A general reveals that Daesh is an Israeli project

General Wesley Clark, former Supreme Commander of NATO, told CNN that the Islamic Emirate ("Daesh") had been "created by our friends and allies to defeat Hezbollah."

General Clark thus clearly put into question the responsibility of Israel.

Since 2001, General Clark has been the spokesman for a group of senior officers opposed to Israeli influence on the foreign policy of the United States, its aggressive imperialist developments and the remodeling of the "Greater Middle East". He had opposed the deployment of troops in Iraq, and wars against Libya and against Syria.


2 cigar-shaped UFOs over Walburg, Texas

On February 19, 2015, at 9:40, a man and his wife have sighted during one minute two bright shiny cylindrical cigar-shaped objects in the sky over city of Walburg, in Texas. What is it?

Witness statement:

My wife and I were driving north on Interstate 35 between Austin and Dallas this morning. The weather this morning was beautiful. Light wispy clouds. Blue skies. 54 degrees. No rain. Just perfect weather. The highway was dry—I was driving 75/80 MPH. I estimate there were 30-40 vehicles on the road in front of us.

I first noticed these two objects at approximately 9:45 a.m. We were just north of Georgetown, Texas, and we had just passed Exit 268. We exited the highway a few minutes later at Exit 275—stopping at the Flying J Travel Plaza to get gas. The time stamp on the gas receipt is 9:55.

The two cigar shaped objects crossed the highway in front of us at an elevation of approximately 1000 feet. They were perfectly in-line with one another—approximately 3000 feet apart. It’s like they were flying on a stretched out wire—perfectly in-line with one another. They were identical in size, shape, and color. The shape and color of these two objects was contrasted against the blue sky. They were shiny—a bright white. There were no discernable wings, tails, landing gear, propellers, jet engines, windows, or lights. They were two cylindrical cigar-shaped objects with rounded nose and tails. I believe the objects were approximately two-three miles ahead of us when I first saw them.

They crossed above the highway traveling east. They were in my field of view for 5-seconds and traveling very high rate of speed. I pointed and asked my wife to look out her passenger window to see if she could see what I was watching.

She watched the two objects for another approximate 20 seconds until the topography to the east blocked the view. She says the objects did not alter their course, configuration, elevation, speed—remaining quickly traveling to east at a high rate of speed until they were no longer visible from our vantage point.

Photo: The Williamson County Courthouse located in Georgetown, Texas (Wikimedia)


Springtime for Hitler as Nazis Storm UKIP Party

A Nazi-themed troupe of dancers and a 16-tonne Second World War tank gate-crashed the start of anti-European Union party UKIP's spring party conference as performers in hot pants, jackboots and Nazi insignia high-kicked to the ‘Springtime For Hitler' tune.

The dancers, from Mel Brooks's musical The Producers, caused the scene outside UKIP's conference venue, the Winter Gardens in Margate, in south-east England. The seven-strong troupe of female dancers performed a choreographed routine as 'Springtime For Hitler' blared from a PA system on the tank turret.

The protest came on the first day of the UKIP conference, as the polls showed leader Nigel Farage on course to win a seat in the next parliament.

Research by Survation for party donor Alan Bown put Mr Farage's support in the seat he is fighting for, South Thanet, at 39%, ahead of Labour rival Will Scobie at 28% and Tory Craig Mackinlay at 27%.

Migration and EU Top UKIP Agenda

It is welcome news for UKIP after a series of surveys suggested its backing nationally had slipped and the party is hoping that the two-day gathering can restore its momentum.

Farage was in the US on Thursday to address the right-wing Conservative Political Action Conference and used his speech in a sparsely-attended hall to repeat his warning about the presence of an "enemy within" in western societies.

The UKIP leader has previously raised concerns about a "fifth column" of Islamist extremists in Europe following the Charlie Hebdo terror attack in Paris.

Farage and other speakers were expected to seize on net migration figures released this week that showed nearly 298,000 people came into Britain last year — almost treble David Cameron's target.

Several other speeches, including one from deputy leader Paul Nuttall, were due to focus on the party's traditional core issue of leaving the EU. Meanwhile, health spokesman Louise Bours will try to assuage concerns about party policies in her domain with a talk called 'UKIP believes in the NHS'.


Strange unidentified light spotted over asteroid Ceres

On February 19, 2015, a few ufologists have seen mysterious and giant lights on the surface of Ceres, an asteroid located between Mars and Jupiter… What is it?

Scott C. Waring explains:

This photo was taken by Dawn spacecraft from 29,000 miles away. This light was seen that far and then some. Scientists are baffled at what it could be, but let me shed some light on it, no pun intended. The light is white, like city lights, not orange or red like a volcano. That rules out volcano. The light is not one, but two. You will see the two glowing objects have different shapes. The largest is a white glowing square, the smaller is a triangle. Still think its a volcano? Ceres is the largest object in the asteroid belt and is only 950km in diameter. These are massive doors that open to allow ships in and out. Yes, I'm saying Ceres was turned into a alien space station...where they live inside...underground where its safe. Its surface covered in dust, dirt, that protects the station below from attacks, meteorites and radiation. Death star comes to mind? SCW

News states:

The discovery of a bright spot on Ceres has given rise to lots of speculation. And now we've learned something new: it has a friend. The second spot is not quite as bright, but still weirdly reflective compared to the rest of the dwarf planet. And one scientist has a possible explanation for both of these bright spots.

Top image: From photographs taken on February 19, 2015 at 46,000 kilometers away (29,000 miles), Dawn can finally see that the mysterious bright spot on Ceres is in a basin, and has a smaller, dimmer companion.


FCC Votes to Keep 'Open & Free' Internet

The US Federal Communications Commission voted on Thursday to regulate the Internet as a public utility. Proponents applaud the move, arguing that it will create a more open web, while opponents say the decision could result in over regulation.

Passing with a vote of 3-2, the FCC has approved net neutrality. The plan will prohibit service providers from prioritizing certain sites in exchange for payments, blocking content access, and from purposefully adjusting Internet speed.

Internet providers, for instance, would not be allowed to provide preferential treatment to websites which pay a fee. Under net neutrality, subscribers would have the same degree of access to a site like Amazon as it would to a smaller, mom-and-pop retailer. The idea is that all web traffic should be treated equal.

If we’re going to open and free Internet, there has to be some counterweight to the power of the big Internet service providers,” former FCC chairman Michael Copps told Sputnik. “You can’t have both monopoly power and no regulation – that’s just an invitation to total monopoly and total undermining of the public interest so that this most powerful technology in all of history, the internet, becomes not the province of all of us for the common good, but it becomes the playground of the favored few.

The new regulations will also expand to mobile broadband Internet.

"It is very important that these rules cover wireless, if for no other reason than 55 percent of Internet traffic today goes over wireless devices. And that's only going to go up," FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler told NPR earlier this month.

Reclassifying the Internet as a public telecommunications service will allow the FCC to regulate service providers.

Several tech giants have expressed broad support for net neutrality, including Twitter, Netflix, Reddit, Apple, and Google.

The threat of Internet Service Providers abusing their gatekeeper power to impose tolls and discriminate against competitive companies is the real threat to our future,” reads a letter written by hundreds of tech start-ups, which was sent to the FCC earlier this month. “A vibrant Internet economy depends on an open playing field in which small, innovative entrepreneurs can compete with incumbents on the quality of their services, not on the size of their checkbook or their roster of lobbyists.

Despite this support, net neutrality has been heavily criticized by the major broadband providers. AT&T, Comcast, Cox, and Verizon have all expressed their opposition, believing that the FCC will overburden the industry with undue rules. Internet regulation, they argue, would stifle innovation and drive up costs for subscribers. Some wireless providers have made similar arguments.

The vote went through despite requests for delay until the 332-page proposal could be made public and reviewed by the American people. A poll conducted by Hart Research Associates found that 79% of Americans preferred to know the precise wording of the poll before the FCC voted.

Two FCC commissioners, Ajit Pai and Michael O’Rielly, had requested such a delay.

President Obama’s plan to regulate the Internet is an unlawful power grab, Pai said in a statement earlier this month. The plan explicitly opens the door to billions of dollars in new taxes…The plan contains a host of new regulations that will reduce investment in broadband networks. That means slower Internet speeds.”

FCC Chairman Wheeler had previously proposed a kind of middle ground legislation, which would have allowed limited pay-for-priority deals. This proposal was met with a wave of outrage from net neutrality advocates. Over 4 million people wrote or called in to the FCC, arguing against any kind of preferential web “fast lanes.”

President Obama also threw his support behind full net neutrality.

Many Congressional Republicans had considered legislation that would preserve net neutrality, but still keep the FCC from regulating providers. However, such legislation has never been brought to a vote.


Two big pulsating UFOs over Shelbyville

On February 2015, an inhabitant of Shelbyville (in Michigan, USA) have seen and photographed two big and white blue unidentified lights. What is it?

Witness statement:

On February 24, 2015 I went out to fill wood stove and seen two big white lights with blue center and took pics. I thought I seen a UFO it was really big cylinder shape object horizontally white top and bottom blue center that pulsated and left like a trail sometimes. I was a little uneasy about seeing this. It was so cold I had to go in.


Beware the Shadows, Ninja Day Is Coming!

If you happen to be in Japan this Sunday, chances are you’ll be seeing a lot more ninjas than usual. That’s because February 22nd is National Ninja Day in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Although not yet an official holiday, Ninja Day has been getting a lot of media attention in Japan, ever since the cities of Iga and Koka started organizing ninja-themed events to boost tourism. Both historical ninja strongholds, they feature a variety of themed attractions, like ninja villages and schools, but authorities go all out on Ninja Day, to really bring out the spirit of the skilled assassins that once thrived there.

For instance, imagine going to the city hall and being served by a ninja instead of the usual clerk. That’s exactly what goes on in Koka these days, where city hall employees answer phones, operate computers and greet citizens dressed in ninja outfits. Since Ninja Day isn’t an official holiday, they don’t get the day off, but they make the best of it anyway. Oh, and they also hand out free origami shurikens to everyone.


World War II UFO scares by Paul T. Collins July, 1987

On Wednesday, February 25, 1942, as war raged in Europe and Asia, at least a million Southern Californians awoke to the scream of air-raid sirens as Los Angeles County cities blacked out at 2:25 AM. Many dozed off again while 12,000 air raid wardens reported faithfully to their posts, most of them expecting nothing more than a dress rehearsal for a possible future event - an invasion of the United States by Japan. At 3:36, however, they were shocked and their slumbering families rudely roused again, this time by sounds unfamiliar to most Americans outside the military services.

The roar of the 37th Coast Artillery Brigade's antiaircraft batteries jolted them out of bed and before they could get to the windows the flashing 12.8 pound shells were detonating with a heavy, ominous boomp - boomp - boomp and the steel was already raining down. All radio stations had been ordered off the air at 3:08. But the news was being written with fingers of light three miles high on a clear star-studded blackboard 30 miles long.

The firing continued intermittently until 4:14. Unexploded shells destroyed pavement, homes and public buildings, three persons were killed and three died of heart attacks directly attributable to the one hour barrage. Several persons were injured by shrapnel. A dairy herd was hit but only a few cows were casualties.

The blackout was lifted and sirens screamed all clear at 7:21. The shooting stopped but the shouting had hardly begun. Military men who never flinched at the roar of rifles now shook at the prospect of facing the press. While they probably could not be blamed for what had happened, they did have some reason for distress. The thing they had been shooting at could not be identified.

Caught by the searchlights and captured in photographs, was an object big enough to dwarf an apartment house. Experienced lighter-than-air (dirigible) specialists doubted it could be a Japanese blimp because the Japanese had no known source of helium, and hydrogen was much too dangerous to use under combat conditions.

Whatever it was, it was a sitting duck for the guns of the 37th. Photographs showed shells bursting all around it. A Los Angeles Herald Express staffer said he was sure many shells hit it directly. He was amazed it had not been shot down.

The object that triggered the air raid alarm had drawn 1430 rounds of ammunition from the coast artillery, to no effect. When it moved at all, the object had proceeded at a leisurely pace over the coastal cities between Santa Monica and Long Beach, taking about 30 minutes of actual flight time to move 20 miles; then it disappeared from view.

You can well imagine with what chagrin public information officers answered press queries. The Pasadena Office of the Southern California Sector of the Army Western Defense Command simply announced that no enemy aircraft had been identified; no craft was shot down; no bombs were dropped; none of our interceptors left the ground to pursue the intruder.

Soon thereafter US Navy Secretary Frank Knox announced that no planes had been sighted. The coastal firing had been triggered, he said, by a false alarm and jittery nerves. He also suggested that some war industries along the coast might have to be moved inland to points invulnerable to attacks from enemy submarines and carrier-based planes.

The press responded with scathing editorials, many on page one, calling attention to the loss of life and denouncing the use of the coast artillery to fire at phantoms. The Los Angeles Times demanded a full explanation from Washington. The Long Beach Telegram complained that government officials who all along had wanted to move the industries were manipulating the affair for propaganda purposes. And the Long Beach Independent charged: "There is a mysterious reticence about the whole affair and it appears some form of censorship is trying to halt discussion of the matter. Although it was red-hot news not one national radio commentator gave it more than passing mention. This is the kind of reticence that is making the American people gravely suspect the motives and the competence of those whom they have charged with the conduct of the war."

The Independent had good reason to question the competence of some of the personnel responsible for our coastal defense operations as well as the integrity and motives of our highest government officials. Only 36 hours before the Long Beach air raid, a gigantic Japanese submarine had surfaced close to shore 12 miles north of Santa Barbara and in 25 minutes of unchallenged firing lobbed 25 five-inch shells at the petroleum refinery in the Ellwood oil field. The Fourth Interceptor Command, although aware of the sub's attack, ordered a blackout from Ventura to Goleta but sent no planes out to sink it. Not one shot was fired at the sub.

After the Ellwood incident had alerted all the West Coast defense posts to possible repeat attacks, these units were sensitive to anticipated invasion attempts. By Wednesday morning in the Los Angeles area they were ready to open fire on a boy's kite if it in any way resembled a plane or a balloon. Secretary of War Henry Stimson praised the 37th Cost Artillery for this attitude. It is better to be a little too alert than not alert enough, he said. At the same time he delicately suggested that it might have been a good idea to send some of our planes up to identify the invading aircraft before shooting at them.

Planes of the Fourth Interceptor Command were, in fact, warming up on the runways waiting for orders to go up and interview the unknown intruders. Why, everybody was asking, were they not ordered to go into action during the 51-minute period between the first air-raid alert at 2:25 AM and the first artillery firing at 3:16?

Against this background of embarrassing indecision and confusion, Army Western Defense Command obviously had to say something fast. Spokesmen told reporters that from one to 50 planes had been sighted, thus giving themselves ample latitude in which to adjust future stories to fit whatever propaganda requirements might arise in the next few days.

When eyewitness reports from thousands searching the skies with binoculars under the bright lights of the coast artillery verified the presence of one enormous, unidentifiable, indestructible object - but not the presence of large numbers of planes - the press releases were gradually scaled downward. A week later Gen. Mark Clark acknowledged that army listening posts had detected what they thought were five light planes approaching the coast on the night of the air raid. No interceptors, he said, had been sent out to engage them because there had been no mass attack.

Believing an aerial bombardment was in progress, some people thought they saw formations of warplanes, dogfights between enemy craft and our fighter planes and other things that they assumed were evidence of such an attack. Obviously there were no dogfights because none of our interceptors were in the air. Tracer bullets were fired from military ground stations and some people mistook the fire pattern made by these projectiles for aerial combat. Other observers reported lighted objects which were variously described as red-and-white flares in groups of three red and three white, fired alternately, or chainlike strings of red lights looking something like an illuminated kite.

People suggested that some of these lights were caused by Japanese-Americans signaling approaching Japanese aircraft with flares to guide them to selected targets, but because no bombs were dropped, the theory was quickly abandoned. In any case, such charges fitted in perfectly with a hysterical press campaign to round up all citizens of Japanese descent and put them in concentration camps.

During the week of the Japanese submarine attack on the Ellwood oil field and the air raid on Los Angeles County, the press took full advantage of the made-to-order situation. Arrests of suspects were quickly made and the FBI was called in, but the Long Beach Press Telegram stated all investigations indicated nobody was signaling the enemy from the ground.

Santa Barbara's Ellwood Oil Field Submarine Attack

Just a few days before the "Battle of LA" a Japanese submarine had surfaced at night and fired its deck gun into the Ellwood oil field located 12 miles northwest of Santa Barbara. The LA Times:

"From Santa Barbara, area of the submarine attack Monday night, District Attorney Percy Heckendorf said he would appeal to Lt. Gen. John L. DeWitt, commanding officer of the Western Defense Command, to make Santa Barbara County a restricted area for enemy nationals and American-born Japanese as well. "There is convincing proof," Heckendorf asserted, "that there were shore signals flashed to the enemy." Heckendorf said the people will hold Gen. DeWitt responsible if he failed to act. Army ordinance officers, meanwhile, were studying more than 200 pounds of shell fragments from missiles fired by the submarine, which caused only $500 damage in the Ellwood oil field near Santa Barbara."

It is said by some locals that the skipper or one of the officers on the Japanese sub had worked in the Ellwood oil field some years prior to the outbreak of the war. The story claims that the man had been mistreated by some of his co-workers during that time, had returned to Japan before the war began, and had then subsequently helped lead the submarine back to the area to make it's attack.


J. Assange takes arrest warrant appeal to Supreme Court

Lawyers for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange are appealing to Sweden's supreme court in a final attempt to have his arrest warrant lifted.

They're hoping to persuade a Swedish judge that "severe limitations" imposed on Assange caused by his inability to leave the Ecuadorian embassy without fear of arrest are "unreasonable and disproportionate" to the case.

Julian Assange claimed asylum in the Embassy in 2012 to escape extradition to Sweden where he is accused of rape and sexual molestation. He remains uncharged because he is unable to be interviewed about the allegations that were made in 2010.

Assange has taken refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy to avoid the threat of extradition to the United States where he could face trial for publishing classified military documents.

Assange denies all the charges.

His lawyer, Per Samuelson has revealed that there was a "zero chance" that the supreme court would react to their submission on the same day and that it was "hard to tell" when prosecutors would make a decision.

Last November, the appeal court in Stockholm rejected Assange's case, ruling his confinement to the embassy was voluntary. However, the senior appeal court judge noted that the case had reached deadline and criticised the prosecution for not moving the investigation forward.

The Wikileaks founder has previously called on Swedish prosecutors to travel to London to interview him — or to conduct it over video link. The British Foreign Office welcomed the move and agreed to help facilitate it; however prosecution lawyers in Stockholm argued it was not normal legal practice.

Julian Assange's case is now to be considered in the highest court in Sweden. However this doesn't mark the end to potentially further legal proceedings. Lawyer Per Samuelson previously said that if the appeal is not granted, Assange is entitled to apply to the district court once again, "so the case could end up going through the Swedish courts all over again", he said. "This could go on indefinitely, there is no time limit".

Journalist John Pilger says the "siege of Julian Assange is a farce". In a special investigation written last November, Pilger said:

"For two years, an exaggerated, costly police presence around the Ecuadorian embassy in London has served no purpose other than to flaunt the power of the state. Their quarry is an Australian charged with no crime, a refugee from gross injustice whose only security is the room given him by a brave South American country. His true crime is to have initiated a wave of truth-telling in an era of lies, cynicism and war."

The security bill to keep Assange safe in the embassy in Knightsbridge has so far cost British taxpayers around £10 million.


Obama failed his coup in Venezuela

Once again, the Obama administration has tried to force the change of a political regime that resists it. On February 12, an Academi (formerly Blackwater) plane disguised as an aircraft of the Venezuelan army was supposed to bomb the presidential palace and kill President Nicolas Maduro. The plotters had planned to place former MP María Corina Machado in power and have her immediately acclaimed by former Latin American presidents.

President Obama had given a warning. In his new doctrine of Defence (National Security Strategy), he wrote: "We stand with citizens whose full exercise of democracy is in danger, as the Venezuelans." Yet, Venezuela is, since the adoption of the 1999 constitution, one of the most democratic countries in the world. This sentence presaged the worst to prevent it from continuing its path to independence and wealth redistribution.

It was on February 6, 2015. Washington was finishing developing the plan for the overthrow of the democratic institutions of Venezuela. The coup was planned for February 12.

"Operation Jericho" was supervised by the National Security Council (NSC), under the authority of Ricardo Zuñiga. This "diplomat" is the grandson of the homonymous president of the Honduran National Party who organized the coups of 1963 and 1972 in favor of General López Arellano. He directed the CIA station in Havana (2009-11), where he recruited and financed agents to form the opposition to Fidel Castro while negotiating the resumption of diplomatic relations with Cuba (finally concluded in 2014).

As always in this type of operation, Washington is careful to not appear involved in the events it leads. The CIA works through supposedly non-governmental organizations to organize coup leaders: the National Endowment for Democracy and its two pseudopods of the right (the International Republican Institute) and left (the National Democratic Institute) Freedom House and the International Center for Non-Profit Law. In addition, the United States always seeks allies to outsource parts of the coup, in this case at least Germany (responsible for the protection of NATO nationals during the coup), Canada (responsible for controlling the civilian international airport in Caracas), Israel (responsible for the assassination of Chavez personalities) and the UK (in charge of the propaganda coup). Finally, they mobilize their political networks that are ready to recognize the coup: Washington Senator Marco Rubio, former Chile president, Sebastián Piñera, in Colombia former Presidents Alvaro Uribe and Andres Pastrana, in Mexico the former presidents Felipe Calderón and Vicente Fox, in Spain the former President of the Government José María Aznar.

To justify the coup, the White House had encouraged large Venezuelan companies to warehouse rather than distribute essential commodities. The idea was to cause queues at the shops, and to infiltrate agents into the crowd to cause riots. In reality, though there had been supply problems in January-February and queues in front of stores, never did Venezuelans attack shops.

To strengthen its economic action, on December 18, 2014, President Obama signed a law imposing new sanctions against Venezuela and several of its leaders. Officially, this was to punish individuals who had suppressed student protests. In fact, since the beginning of the year, Washington was paying four times the medium salary income - to gangs so that they would attack the police. The pseudo-students had thus killed 43 people in a few months and spread terror in the streets of the capital.

Military action was overseen by General Thomas W. Geary, from SOUTHCOM in Miami, and Rebecca Chavez, from the Pentagon, and outsourced to a private army, Academi (formerly Blackwater); a company now administered by Admiral Bobby R. Inman (former head of the NSA) and John Ashcroft (the former Attorney General of the Bush administration). A Super Tucano, registered N314TG, purchased by the Virginia firm in 2008 to assassinate Raul Reyes, the No. 2 man in the Colombian FARC, was to be disguised as an airplane of the Venezuelan army. It was supposed to bomb the Miraflores presidential palace and other targets from a pre-determined dozen, including the Ministry of Defence, the management of Intelligence at the ALBA, Telesur television channel. The plane, being parked in Colombia, the operational headquarters of "Jericho" had been installed at the US Embassy in Bogota with the participation of the Ambassador, Kevin Whitaker and his deputy, Benjamin Ziff.

Some senior officers, active or retired, had registered in advance a message to the nation in which they announced the takeover of power in order to restore order. They were scheduled to subscribe to the transition plan, published on February 12 in the morning by El Nacional and drafted by the US State Department. A new government would have been formed, led by former MP María Corina Machado.

María Corina Machado was the president of Súmate, the association that organized and lost the recall referendum against Hugo Chávez Frias, in 2004, already with money from the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and the French advertising services of Jacques Seguela. Despite her defeat, she was received with honor by President George W. Bush in the Oval Office, May 31, 2005. Elected representative of Miranda state in 2011, she suddenly appeared on 21 March 2014 as Chief of the Panamanian delegation to the Organization of American States (OAS). She was immediately dismissed from her duties as a member for violation of sections 149 and 191 of the Constitution.

To facilitate the coordination of the coup, María Corina Machado organized a symposium in Caracas on January 26, "Citizen Power and Democracy today", which was attended by most of the Venezuelan and foreign personalities involved.

No luck, Venezuelan Military Intelligence watched personalities suspected of hatching a previous plot to assassinate President Maduro. Last May, the Caracas prosecutor had accused María Corina Machado, Henrique Salas Römer, governor, former diplomat Diego Arria, lawyer Gustavo Tarre Birceño, Eligio Cedeño, banker and businessman Pedro M. Burelli, but they challenged emails, claiming they had been falsified by Military Intelligence. Of course, they were all in cahoots.

By tracking these conspirators, Military Intelligence discovered "Operation Jericho". On the night of February 11, the main leaders of the plot and a Mossad agent were arrested and aviation security was enhanced. Others were rounded up on the 12th. On the 20th, confessions obtained permitted the arrest of an accomplice, the mayor of Caracas, Antonio Ledezma.

President Nicolas Maduro immediately intervened on television to denounce the conspirators. Meanwhile in Washington, the spokesman for the State Department was joking with journalists who remembered the coup in Honduras organized by Obama in 2009 - for Latin America - or, more recently, the attempted coup in Macedonia in January, 2015 - for the rest of the world -, stating: "These charges, like all previous ones, are ridiculous. It is a matter of long-standing policy: the United States does not support political transitions through unconstitutional means. Political transitions must be democratic, constitutional, peaceful and legal. We have seen repeatedly that the Venezuelan government is trying to divert attention from its own actions by accusing the United States or other members of the international community of responsibility for the events in Venezuela. These efforts reflect a lack of seriousness on the part of the Government of Venezuela to cope with the serious situation it faces. »

For Venezuelans the failed coup poses a serious question: how do we keep democracy alive, if the main opposition leaders are in jail for the crimes they were about to commit against democracy?

For those who think, wrongly, that the United States has changed, that it is no longer an imperialist power and that now it defends democracy in the world, "Operation Jericho" provides endless food for thought.

The United States against Venezuela
- In 2002, the United States organized a coup against elected President Hugo Chavez Frias, then they murdered the judge in charge of the investigation, Danilo Anderson.
- In 2007, they tried to change the regime by organizing a "color revolution" with Trotskyist groups.
- In 2014, they seemed to give up their goal and supported anarchist groups to vandalize and destabilize the country, it is the Guarimba.


Ancient Book Found On Mars

On February 23, 2015, an ufologist has discovered an ancient book on a photo taken by a Mars rover! Image published on official website of NASA is very impressive.

Scott C. Waring explains:

A book was discovered on Mars this week. The book has a bent spine and pages uneven on its sides, and even its cover looks like it had deep indentions of a cross on it. It reminds me of my grandmothers old family bible that was hundreds of years old. Also, such books have been made out of other materials other than paper. Mormons have a bible made of silver. Jewish tiny bibles have been found made of copper. Aliens probably have metals that print like paper and last thousands or millions of years without corrosion or wear. There does seem to be some dust covering it, but looks no worse for the time is spent on the surface. I bet the rover could drive right up to it and open that cover up easily as if it came right off a shelf.

This was discovered by "Mars Moon Space Photo Zoom Club." I love this guys photo software. He uses a special software to alter the colors and clean up the photos while adding detail.


Mysterious black object snapped in India

On February 24, 2015, during sunset, an anonymous inhabitant has photographed a strange black UFO somewhere in India.

Witness statement:

I was taking a pic of sunset; nothing was visible in the horizon while taking the picture. But the image showed something else, to reassure myself two more pictures were taken but the object not was visible in that. I've no clue what it is so I am herewith attaching all the three pics for your analysis.


Large dark UFO over Compton, California

On February 21, 2015, in the afternoon, a man living in Compton (in southern Los Angeles County) has glimpsed a large dark UFO. Object made no sound and no light. So, what is it?

Witness report:

I live in Compton CA, I was walking out of my back door around 4:40pm and looked up at the sky I noticed something black or rather dark that looked like an airplane at first, I heard a small airplane going by so I thought maybe this was also a small airplane since just a few blocks away is the Compton airport but it was not making any noise. I started thinking it might be a drone but it had no lights on it. It seemed like it was getting closer towards me and it was not very high in the sky a little lower than an airplane and very visible even with some scattered clouds it was still visible. it was moving quietly but fast and smooth it was hovering back and forth then it started going east at an angle going higher and faster I watched it until I could no longer see it in the sky it went so high into the sky all I could see was it looked like a dot and i just could not see it anymore it was gone. It took off at an angle going in a rather straight steady direction into space. It was an amazing, a little scary but very unforgettable. The event lasted about 5-10 mins my phone died right when I saw it so I was unable to get a video or picture of it.

Photo: The Martin Luther King Monument in front of the Compton City Hall, Wikimedia


Orbs snapped near Louisville, Kentucky

On February 12, 2015, a person was driving to work when he decided to take pictures of the ‘interesting sky’ over Louisville, in Kentucky. On his photos, it appears several orbs like UFO…

Witness statement:

I was on my way to work on February 12th just before 5 p.m. when I noticed the sky looked interesting so having photography being a hobby of mine I decided I'd take some pictures of it with my Samsung Galaxy S5. I held the camera horizontally and took 11 pictures. I didn't look at the pictures until the next day when I wasn't working. I wanted just the sky in the pictures so I started to zoom in on one of the photos to see what it would look like without the trees, vehicles and other objects in it. When I did I noticed a round object with what looks like several lights on it in a distinctive pattern. I thought it was odd so I started looking at the other photos. This object appeared in 5 of the 11 photos and in different parts of the sk. In two of them the object showed up clearly with the light pattern being vertical in one and horizontal in the other. I did not see this object with my naked eye nor was I paying close attention to the details of the sky because I was driving. I’m attaching 4 photos in all. Two of the photos are the originals and the other two are pictures where I cropped and zoomed in on the object to give a closer look at the object I'm talking about. I am hoping someone will contact me and tell me what this object is.



ISIL is Secret American Army in Middle East

US historian Webster Tarpley says that the United States created the Islamic State and uses jihadists as its secret army to destabilize the Middle East.

The Islamic State is a secret army of the United States and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, a leader of the terrorist group, is a close friend of US Senator John McCain, says US historian Webster Tarpley, according to Iranian News Agency IRNA.

The author, known for his book “9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA”, said that all terrorism around the world is created and facilitated by the US government.

These are not Tarpley’s first comments in which he blames the United States for creating the Islamic State. Earlier, Press TV had an interview with Tarpley during which he explained his rationale why he thinks the United States was behind the creation of the terrorist group.

Tarpley began by saying that the money that supports the Islamic State and its operations comes from Saudi Arabia, a key US ally in the Middle East. The main money donor of the Islamic State is allegedly Prince Abdul Rahman al-Faisal, the brother of Saud bin Faisal Al Saud, Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister, and Prince Turki bin Faisal Al Saud, the former Saudi Ambassador to the United States. Having said that, Tarpley concludes that if the United States really wanted to get rid of the Islamic State, it would have easily issued an ultimatum to Saudi Arabia and told the Gulf Kingdom to stop sending arms and money to the terrorists in Iraq and Syria.

Second, Turkey, a NATO member with a huge army, is right next to the war-town Syria and Iraq, where the jihadists operate. Tarpley asks the important question: why cannot the Turkish Army come into the lawless Syrian and Iraqi territory and simply wipe the jihadists off the face of the Earth in a matter of weeks, especially if the United States and NATO were so keen to destroy the Islamic State?

If the United States actually thought that the Islamic State was a monstrosity that must be destroyed at all cost, Tarpley asks why wouldn’t the White House join the government of Bashar Assad in Syria, the legally recognized government and the UN member state, in the fight against the jihadists and crush them once and for all? And also, why did the US troops bomb Syrian units loyal to Assad, once the Syrian army started to defeat the jihadists and push them away? Counterproductive and senseless at best, the secret supporter of the militants at worst, Tarpley says.

And lastly, referring to how the jihadist group is using social media and Internet to spread its propaganda and recruit new fighters, Tarpley said there is an interest in not having the Islamic State propaganda shut down online. All major Internet companies are based in the United States and therefore the White House could easily limit, if not close down, the presence of Islamic State on the Internet, if it wanted to.

Although Tarpley’s line of thinking might seem a little too provocative to some, the questions that he asks are nonetheless important. There is certainly a connection between the emergence of al-Qaeda and the American involvement in Afghanistan back in the 1980s. And since al-Qaeda was a forefather of the Islamic State, there might be a possibility of a more intimate relationship between the government of the United States and the jihadists, currently cutting people’s heads off in Iraq and Syria.


They haven’t left their New York apartment in 14 Years

Although the Angulo siblings grew up in New York, they had no idea what the city was like for almost 14 years. They spent their entire childhood confined to their parents’ four bedroom apartment, learning about the outside world solely through films. Their story is now the subject of The Wolfpack, a documentary made by filmmaker Crystal Moselle.

The siblings – Bhagavan, 23, twins Govinda and Narayana, 22, Mukunda, 20, Krisna, 18, Jagadesh, 17, and their sister Visnu – were kept indoors by their father Oscar, a Peruvian immigrant and Hare Krishna devotee. He was apparently convinced that the outside world would corrupt his children and kept the front door locked at all times. But after 14 long years, one of the brothers managed to escape, paving the way for his siblings to break free.

It was during one of those rare escapes in 2010 that Moselle spotted the six Angulo brothers on First Avenue – they were all walking in a ‘pack’, wearing sunglasses, inspired by their favorite film Reservoir Dogs. “It almost felt as if I had discovered a long lost tribe, except that it was not from the edges of the world but from the streets of Manhattan,” Moselle said.

Curious to learn more about the family, the filmmaker befriended the brothers and slowly earned their parents’ trust as well. In time, she was invited into their sheltered world, and allowed to bring in her camera as well. She spent months filming the siblings, who have watched thousands of movies and spend a lot of their time trying to re-enact the scenes in exact detail, with homemade props and costumes.

They had no friends,” Moselle explained. “They were homeschooled and their only window to the world was movies. “Everything was pretty much kept within the household. What’s so fascinating about them is that they really have created their own world through their interpretations of the films they have watched.

One scene in the film shows the brothers enact a scene from Christopher Nolan’s film The Dark Knight. “This outfit is made from cereal boxes and yoga mats,” one of the brothers explained. “After I saw The Dark Knight, that made me believe that something was possible to happen. Not because it was Batman, it’s because it felt like another world. I did everything I could to make that world come true. To escape my world.

Overall, the brothers have watched over 5,000 movies that were either rented or purchased at a low price. “It’s fascinating what the human spirit does when it’s confined,” Moselle observed. “The downside to all the movies is that there are certain formulas to them. Real life is different. In real life, the girl doesn’t always break your heart. The boys are struggling to understand that.

Moselle explained that the mother Susanne appears to have been controlled to the same extent that her children were. A former hippie from the Midwest, she was the sole provider and educator for the family.

While Susanne appears more on camera, father Oscar also took his time to open up to Moselle and her crew. He apparently is unable to shake the feeling that New York will ‘contaminate’ his children. But in spite of his paranoia and intensely reserved nature, Moselle said that she’d reserve judgement on him. Once an aspiring musician with a deep love for AC/DC, he has managed to instill a love for music in his children.

The thing is, these brothers are some of the most gentle, insightful, curious people I’ve ever met. Something was clearly done right,” she said in an interview with The Times.

The Angulo brothers eventually did manage to venture outside – except the sister Visnu, the eldest, who has special needs. Bhagavan, the eldest, has joined a hip-hop conservatory where he is learning how to dance. Govinda is the first and only brother who moved out of the apartment, wanting to assert his individuality. He now works as an AC on various productions and aspires to become a director of photography.

Narayana, on the other hand, is interested in the environment – he currently works for an anti-fracking organisation. He’s also a voracious reader with a vast knowledge of films. Makunda, the unspoken leader of the brothers, was the first one to ever leave the apartment. He is now an aspiring writer and director. Krisna is into music and 80s culture, along with Jagadesh, the youngest.

The brothers, along with their mother, traveled to Sundance to attend the festival last month, where The Wolfpack took home the Grand Jury Prize for best U.S. documentary.