in a turn, it’s wings are banked so you see more shape profile than if it were in level flight. There were no lights and there was no sound. I estimate the object to be within 2 miles to the north of my location near 150th and Penn in Edmond, OK. I cannot be positive about this as I could not make out the object’s size relative to my surroundings. It was too dark and barely visible. In all, I witnessed the object for about 15-20 secs before it was obscured by the city lights on the horizon as it seemed to settle into a NW heading. I have never witness anything like this and I cannot rationalize it. I though it could be a military craft, but there was no sound whatsoever. I have lived next to an air force base and military craft make plenty of sound, even in the distance. For a moment, I though some idiot was hang gliding in the middle of the night, but found it unlikely per Federal Aircraft Regulations, Part 103. My point is that I will be trying to figure out what I saw for a while. I hope there is a simple explanation, because what I fear it was scares me.

Photo: Par Wesley Fryer from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA — Water tower in 
Edmond, Oklahoma, CC BY-SA 2.0,


Black UFO snapped over Boston, Massachusetts

On May 7, 2016, a witness has photographed a black spherical-shaped UFO since a park located in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. What is it?

Witness statement:

I just noticed the ufo when I checked the picture that I had just taken of my brothers at Boston downtown. At that moment, we looked to the sky and saw nothing.


Robots could replace physicists after AI breakthrough

While there has been speculation artificial intelligence (AI) could replace humans in certain mundane jobs in the near future, it seems physicists themselves could be sidelined for robots following a breakthrough AI study by Australian researchers.

Researchers from a joint Australian National University (ANU), University of Adelaide and UNSW ADFA project were surprised to find artificial intelligence could be used to replicate the 2001 Nobel Prize winning experiment that trapped extremely cold gas in a laser beam, known as the Bose-Einstein condensate.

"I didn't expect the machine could learn to do the experiment itself, from scratch, in under an hour," said ANU co-lead researcher Paul Wigley.

"A simple computer program would have taken longer than the age of the universe to run through all the combinations and work this out."

'Cheaper Than a Physicist'

Bose-Einstein condensates are some of the coldest places in the universe and their extreme sensitivity can be used for mineral exploration or navigation.

As a result of the AI's ability to make its own adjustments to the experiment, researchers are excited that such technology could be much more useful and cost effective in the field of navigation or measurement.

"You could make a working device to measure gravity that you could take in the back of a car, and the artificial intelligence would recalibrate and fix itself no matter what," researcher Dr Michael Hush from UNSW ADFA said.

"It's cheaper than taking a physicist everywhere with you."

While the debate over AI continues, many believe robots could replace humans in many low-skilled jobs in the near future, triggering concern that such developments may lead to increased rates of unemployment.

'It Did Things a Person Wouldn't Guess'

However, the effectiveness of artificial intelligence in the Bose-Einstein experiment has led researchers to believe that such improvements could ultimately allow humans to reduce their workload and leave more responsibilities to robots.

"It did things a person wouldn't guess, such as changing one laser's power up and down, and compensating with another," said Mr Wigley.

"It may be able to come up with complicated ways humans haven't thought of to get experiments colder and make measurements more precise."

The success of the experiment has led the Australian research team to search for ways to further improve AI.

"Next we plan to employ the artificial intelligence to build an even larger Bose-Einstein condensate faster than we've seen ever before," Dr Hush said.


A long cigar-shaped UFO spotted over Toronto

On May 9, 2016, an automobilist has spotted an incredible long, white cigar-shaped UFO flying at low altitude over Toronto, in Canada.

Witness statement:

1. Driving home from work, heading north on Bayview Avenue just south of John Street.
2. Object seemingly appeared from nowhere. Shot out into air space over road. Very bright object against dark sky. Hard to miss.
3. Originally thought it was a remote-controlled airplane or toy of sorts. Seemed very close to ground. Expected to see it fly back out over the road, or maybe see it and it's owners by the side of the road as I drove by, but nothing was there.
4. Long, white, cigar-shaped object. Bright white. Looked lit up, too brightly to be reflection of street lights. Almost glowing. Aura surrounding it. Never seen a remote-controlled airplane like this. Seemed to appear from nowhere, shot out into the road really quickly. Hovered above the right-most lane of Bayview Ave. for maybe 10 seconds, then made a very sharp turn and travelled east, disappearing from view.
5. Confused. Shocked. Excited. Driving and in a rush to get home on time so didn't really consider pulling over, though I regret it now. Was not able to get a photo or video-regret this also.
6. Shot east very quickly and disappeared as far as I was able to tell.

Photo: St. Lawrence Hall (SimonP / Wikimedia) - CC BY-SA 3.0


Solar kids live normal lives by day, become paralyzed at night

Pakistani brothers Shoaib Ahmed and Abdul Rasheed are suffering from a mysterious condition that has left doctors in Islamabad scratching their heads. The so-called ‘Solar Kids’, aged 13 and nine, are normal and active throughout the day, but as soon as the sun goes down they descend into a vegetative state that renders them unable to move or talk.

Shoaib and Abdul wake up with the first rays of the sun, filled with energy and life. They tend to their house chores, attend school, but they are on a clock to get everything done by late afternoon, because as the sun travels west, their energy levels drop and by the time it sets, they are completely paralyzed until the next day. Their parents say that the boys appeared to be dependent on the sun this since the day they were born, and in their home village they are known as the “solar kids”.

I think my sons get energy from sun,” the boys’ father, Mohammad Hashim, says. But his simplistic theory has been dismissed by doctors after they tried keeping the boys in a completely darkened room during the day, but noticed no bizarre symptoms. The idea that the sun plays a role in the siblings’ mysterious condition is also contradicted by the fact that they remain active when it’s cloudy and even during rainstorms.

The boys, who come from an impoverished family in a village in Pakistan’s Balochistan Province, are currently undergoing extensive medical treatment in the nation’s capital, Islamabad. The government is providing them with free medical care, and their blood samples are being analyzed for clues regarding their condition. Samples have also been sent to overseas specialists in the hopes of finding some clues that Pakistani doctors missed.

Javed Akram, a professor of medicine at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) who is currently trying to help the two kids, is struggling to find an explanation for their bizarre symptoms. “We took this case as a challenge,” he said, speaking to AP. “Our doctors are doing medical tests to determine why these kids remain active in the day but cannot open their eyes, why they cannot talk or eat when the sun goes down.”

Interestingly, Shoaib and Abdul’s parents are first cousins, and some doctors believe that this could be one of the potential explanations for the boys’ illness, especially since another one of their four children, a one year old boy, appears to be suffering from the same condition.

Although doctors have no clue about the cause behind the boys’ illness, there has been a marked improvement in their condition ever since they were admitted at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, in Islamabad. Express News reported that they actually moved around at night for the very first time, a few days ago. But Shoaib and Abdul are hoping for a full recovery, and have grand plans for the future. “I will become a teacher,” Shoaib said, while Abdul wants to become an Islamic scholar.