Black cigar-shaped UFO over Keaton Beach

On October 11, 2015, two friends were fishing in Keaton Beach (in Florida) when they have noticed a black cigar-shaped UFO flying in the sky. One on them has taken a photo and it's very strange…

Witness report:

My friend and I were fishing in Keaton Beach, FL and after pulling the boat out of the water, we noticed a big object in the sky to the west. It was a big rectangular shaped object moving very slow towards the south. We had no idea what the object was when we first saw it so a UFO came to mind. We took two pictures 40' apart from the same road. The object appeared to be moving the whole 30 minutes that we watched it. We had to leave the area while the object was still in the sky.


Strange dark UFO snapped near Tucson, Arizona

On November 14, 2012, an automobilist was driving home in Tucson Arizona. At this moment, he took photos of landscapes. Later, he noticed a mysterious UFO on pictures. What is it?

Witness statement:

I was driving home about 1pm and was driving past my favorite hill. It was not every day it had awesome cloud cover so, while driving, I took a couple pictures with my HTC ONE phone. Upon analysis, I saw a tiny speck in the clouds. So I cropped, and cropped until I could see the closeup that I sent as well. I can't figure out what it is. It looks like it's materializing, or the opposite in the cover of the clouds. I saw a ufo with a similar shape on TV once. But I don't have a clue I also took another picture about 4 miles up the same road on a different day. However, It was lost in a "crashed" phone.


Man kills to keep friend from turning into a Zombie

Part of the appeal of a good television show is its ability to draw the audience in, to make viewers feel they’re a part of the action. Who among us hasn’t imagined ourselves joking with the "Friends" gang in Central Perk? That immersion evidently takes on a different form when watching "The Walking Dead."

Two friends sitting around on a boring Thursday in Grants, New Mexico: "What do you wanna do?" one may have asked. "You ever heard of this zombie show?" the other could have responded.

From here, Christopher Paquin and Damon Perry began binge-watching AMC’s popular show, "The Walking Dead," which centers on a zombie apocalypse.

Local law enforcement were called to the apartment after receiving reports of a knife-wielding man, and entered to find a pair of maintenance workers subduing an intoxicated Perry. Paquin’s body was later found in the apartment and pronounced dead by emergency workers.

"Perry told investigators he had been drinking large amounts of alcohol when his friend began to 'change into a zombie,'" reads a statement from the police department. Perry elaborated, according to Reuters, saying that after Paquin started to bite him, Perry attacked with his feet, hands, a guitar, and a microwave.

Grants Police Detective Moses Marquez described the scene as one of the "weirdest and most gruesome" he had ever seen, according to Reuters.

Perry has been charged with murder, and is being held on an $800,000 bond.

The lesson? Network television may be dying, but we’re all going to miss those feel-good, primetime lineups.


Dark disk seen over Phoenix at Luke AFB

On October 26, 2015, a dark disc-shaped UFO has been seen over mountains located near Phoenix, in the state of Arizona. What is it?

Scott C. Waring explains:
Guys, Luke AFB is in Phoenix and has had many sightings of UFOs over the base in the last decade, so either aliens are keeping an eye on the base or this is a top secret USAF project. Hard to say, but if this UFO is govt, then it would not be hovering over the city for all to see.

Eyewitness states:
Driving westbound in SE Phoenix on October 26 at 2pm I noticed in the far away distance a stationary object above the mountains. I could not video at first sighting as it was to far away. As I got closer to my exit I did mange to get this video. It was nothing like anything I have ever seen in the sky before...ever. From this distance it does have the appearance of a disc.


Pastor sells anointed pens that help students pass exams

A pastor in Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe was in the news recently for selling hundreds of special, ‘anointed’ pens to local students. Prophet Sham Hungwe claims that the miracle pens will help students pass exams without even studying!

It is anointed and I declare passes when your children sit for exams; when you sit for exams,” he told members of the House of Grace International Church, during a sermon. And with the ‘O’ and ‘A’ level exams coming up, he managed to sell a lot of the 15-cent pens for different prices, ranging from $1 to $20. The more you pay, the higher the chances to pass the exams.

Several believers scrambled to secure the pens for themselves or their children, especially after one of the congregants testified that he scored 14 points on his ‘A’ level last year with Prophet Sham’s special pen. The testimony boosted sales, with one woman paying over $10 for a single pen.

They are said to work for anyone who is sitting for any test,” one member said. “My son is not very bright and I think this will help him. With the knowledge he has acquired and this pen from the man of God, I think it is going to work.

Not everyone was as gullible though – Sham’s stunt was severely criticized by local politicians and the media. Some of them even called for his arrest, accusing him of ruining the standard of education in the city and mocking people’s religious sentiments. “Anointing cannot be commodified because you can only set a price on it and put the Holy Spirit up for sale by making God cheap and finite,” journalist Stanley Mushava wrote.

This should not be allowed to go on,” added Chofamba Sithole. “Anyone who sells anything on the basis that it has supernatural powers must be arrested for fraud.

Yeah, the name “Sham” befits this guy…


Very strange lights filmed with game camera...

On October 15, 2015, an inhabitant of Burkesville (state of Kentucky, USA) has filmed with a game camera a cigar-shaped UFO in night. What is it?

Witness statement:

1. Was at home watching tv and getting ready to go to bed.
2. First noticed it when I went to check what I had on game camera. I usually leave camera out for 1 week before I check to see what animals I got on film.
3. When I first saw the photo, I said to myself that's a ufo!
4. Didn't see it in person. Only on film.
5. Sent picture to local mufo investigators via email but have received no reply email. I know them both.


Military UFO stalks Apollo 17 module over Moons surface

On October 24, 2015, Youtube's user Streetcap1 has found on the Moon two very strange things on the photo of the NASA. What is it?

Scott C. Waring explains:
Found by Streetcap1, this photo holds a lot of truth about what to expect when you are out there alone. He says it well when he states that the, "UFO is stalking Apollo 17." You see, thats a black stealth craft. Black craft are military.

As I have stated before, there are several common materials that aliens make ships and building from, grey metallic, white ceramic, and the non reflective black. This is the later.

This UFO is following the lunar module, because a military ship sent to measure any security threat that the humans may pose. Like all countries around the world, when a ship enters your territory, its met with military craft.

I have found similar evidence of a non military craft following a lunar module. While exploring NASA's image atlas for the Apollo 16 mission, I came across 458 images that have a glowing white cloud UFO on the far left of the panoramic image. (Click here to see that video).

Streetcap1 of Youtube states:
Ufo stalking Apollo 17. As stated the circle only appears in one photo taken from Apollo 17 Command Module in Lunar Orbit.


Bright UFO snapped over East Lansing

On April 12, 2012, in East Lansing (State of Michigan), a man was waiting for the bus when he has seen a weird orange UFO in night sky. What is it?

Witness statement:

A friend of mine, I've known for 20 years saw this UFO while sitting at a bus stop near Michigan State University. He was sitting at the bus stop already looking at the sky, because (in his words) "I was taught to dream". My friend noticed it first, and he pointed out to his room mate who was with him. A 3rd unknown man, watched it with them as well. It was moving slowly across the sky, with two separate swirling tails. None of them had any idea, as to what it could be. But the light changed shape, and it moved too slowly to be an aircraft. This light is amber or orange colored, and aircraft are only supposed to have red, green, and white lights. My friend took a very good photo of it (3000x2000), with a street lamp, and a tree for some sense of scale. My friend had an emotional reaction to this sighting, great anger at the object, but also intimidation by it. They could have continued watching it, but their bus arrived, and they left.


Aerodynamic black UFO filmed from an airplane in USA

On July 19, 2015, a passenger of an airplane has filmed an aerodynamic unidentified flying object between Los Angeles and the island of Maui (in Hawaii).

Scott C. Waring explains:
In this submitted video, we see two UFOs. One large one that is a semi-cloaked disk, the other is much smaller below it. The large UFO turns fast to set itself over the smaller one so that it can pull it inside of its cargo bay. Also, did you see the glimmer of light on its right side? Two white glimmers farther back and a red one. A signal to the other craft below.

Eyewitness states:
On plane coming from Maui left at night going to Seattle; probably saw it right at dawn. The event did not take place in LA, CA, but hard to know when we are in an airplane. My daughter in window seat saw it first, let me know and I saw a smoke trail with a red light then the light went out. She first took a pic and then took video. When the object turns there are no wings and my husband said it's probably a missle? We were going 500 mph at 6 to 6.5 miles up in the air. Her pic and video is attached, I couldn't get video turned.


UFO like orb caught over New Hampton

On September 27, 2015, a family was apple picking in New Hampton, State of New York. In this day, they have taken multiple photos. But several weeks later, a person noticed an orb like UFO on one picture. What is it?

Witness report:

My family and I were apple picking on a Sunday morning at Soon's Orchard in New Hampton, NY. I was taking various pictures of us throughout the morning. I also like to take pictures of the clouds and the sky. I only glimpsed the pictures when I took them. It wasn't until tonight when I looked at the pictures to upload to facebook, that I noticed this orb looking thing with, what looks like lights along with the clouds. At first I thought it was a glitch in the picture but as I zoomed in on the orb I saw the lights and said...that's no glitch. I never actually saw it in the sky. Only after looking at the pictures tonight did I notice this thing.


Huge cube-shaped UFO snapped over Forest Park

On July 31, 2015, a witness has photographed an impressive and huge cube-shaped UFO flying over Forest Park, in the State of Illinois (USA). Real or fake?

Witness report:

I was going north on desplains ave. maybe 2 blocks from the object. It was just north of Roosevelt rd, in the middle of the first block east of desplains ave. it was even with my eye sight. I thought it was something from Google taking pictures. It dropped down maybe a foot an turned east I tought it was going down the next block. The object just appeared it came from nowhere I thought this is weared it rocked an dropped down a little and turned east the reason it looked weird is because it looked like brick 2 tone silver in color I thought how is this thing kept in the air it looked so heavy. I was in the left turning lane I rolled down my window and I moition to the driver to my right to look at it she turned to her right then looked back at me with a frighting expreshion on her face I don't know if she saw it or not I didn't see it again I was paying attention to driving I was comming up to my turn which was west I thought about it as I was going west that could have been a UFO like I said I lost sight of the object because I had to make my turn I did not go back because of the traffic I figured other people saw it they would report it if it was a ufo I don't know how to do a sketch on line I sent a sketch to sammarento.


4 bright UFO spotted over Costa Mesa, California

On October 21, 2015, two persons have spotted four glowing UFO over Costa Mesa, a city located in Orange County, California. The witness did not take any photos, but he has realized an illustration with his computer.

Witness statement:

At approximately 9:03 p.m. on October 21, 2015, my friend and I were standing and talking in the parking lot outside the Killybrooke Clubhouse, west of Fairview St. and the I-405 freeway in Costa Mesa, CA. Suddenly my friend pointed out something in the northeastern sky, in about the area where the freeway is located.

We witnessed four separate white lights in a diamond formation, heading southwest towards where we were standing. As we watched them rapidly approaching us, suddenly they hovered and then formed a straight, ascending, diagonal line.

At first, I thought these white lights were four separate airplanes, but there was no sound coming from any of them. I reached for my iPod to try to photograph them, but the lights quickly dimmed and vanished.

During this sighting, there was a helicopter to the left of this formation, and a non-commercial, private airplane to the far right. They were the only objects making sounds in the sky.

I am submitting an illustration I created in Photoshop that shows the formation the lights made in the sky as they approached us, and then hovered and positioned themselves in a straight line, and then vanished.


Ritual: Japanese Monk goes nine days without food

Can you imagine going without food, drink and sleep for nine straight days and nights? It sounds impossible, but a Japanese Buddhist monk proved that it can be done, after recently completing a grueling ritual.

Last Wednesday, 41-year-old Kogen Kamahori, one of the “marathon monks” of Mount Hiei, a holy mountain that straddles Japan’s Kyoto and Shiga prefectures, became one of only 13 monks to have completed the endurance test since the end of World War 2. He emerged from a training facility, assisted by fellow monks, after spending nine days without eating, drinking, sleeping or even lying down. During this time, he was also required to chant sutras 100,000 times. Just keeping count under these conditions sounds like a superhuman task.

According to his religious beliefs, completing the nine-day ordeal has made Kogen Kamahori an incarnation of Acala, a powerful warrior “wisdom king” who protects the faithful, sometimes with a flaming sword. However, he still has a couple of years before completing the whole “marathon monk” ritual. As one of the ‘Tendai-shu’, he was chosen to take part in the ‘sennichi kaihogyo’, or the Thousand Day Challenge – one of the most rigorous spiritual challenges in the world. In 1,000 nonconsecutive days, marathon monks must walk a distance equivalent to the circumference of the Earth (over 40,000 km) around Mt. Hiei, visiting its over 250 holy sites.

Kamahori himself started walking in 2011 and completed 700 days of trekking before attempting the nine-day fast. He will now resume the walk and is expected to complete the prescribed distance in the fall of 2017.


Glowing UFOs filmed over Moscow, October 2015

On October 21, 2015, a person living in Russia has filmed several unidentified lights flying very slowly over Moscow. What is it?

Scott C. Waring explains:
These glowing orbs have been seen around the world this month. They have been seen over Florida, Ohio and now Moscow. Something that low would endanger landing passenger jets at Moscow airport. So, look up, they could be over your neighborhood soon.

Eyewitness states:
It had a lot of them as just some invasion, something like that would be from evening to morning to stand at one and the same place, they have become stubborn. The area most likely Savelovskaya Zheldor (Савёловская желдор). In isolation, they need energy, and where to get a lot and something no one would not dogodalsya as they say - well, it's only Moscow.


Multicolored diamond-shaped UFO spotted during 4 hours

On October 16, 2015, an inhabitant of the town of High Prairie (in northern Alberta, Canada) has spotted during 4 hours an impressive and very bright diamond-shaped UFO in the sky. What is it?

Witness statement:

At first it looked like a star, moving crazy. I grabbed my binoculars and it was diamond shaped. I've never seen so many colors flash at the same time that my eye is irritated from looking at it so long. This bright multi-colored diamond was close to a cigar blacked out ufo. it had no lights. Couldn't see that one with the naked eye.

Photo: Google Maps ©


Researchers Find ‘Cosmic Zombie’ That Eats Planets

Astrophysicists have glimpsed a chilling scenario of how our solar system could die, observing, for the first time, how a white dwarf consumes an orbiting planet.

A new study published in the current issue of Nature reveals shocking details on how Sun-like stars behave when they grow old: they begin gobbling up the celestial objects flying around them.

Observations made primarily by NASA’s Kepler space telescope’s K2 mission sheds light on the mystery of how certain chemical elements end up on the surface of white dwarfs.

Thought to be the final stage of dying stars, white dwarfs dot the universe. They are the dense remnants of what were once stellar bodies like our Sun, consisting of oxygen, carbon and a thin shell of helium or hydrogen.

For years, scientists were unsure how traces of heavier elements like iron, silicon, calcium or magnesium could also be present on a white dwarf’s shell.

Now, researchers say, they’ve found a ‘smoking gun’: planets that once circled white dwarfs are being consumed by their host star.

The study’s lead author, Andrew Vanderburg of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Massachusetts, refers to these dying stars as ’cosmic zombies.’

For the last decade we’ve suspected that white dwarf stars were feeding on the remains of rocky objects, and this result may be the smoking gun we’re looking for,” Fergal Mullally, staff scientist of K2 at SETI and NASA’s Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California, said in a statement.

However, there's still a lot more work to be done figuring out the history of this system,” he added.

The discovery was made while observing WD 1145+017, which lies in the direction of the Virgo constellation, some 570 light-years from our planet. Roughly the size of Earth, the white dwarf weighs as much as the Sun.

Researchers discovered a rocky planet-like object orbiting WD 1145+017, as well as a surrounding debris disc, and pollution on the surface of the white dwarf. All three components indicate that the dying star has been ripping apart a rocky body that probably used to be a planet.

This is something no human has seen before,” Vanderburg said in a statement. “We’re watching a solar system get destroyed.

At least now we may have some idea of our own planet’s fate.


Impressive black UFO photographed over Sydney

On September 22, 2015, an inhabitant of Sydney (in Australia) was watching the sky with his telescope when he has noticed a very impressive black UFO moving quickly in the sky. He has taken several photos. What is it? An ultrasecret military prototype or an alien unidentified flying object?

Witness report:

After locking my telescope observatory i walked down the side of my home to check my plants for watering @ which time i looked skyward to check for rain when i saw an object that resembled a large piece of aluminium fluttering in the distance.I watched this object for 30 to 40sec before running inside to grab my camera(Canon400d with 300mm zoom lense)& then running out the back door hopeing it would stay on the same heading,it did & i was able to find it pretty quickly again.I watched it move left,right,descend & ascend at will with no turning circle at all,just direct directional changes of up to 180deg at times with no speed loss before slowing at witch time i engaged the image stabilizer on the camera & took 4 shots,all within 10seconds,after the fourth images it changed direction by 180deg & ascended into the clouds,i wacthed that area of sky for the next 1.30hours with no joy, after witch time i went inside to check the images to find an object unlike anything i've ever seen or researched training to be a pilot in my younger years. Im an Astronomer & have not submitted these images till now because an astronomer may be seen as someone looking for ALIENS witch is not case,i'm a astrophotographer.


A huge cigar-shaped UFO snapped in Frisco, Texas

On September 18, 2015, an automobilist drove in Frisco (state of Texas, USA) while his daughter was taking a photo. On this image, the family has discovered a huge cigar-shaped UFO in vertical position…

Witness statement:

We were driving south west on Warren Street, when my daughter took a picture out of her passenger window. She wanted to take the picture because the light was so bright coming from that side so she stuck her phone towards the window and snapped a picture. We quickly realize that that's not where the sunlight was coming from and when she looked at her phone she noticed the object I was floating to the right of us. Before we got to that area we could see the area in which the object was floating and nothing was there from a distance again however once we got close the lights seem to be so break coming from that area she snapped a picture and she quickly looked at it. She noticed the object and showed it to us immediately. My daughter is 10 years old.


Asteroid to approaches Earth on Halloween

This Halloween promises to be extra scary, as NASA scientists predict that a mile-and-half wide asteroid will come closer to our planet than any comparable body since 2006 – close enough to be considered “hazardous” for Earth.

While this giant asteroid is expected to safely pass us by, it will zoom by at a distance of only 499,000 kilometers from Earth. Occurring on October 31, the rock will pass at a speed of approximately 78,000mph.

That speed won’t prevent those who’d like to observe the rare occasion from doing so — as long as they have access to a telescope. The best time for viewing is at its closest point of approach, believed to be around 11:14 am ET.

The asteroid, named 2015 TB145, was identified by NASA only two weeks ago, which is considered to be fairly short notice for space observers.

The asteroid is on an extremely eccentric and a high inclination orbit,” NASA said in a statement, explaining why the asteroid had previously gone unobserved.

The other curious fact is that the space giant is classified as “hazardous,” since it passes within the threshold of proximity to Earth, which stands at a distance of 4,600,000 mile (7,403,00km).

Moreover, NASA noted, 2015 TB145 has an “erratic orbit,” which means they can’t predict its path with certainty.

Still, the space agency stresses that there’s no need for concern.

Once TB145 passes, it will take quite a long time for the next asteroid of similar size to come so close to our planet.

This is the closest approach by a known object this large until 1999 AN10 approaches within 1 lunar distance in August 2027,” the statements reads.

Discovery of 2015 TB145 came just barely two weeks after a group of doomsday prophets expected the Earth’s destruction as the result of an asteroid collision. There was also doomsday speculation last August, with some predicting that a space rock would impact Earth between the 15 and 28 of September, striking off the coast of Puerto Rico.

NASA disproved those theories, stressing that all Potentially Hazardous Asteroids have less than a “0.01 per cent chance of impacting Earth in the next 100 years.”


Pyramid-shaped UFO over Sao Paulo

On June 14, 2015, a very impressive pyramid-shaped UFO has been filmed over São Paulo, the most populous metropolitan area in Brazil. The video has became very popular on social network…

Scott C. Waring explains:
This shape of UFO has been recorded before in the past. For example, in Oct 5, 1996 a pilot over Pelotas, Brazil recorded a similar bronze pyramid shape in the sky and even flew around it as some smaller UFOs came out its top. (Click here to view the post). An older sighting, but one I have never seen before, so had to share it.

News states:
The UFO Presented in the video is very similar to what we show in the saga of Star Gate. It was recorded in Mogi Das Cruzes . Mogi das Cruzes is a Brazilian municipality of the state of São Paulo , in the Greater São Paulo , a distance of approximately 45 km from the center of São Paulo. The information is known about the person who registered the Images, the UFO was recorded on Sunday June 14, 2015 around 8:40 and then disappeared . Which camera used was a Nikon P600 's zoom to 60 times.


8 UFO snapped on a road in South Gate, California

On October 2, 2015, an automobilist was stopped on a road in South Gate (California, USA) while he has watched several huge and unidentified UFO flying in the night sky…

Witness statement:

8 lights together then some dimer and some stayed, I was at the freeway ( not driving )
I was so excited, and I only would appreciate a professional opinion to know if it was real !


The world’s youngest person to be cryogenically preserved

Scientists and doctors have made a huge leap in cryonics – the effort to save lives through sub-zero temperatures – by freezing the body of a two-year-old child. Matheryn Naovaratpong is now the youngest person in the world to be cryogenically preserved.

Fondly known to her family as ‘Einz’, the little girl was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer shortly after her third birthday. She died in January this year, just before she turned three. But her parents – both medical engineers – have decided to give her another chance at life using cryonics.

Through cryonics, it is possible to preserve the bodies of humans and animals who cannot be cured through contemporary medicine, with the hope that they may be healed and resuscitated if extraordinary medical advances take place in the future. “As scientists, we are 100% confident this will happen one day – we just don’t know when,” Einz’s father Sahatorn said.

In the past, we might have thought it would take 400 to 500 years, but right now we can imagine that it might be possible in just 30 years.”

The first day Einz was sick, this idea came to my mind right away that we should do something scientifically for her, as much as is humanly possible at present,” he added. “I felt a real conflict in my heart about this idea, but I also needed to hold onto it. So I explained my idea to my family.

His family found it difficult to accept the idea at first, but as her condition worsened, they all agreed to give their consent. “Matheryn had something special about her since the day she was born,” he said. “She communicated her love more than the other children, always wanting to be part of our activities.”

The preservation of Einz’s brain was done moments after her death by ‘Alcor’, an Arizona-based non-profit organisation that offers ‘life extension’ services. A standby team from Alcor flew to Thailand to supervise the initial cooling of the body immediately after death. The moment she was pronounced dead, the team began the ‘cryoprotection’ process. They removed her bodily fluids and replaced them with a type of antifreeze that allows the body to be in a deep frozen state without suffering tissue damage. She was then placed in a specially designed coffin and transported to the United States, where doctors extracted her brain and preserved it at -196˚C. Einz became Alcor’s 134th patient, and also their youngest.

The procedure might sound brutally clinical, but Einz’s parents insist that they’ve tried to preserve her only out of love. “I tell you we still feel our love for her. Although we fought to be strong, when she had passed away, we were no different from other families; we cried every day. We still need time to heal,” Sahatorn said. “It was our love for her that pushed us towards this dream of science

Alcor does not promise a second chance at life, but claims that cryonics is an ‘effort to save lives’. But Sahatorn believes that Einz’s thoughts and personality are preserved with her brain, which could be brought back to life and some point in the future. He and Nareerat also plan to have their bodies cryogenically preserved after death, so they will have the chance to meet Einz again in their new lives.

Incidentally, technology had played a huge role in Einz’s life, right from the moment she was conceived. Her mother Nareerat had to have her uterus removed after her first childbirth, so Einz was actually conceived through IVF. So her parents believe that someday, medical technology might just help restore her life. The couple will soon be visiting the Alcor facility in Arizona, to view the steel container in which Einz’s brain is being preserved.


Blue spherical-shaped UFO snapped in California

On October 18, 2015, a person visited the famous Pigeon Point Lighthouse, located in Pescadero, in San Mateo County, California. After to have taking photos, he has noticed a blue spherical-shaped UFO near clouds…

Witness report:

Sunday October 18, 2015 at 11.10AM
On visiting the Pigeon Point Lighthouse in Pescadero, CA 94060 we walked the lighthouse path and looked up to the sky and clouds.
i began to take photographs with my cell phone. After taking the picture I noticed that a ball seemed to sit in the picture to the left of the lighthouse, hovering in the sky.
It did not move just hovered,circular silver in color with lights on it.

Immediately I began taking photos and can see it behind the clouds as well as in the sky without clouds.

I did not loose site of the object, it just remained there. It was still there an hour as we watched and remained when we drove away.

After I drove away we watched a helicopter flying in the direction of the object/


A stationary UFO spotted in Sudbury, Ontario

On July 10, 2015, in the evening, an automobilist has seen and snapped from a parking a stationary light in the sky. Witness has posted his evidence on MUFON website…

Witness statement:

The Sighting took place in Sudbury Ontario Canada on 10/07/2015 AT approximately 9:10 PM. I was driving to pick up my lady friend from work just before dark. I parked in the Parking lot of Homesence. I exited the car to wait for her.An object in the sky caught my attention .It stood out from the back ground as it was brightly illuminated, silent & stationary. It appeared to be hovering at an angle which i found strange.I'm familiar with various planes that fly the air space above Sudbury.This was no plane or star.

One other person in the parking lot observed it. I proceeded to take a picture with my cell phone (s4 samsung android) because it was odd that after 10 minutes passed,the object never moved.We tryed to guess what it was.Not much detail was revealed as it was at a signifigant altitude.I left the parking lot returning home perplexed as to what the object could of been. Total observation was around 10 min .The object was still in the same position when i left the area.

Apon returning home I uploaded the pic to the computer to see if i could enhance it for a better look. When i enlarged it,a distinct outline or solid shape seemed to be evident as well as an illuminating consession of lights with a twinkling x patteren along the edge. However the picture quality is very grainy at such a magnification but interesting never the less.I tried different contrast and colours to bring out the most definiton possible.


Best-ever photos of Saturn Moon Enceladus

New photos from NASA’s Cassini satellite orbiting Saturn has sent back the best-ever photos of its subterranean sea-harboring moon Enceladus.

Cassini came within 1142 miles of the Enceladean surface Wednesday on its 20th flyby of the moon since it began to orbit Saturn in 2004.

The most recent images sent back were captured during the Enceladean summer in the Northern hemisphere, showing heretofore unknown moonscapes of the moon’s northern polar regions.

The northern regions are crisscrossed by a spidery network of gossamer-thin cracks that slice through the craters,” said Cornell University’s Paul Helfenstein, a member of the Cassini imaging team. “These thin cracks are ubiquitous on Enceladus, and now we see that they extend across the northern terrains as well.

Wednesday’s flyby is a prologue to the next close encounter: on October 28th, Cassini will come within 30 miles of Enceladus’s south pole. The satellite is set to dive through a plume of icy spray to sample the chemistry of the subterranean ocean shooting up out of large geysers.

"Mission scientists are hopeful data from that flyby will provide evidence of how much hydrothermal activity is occurring in the moon's ocean, along with more detailed insights about the ocean's chemistry — both of which relate to the potential habitability of Enceladus," a statement from NASA statement reads.

Earlier this year, researchers announced the chemical makeup of the subsurface water on Enceladus — and a process called serpentization, in which metallic rocks are transformed into other minerals when they come in contact with water — could make Enceladus one of the Solar System’s best bets for hosting extraterrestrial life.

"Molecular hydrogen can both drive the formation of organic compounds like amino acids that may lead to the origin of life, and serve as food for microbial life such as methane-producing organisms," Christopher Glein, of the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington, said in a statement in May.

"As such, serpentinization provides a link between geological processes and biological processes," he added. "The discovery of serpentinization makes Enceladus an even more promising candidate for a separate genesis of life."

Cassini will also fly by Enceladus on December 19, when it will come within 3,106 miles of the moon to gauge how much heat is coming from the satellite’s interior. The generated heat comes from friction, primarily the result of tides from Saturn’s powerful gravitational pull.


Goblin discovered on Mars...

On March 14, 2014, a Youtube user watched NASA photos when he has discovered a mysterious humanoid face on Mars. This face seems to be a goblin.

Scott C. Waring explains:

This is one of the coolest faces found and it does look similar to some of the others we have seen. It has an covering over one eye. This covering (I colored purple) could be a fashion thing, or could be from an eye injury like an eye patch. You can easily make out its large eye, eyebrow, nostril, mouth, teeth, floppy ear, and forehead ridges. This was found by Rami Bar Ilan of Youtube.

Finding one face could be a coincidence, however I have reported over 50 in the last 30 days. Which means they were made by real alien species. That is 100% evidence. As the evidence mounts, disclosure comes closer.

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Colored flying saucer appeared in Portugal

On June 18, 2015, an inhabitant of Beirã, in northern Portugal, have seen an impressive and colored flying saucer in the sky…

Witness statement:

I was on the computer at the dinner table garden, facing the wall when I realized it was something to change colors quickly behind me, so I turned back and went closer to the forest (which was happening the wide variation of colors) where was the pool and a car, when I looked with my binoculars to see better almost fainted.

I was seeing a large object like a flying saucer with lights of great intensity always changing, but when I looked around I saw a similar beings with monkeys, but then I realized they were not, and thinking a bit could only be alien .Fui just tell my parents but my parents did not believe, but when I went out there was no longer anything there dentro.Eu could not sleep because I was so scared and worried so I stayed up all night.

The next morning told the my cousin and she was soon to the site I said I saw the UFO and unknown beings and found a large circle made on the ground, she believed me, but the strange thing is that the car was there He had magnestismo and bolts were stuck there.


Were Dinosaurs Warm Blooded?

Researchers at UCLA announced Tuesday they have devised a new scientific method to chemically analyze dinosaur eggshells to determine the creatures’ body temperature.

The discovery supports other research that dinosaurs were neither warm- nor cold-blooded, and that body temperature varied amongst species.

The temperatures we measured suggest that at least some dinosaurs were not fully endotherms (warm-blooded) like modern birds,” said the study’s lead author Robert Eagle of the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), “They may have been intermediate — somewhere between modern alligators and crocodiles and modern birds.

A great debate amongst paleontologists for over a century has revolved around whether dinosaurs were warm blooded endotherms like mammals, or cold-blooded ectotherms like modern reptilia.

Warm blooded animals need to eat a lot to stay warm, necessitating hunts or eating plants.

If dinosaurs were at least endothermic (warm-blooded) to a degree, they had more capacity to run around searching for food than an alligator would,” Eagle said.

Eagle’s team examined the chemical makeup of the shells of 19 fossilized eggs from two types of dinosaur, found in Argentina and the Gobi Desert of Mongolia. One was a giraffe-necked sauropod titanosaur, amongst the largest animals to ever exist on Earth; the other, a relatively smaller oviraptorid, related to the Tyrannosaurus Rex and today’s birds. They examined the behavior of two rare isotopes in calcium carbonate, one of the main ingredients in egg shells. The carbon-13 and oxygen-18 isotopes tend to cluster together more closely the colder the temperature.

This technique tells you about the internal body temperature of the female dinosaur when she was ovulating,” said Eagle’s colleague, Aradhna Tripati. “The oviraptorid dinosaur body temperatures were higher than the environmental temperatures — suggesting they were not truly cold-blooded but intermediate.

The titanosaur sauropods mother’s body temperature was around 38 degrees Celsius, or 100 degrees fahrenheit. The smaller oviraptorid was below 32 celsius. The fossilized soil of the Gobi desert near where they discovered the oviraptorid had been measured at around 26 celsius.


Mysterious city appears in clouds over China

On October 7, 2015, a mysterious city is appeared in clouds over the city of Foshan, located in central Guangdong province, in People's Republic of China...

Scott C. Waring explains:
I live in Taiwan Republic of China and there is no news of this as of yet. I searched in Chinese but couldn't find it, but may have missed it. It cannot be confirmed till we find a Chinese news source. However the video below is Taiwanese TV in my country, 45 minutes from China.

This much is true, the shape of the UFO doesn't matter. The technology will make anything fly regardless of size.

News states:
Thousands reportedly witnessed the spectacle of a ghostly alien city floating in the clouds over the city of Foshan in the Guangdong province of China last week. Footage recorded by residents of the city shows the mysterious phenomenon as witnessed by thousands of shocked residents of Foshan on October 7, 2015.


Diamond-shaped UFO caught over Fort Worth

On September 22, 2015, a red diamond-shaped UFO has spotted and photographed over the city of Fort Worth, in Texas (USA). What is it?

Witness statement:

I went outside early morning on the 15th of September 2015 after my husband left for work, I was sitting on the stairwell smoking a cigarette looking up at the sky in front of me I began to feel strange like I was being watched so I got up to go inside when I turned around I saw this huge looking light object hovering in the sky. I went inside and grabbed my cell phone to take some photos. The object was there for an hour and a half. When day light hit I went inside when I came back out I could not see it. The photos I took were interesting to say the least..