A mermaid found in Poland on September 2015?

On September 2015, a possible mermaid has been found somewhere in Poland, A witness has filmed incredible images. On these, we can see many persons were carrying a mysterious humanoid with a fishtail...

Scott C. Waring explains:

Yes this is kinda clear and not a UFO, but it does seem to show a mermaid that was found on land, probably dead. Its been long believed that there are many species of aliens that visit Earth, merpeople are one of them. Since the ocean covers 75% of the Earth, this planet is a paradise for them.

News states:

Creature that looks like Mermaid is pulled from lake by men in biohazard suits. "This incredible video appears to show the moment a MERMAN was pulled out from a lake, put on a stretcher and taken away by mysterious officials. Captured in Poland, the short film shows a group of men in what look like white biohazard suits working with others dressed in attire similar to paramedics. Lasting two minutes, the footage begins with the men in white suits surrounding a mysterious body on the banks of a river. The men then lift the shape up at which point, what appears to be a large fish tail is clearly visible. At this point the men dressed as paramedics then move a stretcher into place while their biohazard suit-wearing colleagues bring the 'being' up to them. As they place the unknown shape on the stretcher, the 'Merman' is clearly visible and lies down - his long beard resting on his chest. The men dressed as paramedics then wheel the 'Merman' away to an unknown location and no-one has heard anything of the incident since. After the footage was posted online, a number of people claimed it was proof of Mermen existing, while others said it was either a hoax of the filming of a movie ( via mirror.co.uk )."


Cigar-shaped UFO over Carson City, Nevada

On June 28, 2015, an inhabitant of Carson City (Nevada, South of USA) has spotted a black cigar-shaped UFO in the sky. What is it?

Witness report:

On 6/28/15 at approximately 1300 hours, I walked out my front door onto my porch and sat in my chair which faces north. As I looked up I saw a black object in the sky moving slowly. There was no wind here during that time. It seemed to travel NW from the north. And then it stopped and was stationary. After about a total time of a minute and a half it just disappeard. I knew what i was looking at wasnt anything i had ever seen before. I was in awe. In noticed if you enlarge the object in the photo, that I took, it appears to have white aura and messed up pixels. A friend of mine said I should report it. So, here I am. Thank you.


Blue orb snapped over Ocoee, Florida

On September 30, 2015, a person was walking in Ocoee (Orange County, Florida) when he has taken some photos of rising sun. On one photo, he discovered an unusual blue orb.

Witness statement:

I was walking along powers drive orlando florida, when I decide to snap pics of the sun as it pertrude from behind the cloud, I point my phone cam in direction of the sun snap twice look at it for clarity and there it was right there in one pic and not the other. It was clear to me there is an anomaly and it's an orb. I could not see it with my naked eyes so I can't say what it was doing but from the looks of the pic it's hovering, I felt the same after realizing what I'm looking at, took a few more pics and it was gone.


Edward Snowden joins Twitter

Whistleblower and former NSA and CIA contractor Edward Snowden has joined Twitter. Can you guess the sole account he’s following? His former employer, the NSA.

Less than 30 minutes after the account went live, Snowden had over 50 thousand followers — and all of them, and the hundreds of thousands yet to come, have one person to thank: renowned astrophysist Neil deGrasse Tyson.

He interviewed Edward Snowden recently, and told him he needed a Twitter handle. The cybersecurity and privacy advocate seemed to agree, and even managed to convince Twitter to hand over an existing (albeit inactive) handle — @Snowden. His very first tongue-in-cheek post may be directed at the only account he has followed so far: the National Security Agency.

The internet was quick to respond, with people like Glenn Greenwald and Dan Froomkin welcoming Snowden to the site.

The man himself, meanwhile, has already Tweeted at deGrasse Tyson, jokingly enquiring about passport control on Mars. Not for himself, obviously. Someone asked him to check.

According to Snowden's lawyer, Edward himself will manage the account. And for the first time since his move to Russia two years ago, Snowden is trending on Twitter because of something he did, not something he said. But for now, the biggest question is still whether the NSA will follow Snowden back…on Twitter.


Strange green orb near Moon…

On September 29, 2015, an inhabitant of McAlister (Oklahoma) was taking pictures of the Moon. But, when he has watched his pictures, he has noticed a curious green orb…

Witness report:

I was on my back patio taking pictures of the moon and then the green orb appeared close to the moon so I began taking many photos. It was a glowing green orb that would move around in short distances very slowly. I have many pictures and a few videos of the orb. I never lost sight of it I eventually got tired of taking photos and decided to go to bed.


Incredible orb caught during sunset in Longmont

On September 26, 2015, during sunset, an automobilist was driving near Longmont (State of Colorado, USA) when he has photographed an impressive UFO like orb behind the clouds…

Witness statement:

Driving home from work round 6:30 p.m. on Saturday Sept. 26,2015.
The sun was setting and I decided to take a couple shots of it. I was
driving North on Colorado 13, I had my window down and I took a few snapshots while driving. Once I came home and looked at my photos, I discovered a strange round glowing circle with lights. At first I thought it was a reflection from my dash lights. Then I remembered that I had my window down. My dash lights do not have lighted circles, it only has green glowing numbers. I did not see this with my naked eye, I only saw it once I looked and my photos. I wanted to share, just in case it is something to look into.


Yellow UFO over Quito, Ecuador

On September 2015, an inhabitant of Quito (Ecuador) has published a mysterious photo of MUFON website. On it, we can see a very clear yellow UFO flying in sky.

Witness report:

Photo taken during grass fires in Quito on Sept 15,2015. Object hovering over area that is burning and creating a lot of smoke.


3 UFO snapped during Super Blood Moon

On September 27, 2015, an inhabitant of the city of Manchester (New Hampshire, USA) took photos of the Super Blood Moon. Later, by looking pictures, he has noticed three UFO near Moon.

Witness statement:

1. I was taking photos of the Super Blood Moon in Manchester NH.
2. I didn't notice them until I enhanced the photo later.
3. I didn't notice them until I enhanced the photo later.
4. Seems to just be hovering around the moon.
5. I'm excited & hoping they too were admiring the event.
6. I didn't notice them until I enhanced the photo later.


Giant Sinkhole Opens in Australia

A huge sinkhole suddenly opened beneath a coastal campsite in Australia, instantly swallowing vehicles and a caravan.

A sinkhole thought to be larger than the size of a football field, suddenly opened on Saturday at Inskip Point, a popular camping area in the Australian state of Queensland, where it immediately swallowed a car, a caravan and a truck, media reports said.

"There was lots of yelling and screaming and then a caravan went over the edge. It was pretty scary," a woman at the campsite was quoted by Channel Nine as saying.

A local towing company, in turn, said on its Facebook page that two employees had been camping at the site and "heard a noise like a storm".

"On looking they realized the sand was rapidly disappearing into the ocean at an amazing speed," the firm said.

The sinkhole is believed to be about 450 feet long and 330 feet wide and up to 30 feet deep.

The authorities have, meanwhile, ordered the evacuation of the area, warning that the sinkhole could expand in the coming hours. About 150 people have already been evacuated from the campsite.

Ranger Dan Clifton was quoted as saying that "there is a real possibility the hole could expand with ocean currents, so people are urged to avoid the area."

The Inskip Point campsite is located on the beach and visitors are allowed to set up tents and caravans right next to the sand. There were previous reports of sinkholes in the area.

According to local Mayor Mick Curran, "thankfully at this stage, everyone has been accounted for and there've been no reported injuries."


UFO with 4 lights over Tempe, Arizona

On April 3, 2015, a person was riding his bike in Tempe (Arizona) caught 4 mysterious lights flying over the city. What is it?

Witness report:

I was out riding my bike going west on Curry from 68th St towards Mill Ave. I decided to take a picture of the Tempe Town Lake with the lights and buildings in the background. I took a few pictures of the surrounding area and went on my way. I edited some of the pictures but never used them for anything artistic and they have been on my harddrive eversince. The other day, I was looking through a folder in my computer that I labeled "Landscapes" and looked some other landscapes that I took photos of. When I brought up this photo, I noticed some small white dots on the photo so I then zoomed in. I thought, "wow", this has lights like ufo photos lol. I really don't know what it is but it is very interesting. There is an airport near by so maybe it's just something from there but I thought I would send it in anyway. Thanks


Bright UFO without wing over St. Matthews, SC

On March 8, 2014, a person living in St. Matthews (Calhoun County, South Carolina) took a photo of an airplane flying in blue sky. Nevertheless, by watching photos, he noticed an unidentified flying object without wing…

Witness statement:

While I was standing in my yard at my residence. I was taking a picture of a passenger jet that was at a high altitude in the air (traveling from my right towards my left or East to West) I saw a small speck/flash of white against the sky, which I thought was another airplane. As I got my camera focused and zoomed in on the object it did not appear to be a regular airplane, it looked more tubular with no visible wings like an airplane would have and it was white in color. I was able to take 2 pictures of it before it left my sight. The object was flying initially a more North to South direction then it turned East towards the horizon. I lost sight of the object when tree limbs blocked my view. After downloading the pictures I noticed that it did not have any features of a regular airplane or helicopter and I could not identify it.


Multiple diamond-shaped UFO spotted over Glasgow

On September 26, 2015, an inhabitant of Glasgow (in Scotland) was watching the Moon when he has seen 7 or 8 red diamond-shaped UFO flying in the sky…

Witness report:

I was on my phone and someone messaged saying that the moon looked beautiful tonight a it did. I the looked out the window to see 4 red lights in the sky. At first I thought it was glare coming from the window, then I opened my window to discover these orbs flying across the sky. I took a picture then called my mother. I habe never felt so nervous in my life.

When I was speaking to her she could see the orbs flying where I was I could see exactly where they were coming from. I seen 4 orbs form a diamond shape then orb into one then shoot across the sky one at a time. All in there were 7-8 orbs flying in the same flight path.


Blue-green UFO over California, USA

On September 26, 2015, a person was in California (USA) and he has caught a couple of photos where appeared a blue-green spherical-shaped UFO in the sky. Near this object, we can also see chemtrails…

Witness statement:

I was taking pictures of what I belive was chem trails and later on in the day I was looking at the pics and saw a bright light in the pics, and the first pic I took has a blue smudge to the right of the bright light , and the second pic has no blue smudge. Don't know if this is anything but take a look. I took a few pics but only two in that same direction.


Global agreement pitched to halt mass spying

Former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden spoke live today from Moscow to a meeting in New York City, as part of an effort to draft an international treaty to convince governments to strengthen privacy laws.

The “Snowden Treaty” is devised as a way for nations to push back against mass surveillance undertaken by the US’ National Security Agency and its partners.

Now that we have established the bare facts in the arena of liberties, all of these things we do are being indexed and sorted into a sort of information time machine,” Snowden said of the current state of mass surveillance.

The International Treaty on the Right to Privacy, Protection Against Improper Surveillance and Protection of Whistleblowers,” as it is more formally known, was drafted by Snowden, journalists Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras, and Greenwald’s partner David Miranda, and seeks to make digital privacy a 21st century human right.

Under its terms, mass, blanket surveillance of phone calls and Internet activity would be made illegal; oversight of state bodies would be boosted; and whistleblowers would be afforded the right to international protections.

If corporations and governments are protecting themselves, why can’t we protect ourselves?” asked Miranda, who hosted the meeting. Miranda said he was thrust into action for the idea of the treaty after being interrogated for over 8 hours at Heathrow Airport in 2013 in specific regard to Edward Snowden.

A report in the Washington Post published Wednesday quoted senior Obama officials who said there had been proposals to bypass phone encryption entirely, but that none of the plans had been implemented. One involved forcing a backup to an unencrypted location, similar to what telecom providers do by pre-loading cloud storage apps. Another involved forcing corrupted security updates to give the government backdoor access, along with full-on subversion of the underlying science behind cryptography.  Administration officials cited public scrutiny of the proposals as decisive in why they were not put into effect.

Thursday’s announcement is just the beginning of drafting the complex “Snowden treaty,” in which diplomats from several countries have shown interest, according to Miranda.

It is important that they act at their own speed when they feel comfortable, rather than being pressured by us,” he said.

The team, though, has no plans to back down.

Instead of making me frightened and intimidated,” Miranda said of his interrogation in 2013, “the situation opened my eyes. I could see the kind of power that was being wielded, and that we need proper institutions like the United Nations to provide oversight and help countries come together to push for change.”


Unusual UFO taken over Bangor, Maine

On Septembre 25, 2015, very early in the morning, a man and his wife were working in Bangor area (in Maine) when they have seen an unusual light in night sky. They have caught some photos of it…

Witness report:

My wife and I deliver newspapers early in the morning in Hampden and Winterport. I was in the passenger seat when I noticed a light in the sky larger and brighter than the rest. It also moved up the sky the later it got. It was the last object visible in the sky and eventually fades out. The next morning we looked for it again in the same position in the sky. It didn't appear until roughly 3:30 AM. That morning there were smaller lights in the sky also moving quickly towards the light. They changed directions quickly in patterns that planes don't move. We've observed the large light come into the sky between 3:30 and 4:30 almost every morning since. We eventually started bringing our camera and taking pictures before the light would show and after. Regular stars, such as Orion's belt, didn't show up on our camera but the light did. We were mezmorized and had a hard time taking our attention off the object.


Impressive orb taken over the State of New York

On September 19, 2015, a person living in the State of New York (USA) has photographed a bright circular-shaped UFO in the sky just before sunset. UFO was not visible to naked eye. What is it?

Witness statement:

I was taking a pic of the sky and cloud formation just before sunset. I was facing Long Island Sound- Thogs Neck Bridge to the left of the pic and Fort Totten park to the right.

After taking the pic, I noticed the sphere towards the center of the pic. At first, when I looked at the pic I thought it was the moon, but when my friend and I looked back at the sky we didn't see anything. We searched the sky and thought it may have gone behind a cloud.

Later that night I saw the moon in the southern part of the sky and it was crescent not full. I thought this might be a lens flare, but it looked pretty solid on the pic and I have never had issues with a lens flare before, so I'm not sure and would really just like an explanation.


A medieval knight found on Mars…

On September 2015, a Youtube user has discovered on a photo taken on Mars somthing of very strange. In fact, on picture we can see a medieval knight onto land…

Scott C. Waring explains:

This video was made by Paranormal Crucible of Youtube and shows what is either an alien body or a statue depicting one of the species of aliens that once existed on Mars. I believe I have seen this before, but forgot when. Probably last year. Nevertheless this is still an extraordinary discovery and a massive amount of evidence in itself. NASA will never admit the truth, but the public seems to be finding it very fast. Also it look like the alien is holding onto a shield.

Paranormal Crucible states:

A bizarre artifact has been found on the red planet by the Mars Curiosity Rover. After studying this official NASA image i strongly believe that this artifact is possibly the carved top or lid of an ancient tomb. Possibly holding the remains of a martian knight, or king.


Village where some children only grow penises at puberty

Physical changes during puberty are completely normal, but in Salinas, a remote village in the southwestern Dominican Republic, they are downright extreme. For some of the boys living here puberty is the time they actually grow a penis. Many of the children are born without male genitalia and are raised as girls, but they eventually become men in their teenage years. The phenomenon is so familiar to the people of Salinas that the children – called ‘guevedoces’ (penis at 12) – are not considered abnormal at all.

The condition is apparently the result of a rare genetic disorder that occurs due to a missing enzyme. This prevents the production of dihydro-testosterone – a type of male hormone – when the baby is in the womb. All fetuses have internal glands called gonads and a small bump between their legs called tubercle. At around eight weeks, the enzyme 5-α-reductase triggers a huge surge of dihydro-testosterone in male fetuses, converting the tubercle into a penis. In female fetuses, the tubercle becomes a clitoris. But in many babies born to Salinas women, the enzyme is missing entirely.

So these babies are born with the tubercle intact and no testes, and are often mistaken for female babies. It isn’t until they reach puberty that another surge of testosterone is produced, which is when the male reproductive organs are formed. As their voices deepen, their penises begin to emerge as well.

Around 1 in every 90 children in Salinas are born guevedoces, and even after they finally become male (usually between 7 and 12 years old) subtle differences do exist even in adulthood. Most guevadoces have less facial hair and smaller prostate glands than the average man. However, their condition is accepted by the community and some even keep their female names, like Catherine, a young guevadoce who recently became a boy.

24-year-old Johnny is one of the many Salinas youth who grew up as girls. He was originally named Feleticia by his parents. “I remember I used to wear a little red dress,” he said. “I was born at home instead of the hospital. They didn’t know what sex I was.” But Johnny insists that he has always been a boy at heart. “I never liked to dress as a girl. When they bought me girls toys I never bothered playing with them. All I wanted to do was play with the boys.”

So when his reproductive organs kicked in at age 7, Johnny was quite relieved. “When I changed I was happy with my life,” he said.

Although they’ve been around for as long as anyone in Salinas can remember, guevedoces were officially discovered only in the 1970s, by Cornell University endocrinologist Dr. Julianne Imperato. She traveled to the Dominican republic after hearing strange rumors of girls turning into boys, and eventually found out they were true. Since then, several studies have been conducted to learn about the condition, which according to scientists, is perfectly natural. The kids, now medically referred to as pseudohermaphrodites, are to be featured in a new BBC2 series called Countdown to Life.

According to BBC host Dr. Michael Mosley, guevedoces are also called ‘machihembras’ meaning ‘first a woman, then a man’. “When they’re born they look like girls with no testes and what appears to be a vagina,” he explained. “It is only when they are near puberty that the penis grows and testicles descend.

I hated going through puberty; voice cracking, swinging moods, older brother laughing at me,” he recalled. “But compared to Johnny, I had it easy.”

The discovery of the guevedoces has apparently been very helpful to many men around the world. When they learned about the condition, pharmaceutical companies created a drug called finasteride, which blocked the action of 5-α-reductase. “It is now widely used to treat benign enlargement of the prostate and male pattern baldness,” Dr. Moseley said. “For which, I’m sure, many men are truly grateful.”


Curious white orb over Milwaukee, Wiscosin

On September 12, 2015, witness was taking a picture of a hawk flying over Milwaukee, the largest city of the state of Wisconsin. Quickly, he noticed a strange spherical-shaped UFO on several photos…

Witness statement:

I was taking a picture of a hawk. There was a bright round object in the sky. Don't know if it could have been the moon so bright during the day. Afterwards, I noticed weird things in the picture. Like a silhouette of a sphere and something els around the shere. Towards the top of the picture. Maybe it's nothing. Hope you can make sense of it. Thank you.


Dalai Lama: Female successor should be pretty

The Dalai Lama, a self-described feminist, shocked his supporters all over the world on Monday when he said that if his successor were to be a woman, she must have a "very, very attractive face," otherwise she is "not much use."

The controversial comments were made during an interview with the BBC’s Clive Myrie. The seven minute interview took place at the beginning of the Dalai Lama’s nine day trip in London, where he is promoting human compassion and consideration as the route to happiness.

Much of the interview was dedicated to discussing the refugee crisis, and the unfolding violence in the Middle East. Towards the end, Myrie asked the Buddhist spiritual leader if his successor could be a woman, to which the Dalai Lama replied in the affirmative.

"One occasion in Paris, one reporter came to see me," the Dalai Lama recalled during the interview. "She asked me, any possibility for female Dalai Lama? I mentioned, why not? The female, biologically, has more potential to show affection and compassion. In today’s troubled world, female should take more importance."

The Dalai Lama then leaned forward to Myrie, and added:

"If it is a female, the face should be very, very attractive."

The comment was met with nervous laughter by Myrie, who seemed so taken aback that he asked the Dalai Lama to repeat himself.

"Otherwise, not much use," the Dalai Lama added.

Still stunned, the BBC reporter asked the Dalai Lama if he was joking, to which he replied "It’s true."

While the interview was uploaded on the BBC website, the news agency did not highlight the controversial comments in the article’s summary, and instead, focused on the Dalai Lama’s input on conflict in the Middle East and the ensuing refugee crisis.

Asked why the BBC had neglected to mention the spiritual leader’s comments on women in the summary, a spokeswoman simply said "if we thought it was big news, we would have done so."
However, the remarks were picked up by feminist websites who were quick to express their shock and disappointment in the Dalai Lama.

"You’d think as someone who’s all about learning and enlightenment, he’d have figured a few things out," read one post on the feminist website Jezebel.com.

"I had hoped for so much more from him – in the end, yet another patriarch," another post said.
The comments do appear to stand in stark contrast to the Dalai Lama’s previous stance on feminism.

In 2009, he referred to himself as a "feminist" to an audience while accepting an International Freedom Award, adding "Isn’t that what you call someone who fights for the rights of women?"


Huge bright UFO over Las Cruces, NM

On September 23, 2015, in the morning, two friends have spotted an impressive light in the night sky. What is it?

Witness statement:

I made a report the other night about a friend witnessing the same thing. I wake up usually at 5AM on random and I went out the check my mail box and I look in the direction I was told my friend had and I saw a huge Star. It pulses and my friend told me when she got close it was clover shape, had a hollow center and looks like a door to it. I tried to look up when you can see other planets and Venus seems to be one, but she told me her friend has been seeing it for the past month in the same place. Planets move in the sky during the month. It's just an odd looking star to me and I have had other friends seeing the same. I want to say its something out of this world, but I dont have enough evidence.


Yogi proves you don’t have to lose weight to stay in shape

Busting the myth of the perfect-bodied yoga poster girl is San Francisco plus-sized yogi Valerie Sagun. For the past three years, she has been photographed performing a range of complicated yoga poses, including headstands and handstands.

Valerie has a massive Instagram following of over 80,000 people, with whom she regularly shares videos of her yoga journey. “I just want to make sure that people don’t feel like they have to be scared or intimidated by learning yoga from someone who doesn’t look like them,” she wrote on her Tumblr page. “All of us have body issues whether you are big or small, but it’s good to just take the time to look at yourself and just love it as it is now.”

Valerie’s own experience with yoga began four years ago, when she started taking Hatha Yoga classes twice a week at her university. “From the first class I could already tell that yoga was going to be difficult even though I really enjoyed it,” she wrote for Huffington Post. “I never was intimidated at the fact that I was learning yoga from a slim older white man. He was always encouraging even when I doubted myself that I ever could get into a difficult pose.”

As she got better at yoga, Valerie noticed that her desire to lose weight gradually began to fade. “Starting yoga helped me get over the mental block that I put on myself,” she wrote. “The block where it has been ingrained into our minds that big people can’t do certain things now and that losing weight is the only way to achieve all these great things.”

She revealed that before yoga, she had let plenty of good opportunities go by, just because she thought she was too big to do anything. When her friends were getting into rock climbing, she simply assumed she couldn’t do it. But after practicing yoga, she felt like she could do anything. “It helped give me that push to try the activities that I was always interested in but doubted myself, like skydiving and rock climbing.”

About a year after she started practicing yoga in her backyard and at parks and studios, Valerie decided to take her journey online. She started with Tumblr and after gaining 10,000 followers, she decided to start an Instagram account called Big Gal Yoga. She’s always dressed in colorful, vibrant yoga gear, even though she says it’s hard for bigger women to find leggings. But the best thing about her pictures is her confidence. “I’ve never really been self-conscious about my body during yoga classes,” she told Buzzfeed. “For me, yoga is all about the mind and positive thinking.”

Valerie is thrilled that her online presence has inspired thousands to try yoga themselves. “I feel I am able to connect and reach out to people and change their perspectives about bigger bodied people practicing yoga,” she wrote. “I’m honoured to be an ambassador of spreading body positivity and self love through yoga out to the world. I look at my big chubby body and am happy and content with it.”

Valerie loves trying out new things with yoga, like using a yoga wheel and acro yoga. And she now wants to train to become a yoga teacher in Sedona, Arizona. “My practice is my own but I want to be able to help and inspire others as a teacher,” she said. “My GoFundMe is trying to help raise money for my tuition to study  there, as well as housing. Any little bit will help me out, so I can bring yoga to you!


Strange phenomenon caught over Phoenix, Arizona

On August 31, 2015, a person was walking down the streets of Phoenix (Arizona) when he has seen an unidentified flying object hidden behind a giant white cloud. Witness has taken a photo of this phenomenon.

Witness report:

I walked outside after a storm, the sky was a dark bluish color, but I noticed a beautiful brilliant white cloud. It looked out of place in its whiteness, so I ran inside to get my cellphone to get a picture. I love taking pictures of storm clouds, but when I saw the pictures I had taken, I was very surprised at the yellow orange shape that came out behind the white cloud, as that had not been visible at all during my picture taking. I looked again and I still could not see it, but after snapping another picture, saw that it was still there.

This phenomenon seems to strange clouds photographed in Costa Rica on Septembre 2015…


About 20 UFOs spotted in Panama in 1994

On August 15, 1994, two friends were sitting outside their home located in Changuinola (a city in the Bocas del Toro Province, in Panama) when they have seen about 20 bright UFO in the sky. What is it?

Witness statement:

We were sitting out side my house like we always used to ... Every night we will sit out there and just dreamed about what we would do after we graduated high school, sometimes we will see an shoting star or a plane or satelite they all have the same path straight line, but that night was different we saw like 20 plus lights just flighing around then we saw this like missiles fire to each other there was like 20 plus objects in each side and it look like when they were showing the war in irag but live we were watching that me and my friend and we were like what the heck is that .. That lasted like 5 to 10 min there were no cameras or anything to record that at the time we were no that prevelige .. That was the first time we saw the lights . The second time we were at our local park in fron of the school and we were like 3 or 5 of us just laying on the benches watching the sky and my best friend was did you saw that and i was like what the light and then it was gone and then he was like there it is again and we saw the lighst going faster than you could point your finger across the sky changing direction from north to south to east to west it was crazy that lasted for about 5 min or so i dont know it was like 20 years ago t..
Thanks for looking at my case or events i hope to hear from you.


Snowden says aliens may be hiding something from Us

Aliens may be hearing us. Or, vice versa, we may be hearing aliens. So says Edward Snowden in his fresh interview in New York. But how did he ever get there?

Edward Snowden has just visited New York to talk about aliens. Sounds weird, doesn’t it? But it’s absolutely true.

The famous US government whistleblower was physically present in Moscow, while a telepresence robot under his full remote control was transmitting his image and voice live via a video link all the way across the ocean to North America. He was talking to prominent US astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson for his StarTalk podcast on Friday night.

Usually, Snowden has a number of things to say about different people but this time the conversation turned to aliens. It seems, the famous whistleblower took his time to think about extraterrestrial life during his long stay in Russia.

The challenge of listening in on people nowadays is the same one as hearing aliens, apparently – the need to break through encryption. And one may never intercept a signal which he or she doesn’t know has been encrypted.

So if you have an alien civilization trying to listen for other civilizations, or our civilization trying to listen for aliens, there's only one small period in the development of their society when all of their communication will be sent via the most primitive and most unprotected means,” Snowden noted.

So when we think about everything that we're hearing through our satellites or everything that they're hearing from our civilization (if there are indeed aliens out there), all of their communications are encrypted by default.”

So what we are hearing, that's actually an alien television show or, you know, a phone call… is indistinguishable to us from cosmic microwave background radiation.”

Tyson, the host of the podcast, then said that extraterrestrials should have the same security issues as earthmen and might require protection for their communications from alien governments.

Snowden believes aliens could have a more sophisticated political system than his fellow earthians. Perhaps he believes, one that wouldn’t persecute a whistleblower for revealing spying activities perpetrated by his government.


Multiple spherical-shaped UFO in Arizona

On September 19, 2015, a woman was in Arizona and has photographed several spherical-shaped UFO…

Witness report:

My daughter sent this to me. View this on Facebook bjcorona video drinks at the hotel bar. Stephanie corona salerno. They caught lights in the upper right corner, its awesome.


Large UFO with bright lights over Shreveport

On September 19, 2015, during night, two persons living in Shreveport (Louisiana, USA) have spotted a large and luminous unidentified object since their backyard. UFO emitted two bright lights.

Witness statement:

In my backyard with my daughter, watching all the stars start to come out. We saw object moving at fast speed, changing colors, and realized there was no sound at all. I thought it was maybe a helicopter, it was low flying, but no sound, and the helicopters I have observed before were very loud. The object first appeared to fly in a straight line when we first noticed it, but as it got closer, it moved up, and to the side, up and to the side. I felt confused about why there was no sound, my daughter felt a little freaked out, because we didn't know what it was. It moved fast, and we watched it get further and further away, then it just disappeared suddenly. After it was gone we were in shock, we didn't know what we saw, and felt whatever it was it wasn't powered by jet fuel, since there was no noise at all.