Meet the Time Traveler running for U.S. President

Adding to the madness of the 2016 US presidential election is American lawyer Andrew Basiago. He claims to have traveled through time nearly all his life, and is pretty sure that he’s going to become “either president or vice president” between 2016 and 2028. Polling data is obviously of little use to this guy.

Basiago, a Washington-based attorney, first started talking about his experience with time travel in 2004, with Project Pegasus – a top secret organisation studying the effects of time travel and teleportation on children. So between 1968 and 1972, when Basiago was a young boy of seven, he claims to have participated in several experiments that transported him through time, space, and even parallel universes. His mission, supposedly, was to provide the US President at the time with important information about past and future events.

Now, Basiago is using the ‘knowledge’ gained over years of time travel to further his political ambitions – he’s running for president this year as an independent candidate, and is fairly confident he’s going to win. “I have prior knowledge that not only will I run for president, but that during one of the elections – which would have to be between 2016 and 2028, because I’m not running past that – I’m either elected president or vice president,” he explained, confidently.

Basiago’s greatest qualification to hold office, of course, is his first-hand information of past and future events. Basiago claims to have gone back in time to 1863 and witnessed Abraham Lincoln’s speech at Gettysburg. He’s also been to the future – the year 2054 – so he as an idea of the pitfalls that a president should be avoiding. Having traveled widely in time, Basiago has held conversations with President Bush, President Clinton, and President Obama decades before they were elected to office, notifying them in advance of their presidencies. More importantly, he has been to Mars in 1981, which makes for unrivaled experience in foreign relations.

But he’s had enough of all the secrecy now. In the all-new version of Project Pegasus that he’s leading himself, Basiago is campaigning for the US government to publicly disclose all the advances made in teleportation technology. He’s calling for truth, reform, and innovation, which would benefit humanity as a whole and make transportation across the Earth and beyond instantaneous as well as environment friendly.

Primarily, my goal has been to bring forth the teleportation technology that Project Pegasus developed forward, and utilize it in the civilian sector,” he said. “Our secret time-travel capability is informing things like the process by which we select the president. The cover-up has gone on for too long.

Basiago has lashed out at President Obama in particular, accusing him of lying and betrayal. He claims that as a teenager, Obama served as a fellow ‘chrononaut’ on the Mars mission in the ’80s, but has disclosed nothing about it to the American public. Basiago calls this “literally lying, to deny the involvement of a set of Americans who put their lives at risk at a very young age, doing what their country asked of them.” This, he believes, is telling of the “calculating, shallow opportunism” of the nation’s current leadership.

Not wanting to keep things under wraps anymore, Basiago has offered a rudimentary explanation of teleportation technology himself. He claims that the devices they use have “quantum access capability” and can be divided into two categories – one that enables physical teleportation to the past or future, and another that creates a hologram to serve as a looking-glass into a specific time or place without actually being there. Physical teleportation, he claims, was developed using the papers left behind by Nikola Tesla, after his death in 1943. ‘Chronovision’, on the other hand, was invented by two Vatican musicologists and later passed on to the US government by Rome.

These technologies have apparently been around for a long time, but according to Basiago, US scientists advised the government to hide them from the public because they could potentially erase entire industries and jobs that are focused around existing transportation methods. But Basiago disagrees. “Knowing about these things will allow the public to understand and participate in the advancement of new technologies,” he said.

So there you have it, if neither Hillary nor Trump seem like US President material to you, or if you simply always wanted to travel through time and space, Andrew Basiago is your man.


Red flying saucer spotted over New Britain, Connecticut

On August 11, 2014, at least five persons have spotted and photographed a luminous flying saucer over a park located in New Britain (in Hartford County, Connecticut). This UFO emitted bright red-orange lights and was very impressive…

Witness statement:

This photo was taken at Walnut Hill Park New Britain Connecticut on August 11th 2014 at the approximate time of 8:57 p.m. and was witnessed by 5 others and I believe there may have been others because it happened about a gazebo at the park and also above Shell theater at Walnut Hill Park next to a large parking area located in the park just above New Britain General Hospital there was also a concert in progress as this event took place so yes I do believe there might have been other Witnesses I don't know if anybody other than me and the five others saw this I believe they did thank you this is my story. The object moves slowly and deliberately in one path at the light on the object seem to turn on and off deliberately as it passed over the area I described it was extremely visible very low enough for me to capture the picture I will submit to you. You could see the lights turning on and off rows of white and red lights which seemed to look like wings on an aircraft not of this earth.An straight fiery beams of lights on top of the craft. Here's a photo maybe you can tell me!


A man in Arizona has found an Alien creature in Arizona

Recently, an ufologist named Todd Ray (who runs the Venice Beach Freakshow in California) has been contacted by a man from Arizona who has said he had found a possible alien creature in his yard.

Todd Ray explains:

I was contacted not long ago by a man from Arizona who said he had found a very strange creature in his yard. He told me it looked like it had gills under the head and that something was "growing out of it's head like a flesh antennae!" He was spooked by it and said that he believed this belong with me at the Freakshow. I told him that I would love to see it and I gave him my email. I thought he would send photos, but he never did. A few weeks later, a box showed up at the Freakshow with the creature in a jar of alcohol. This is the creature he told me about and it is STRANGER than I could have imagined……it is truly the Most Alien Creature I have ever seen in my life. Let me know what you think it is… is a mystery to everyone who sees it in person.


A cylinder-shaped UFO spotted in Richfield, Wisconsin

On April 20, 2016, at 07:02, a bus driver reported seeing a cylinder-shaped UFO while he was in Richfield (Washington County, in Wisconsin). He did not take photo or video.

Witness statement:

Looked like white tube moving effortlessly from south to north in morning sky...

Saw a tube like object traveling south to north at a not very fast speed...steady, but not as fast as a jet plane, nor was it that wings or tail like a plane...looked white in the sun, not silver vapor trail...just moving steadily...observed until it went out of my sight.

I am a school bus driver for special needs child in wheelchair, and was outside of my bus lowering the lift and looked up at the beautiful blue sky when observed. Asked the student's Mom to help me identify what I was seeing...she could not, but saw it also.

Photo: Google ©


UFO in triangle formation filmed in the Netherlands

On April 23, 2016, after dark, three orange-red UFO in a triangular formation are appeared in the sky somewhere in the Netherlands. A witness has filmed them. The video reminds us UFO spotted during the Belgian UFO wave…

Witness statement:

Filmed on saterday 23 april 2016 in the Netherlands.
We first saw one light, then another appeared next to it.
Then a third one above it.
And then it hang there in a triangle formation.
Then it changed formation in a line.
And then hang there for a small while before they dimmed the lights one by one.
While they hover or decent down, things eject from the object.
First small ones, and a few big ones.
These are the same crafts iv seen on NYE 2104/2014 and last NYE 2015/2016
When the appeared it was not far from us, they appeared in front of a few windmills.
They also have a red pulsing light.
With the naked eye, that light is bright.
But the video wil show the those bright orange objects have a much bigger and brighter light.
Those objects also got a pure white core, with a bright orange surrounds and red aura.
And the windmills light is completly red.
So it is easy to see the different of those lights.
Our man made lights are completly red, those objects not.
The core was pure white.
And the white core also eject another white thing, and that drop down.
And from the one drop down, another one appeared on the top and whent up.
That is impossible.
So the truth is these red objects appeared in front of us, while we stood there with the three of us.
Hang around for a small while and then turn of the lights.
When they turn of the lights, they kept hanging around with a dimmed orange light.
They seems to decent down on groundlevel and then dimm the lights and stay there with a dimmed orange light.
The time was just before 12.
Filmed only in 50 optical zoom or less, because they were close.
And the strangest part was, they seems to be pointed directly to us.
And I've seen those objects before,but never three in a triangle formation or lined up like Orion.


3 UFO spotted in the area of Ponza, in Italy

On March 5, 2015, a man living in Ponza (Province of Latina, Italy) has caught three luminous UFO flying in the sky during sunset. According to the witness, these objects are regularly spotted in this area.

Witness statement:

MY brother in law sent the pictures a few minutes after the sightings. We had been talking about these stange events happening in Ponza all the time. according to him and other family members these lights show up all the time a few miles out to sea.1giant one that is visible almost every evening this one seems to appear in the east sky and the o t her 3 to the west.they appear and disapear sometimes staying for hours. No other movment is noticed sometimes these evens are followed by glass top seas and calm weather the next day. Usallay sightings begin after the intire day of hearing low rumbling booms in the sky no aparent source of the sounds visable. I also have Experienced These stange booms as a child and just recently 2015 while on vacation. The people living there say its the miltary testing bombs. Iam not so sure about that.


A flying saucer over a church in Norwich in 2005

On November 18, 2005, a man has photographed an impressive metallic flying saucer over a church near Anglia Square in Norwich (United-Kindgom). It's probably one of the photo of UFO ever taken…

Witness report:

My husband photographed this object late last year. I had sensed it; however, the object wasn't visible at the time this photograph was taken.

What is interesting is that the landmark is less than 40 feet high, and the area it was photographed is a high street. There were a lot of shoppers that day and the public never noticed it. It was hanging there, invisible except to the camera.

Looking objectively, the object would have been quite large had it been visible. It made no noise. I have several other ufo photos, but this is really interesting, considering the sceptism of my husband.


Texas: a family attacked by aliens in 1999

On June 10, 1999, a family living in Copperas Cove (Texas, USA) has been attacked by at least three grey aliens. At this moment, the children and their parents were at home. This story is very incredible adn frightening…

Witness statment:

I don't remember what I was doing as I did not see a craft. I heard my parents rushing my brother and they had my baby sister in her car seat. Then I heard something on the roof of the house. The Tree beside my house by the kitchen started to make noise as if someone was coming down in a hurry. I then turned to my parents and my dad said they are in the house. I saw 3 being walking towards me and heard a tone which made me fall to the ground.

Photo: Downtown Copperas Cove (Viceroy Bob / Wikimedia) - Public Domain


Very fast UFO caught over Branson, Missouri

On April 22, 2016, a witness has filmed a very fast black UFO flying over some houses in Branson, a city located in Stone and Taney Counties, Missouri. What is it?

Witness statement:

The UFO was on the other side of the phone cables. My cell phone camera caught it in mid flight. It was traveling so fast it appeared to come out of the sky and then disappear back into the sky in the matter of maybe 2 seconds or less.


Metallic disc-shaped UFO spotted in Los Angeles

On April 22, 2016, in the evening, an inhabitant of Los Angeles (California) has certified to have seen a metallic disc-shaped UFO floating in the sky. Unfortunately, witness has not caught photo or video.

Witness statement:

I was walking home from the grocery store at approximately 7:05pm. It was still light out. I looked up and saw what I assumed was a stray mylar balloon at first, maybe 5 feet in diameter at a height a bit above the palm trees on my street. As I watched it, I noticed a bright greenish-blue light that seemed to radiate from the side of it. This made me keep watching. The object spun slowly and also wobbled but never tumbled in the sky. An orange light also flashed periodically. It floated over my head and then over the buildings on the other street and I watched it until it was out of view. I'm not 100% convinced that this was not a balloon because it looked weightless in the air and the metallic nature of a mylar balloon could explain the lights as merely reflections, but the constant spinning and the color of the lights make me wonder if it was something else.

Photo: Hollywood Boulevard (Diliff / Wikimedia) - CC BY-SA 3.0


Dutch designers create anti-surveillance clothing

KOVR, a new Dutch apparel brand, specialises in creating clothing that can make the wearer completely untraceable by modern tracking devices. The anti-surveillance line is made of a metalliferous fabric used to render computer chips in identification cards and credit cards unreadable, and even effectively take a phone off the grid.

Founded by performance artist Marcha Schagen and graphic designer Leon Baauw, the company focuses on how surveillance systems monitor people and their behavior. While developing the clothing line, the co-founders discovered that various surveillance systems, including computer chips the size of a rice grain, can send and receive information when placed at the right proximity.

Think about generic camera surveillance, but also about systems that are less visible, like microphones in trams that can record conversations,” Baauw explained, speaking to The Creators Project. “These computer chips are used in passports, identification cards, and bank cards, but also in certain pieces of clothing. For instance, I managed to scan and read my own identification card using nothing more than a simple app on my phone. Many people are not aware of the big amount of information they are carrying around on a day-to-day basis.

So Schagen and Baauw got together to develop a product that could potentially prevent data breaches. After experimenting with several metalliferous fabrics, the duo finally managed to produce a coat and a bag made of multiple layers of nickel, copper, and polyester, that can shield data from large corporations as well as individual hackers. “I was looking for materials that could simulate the effect of the Faraday Cage, as a system that can block signals,” Schagen said. “The next challenge was to create a lightweight and wearable product.” She also added the option of being reachable if the wearer so chooses, by adding external pockets to the coat and bag, made of regular fabric.

With their new line of clothing, Schagen and Baauw hope to help people take control of their privacy. “People often say they have nothing to hide, that they are more than willing to trade their privacy for sharpened safety measures,” Baauw said. “But this is nonsense; everyone has something to hide. People have multiple facets to their personality, and that is completely normal. Secrets shape a person into who he is and who he wants to be.”

If you’re interested in anti-surveillance clothing from KOVR, check out their website for more information about their products.

Photo: Suzanne Waijers/KOVR


Bright UFO caught over a road in Arkansas

One day of April 2016, an automobilist was driving on a road in the south of the USA. After having photographed the cactus, he noticed a bright and unusual UFO on pictures…

Witness statement:

Driving on Rt 17 S from Sedona to Phoenix, Arizona April 15th, 2016 taking photographs of Cactus along the road. Downloaded photos when home from trip and spotted object in sky after the fact.


Grey UFO caught in Mexico by a vacationer

On December 2014, while on vacation in Mexico, a vacationer has photographed a grey and metallic UFO. Witness has not seen or heard it. But, what is it?

Witness report:

Picture taken in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in December 2014 during the daylight in between dec 14 to 21. Vacationing at Hilton resort Puerto vallarta. Looked back at picture today April 20th 2016 and noticed strange object in photo. Never noticed it before.


Eight-shaped UFO over Edmonton, Canada

On April 19, 2016, several friends were eating outside in Edmonton (Province of Alberta, in Canada). Suddenly, one of them has spotted a black eight-shaped UFO in the sky. The witness has caught a very clear photo…

Witness statement:

We, a group of us where sitting at the picnic table talking when one of our group noticed an object approaching from the south east, so I went to my apartment a got my digital camera, when I returned the group where telling me that when it was overhead they could make out the shape of it, which was in a figure eight and solid black in color, I asked where it was and they pointed it out to me just north east of us now. so I started talking picture of it at max zoom of 126x and then it stopped moving and started going up and down in one spot for about five minutes then changed directions and started climbing higher and headed east out of sight.

I have pictures but one of them is the clearest.


Strange black UFO filmed in the North of Russia

On January 27, 2016, a black UFO has been filmed in the North of Russia. This object seemed to have a white light. Video has been transmitted to the MUFON website. Despite all this, the images are difficult to explain…

Witness report:

UFO was filmed in the Altai Territory in Barnaul The object was very high was in the form of a flat disc or cylinder dark.


Red UFO filmed in Florida, USA

On April 18, 2016, a witness was in Bahia Honda State Park (in Florida) when he has seen and filmed a red cigar-shaped UFO flying near the Sun. What is it?

Witness statement:

It was just after sunset on April 18th, 2016 @ 1957EST. I was walking out of Bahia Honda state park, when I looked up at the moon. I saw something flying a crossed it, when I noticed that the object was literally up with sold red lights. they didn't look like airplane lights. I pulled out my cell phone and snapped a couple of pictures of the object with the moon, then took a video of the object. I took video of the object is lost sight of it. It was on a straight path then it went up. Not sure how else to say it. I am always watching the stars and the sky, living in the Florida Keys the star watching is amazing. I'm not really sure what this was I saw, the lyrids meteor shower is beginning, which what I was watching for. After I saw the object. I spent the next few hours walking around watching the sky, but did not see anything else remotely the same.

Both the pictures and video have been submitted with this report. As well as a photo of the moon taken shortly after the event, for reference to the angle of my viewing the event.


2 sparkling UFO over Pesaro (Italia) on Google Maps

On Google Street View, two white and glowing UFO have been discovered just over Pesaro, an Italian city located in the region of the Marche on the edge of the Adriatic Sea. The photo has been caught on June 2015, on a bright day…

Photo: Google Maps ©

Several UFO caught on night in Prague

On March 21, 2016, several friends were walking in the streets of Prague (Czech Republic). Suddenly, they have seen some unidentified flying objects in the sky, just over a building. One of them has taken a photo…

Witness report:

I was on a Segway tour with my friends in Prague. The sun had just set, and as we were waiting to cross the street, I turned around and snapped this photo of a popular museum. Upon looking at the photo that night, I noticed the circular lights to the right (our left) above the museum. A pair of lights, then a single one, then another pair. And below it another two pairs. I then noticed a small, faint line of lights in a straight line above the museum, leading to what seemed like an identical set of lights to the first, but on the direct opposite side. I tried to debunk this, and pass it off to maybe telephone wires or lightening poles. But I returned to the museum the next evening, and saw no telephone wires, and the lightening poles are much shorter than where the lights appear to be. In fact, you can see them in the photo and how short they are compared to the height of the lights. I'm not sure what this was, or if anybody saw anything else. I wish i had looked at the photo before when I was still standing there.

I'm not sure if this is in fact a UFO, or if it's anything at all. I'm hoping you'll be able to tell me.


White bright UFO caught in New Jersey on April 2016

On April 17, 2016, on night, an inhabitant of a city in New Jersey had taken his dog for a walk. Outside, he felt some kind of energy above him. After he had taken some photos, he noticed a bright UFO on images. What is it?

Witness statement:

I was at home. The TV was on and my dog started going crazy and I took her out for a walk. I felt like something was watching me or wanted me to go outside. I went outside with my dog and I was followed by what I can only assume was an invisible ufo with a light shining on me. I could feel some kind of energy from it in my head. I walked for a while not knowing what it wanted or for me to Do. Then I turned around and started walking home and was followed through my apartment complex by the "light" I don't know what it was I was feeling very strange I was able to capture a few photos which I showed a few people and they dismissed them. I got back home and lost some time and I am not sure what happened but I woke up very disorientated with a very good light sensation over me. I actually felt really goodand my senses were all heightened when I woke up like the cool air on my skin and things like that. I also felt very motivated and energetic which I hadn't previously. I remember the TV being on and the sound on the TV being garbled almost like a brain wash sound track would sound like.


Putin says Reptilians are the Ruling class

According to anonymous sources, an extraordinary meeting has been called by Vladimir Putin on April 15, 2016. During this meeting, the Russian president said that '95% of the world's ruling class are not even human' but are 'cold-blooded hybrids' who are 'members of an ancien cult.' He said that the evidence was everywhere. These reptilians are afraid of him and they have attempted to lure him into their 'ancient Babylonian cult'. To conclude, the President claimed that he has not a reptilian.

A mysterious bright entity spotted over Pueblo, in Colorado

On May 28, 2015, at 12:00 am, a mysterious white entity is appeared just over the city of Pueblo, in Colorado. What is it? An alien spacecraft, a flying dragon, or a mysterious creature?

Witness report:

I noticed that the clouds were quite spectacular looking, and wanted pictures. I take lots of pictures of the sky and clouds so I went out on the back steps and took the pictures.

At the time I took the pictures, last year on May 28, 2015, I didn’t see any object with my eyes, until I downloaded the pictures into my computer and was amazed at what I saw.

I had these white glowing objects on the pictures that I didn’t see with my own eyes.

And on the first picture, next to the white object a strange face seems to emerge from the front of a cloud as well as a silhouette of a flying dragon.

I took the pictures right around sunset, and was facing directly to the West. The air was very charged, and my hair seemed to want to stand up, and I got the goosebumps.


A bright white UFO caught over Phoenix, in Arizona

On April 17, 2016, a witness has spotted, in the sky over Phoenix (Arizona), a star like object. He has caught some photos and on this one we can see an impressive UFO…

Witness statement:

I was in my backyard and just started scanning the sky and seen a star like object that at the time was not moving, got my 50x camera and when i got back it was gone started scanning the sky and found it over 1 mile to the left, was able to Track it as it moved all over the sky form right to left. I lost the Unknown object as it became to far and high in the sky.


Weird white light filmed somewhere in Lancashire

On April 2, 2016, at 9:10 pm, a white and bright circular-shaped UFO has been filmed over a city in Lancashire, in north west England. This mysterious moved slowly before disappearing suddenly.

Witness report:

Nice Ufo Capture tonight . Weather was overcast , caught with night vision scope. Don't know what this could be . Any suggestions please leave a comment. Also could not see this with the naked eye.


Black UFO caught near Chicago Airport

On April 16, 2016, a black UFO has been photographed near the airport of Chicago. The witness has not seen it to naked eye and the object is not visible on another photo taken 5 seconds after.

Witness statement:

Took 2 Foots in maybe 5 sek, in the first picture was an object visible, in the second it was not visible.
Direction was the O'Hara Airport.
Object first on picture registered.
Foot time is April the 16 2016 at 06:25 P.M.


3 bright UFO caught over London, England

On April 11, 2016, an inhabitant of London (in England) watched through his window when he has seen three unidentified lights flying in the night sky. Witness has taken some photos and sent them to the MUFON website.

Witness statement:

My boss happened to open his front door, checking weather, looked up and saw a light moving along the sky. He noticed two other lights coming from separate directions, these formed a straight line with an equal gap between each. Then they stayed stationary for approximately 30-40 seconds, then started to move forwards. They travelled along moving upwards until out of eye sight.No sound was heard. He managed to photograph these several times , which a are attached.


Weird orb caught over Sutherlin, in Oregon

On April 1st, 2016, a witness was in Sutherlin (in Oregon) when he has accidentally captured on photo a big chemtrail accross the sun. But after taking a close look at the image, he has noticed a mysterious and unidentified orb …

Witness statement:

I pulled into the local dog park so I could stop and take pictures of the many chemtrails that were being laid out that morning of April 1, 2016, including one that had spread out to cover the sun. Using my smart phone, I was taking a panoramic photo to fit them all in. When I got home and looked at the photos and saw an orb shaped object close to the sun. I did not notice it at the time I was taking the photo as I was in a hurry and the sun was in my eyes. I later used my touch screen to zoom in on it and saw the interesting surface pattern. Not sure if it is light play or something else. I used brightness settings and color adjustment on my zoomed in copy to see if I could see any details. Since I did not see it at the time the photo was taken, I do not know how it behaved.


White and long cigar-shaped UFO filmed over Merrill

On April 12, 2016, an inhabitant of Merrill (Lincoln County, Wisconsin) was walking his dog in the streets when he has looked a very long UFO with two sets of wings. Witness has filmed this weird object…

Witness report:

I was walking my dog around the block like I do almost ten times a day, on a very overcast day. I heard what I thought was a regular passenger jet, and I looked up expecting to see a normal 737 looking plane. Instead, I saw what appeared to be much longer than a 737 and it had two very distinct pairs of parallel wings, in addition to the small blur of the tail wings I could make out. The plane wasn't going particularly fast, and it was low like it might be coming in for a landing several miles away.

I tried to make sense of what I saw before taking my phone out, and bringing up the camera. I thought it could possibly be a plane carrying a glider, but it looked all one piece - both in person and in the picture/video. I also considered that it might be a drone, but like I said, I looked up because I heard what I thought were the engines of an airliner not the buzzing of a drone. I believe this object is definitely man-made, but I think it's either an experimental aircraft or some new kind of cloud seeder. I tried to look up pictures of anything similar, both in drones and planes, but couldn't find anything.

I also think that it was flown on an overcast day on purpose, to try and conceal it better. I haven't seen anything like this on a clear or cloudy day before, or at all for that matter. The picture I got shows the wings better than video, but the video (while it looks like a cylinder) shows it's longer than a normal aircraft. I tried to zoom out a little to add height perspective, but it's still a pretty bad video.

Does anyone know what this was?


A flying saucer spotted in the morning over Glenwood Springs

On March 28, 2016, at 06:30 am, a witness has spotted a disc-shaped UFO flying in the sky over Glenwood Springs (Colorado). This object moved slowly and it descended near the ground…

Witness report:

A disk object was hovering in the early morning sky. It had two rows of red lights. After a minute or two it slowly descended and I could see it near the ground through the trees for a brief time. Estimated distance and tree width led me to surmise craft was about 6-10 feet across.

This sighting lasted about 3 minutes…

Photo: Grand Avenue, Glenwood Springs (Wikimedia) - CC BY-SA 3.0


Several bright UFO filmed over Labelle, Florida

Over a weekend of April 2016, a person has filmed several white UFO over the city of Labelle, Hendry County, Florida. What is it? Are they some Chinese lanterns? It's an explanation but it could be some unidentified orbs…

Witness statement:

This past weekend we were out in Labelle Florida and saw these lights in the sky. It almost looked as if they were flying in formation. The first three were in a triangle and the others followed in a straight line. As per usual I ran out of space on my phone while recording video. By the time I was able to delete some stuff off my phone they were gone. Do you think these are UFO's or just some kind of anomaly? Someone said they might be Chinese lanterns? Hard to tell, comment below and tell us what you think.


Scientists find superhumans walking among us

A group of scientists have found people with genetic mutations that protect them from severe diseases, published in a medical study as reported in Nature Biotechnology magazine.

Researchers studied over half a million people who carry genetic mutations for several hundred deadly childhood diseases and among them identified 13 lucky individuals with genetic mutations that protected them from the symptoms of the diseases, the study said.

In other words, normally these people should have been long dead, but they were not only alive, but healthy and didn't show any disease symptoms.

This could be a breakthrough in medical science because the findings show that there could be something in the genetic makeup of these 13 "superhumans" that allows their bodies to "ignore" the symptoms of severe diseases. The identification of these genetic factors that stop the development of diseases to later and more deadly stages could help untold numbers of people.

So it turns out that not all genetic mutations are bad after all.

"I would guess that most of the public when they hear the word mutation, would say: equals bad, equals risk. Some of them are bad, we know that. But I think the concept that mutations could be beneficial gives a reason to look at individuals who are normal and try to find ways of prevention," said Stephen Friend, one of the researchers from Sage Bionetworks in Seattle.

When the study goes into further stages and researchers understand more about the human genome, there could be a huge opportunity in finding what really keeps people healthy. Nature and evolution have produced a lot of protective mechanisms that medical science has yet to learn.

"Characterizing the intricacies of our genomes will ultimately reveal elements that could promote health in ways we haven't imagined," said Friend's colleague Eric Schadt, according to the Guardian.


Weird orb photographed over Howard Beach, NYC

On October 2, 2015, a person has caught a mysterious orb over Howard Beach, a neighborhood in New York City.

According to the witness, UFO was not visible to the naked eye, it is only appeared on the picture.

Witness statement:

I was taking pictures of. The sky and all of a sudden when I took picture it appeared in the frame.


A 250-ton boulder defying the laws of physics

For over 1,300 years, this large rock has been confounding the locals of Mahabalipuram, a beach town near Chennai, in Southern India. The mysterious landmark is perched on hill at a 45-degree angle, balancing off an extremely small surface area without slipping or even budging an inch. Men and even elephants have tried moving it from its precarious position , but every attempt so far has failed.

The locals call it ‘Vaanirai Kal’ (Stone of the Sky God), but the rock is more popularly known as ‘Krishna’s Butter Ball’, referencing Lord Krishna’s favorite food, butter, fallen from the heavens. The gravity-defying rock, measuring 20 ft high and five meters in diameter, is estimated to weigh over 250 tons, which makes it heavier than the monolithic stones of Machu Picchu, or Ollantaytambo. Despite its massive size and weight, Krishna’s Butter Ball is firmly anchored on a four-foot base along the slope of a small hill located on the outskirts of Mahabalipuram. It looks like it might slip any moment and come crashing down the hill, but it has stayed that way for several centuries now.

While the real reason behind the rock’s existence remains a mystery, several theories – ranging from scientific to plain bizarre – have been formulated. One explanation is that the rock is a natural formation, but geologists think that’s improbable because natural corrosion couldn’t produce such an unusual shape – one face of the rock is entirely sheared off, making it look like a rough hemisphere of sorts. There are outlandish theories too, suggesting that the rock might have been placed there by Gods from heaven who wanted to prove their might, or extra terrestrial beings who visited Earth thousands of years ago.

One of the earliest known attempts to shift the rock was made by Narasimhavarman, a Pallava king who ruled southern India from 630 to 668 C.E. He apparently wanted to keep it away from the hands of sculptors, but despite his best attempts, the strongest of his men could not dislocate it. More recently, in 1908, Governor of Madras Arthur Lawley decided that he wanted to get rid of the rock, fearing that it would slide down the hill and wreak havoc on the town. He employed seven elephants to complete the task, but much to his shock and surprise, it did not budge.

The rock is said to have inspired Raja Raja Chola, a renowned king of south India from 985 to 1014 C.E., leading to the creation of the ‘Tanjavur Bommai’. This is a type of traditional Indian roly poly toy, made of terracotta. Much like the rock, it never falls down, even when tilted or disturbed, always returning to its original upright position.

Krishna’s Butter Ball is now a popular tourist spot, attracting thousands each year. Visitors make their own attempt to move the rock – they fail, of course, but always come away with amazing photographs!


Weird green orb caught in Hyannis, Massachusetts

On April 11, 2016, in Hyannis (Massachusetts), a man had noticed some chemtrails in the sky. Suprised, he has caught several photos. Later, by looking images, he discovered a strange orb flying in the sky.

Witness statement:

I saw that the trail being left by a plane looked like it was going into sun. I thought I would make an interesting /funny picture, so I took a few. I went to show them to my wife the next day and noticed the sphere in the pictures. No idea what it is, but it looks like it actually has lights on it.

This took place at[Location removed] at around 515pm while walking my dog.I never noticed the object while taking the pictures.


Cigar-shaped UFO over a road in Denver, Colorado

On April 6, 2016, an automobilist was driving on a road in Denver (Colorado). Suddenly, he has seen a bright cigar-shaped UFO flying above the city. This object had neither wings nor lights. But, what is it?

Witness report:

Left my home travelling north and got stopped at a traffic light. Then I saw this object through my windshield. I live halfway between the Denver airport and the downtown area, and regularly see planes at lower elevations as they get near/leave the airport. I saw the object, which was flying at a standard height for a plane leaving the airport. I was close enough to make out the detail of it. It looked like a large white cargo plane, but with no wings, tail, and had a round front. By the time I grabbed my phone to take a photo the view of object was now out the drivers side window to the south west. I was able to get one photo then the light turned green and I had to drive on. The object was closer when I first saw it, but flow off pretty fast in a straight line to the south west.


Metallic triangular-shaped UFO over Antalya, Turkey

On April 3, 2016, a family were at a hotel located in Antalya (in southwestern Turkey) when a shiny and metallic UFO is appeared in the sky. One of the witnesses has photographed this object and it's very unbelievable.

Witness statement:

We were at the hotel in Kemer- ANTALYA. Sitting and talking with the family. Shiny object with strange move. We thought it was a helium filled metallic balloon. It moved North first and then came back and hovered above the sea. I suprised and then took 5 shot with my canon 450d with zoom lens. When you look at the pictures it was like a door opened at the end of the photos it becomes the known ufo shape and vanished. I said vanished because when I try to take 6th photo I could not find it anymore.