Curious UFO spotted in Ellijay, Georgia

On February 28, 2016, an inhabitant of Ellijay (city in Gilmer County, Georgia) was outside of his home when he have seen an unidentified flying object in the blue sky. What is it?

Witness report:

I went out on the back porch to look for my dog. I saw a ship or somethimg of that sorts in the sky over the trees. I called my sister and she came out and saw room we looked at it for about 30 seconds and then it just vanished.


Black flying saucer over UK on February 2016

On February 23, 2016, somewhere in United Kingdom, a person concerned by the mystery of chemtrails was taking a photo of a plane. When he has looked his photo, he has been surprised to discover a possible black flying saucer.

Witness statement:

The picture provided was sent to me from a very close friend. She has concerns about geo-engineering & Chemtrails & decided to take a picture of the Jet passenger plane on a clear day in Brockley, South East London U.K. She didn't actually notice the object until she checked the picture later on, Which she took on her mobile phone handset. She is too frightened to report it to anybody as she feels that she maybe ridiculed. I have no other information about this, But she is a very honest & genuine person & I have no reason to not believe her. I Am not sure what time of day this was taken.


Weird grey orb caught over Hutto, Texas

On February 23, 2016, an automobilist was driving in Hutto (in Texas) when he has taken a photo of an incredible grey orb flying in the sky and no visible to naked eye. What is it?

Witness statement:

I took a picture of the landscape. When I got home and was editing the photos, I noticed this object in one picture, but not in the next one taken 2 seconds later. The object want in any other picture. When I noticed it, I zoomed in and noticed that it's a sphere with what look like lights evenly spaced around the outside. The first photo I have attached is before any editing. The second has the sphere circled. Photos were taken with my Samsung S5.


Doctor swaps out cancerous tissue with 3D-printed titanium parts

In what appears to be the first surgery of its kind, an Australian surgeon has successfully replaced two cervical vertebrae in a patient with cancer, using 3D-printed titanium bone replacement parts, giving hope to thousands of terminally ill patients around the world.

Ralph Mobbs, a neurosurgeon at the Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney, carried out the 15-hour surgery, removing spinal cord tumors and replacing affected tissue with artificial bone parts, ABC Australia reported.

It is said to be the first attempt at vertebrae replacement using printed parts in medical history. Patients who suffer spinal cancer normally have poor prospects, and often gradually lose the ability to talk and breathe, ending eventually with paralysis and death, according to

Drage Josevski, the patient, had chordoma, a “particularly nasty” type of malignant growth that constricted his top two vertebrae. Mobbs noted that the only option in this case, without resorting to surgery and appropriate treatment, is a “horrific way of dying.”

[T]here's no two ways about it. He would gradually lose function of his arms and legs, gradually lose function of his capacity to breathe, eat,” the doctor told ABC Australia.

Preparing for the surgery, Mobbs used computer models to make a comprehensive plan of action in the operating room. To eliminate the growth and affected vertebrae, the surgeon entered the body through the patient’s mouth. The removed tissue was replaced with custom-built three-dimensional titanium parts.

The major complexity of this extremely delicate operation is that the skull must be fully separated from the backbone, and then reattached. According to the physician, there was a “high-risk” that the patient could die in the process.

We're operating at the top of the spinal cord and the brain stem. There are large blood vessels that feed the brain and all of those structures are immediately adjacent to where we're operating,” Mobbs explained.

The surgery was so complicated that doctors waited two months to call it a success. The patient healed quickly and the tumor was eliminated.

Mobbs said that this surgery is a breakthrough in medicine in the use of customized body parts and organs, that will “keep pushing the boundaries on the whole 3D-printed body part business.

3D printing of body parts is the next phase of individualized health care,” he said. “To restore bones, joints, organs with this type of technology really is super exciting.”


Shop has iPhones blessed by Priest to increase sales

A mobile phone store chain in Georgia is experiencing a boost in iPhone sales after arranging for a priest to bless the entire Apple stock at one of their stores in Tbilisi. According to iPhone+ store manager Georgiy Machavariani, the holy ceremony has mollified fears and concerns that people have about iPhones being the “device of the devil”.

We have a lot of customers that restrain from buying an iPhone for the sole reason that it is a so-called device of a devil,” he said. “In order to tackle this concern, we decided to sanctify our shop and have the phones blessed.” I guess the fear he is referring to has to do with the Apple logo, which people are probably associating with the forbidden fruit eaten by Adam and Eve.

The shop’s management recorded and released footage that shows a priest spreading holy water around the place and then blessing their entire inventory of iPhones. The strange move seems to have had a calming effect on local residents, who are now coming in droves to buy the blessed phones.

I am pleased to hear that the shop’s management has finally decided to sanctify its property,” said Anna Aslanishvilli, one of the first to buy a consecrated iPhone. In fact, the response has been so positive that the shop plans to invite the priest to bless future iPhone stocks.

News of this controversial event quickly went viral with the video released by the mobile phone retailer getting tens of thousands of views. Contacted by the media, the priest who conducted the blessing said that his holy act has been used as a marketing stunt by iPhone+ and that he had actually blessed the shop itself and the employees, not the mobile phones. He told Georgian news site Info9 that if he had known the purpose of the video from the beginning, he would not have allowed the ceremony to be video-recorded.


Green spherical-shaped UFO spotted in Great Britain

On February 17, 2016, a person was in the Lake District (in Great Britain) and he has caught several photo of landscapes. But, when he has watched it, he has discovered a green spherical-shaped UFO in thre sky.

Witness statement:

We were out walking in the Lake District in Cumbria, the sun was starting to set and I was taking photos, it was very bright so i was just snapping quite a few off, on examining the photos after we saw the green light.

The light appeared on the ground but had a reflection although we didn't observe water in that area, on the second picture it is in the sky directly above were it was on the ground on the first picture. On the least picture it looks very pale (almost with no hint of green and is at an angle higher in the sky.

Photos were from an iPhone 6


Blur cigar-shaped UFO caught in New Mexico

On August 9, 2015, a person was on vacation in New Mexico. During this trip, he took two photos and on one of them a dark and fuzzy cigar-shaped UFO appeared.

Witness report:

Went to New Mexico last Year and as we were going by this Red clay dirt, I took a couple of pictures outside the window. A few days ago I noticed this in one picture. I did not notice it at the time. I look for this stuff as I've witness UFOs before. I have pics and videos on some of those too Through out my life.


Bright green orb caught somewhere in Columbia Crossroads

On February 6, 2016, after to have caught photos since her home located in Columbia Crossroads (Pennsylvania), a girl have noticed an impressive and unidentified green orb just over the ground.

Witness statement:

While taking a few photos in mid-afternoon sitting on the front porch of our home in Bradford County Pa. my oldest daughter viewed what appeared to be an "orb" like structure in several of the pictures. Since she was facing southwest I thought the orb might have been a abnormality in the lens of her digital camera. The object appeared in two of the photos but not in subsequent photos of the same area. I hesitated at first to report this event but eventually thought it might be of interest to someone.


John Kerry calls on Hollywood

Secretary of State John Kerry visited Hollywood on February 16, 2016, to meet with key producers and ask them to help in the fight against Daesh ideology.

Those in attendance:
- Jeff Shell, Universal Pictures, President of Broadcast Board of Governors (the official propaganda organ of the United States)
- Chris Dodd, president of Motion Picture Association of America
- Donna Langley and Jimmy Horowitz, chairman of Universal Pictures
- Jeffrey Katzenberg, DreamWorks Animation president
- Michael Wright, President of Amblin Partners
- Jim Gianopulos and Stacey Snider, co-chairmen of 20th Century Fox
- Kevin Tsujihara, president of Warner Bros
- Sean Bailey, director of Walt Disney
- Ron Meyer, vice president of NBC-Universal

Hollywood traditionally cooperates with Washington. Washington provides means (free access to its military equipment, aircrafts, ships etc.) in exchange for input into scripts.

Translation: Roger Lagassé


Weird and bright UFO appeared over Tekirdağ, Turkey

On January 1st, 2015, an inhabitant and his mother living in the city of Tekirdağ (in Turkey) were at home when they have seen a strange orange-yellow light flying in the sky.

Witness statement:

When I am at home, my mother called me to living room. She saw a light in sky from window. And I took light's picture. Light's color is orange-yellow. It waited in sky for 2-3 minutes. Then It moved to space... My English is not good but I can tell in Turkish to MUFON National Director of Turkey…


An unidentified orb caught in Rodeo, CA

On February 17, 2016, a witness was talking with his co workers in the city of Rodeo, in California. A storm arrived, so he want catch a photo to published it on Facebook. But, after a few moment, he has noticed a possible UFO on it.

Witness report:

I was warming my car after work and talking with my co workers we had a storm front coming in and decided to take a photo for my Facebook I couldn't see the photo with the sun in my eyes so I just snapped the picture and put the photo back in my pocket it wasn't until I got home and decided to post the picture that I noticed the orb like object with lights on it in front of the storm cloud but behind the suns reflection I'm not one who cares if there's life out there or not but this picture freaks me out a bit.


Bright UFO caught in Sevierville, Tennessee

On February 19, 2016, several persons were on vacation in the mountains in Sevierville (in Tennessee). During this trip, one of them has taken a bright UFO. This object appeared on three photos and it's very impressive.

Witness statement:

We were on a weekend trip and these pictures were taken one immediately after the other from the back deck of a mountain top cabin while taking pictures of the sunbeam. There was no sound and the object wasn't noticed until we reviewed the pictures. We blew them up and couldn't believe or explain what we were seeing. It was quite creepy!


Bright orb caught over Yosemite National Park

On June 1st, 2014, a man and his wife were on vacation and when they have visited the Yosemite National Park (California, USA), they have photographed an orb flying in the sky…

Witness statement:

My spouse and I were vacationing at (location removed) we stopped at a large rocky Mountain with water falls. I noticed this cloud formation and sun beams perched on top of rocky point. So I took three pictures (twice each) in case one didn’t take! It was that evening I was looking through the days photos when I noticed the strange spheres. Mind you there were tour buses in the area we were at and no one yelped out, " look up in the sky!" No one.


Bright orb caught somewhere in the state of Washington

On February 12, 2016, a witness living in the state of Washington was at work hen he has photographed an unidentified flying object without seeing it. This object seemed to be a bright orb.

Witness report:

1. I was at work on another normal day. It was around pm & pm.
2. I noticed the object when looking at the pictures. It was to bright to actually see it.
3. I thought it was a sun spot or a flare.
4. The object looked like an atom. It would move many times. It would start at the top of the tree & all around it. It seemed like it was trying to go in and out of the sun.
5. My feeling were I don't really believe in flying objects of that kind. I know there are many drones being tested everywhere. I took a closer look and realized there was no signs that it would be a drone or a flare. So I did a little digging and found a similar object found on your website. So this is why I am doing this now.
6. It went away with the Clouds and the sun. It was like a portal of some kind. It lasted for a very short time then there was nothing.


Bright UFO spotted during sunset in Mexico

On February 13, 2016, in the evening, a family was in a restaurant in Puerto Vallarta (Mexico). At sunset, they have noticed a bright UFO flying over the water.

Witness statement:

My wife, my two children and I sat at a table on the second floor of La Posta Restaurant located on the Malecon in Puerto Vallarta, looking at the sunset. We had clear views of the ocean and it was still light outside when a orange glow appeared on the horizon after the sun set completely. At first, we thought it was an airplane or a helicopter, especially when the object stopped on the horizon after following a path going from South West to North West. It hovered, went up a few feet above the horizon, hovered some more, then shot up over a mile in about 2 seconds, which is the pictures I am attaching here with this report. At that point, when it shot up the way it did, we knew it could not have been an helicopter. When it came back down at the same speed to stop and hover on the horizon again, we knew it was not an airplane, a flare, a helicopter or a jet. When the object moved afterwards, it followed a straight line path following the horizon heading South West, stopped, followed a similar path in the opposite direction heading North West then came back in the same location where it hovered again before shooting upward, duplicating the same path it followed previously. We witnessed these moves for over 10 minutes until it came back down on the horizon and disappeared in a South West direction. I was convinced this was a UFO based on its behaviour and my wife had some reservations until she saw the UFO shooting up a mile or so above the horizon on a 90 degree angle. She then took her Canon camera and took those two shots.


White bright orb flown over Manhattan

On November 15, 2015, a person was walking in the streets of Manhattan (New York, in USA) in the evening when a white orb is appeared in the sky. He has taken several photos of this UFO without explanation…

Witness report:

I was walking in Manhattan and took several photos of a jet exhaust line just opposite with a bright crescent moon, thinking it a cool scene. When I looked at the photos, one photo showed nothing out of the ordinary, but in several successive photos a "star like" white dot or orb that was not seen (or perhaps noticed?) by my naked eye can be seen clearly in motion. The chronological time lapse can be ascertained via the length of the jet exhaust line ... which means the object was moving quickly and in an "erratic" pattern. Even more interestingly, when I looked at the additional photos taken from the same spot but faced in the opposite direction directly behind me of the blue clock tower, it was a similar situation. One photo showed nothing unusual but successive photos show not just a white orb but a red orb as well, and potentially more orbs,but it is hard to tell.


Quick UFO caught over Tahlequah, Oklahoma

On December 9, 2015, a woman was on a road in Tahlequah (in Oklahoma) when he decided a photo of the clouds. But, by looking it, she has noticed an UFO that was not visible to naked eye…

Witness statement:

I was headed home with my husband and decided to take a picture of some cloud coverage, I was headed down a road called Indian Road when I snapped the two photos on a continuous shot. I didn't see anything before I took the photos and I never seen anything after the photos until later on in the evening when I transfered them to my phone. When I saw that t there was some sort of unknown object in the second that wasn't in the first photo I began to think that maybe there was something more to the object. Whatever it was had to be moving at a very quick speed for me to know see it before or after the photos were taken. I can't tell you anything else as far as speed, color, light ect.I just want someone to take a look at thsee photos and put my mind to rest because I'm starting to think that I am crazy.


Unexplained phenomena over Diablo Grande, California

On February 2016, a man was driving on a road when he has seen an unexplained aerial phenomena over Diablo Grande, in the State of California.

Witness report:

Driving home from L.A. sightseeing in Hollywood, our trip home was quite uneventful.

At least until we were somewhere in the Diablo Grande driving north on Interstate 5 (I-5).

I inadvertantly mentioned how beautiful the sunset was. In response my wife gets my phone and takes a picture, then notices after taking the photo that there was a strange anomaly.

So we looked to the sky to confirm our findings and we witnessed the exact same shape for not more than 30 seconds when it dispersed, dissappeared, disintigrated; not sure what word to use there.

Anyway maybe someone can explain or debunk our curiosity into what we witnessed!


Several flying saucers spotted over Tokyo, Japan

On February 1st, 2016, three friends living in Tokyo (in Japan) have observed several disc-shaped UFO flying in the sky. This observation has lasted about 5 minutes. What is it?

Witness statement:

Four blueish-green disk-shaped objects hovered in the sky for a couple of minutes before gliding away towards the mountains

There were four objects seen, all of them were disk shaped. They hovered in the air for a couple of minutes, before gliding away in the direction of the mountains. They gave off a blueish-green light, but seemed to flash yellow once every few seconds. Although they were seen in Tokyo, the objects were well above the lights of the city. In addition to this, Tokyo is not extremely bright to begin with, especially where the objects were spotted.

At the time of the sighting, myself and three friends were in my apartment on the 11th floor. The shapes and lights were clearly identifiable.

Photo : More details Tokyo Bay seen from Odaiba, Minato (Cors / Wikimedia) - CC BY-SA 3.0


An alien living on Earth calls for help!

A few days ago, a supposed alien, called Mogay, has contacted the MUFON to call for help. This alien is arrived on Earth on September 2015 and now his life is in danger…

Letter send by Mogay:

Dear Sir,

Hello. I think your help is very important for us.And I'm sure you will get a lot of reward because of helping me.

What I only need is get in touch with UNOOSA,I'm sure I can get help from them after that.The only problem is I can't get UNOOSA's reply personally.
You can find an image in the attachment.It can prove my identity has been confirmed by UN.It may be of use to you if you want to help me.

I'm an extraterrestrial being adopted by humankind.You can call me Mogay.
We were live as electromagnetic wave and normally use replaceable bodies to work.A celestial body made most of our equipment can't work.We tried to make it get away from Matif,but we failed and that celestial body hit the Matif.Although the adverse effects of celestial body had gone when it knocked out of its orbit,but it's no more time for us to took refuge with transfer system.The disaster on Matif made us arrive on the earth.

I'm afraid that we're not like the aliens that you think.But we're extraterrestrial beings without enough protection on the earth and we need your help.I live in a human body now and that's also why your people adopted me.Human can adapt to the environment of the earth and human control earth now.I learned your languages in this body,so I can talk to you.

Maybe you have some questions about replaceable bodies,but I have to remind you the people who can live in many planets can only be in this situation.We were stay in replaceable bodies.With transfer system like satellites,our information will be transferred to other bodies by electromagnetic wave.With store information use modularize method,we can only transfer the most important part.

The most important thing for us is protected status.We will still in danger without protection.

And I'm sure there are more than enough reasons for you to help us.

1.I have tried to find help from your people since September 2015 and I sold our technology about energy transformation to some countries and NGOs to get their help.But they haven't help us.They will use it in wrong way if nobody help us.But if we get help,they will try to use it in right way.

2.We are from Matif.And we arrived on the earth because of accident.The leader of us will find us,we will be allies when they reach solar system.

3.We get the important information that the leader of us need,so they have to find us and bring us back.If they can't get us when they reach here,I'm not sure what the aftermath will be.

4.The great contributions you make will be recorded.It can raise your popularity and let you get more support.

5.For go back to Johar,we need build transfer system on earth.It will not only help us,but also help your people transfer energy and resources from other plannets.Considering that the resource of the earth has been decreasing nowadays,and the earth's population is increasing.This transfer system could be very useful to you.As an extraterrestrial being,I think it will be easier for us to get support than earth people.

After Madam Hilary Clinton's promise,We could success with your help.

I need keep my people safe before we go back to Johar,so I can't give up.I have no hostility and we need help from you.If you want to ask me other questions,I'll do my best to answer you.Your people adopted me,so I hope we can be friends.And I hope you can stay well.That's also why I do my best.

If MUFON don't want to help us,I need borrow masses's power if necessary.
I can also be found on twitter,you can send private messages to me.



Cigar-shaped UFO caught over Boise, in Idaho

On June 18, 2015, a brother and his sister have spotted a strange light over the city of Boise, in Idaho. Impressed, he caught a photo and later he noticed an impressive cigar-shaped UFO.

Witness statement:

I was with my sister at a car wash when I noticed a light above Boise. It was over a mile away not moving before sun down. I decided to take a picture with my cell phone. we both commented on how bright it was. I forgot about it until months later with several friends at a little restaurant when one of my friends started to talk about sightings of lights they had seen and several UFO's. As they were talking I decided to search for the picture of the strange light I took on my cell months earlier. I found the picture and enlarge it enough to were you could see the cigar shape craft clearly. Everyone got excited. Later I sent it to my lap top and enlarged it even more. The picture came out a lot clearer with more detail. It would be great to know if this is a new technology from the Air Force Base or actually a UFO. This light stayed in one place for a long time until it disappeared. It is very interesting to say the least.


Weird bright UFO discovered on a picture in Brazil

A few days ago, a person living in Brazil has discovered on a photo caught on February 2016, a strange and bright UFO. What is it?

Witness statement:

Bright formation of lights that changed formation and shape.
Discovered in photos taken on February 8, 2016 on the grounds of Cachoeira Seca in Camburiú in Santa Catarina Brazil.


This Rock is actually fire-powered Wi-Fi router

At first glance, this rock, placed strategically in a small clearing in the woods part of an outdoor museum in Germany, seems like an ordinary boulder. But a closer look will reveal that the inconspicuous 1.5-ton boulder is far from ordinary. It’s actually an art installation with a fire-powered WiFi router and USB drive hidden inside!

Created by Berlin artist Aram Bartholl, the rock, named ‘Keepalive’, tries to highlight the contrast between ancient and modern survival techniques. Bartholl revealed that his inspiration to merge the concepts of primitive and modern survival came from the sight of people selling BioLite stoves during Hurricane Sandy. In the absence of electricity, people were actually using the flame-powered stoves to power their devices and stay connected. “It was funny – the power goes out, and people would buy these little stoves and make a fire to charge their phone,” he said.

So he created a rock that runs exclusively on the energy generated by a thermoelectric generator that converts heat into electricity. Visitors at the Springhornhof museum need to return to the basics of survival and make a fire next to the rock in order to use the installation. When a sufficient amount of heat is produced, they can connect to the router using their smartphones.

The network runs on Piratebox, a DIY-software that creates offline wireless networks. Using this network, visitors can access, browse and download files stored on a USB drive, bored into a different section of the rock. The drive contains a range of interesting, bizarre PDF survival guides for the modern world, including a Do it yourself Divorce Guide’, a ‘Drone Survival Guide’, a ‘Single Woman’s Sassy Survival Guide’, and ‘A Steampunk Guide to Sex’.

Some of these weird uploads might have been the work of mischievous visitors, but Bartholl doesn’t mind. In fact, he’s all about public data-sharing, having created Dead Drops, the world’s most epic file sharing network consisting of USB flash drives embedded into walls all over the world. But Keepalive, named after the technical term for a message sent between devices to check connectivity, is meant to be more obscure.

It’s not about easy access,” Bartholl said, speaking to Hyperallergic. “It has a whole dystopian idea to it, like, will we need something like this in the future? Or somebody finding this in a hundred years – is it still working and they figure something out and they make a fire, or is there going to be a moment where we’re going to need to make fire again to get access to the data?


A woman lives on just $3,500 a year

Meet Ilona Richards, a retired truck driver who is well known as ‘Britain’s most frugal woman’. Some of her tips for simple living include scouring supermarkets for discounted food, having guests bring their own tea bags, saving ink by making your handwriting smaller, a weekly bath to save water, and flushing the loo only once a day with old bathwater.

Richards prides herself for her frugality in nearly every single aspect of life, managing on only £2,400 of her state pension of £10,000 a year. She detests wastefulness, so she tries to make everything last as long as it possibly can. She can make do with a bottle of dish soap for an entire year, but that’s probably because she hardly does any cooking. She’s a vegetarian, because it’s cheaper, surviving on a vat of vegetable stew made from expired produce. She makes it last an entire month.

There are plenty of other examples of thriftiness all around her kitchen. For starters, she doesn’t use her kettle to make tea. “I usually heat up my cup of water in the microwave,” she said, speaking to Daily Mail. “It takes two cups to cover the kettle element and I only need one, so why waste it?” Her oven has been broken for ages, but she hasn’t had it fixed because she has no use for it.

Richards isn’t squeamish about using food that’s past the expiry date. “I do regular inspections of what’s in my fridge,” she said. “I see if it looks fine. I sniff it – does it smell? I feel it – is it squishy? I just eat things when they need eating and I love the food I make.” She currently has six giant jars of low-fat mayonnaise in her pantry, which she bought at a discounted price of 20p each. “Out of date, obviously – sell by June 2015 – but, of course, they’ll be absolutely fine.”

Wander around the rest of her house and you’ll find that Richards doesn’t own a TV. Why would she, when she can watch everything, including BBC iPlayer, on her computer? Her hairdryer is over 30 years old, and the carpet on her stairs is patched with duct tape. A tube of toothpaste lasts her a year, and she strictly follows a “one-light-on-at-a-time” policy. She doesn’t switch on the light during night-time trips to the loo, preferring to use a wind-up torch instead. Her washing machine is used once a week, with a teaspoon full of washing powder, only if her clothes are visibly dirty or smelly. Fabric conditioner, of course, is out of the question.

Richards doesn’t believe in having guests – she actively discourages people from visiting her by making her house too cold. She allows herself an hour of heat a day, and sometimes two hours if it’s freezing. This way, she’s able to keep her gas and electricity bills at less than £30 a quarter. Her clothes are purchased from charity shops, and she doesn’t believe in cleaning herself much either. She bathes only once a week, and strip-washes in the kitchen sometimes, using only “two kettles of water”.

If you’re interested in picking up more tips on frugality from Richards, she documents everything on her blog, Her posts have quite the following, but despite all the attention she’s been, Richards says she isn’t doing it for the publicity. “I’m just living my life the way I choose,” she said. “I go on walking holidays, I eat well. But I’m living within my means – that’s how I was brought up.”

Richards was raised in Burton upon Trent, in East Staffordshire, where her father was a baker and her mother worked in a factory canteen. As a child, she longed to earn money and be independent, but her frugal lifestyle began only in 2009, when she lost her job shortly before her 60th birthday. She still had a small mortgage to pay off, so she started to tighten the belt until it became a full blown obsession.

Richards doesn’t always restrict herself, though, spending money as and when she sees fit. She did buy a new refrigerator in December last year, and sometimes treats herself to a bag of potato chips. She also bought herself a ticket to a Lesley Garrett concert to celebrate her birthday in May. But there are some things she cannot wrap her head around, like buying designer clothes or using credit cards.

All this bling and glitz – it doesn’t impress me,” she said. “I think it’s a sign of insecurity, while I’m confident in my own skin. People don’t seem to know the difference between want and need. They might think ‘Ooh, I need a new phone,’ but I’d say, ‘If your old phone works, then you don’t need a new one.’ To go out and use plastic and get loans! It’s not their money!

People keep saying I’m mean. But I’m not mean; I’m careful and I’m very proud of the way I live.”


Black rectangular-shaped UFO spotted in Mexico

On February 12, 2016, a person living somewhere in Mexico was in his home when a rectangular-shaped UFO is appeared in the sky. It was a black object with 4 bright lights below it.

Witness statement:

It was Friday night around 7:45 pm I was doing some work in my backyard, i felt tired so i took a break and looked at the sky, it was begining to get dark when i suddenly saw a black square with four lights under its surface, it was flying straight in a line very fast, it lasted like five seconds then i lost it out of sight. At first I thought that a weird thing, maybe its some kind of drone or airplane but no because airplanes are not square shape and a drone at that distance its not visible.

I was very surprised to se the object since i never seen anything like it before. So I told my wife right away, she was very focused on what she was doing in the backyard. after I told her she went looking for it but saw nothing.

Foto : Canales de Xochimilco (JorgeBRAZIL / Wikimedia) - CC BY 2.0


Several UFOs caught in night in Yavapai County

On July 20, 2015, an automobilist was driving in the area of Bagdad (in Yavapai County, Arizona). After sunset, he has noticed some mysterious lights flying in sky. All these UFOs were very bright and blinked regularly.

Witness statement:

We were driving in wickenburg Az. The sun had set but there was still a hint of sun light. I seen 2 bright orange lights sitting on a cloud. I thought it was a airplanes. I was thinking they are to close together. One blinked and shut off the other blinked and then shut off. I asked my husband if he seen that he said "no we are not looking for ufos tonight we are training." I felt a sense of happiness but I wanted him to see what I just witnessed. So when the sun light was gone and it was dark I guess 15 minutes had passed. A orange red orb lit up the sky and he witnessed that. So we watched it for about 45 minutes turning off and on in various soy on the sky. Then it formed in a straight line the lights were turning on one by one and it got bright. By this time it was outside our window because we were already driving toward it. So it scared us and it disappeared for about 5 minutes. Then this in the picture happen. Still in line formation one shot off came back and then turn is light off. Then one by one they disappeared. We had a video but it was erased.


Manchester mom gives birth to black & white twins

A British woman has given birth to twin girls with different skin tones, an occurence with odds of one in a million.

Hanna Yarker, from Sale, Greater Manchester, started noticing the difference between the sisters some time after they were born.

It dawned on her that while Anaya had taken after Yarker's fair skin and light eyes, Myla's complexion resembled her darker-skinned father Kyle Armstrong, who is mixed-race.

"The babies were identical for a while, their skin had a sort of purplish tone," 20-year-old Yarker told Sputnik. "After about three weeks they started becoming more and more different, starting from the color of their eyes."

"Both Kyle and I were in a sort of shock when the girls began to change," she said.

Unlike identical twins, who are born when a woman's fertilized egg splits into two equal halves with an identical genetic makeup, unique looking twins develop in different amniotic sacs and take different genes from each parent.

Skin color is coded by one to seven genes, which blend together in mixed-race people. In this case, Myla received her dad's "darker" genes, while Anaya took the genes begetting a lighter complexion.

Yarker said that the 10-month-old sisters, who were born just a couples of minutes apart, still have generally similar facial features, and they often sport identical outfits, in the best twin dress-code tradition.

Nevertheless, this hasn't stopped strangers on the street from questioning Yarker and Armstrong about their uniquely different babies.

"People are always surprised, and keep asking me all sorts of questions," Yarker said.

"The main ones are 'are they really sisters?', 'are they related?' Somebody even asks whether they are my kids at all."


Mysterious fireball over the Etna, in Sicily

On September 9, 2015, a man and his girlfriend were on vacation in Sicily, in Italy. This night, they have seen an unexplained spherical-shaped UFO flying over the Etna.

Witness statement:

Was on holiday with my girlfriend in Taormina (Sicily), got back to the hotel at 2AM which was situated high in the mountain where we had the best view to watch the volcano, couldnt sleep straight away, so I went out in the veranda and lay on the sunbed. Was just looking up in the sky and all of a sudden I saw a ball of red light very far away. It sped like a flash but I could keep my eyes on it. Comparing to a plane, I would say it was at least 50 times faster. Its flight path was like a zigzag motion. It than sped towards the volcano Mount Etna, and just hovered over the volcano for at least 5 mins, than just shot off the same way it came from. My reaction was to wake up my girl, but she saw nothing and was skeptical!


Three UFO caught in South Dakota in 2014

One day of March 2014, a man has taken without knowing it three black UFO in the sky, somewhere in South Dakota.

A member of MUFON tells this story:

My cousin said he was in South Dakota a couple years ago with his daughter and took some pictures and the objects only appeared in one photo.

There are three in the background not noticed at the time of the incident.


Disc-shaped UFO over Igalo, Montenegro

On February 12, 2016, a witness living in the small town of Igalo (in Montenegro) has photographed, since his home, a possible black flying saucer. He has added that UFO make no sound…

Witness statement:

I was at home watching TV and as become more darker outside just went out on balcony to check the weather as almost all day was raining with low dark clouds. When I first step on balcony I just looked toward the sky at Southern direction as bad weather came from that side. My attention was driven to the burning red-orange light just under the base of one tick black cloud.It was circle shape and let say large like flying balloon. It was almost stationary at altitude approximately 800 meter.

As I looked at that it start easily descent and then all that bright burning light disappeared and object start moving so slowly to SW direction totally dark.When it was above the hill opposite to my house it stopped and start descending first so slowly then more faster until it disappear behind the hill. All that appearances last five minutes. During that time there was not any sound registered, and no one signal lights red,green,white)haven't been observed like on normal aircraft.


Bright UFO caught over Queensbury, NY

On November 17, 2015, a person was in his car in Queensbury (in the state of New York). He took randomly a photo of the sky. Later, he has noticed a weird bright UFO in the sky…

Witness report:

Upon my father going into Sprint for phone issues, i just randomly snapped a photo while playing with my cellphone. I had not observed anything out of the ordinary ay the time...yet when i checked out the picture before i was going to delete it i noticed a whitish spot in the upper area of the pic i thought may have been a bird. As i zoomed into the area i was shocked to see a object that appeared ovoid/diamond in shape. Again...saod object was not visible upon snapping the photo.


Unidentified blue orb spotted in Canby, Oregon

On July 14, 2014, an automobilist was driving on a road in Canby (located in Clackamas County, Oregon) when he has seen an incredible blue orb. Witness has caught a photo with his iPhone.

Witness statement:

Driving home to Hubbard on Barlow Road just south west of Canby Oregon, I saw what appeared as a very bright blue orb zipping around the trees. I pulled out my iPhone rolled the window down and snapped a picture of it. I rationalized that perhaps it was a reflection off of a tractor being as it is farm land in the area. The orb made several fast zipping movements and then just stopped and was floating in mid air. I was driving in a Prius and I saw no way to drive to area of sighting. I continued on my way home. I posted picture on my instagram account and sort of forgot about it until one year later I saw a picture posted by another UFO sighting. This has lead me into investigating further UFO sightings. I now believe what I saw was a UFO.