Mystery ‘Surveillance Plane’ flying over Minnesota

Amid reports of US federal aircraft flying mysterious flight paths over American cities, new sightings of a strange, low-flying plane over Minneapolis has reinvigorated suspicions of government surveillance.

On Wednesday, an investigation conducted by civil liberties activists noticed a series of unexplained flight patterns in the skies above New York City, Chicago, Dallas, Phoenix, and Seattle. Using the publically available website, activists also noticed flights over Minneapolis.

On Thursday night, more unexplainable flights were observed over the Twin Cities.

"I thought, 'Holy crap'," John Zimmerman told the Star Tribune after he and his fellow aviation enthusiasts witnessed a small plane flying low over the city in incoherent patterns. It made repeated circles over downtown, the Mall of America, and Southdale Center for over four hours.

Using the same flight tracking website, Zimmerman traced the flight to a small Cessna, call sign N361DB, which is registered to LCB Leasing. That company is based out of Bristow, Virginia, thought the state has no record of its existence.

Earlier investigations by the American Civil Liberties Union and others have pegged LCB Leasing, and other mysterious companies, as fronts owned by the federal government. The ACLU is currently awaiting its Freedom of Information Act requests to confirm what it strongly suspects: that these planes are outfitted with high-definition video surveillance known as ARGUS, previously tested by the police department of Dayton, Ohio.

"The fact is there are several very powerful surveillance technologies that are deployed by fixed-wing aircraft circling over cities," Jay Stanley, a senior policy analyst with the ACLU, told the Star Tribune. "These are powerful surveillance technologies that we think the public ought to have a role in discussing and debating."

So powerful that they’re able to thoroughly track multiple targets on the ground without the consent – or even awareness – of those on the ground. The ARGUS tests managed to monitor a triple-robbery suspect as he moved across the city.

The technology has also been used – admittedly – by the FBI during the Baltimore protests last month. The Baltimore Sun reported sighting of small aircraft circling high above the city, in what the bureau later confessed was a part of reconnaissance operations.

"The aircraft were specifically used to assist in providing high-altitude observation of potential criminal activity to enable rapid response by police officers on the ground," agency spokeswoman Amy Thoreson said.

The FBI declined to comment on the latest sightings over Minneapolis. Local police agencies told the Star Tribune they had no knowledge of the flights.

After witnessing the flights and identifying the plane owned by LCB Leasing, he began combing through FAA records. Using the call signs for the planes spotted over various cities, he searched for images and noticed that the aircraft had “external pods” attached to their undersides. Those attachments are not typically seen on small aircraft, and could potentially house surveillance equipment.

"Why don’t we just say these are official things, rather than clouding them in three-letter contract companies?" Zimmerman asked. "I would feel better if these guys just flew the colors. I think we would all be better off."


3 cylinder-shaped UFOs over San Isidro, Peru

On January 11, 2015, a person living in San Isidro (Peru) came out his home when he’s seeing three green cylinder-shaped UFOs. Witness has taken multiple photos of these objects…

Witness report:

I came out of the house and seen in the sky, 3 green cylinder like lights in a diagonal position then another white shaped sphere that drifted across the sky from west to east. I went back in the house and grabbed my cell phone and took some pictures of all the lights and also recorded a small video of them. They moved like they lights attached to a kite, but this was at night. The white light seem to just drift to the west of the lights and then it drifted down across the horizon from west to east, now it could have been a different light but really wasn't watching that one. My eyes were on focus on the 3 green lights. Now my wife observed these lights as well and a friend of ours which took some pictures with his digital camera.


Blue unidentified sphere caught near chemtrails

On January 2, 2015, an inhabitant of Winder (in Georgia, USA) took photos of chemtrails in the sky. But, on one image, it appears a curious blue sphere. Is it a coincidence?

Witness statement:

I was waiting for my son and grandson outside Barrow county Education Administration Building in parking lot. I noticed 3 jet contrails and a sun dog next to one of them. I took a few photos of the sky and found they object in one of the photos 15-20 seconds after taking picture. It was gone when I tried to film it again. I didn't know the object was there until after I took the picture. I never saw it leave. I'm still puzzled. It was not a plane, helicopter, balloon or SWAMP GAS. It's bothered me constantly since I took the picture. I still have it in my phone and computer.


United Arab Emirates hopes to reach Mars by 2021

The United Arab Emirates has decided that while oil wealth is great, it might be wise to branch out and diversify their economy a bit. So they're going to go to Mars.

Declaring that the development of a robust space program is "a primary national objective," the UAE has announced their intention to send an unmanned probe named Hope to circle the red planet for up to four years.

To accomplish this feat, the tiny Gulf nation will create the first space research center in the Middle East with a price tag over $27 million over five years. The UAE will also provide the first space science master's degrees for the region's would-be space explorers.

Officials unveiled the plan in Dubai earlier this month, an ambitious step to catch up to other would-be space exploring powers like India — which has launched a Mars mission of its own — and China.

The scientists at the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Agency hope to gather data about Mars' atmosphere and climate, and, in general, will focus on finding parts of the universe that could potentially support life.

A team of 70 Emirati engineers and researchers have spent a decade on what  Ibrahim Hamza Al Qasimi, head of strategic research at the center, called  "three-phased know-how transfer program," to get them up to speed on the necessary technologies for space exploration, CNN reports.

"This project usually takes 10 years but we need to get it kicked off within six," Al Qasimi told CNN, and there is a reason for the seeming rush to get the Hope probe up and running by 2020, and possibly orbiting Mars by 2021.

"The date 2020 is important for us because we want to show the world what the UAE has achieved in only 50 years of its existence," said Al Qasimi.

The name of the probe, Hope — Al Amal in arabic — was chosen in a public polling of tens of thousands of Arabic speakers via social media. And there are pretty high hopes pinned on the success of this project and what it could mean for the country.

"This is an investment in the future of the UAE, in diversifying our economy, in being creators and generators of technology rather than just users, and that's the only way that we can move closer towards our knowledge-based economy and generate the necessary knowledge to sustain that economy," Sarah Amiri, the deputy project manager and science lead from the program, told The National.

The UAE currently depends on the production of oil for 40% of its earnings and has been working on diversifying its economy for some time. The low and fluctuating price of oil makes it a difficult base to depend on, and there is also the fear that someday, the oil will be gone.

Speaking in February, Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed was brutal in his honestly, predicting that his country's oil reserves could be gone in just 50 years, the BBC reports.

The UAE is ramping up its fledgling program at a time when traditional space powers — the US, Russia and Europe — have seen flagging investment in space exploration.

Instead, private-public partnerships, and entrepreneurs like Richard Branson or Elon Musk and encroaching on the technological and research territory formerly thought to be that of states alone. In fact, the UAE has invested an undisclosed amount of the $5 billion they've already spent on their space program, in Branson's program, Virgin Galactic.

But that $5 billion — over the last decade — is still small compared to spending by Russia, who has budgeted $37 billion for its space program over the coming decade, or even India, who spends a billion dollars a year on its emerging program.


Mysterious triangular UFO over Trinity, NC

On May 3, 2014, during night, an inhabitant of Trinity (in Randolph County, North Carolina) has seen a mysterious triangle-shaped UFO flying over houses at low altitude. It makes no sound.

Witness report:

I had woke up at about 3 am in the morning seen a bright light outside my window walked out onto my porch and looked up to see where the light was coming from and then i seen it fly over my neighbors houses moving real slow not making a sound at a steady speed no trails or fire behind the ship but it was clearly a triangle shape with 3 lights underneath the ship no sounds black with white lights.

Photo: Google Maps ©


Cigar-shaped UFO caught since a plane in Poland

On May 26, 2015, a witness was returned home from vacation in plane. When plane was over Kraków (in Poland), this passenger has photographed a cigar-shaped UFO… What is it?

Witness report:

I was returning home from vacation. The plane started to reduce flight. I took a few pictures by my phone because of nice clouds around. I did not see anything special. I did not notice UFO. When I got home I started watching photos I took. Then I have noticed thin line at the picture I have sent you. When I zoomed in at the end of this line I have realized that this is
something unusual.


DARPA wants us troops to see through walls

The human eye is one of evolution’s most impressive biological structures. Unfortunately, it’s not yet powerful enough for the US military: the Pentagon wants to develop technology to give troops X-ray vision.

To hear the Pentagon tell it, traditional, everyday vision sounds like a bit of a drag.

"Conventional optic imaging systems today largely limit themselves to…providing two-dimensional renderings of three-dimensional scenes…" reads an announcement from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), released last Friday.

In other words, any photo you see, any video, is only a 2D representation of what’s directly in front of the lens. That’s because conventional optics only measure light intensity.

But DARPA is interested in tapping into other aspects of photons, the elementary particles of light, which carry vast amounts of information that are simply not measured by the human eye or traditional photographic equipment.

"Many photons traverse complex paths punctuated by multiple bounces prior to entering the aperture of a camera or other imager – a process through which these photons pick up information about their surroundings," the announcement reads.

Launching the Revolutionary Enhancement of Visibility by Exploiting Active Light-fields (REVEAL) project, DARPA hopes to unlock the hidden potential of photons, and the Pentagon is currently soliciting research proposals for how to develop the technology.

The idea, essentially, is to utilize a single vantage point to create a 3D image of the area. By taking in extra data collected from the photons, that vantage point would be able to essentially see through objects.

The project is still in the very early stages of development, and as such, DARPA is a little light on details. The specific hardware — for example, whether or not we’re talking about specially worn goggles — is not known at this time. But the applications could be revolutionary.

"Imagine, for example, squad members patrolling a street in a deployed urban environment, and an armed assailant crouching behind a car or a concrete barrier," the announcement reads. "Without the benefit of different vantage points (from the air, for example), the squad could be blind to the hidden threat.

"By exploiting currently untapped aspects of light and the varied paths of photons bouncing off the brick wall, troops using hardware based on the theoretical foundations provided by REVEAL might someday be able to detect the otherwise hidden assailant."

Based on the photon data, REVEAL could also identify radioactive, biological, or chemical threats.

The project is currently divided into two 24-month segments, with the first testing scene reconstruction in a controlled environment, and the second taking the concept out into realistic light conditions. So, assuming it even works, it’s still a long way off.

But if everything goes according to plan, as DARPA program manager Predrag Milojkovic points out, it could allow individuals to “fly” through a scene without changing their physical location.


Orb entity on surveillance video at Space Museum

On May 2015, a CCTV located in a room in Space Museum (Titusville, Florida) has caught a white and bright orb. Is a ghost or an object guided by an alien civilization? And you, what do you think?

Scott C. Waring explains:

Guys, this is an orb entity and they can sense feelings which may give off different types of energy. Its a well known fact that IR (infrared) cameras can record these orbs. IR reaches beyond the spectrum of the human eye into areas we cannot see. An IR camera can see through black ink spilled on paper, cut through clouds to show whats inside, and even thin clothing.

UK Mirror states:

They're normally spotted in the sky but this 'spirit orb' UFO was recorded inside a museum among space artefacts.

The curious shimmering orb was recorded twice within seconds by surveillance cameras. The room at the US Space Walk of Fame, in Florida, contains items from the Gemini and Mercury NASA space programs. The chilling images of the spherical body, captured earlier this month have not been explained.

Charlie Mars, the president of the U.S. Space Walk of Fame Museum, told WKMG News: 'We can’t explain it, nor can the person who put in the system for us'. He added: “There were many items in here that were brought in by people who are no longer with us. "They could be coming back to check on it.” One possible answer is that the orb is a giant, floating dust ball, but official said all air conditioners were switched off. Having the mysterious occurrence in his building didn't perturb Mars. He said: "We love having something come in that is unexplainable, and it gives us a chance to interchange with each other and talk about what it will possibly be.”


Dark UFO under water near Seychelles in 1973

On April 1973, a man was on a boat near Mahe Harbour (in the Seychelles). Suddenly, he has seen a dark unidentified object traveling fast under water. For witness, it moved too fast to be a fish or a boat!

Witness statement:

I was on World Campus Afloat in 1973 when I and a couple of people noticed a dark shadow with no sound moving through the water. IT was NOT a shadow from above but UNDER the water. It moved at high speed around the harbor of the Seychelles Islands where the SS Universe was docking. The object appeared to be 10 to 15 feet long and did not disturb the water. However it was moving at speeds too fast for any water animal, fish. There was NOTHING in the air at the time to cast a shadow, and the shadow appeared to be BELOW the surface. Despite 42 some odd years i still remember this quite well. I had sort of put it out of my mind but recent descriptions of Under Water UFO's on History jogged my memory.

Photo: L'île de Mahé (Loveless / Wikimedia)


Injured robots learn to heal themselves

French researchers have designed robots that, after being damaged in action, can quickly "heal" themselves and resume functioning, much like an animal would adapt after being wounded – a key development in the field of robot autonomy.

In experiments, a six-legged robot could adapt in less than two minutes to keep walking even if two of its legs were damaged, broken or missing. A robotic arm also relearned how to place an object in the correct place even with several broken motors or joints.

The experiments, published in the journal "Nature," are the work of a team led by a pair of roboticists from the Pierre and Marie Curie University in France.

"One thing we were surprised by was the extent of damage to which the robots could quickly adapt," study co-author Jean-Baptiste Mouret told Live Science. "We subjected these robots to all sorts of abuse, and they always found a way to keep working."

While robots can survive in extreme conditions, such as deep in the ocean or outer space, their inability to adapt after suffering damage is a major obstacle that has kept them from being widely adopted outside of factories where human workers can repair them. Mouret and his team are working to change that.

"If we send in robots to find survivors after an earthquake, or to put our forest fires, or to shut down a nuclear plant in crisis like Fukushima, we need them to be able to keep working if they become damaged," Mouret said.

"In such situations, every second counts, and robots are likely to become damaged because these environments are very unpredictable and hostile. Even in less extreme cases, such as in-home robot assistants that help the elderly or sick, we want robots to keep performing their important tasks even if some of their parts break."

Looking to nature, researchers considered how injured animals rely on trial and error to learn how to overcome injury – like how limping can ease pain in a leg. With that in mind, scientists developed a trial-and-error program that enables robots to adapt to damage in less than two minutes.

"We do not pre-compute anything like 'find a gait that works if a leg is missing,'" Mouret said. "What we do with the simulator is simply to say 'find as many different ways to walk as you can.'"

Rather than relying on pre-specified contingency plans, the robots are programmed to store knowledge from previous experiences and create a map based on these behavior-performance histories. When damaged, they access that knowledge and adapt accordingly.

"The most important application of these findings is to have robots that can be useful for long periods of time without requiring humans to perform constant maintenance," Mouret said.


Black flying saucer over Oak Hill during a storm

On May 28, 2015, during a storm, a person has photographed a possible flying saucer since Oak Hill, in Kansas (USA). This UFO was dark and circular. What is it?

Witness statement:

I was taking pictures of the lightning during a storm with my cell phone. After viewing the pictures that I had saved I came across this picture that clearly has an object in it. I did not see anything with my eyes nor did I hear anything outside other than the thunder and light rain. I was sitting in the open doorway with no obstructions in front of me.


World’s smallest park is no bigger than a flower pot

Mill Ends Park, in Portland, Oregon, currently holds the record for the world’s smallest park. With a diameter of just two meters, it only has room for one tree and a few tiny plants, but it’s one of the city’s most popular landmarks.

Mill Ends was originally supposed to be the site of a light pole, but for some reason, the pole never arrived and weeds began to sprout from the hole. Dick Fagan, a columnist for the Oregon Journal, whose office overlooked the tiny park, noticed the derelict patch of land and decided to do something about it. He started planting foliage there and even came up with a special column in the local paper dedicated to Mill Ends Park. He managed to create a whole story around the place, including leprechauns living there that only he could see, and tiny shamrocks growing inside the other plants.

Fagan even told the story of how Mill Ends came to be. He was looking outside the window of his office one day, and saw a leprechaun digging in the light pole hole. The journalist ran down and grabbed the leprechaun, called Patrick O’Toole, a feat that earned him a wish. Fagan said he wished for a park of his own, but didn’t specify the size, so he got the hole. Dick Fagan died of cancer in 1969, but by that time, Mill Ends was already a Portland landmark.

The city of Portland acquired Mill Ends in 1976 and the light pole site officially became a city park. Over the years, locals made all kind of contributions to the tiny park, from small swimming pools, diving boards for butterflies to tiny statuettes and figurines. Since 1971, it has held the Guinness record of world’s smallest park.

Throughout the years, the park managed to sparked quite the controversy for its size. In 2013, someone stole the only tree in Mill Ends, a Douglas Fir Tree, and event that sparked national media attention. Authorities quickly replaced it, but the original tree was also returned and replanted in another local park.

That same year, representatives of Princes Park, in Burntwood, in Staffordshire, England, challenged Mill Ends for the title of world’s smallest park. Based on the definition of the word “park” on the website, they claimed Mill Ends was nothing more than “a glorified flower pot” and didn’t deserve its title. However, Guinness apparently disagreed, as Mill Ends remains the world’s smallest park.


Bright flying saucer over Pocono Pines, Pennsylvania

On May 23, 2015, during week-end several friends went away near a lake located in Pocono Pines (State of Pennsylvania). One day, a person has taken a photo of the Sun. On picture, it appeared a UFO seeming to a bright flying saucer…

Witness report:

My family (wife and 3 year old daughter) decided to join our friends (2 couples and 2 little girls) for a trip to the Poconos this Memorial Day weekend. We found a lake house at Pocono pines where we booked the entire cottage. The back of the cottage has a private beach with breathtaking views of the sunset. At 5pm, the sun was quite bright when I decided to take a picture in prep of taking shots of the sunset. While taking this picture, I had to almost close my eyes since the sun was so bright. Immediately after taking the picture, I didn't realize I had captured something weird but later that night while flipping through pictures with my friends, I noticed this object and was shocked to see what I saw.

I really don't have any explanation whether this could be a satellite/ UFO /Saturn or any other star/planet but curious to know what it is. I would appreciate if the experts could throw some light on this mysterious object. I am willing to answer any questions you might have.
Thank you

I took this picture with my iPhone 6plus with no zoom.


Blue spherical-shaped UFO over Brussels, in Belgium

On March 21, 2015, a man was in Brussels (Belgium) and, during night, he has photographed without knowing it several blue spherical-shaped UFOs one behind the other…

Witness statement:

This picture was taken by friend in Brussels Belgium . She only say the glowing sphere when viewing the images when returning home from vacation.

The sphere must have been moving at great speed to appear that many times in one frame and performing a 45 degree turn all in the same frame.

I'm a trained observer, ex F-14 RIO with 2000 hours jet time and have never seen anything like this. I trust the woman that took it, she didn't even know it was there until viewing the images later.


Millions of spiders rain from the Sky in Australia

Earlier this month, the residents of Goulburn – a small town in Australia’s Southern Tablelands – were spooked to discover their properties blanketed by millions of tiny spiders and mounds of their silky threads. The spiders had apparently rained down from the sky, silken thread and all, a phenomenon known as “Angel Rain”.

Anyone else experiencing this Angel Hair or maybe aka millions of spiders falling from the sky right now?” wrote resident Ian Watson on the Goulburn Community Forum Facebook page. “I’m 10 minutes out of town, and you can clearly see hundreds of little spiders floating along with their webs and my home is covered in them. Someone call a scientist!

That sounds positively frightful, but experts say that arachnid rains are actually a natural phenomenon, and not as uncommon as you’d think. It is referred to as ‘spider rain’ or ‘angel hair’ in scientific circles, and is actually a form of spider transportation called ‘ballooning’.

Ballooning is a not-uncommon behavior of many spiders,” retired arachnologist Rick Vetter told LiveScience. “They climb some high area and stick their butts up in the air and release silk. Then they just take off. This is going on around us all the time. We just don’t notice it.

It’s understandable that we never notice spiders ballooning, because they’re not always doing it at the same time and in the same place. What’s happened in the Southern Tablelands is that millions of spiders started ballooning at once, naturally creeping out residents.

In these kinds of events [spider rains], what’s thought to be going on is that there’s a whole cohort of spiders that’s ready to do this ballooning dispersal behavior, but for whatever reason, the weather conditions haven’t been optimal and allowed them to do that. But then the weather changes, and they have the proper conditions to balloon, and they all start to do it,” said biology professor Todd Blackledge of the University of Akron in Ohio.

He added that certain species of small spiders and tiny hatchlings of larger spiders generally balloon in May and August in New South Wales. But an abrupt weather change this month may have carried the migrating spiders up and away, and then back down to earth in large groups. “They fly through the sky and then we see these falls of spider webs that almost look as if it’s snowing,” South Australian retiree Keith Basterfield told Gouburn Post. “We see these vast areas of baby spiders, all coming down at once in the late morning or early afternoon. You can know this has happened by either seeing it or spotting what looks like long threads of cotton telegraph poles, power lines and houses.”

Thankfully, none of the ballooning spiders are poisonous or pose a threat to humans. “There’s a tiny, tiny number of species that have venom that’s actually dangerous to people. And even then, if these are juvenile spiders, they’re going to be too small to even bite, in all likelihood,” Blackledge told LiveScience. He did add that such a huge group of spiders could block sunlight, causing damage to crops.

While the bizarre phenomenon has a scientific explanation, having your entire town shrouded in spider webs is surely a surreal experience. Ian Watson, who was later interviewed by the media, said: “The whole place was covered in these little black spiderlings and when I looked up at the sun it was like this tunnel of webs going up for a couple of hundred metres into the sky. But at the same time I was annoyed because you couldn’t go out without getting spider webs on you. And I’ve got a beard as well, so they kept getting in my beard.”

Interestingly, there’s a phenomenon opposite to Angel Hair, which can occur at around the same time as ballooning, after heavy rains or a flood. “When the ground gets waterlogged, the spiders that live either on the surface of the ground or in the burrows in the ground, come up into the foliage to avoid drowning,” said Australian naturalist Martyn Robinson. These ground spiders also throw silk ‘snag lines’ up into the air, and when they catch, use the lines to come up from the ground to avoid drowning. “You end up with thick silk roads, criss-crossing finer silk lines to to produce this interwoven shroud.”

There’s nothing to worry about,” Robinson said. “They’ll all disperse once the weather conditions warm up.”


Strange grey UFO in Ayia Napa, Cyprus

On May 24, 2015, two friends came out of a restaurant in Ayia Napa (southern coast of Cyprus). Suddenly, one of them has noticed a strange object flying at high altitude in sky. What is it?

Witness report:

Myself and my friend was at McDonald's in Ayia Napa, Cyprus for some lunch. When we finished and went back outside, we sat on our quads. I then looked up into the sky and saw this object. I then pointed it out to my friend who also looked up and saw this object. As I was pointing it out to him, some other random people looked up also, and they noticed it to. I didn't have a clue what the object was as I saw this robotic arm extending out, then retracting, then repeating this process numerous times. The object was completely stationary with no side movement or up and down movement. The only movement was from the arm. There was no lights coming from the object and there was no sound what so ever? The object was a dome shape with a flat black base, but the rest of the body and arm was grey. My feelings were of confusion as I can't explain what the object is? My reaction was of calm nature, but curiously quizzing my friend. I had the same feelings during and after the sighting. Even until now. Unfortunately we had an appointment at 12pm, so we were already running late, and had to leave the scene of the sighting? Because of this I was unable to record a video, which I regret not doing.


Unusual bright UFO over Kaunas, Lithuania

On August 10, 2009, an inhabitant of Kaunas (second-largest city in Lithuania) was outside when he has seen to the naked eye an unusual light. He has photographed it…

Witness statement:

Sitting outside having a cigarette it was very bright, at first thought it was a star but it was slowly ascending and dropping, over two hour duration it got as low as tree tops then rose slowly higher until disappeared behind a building.

Adrenaline was rushing for the two hours while i was observing the object its like nothing ever seen before.


30 disturbing things found on Google Maps

By searching on Google Maps, more particularly on Google Streets View, we can discover some very strange things. The Youtube’s user, ‘Danger Dolan’, has presented, on a video, 30 disturbing things found thanks to Google Maps. Among these incredible photos, there are: flying saucer, angel, crime scene etc.


A ring-shaped UFO appeared in Houston, Texas

On May 23, 2015, during night, a ring of lights has been spotted over Houston, in Texas. It’s not the first UFO that this kind of object is photographed…

Witness report:

I was at the downtown Houston Skate Park on Sabine St. with my family.

We were leaving and the skyline looked really pretty and I wanted to take some pictures (outside with no windows or glass surrounding me) at 8:44 pm before I got into the car.

I noticed what I thought was an airplane and another lighted object and thought how it would add to my night time, lit up building photos.

When I got into the car and looked at my photos I saw the object and quickly noticed it was a UFO that has been reported before by various people around the world.

I looked back outside and it was gone. I looked to see if any objects were at the height of where the object was; nothing, no street lights either.

In the pictures you can see the object moved across and up. When I took the pictures, I stood in the same spot and the times of the photos (4), taken on my IPhone, are all within one minute at 8:44 pm.

The weather was humid from a few storms that have been in the area over the last few days. I was extremely excited and grateful the craft showed itself to me for photographing for I am a true believer in our extended Galactic family.

I will never forget this evening!


UFO caught under rainbow in Poland

On May 2015, a person living in Szczecin (in West Pomerania Province, Poland) wants take photo of a beautiful rainbow. At this moment, a curious object like two flying saucers is appeared. What is it?

Scott C. Waring explains:

When I enlarged this UFO, I see that its really not a reflection. Its not made of light. Its a solid object that is in the sky. I feel that the UFO in the area was drawn there by the appearance of the rainbow and that the aliens were intrigued by it. This person was lucky enough to catch them in a digital photo, because the digital eye is capable of seeing light beyond the human eye spectrum. This UFO as you can see, can separate into two different ships. Good catch. SCW

News states (rough translation from Polish):

UFO over Szczecin? Object (s) not to explain captured on PICTURE

We wanted to immortalize a beautiful rainbow, and photographed TO - wrote a letter to Szczecin readers with Warzymice.

I sent a photo taken on Sunday from the window of an apartment in Warzymicach.

We wanted to immortalize a beautiful rainbow that appeared in the sky, and in the evening, we watched effects, we pay attention to the object in the left corner of the photo. Certainly there was then no aircraft in the sky, otherwise it does not look like an airplane. Please each image to enlarge and look at the strange object. Maybe it's actually a UFO over Szczecin?

Indeed, the object (or two objects) do not resemble anything that could be easily explained.

This is not a reflection of the lamp

In the early afternoon image as author, Mr. Marcus Warzymice, sent us another email, which refers to the critical comments that appeared on the forum under the text. He wrote:

I am the author of this photo and denies that the lamp was turned on when taking pictures. In addition, the images I took a few, and these "objects" are visible on only one. I do not know what it is, but certainly it is not a reflection of any lamp or light from the room, because any, was not included. Outside it was already very clear and sunny.

And he said to us Mr Maciej, who also took pictures of the rainbow in Warzymicach:

Hello, here are my pictures of UFOs, but the fact that the rainbow was beautiful and worthy of perpetuation.