Three UFO filmed near Eiffel Tower, in Paris

On October 2014, a group of friends have a good time in Paris. One of them, a young girl, has taken a curious video near Eiffel Tower. On these images, we can at least three bright UFO flying very quickly…

News states:

In this video a young girl was recording group of friends people having a good time at the famous Eiffel Tower. In the background along the horizon, you can see three UFOs flying to frame. These UFOs were not noticed in person. As the person recorded was focusing in on the group of friends enjoying themselves. These UFOs are fast flying and were only noticed by the person recording much later when viewing the video. The first UFO seems like it could be a plane, but clearly, the UFOs move fast and behaves differently when flying. These objects do not appear to be planes flying about in the night sky. To the far right one UFO seemingly falls and flies erratic as it heads down to the right side of the Eiffel Tower. The UFO almost appears to be floating down. The other UFOs veer off to the left of the famous tower, and they seemingly begin to fizzle out.


Orb like UFO sighted in Ottawa, on October 22

On October 22, 2014, the same day as terrorist attack at Parliament Hill in Ottawa (Canada), an inhabitant has seen a “orb” like UFO flying in the sky…

Witness report:

Saw this the same day as terrorist attack in Ottawa. Saw a "orb" like UFO that was reflective, stationary then moving SW. It disappeared into the distance and then a few seconds later an identical "orb" appeared in the east and was heading in the same SW direction, it also disappeared.

Can anyone get a good zoom on the object? Unfortunately all I had with me was my phone camera.


Black flying saucer over Highland, California

On October 11, 2014, two friends take scenic photos near the city of Highland (in California). Later, one of them noticed a black flying saucer on his image. This UFO was no visible at naked eyes. What is it?

Witness Statement:

I was off-roading with a friend and coming down some of the dirt roads from Big Bear to the 330. We stopped in a few locations to take scenic photos. A few weeks later as I went to edit some of the photos I noticed an object in the sky that neither of us had known was there. When I magnified the digital image I could not identify the object.

For most of my life I've been interested in, and am knowledgeable in civilian and military aviation. I feel that if we had a conventional aircraft flying this close to us we would have not only heard it but noticed it visually. Neither of us saw anything even close to this for the entire day.

Under magnification the object does not look to be organic, and doesn't fit the profile of any type of civilian or military aircraft.

The photo was taken with a Canon Rebel SL1, at 18mm / 1/160th / f11 / iso 100

Because the shutter speed was 1/160th and there is not much motion blur this leads me to believe the object was not moving very fast when photographed.


Incandescent UFO above Santiago Pic in Chili…

On March 15, 2011, during holidays in Chili, a tourist has taken a photo of a very bright light while he was visiting the famous Santiago Pic. Witness has told his story on MUFON website.

Witness report:

I was taking pics of mountains saw nothing till I got it on pc car window was down so not reflection or stain on window I'm sure its nothing but I've sent it to a few people with no reply  and I must say its one of the best pics I've ever seen and if seen thousands.

I can say this that it would be huge if its real because i took a few with planes to show the size of mountains and look tinny.

Anyway sorry about my spelling and i hope you get back to me with something as i would love to know what it is.

Thank you

Emma Hormazabal

PS: I'm sorry but i have no idea about time zone but you demand it so I put something sorry about that .you do make it a bit hard you know.


Mysterious blue light appeared over Auckland, NZ

While he was trying his new mobile phone, an inhabitant has photographed, on two occasions, a blue UFO flying over Auckland, in New Zealand. According to witness, UFO was not visible at naked eyes. On photo, we can even see another yellow light…

Witness reports:

Bought a new phone on 20th October. Testing out new camera 16mega pixel. Took to photos of the city in the first picture a distant light in the second two lights and one which looks like a craft like object. These photos were taking with in seconds of each other and nothing was observed by eye over the city. The lights are over a non flight path and seem to be traveling at speed.


Bright and white UFO spotted over Winnipeg, Manitoba

On October 20, 2014, for a few moments, a bright UFO hovered in the sky over the city of Winnipeg (province of Manitoba, Canada). It went into a straight line before disappear. What is it?

Witness statement:

A friend and I were outside my condominium walking to my car. In the back parking lot I saw a flash in the sky, not sure if it was a plane. It was not blinking so I decided to take a few pictures, the one I attached turned out best. I sent it to a UFO sighting site and they confirmed that it could indeed be an alien aircraft. It went into a straight line from NW to SW and then disappeared into the night.


5 mysterious UFOs spotted in the North of India

On October 28, 2014, a person living in India has photographed five white UFO over Kanpur, largest urban agglomeration in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. These objects flew in line. What is it?

Witness report:

This 5 UFO's was flying in the Kanpur Cantt area sky and changing direction without gravity rule, and scan with lasers

Fake or alien spacecrafts?


Boomerang-shaped UFO over Newark, Ohio

On October 21, 2014, a person returned home (in Newark, Ohio) after having worked all night. During sunrise, he takes his mobile phone to photograph the landscape. Suddenly, he has seen a white and bright boomerang-shaped UFO flying in the sky…

Witness report:

Before leaving my work I had noticed a light in the sky in the distance. It would be to the North of where I was. It appeared to be just hanging in the sky. As I pulled out of the driveway, the light came closer, it was a plane.

Then I started driving home [I work overnight ]. It was after 7am and before 7:30. The sun was coming up, and I wanted to catch it on my phone, camera .

I had been driving about 20 minutes, I looked over to my left and saw this light in the sky. I kept looking at it as it got closer. I really thought it was just a plane. I snapped a picture of it and didn't think about it until later.

I just thought it was weird that this plane was as low as it was, going the direction it was.

Later the same day I was looking at the pictures and noticed that the plane turned into a boomerang. And another picture I had taken that morning had two round lights in the sky. They looked like a set of eyes.

I'm always taking pictures of the sunsets or sunrises. Ive got some other pictures that have questionable orbs or lights in them: but I always dismissed it. Now I'll pay more attention; and I'll be looking at pictures of the past.

I will add, I went to a conference in June {discussing UFO's and more}. While there I met a man that claims to have been abducted, and claims to have an implant.{I believe him} He lives in another state, but we have stayed in contact with each other. Well, sort of. After a few emails and phone conversations, it's like he fell off the planet. Then Oct 17, I get an email from him apologizing for not staying in touch. {He had a horrific few months}. He was concerned that the "beings" would try to come after me. Then I emailed him back, several times before that Mon 20th {when I saw this boomerang}. This was his work email so he didn't even read them until after the fact.

See, he accepted Jesus Christ the weekend of the conference. He told me and my friend about his abduction at 13: his x-ray of a broken foot and the implant. He is now in his 60's. He has only told a select few about his 'situation'.

These 'beings' came back for him, trying to convince him that "no amount of praying would do any good". Since he is new to Christ, he believed them. They are liars from the pit of hell. Persons that are being tormented by these beings can find hope in Jesus, they [the beings] fear Him [Jesus].

So, it might be like my friend said, they want to come after me. They might give me the creeps but, I've got a more powerful weapon. Jesus!


Very bright UFO photographed somewhere in California

On October 27, 2014, somewhere in the state of California (USA), a diamond-shaped UFO is appeared in the clear sky during broad day-light. Object was very bright.

Witness statement:

I was out taking photos of the Sun setting through trees weed excetera. When reviewing my photos later I noticed a strange object in one photograph I have no idea if it is a UFO or some kind of crazy lens flare or what so I am hoping you will examine and inform me. I am attaching the original photo taken with my phone Samsung S3 and two crops that I made of it to see what it was.


A decade of UFO appeared over King George, Virginia

On October 26, 2014, at least 9 disc-shaped UFOs are appeared over King George, in the state of Virginia. A man and his wife have sighted this surnatural this scene. Unfortunately, when witnesses have taken some photos, there are only two.

Witness statement:

My wife and I were traveling westbound on Kings Highway in King George, VA at roughly 38.277993, -77.209848 when to the west my wife and I both noticed several unusual objects in the sky. At first glance they looked like very short contrails but as we continued to observe them we noticed that they were stationary and not becoming longer like a contrail. I was driving and had to pay attention to the road but my wife says she counted 9 of these disc shaped objects before they disappeared one at a time. By the time she took pictures only two remained. I think in a couple of the pictures there are three of them.

Not only did we see these objects to the west but we both saw one blinking orange star like object which was roughly to the south of our position at approximately 45 degrees (just taking a guess on that). I saw this object looking out the driver’s side window while still traveling westbound. It looked a lot like a very bright Mars but I am certain it was not a planet or an airplane. It was not quite dark yet and no stars were visible at that time. It was unlike anything I have seen in the sky before. I looked at it and it disappeared. It did not blink like an airplane and I wouldn't exactly say it pulsated. It was more like a slow steady blink with roughly 10-15 seconds between blinks until it just disappeared. It seemed stationary and I definitely believe it was in our atmosphere and not in space. I feel that the star like object was closer to us but it is very hard to tell.

I consider myself a logical minded person and try not to jump to conclusions so I will say I have no idea exactly what these objects were but to see the unusual objects to the west and then the one to the south within a few minutes of each other was very intriguing. Now I only wish I would have pulled over to get more/better pictures especially of the star like object.

I firmly believe we are not alone in the universe but cannot say I have any evidence. My wife is more of a skeptic and after this event I asked her if she believes we are alone after witnessing these objects she replied with a firm, "No". She said it was, "creepy". I don't know if these objects originate on this planet or from somewhere else but I do know that they were undoubtedly unusual.

Personally I felt excited to witness something like this. I am curious to know what these objects are and from where they originate.

I am attaching the original unedited photos. I apologize for the quality as they are iPhone photos through the windshield of a moving vehicle. These are the photos of the remaining objects to the west. Keep in mind that there were nine of these according to my wife and they disappeared one at a time. When I zoomed in on them (picture number 8 specifically) I was amazed to see that classic UFO shape. The star like object had completely disappeared by the time the pictures were taken. I am open to thoughts and suggestions as to what these objects could be.


UFO falls from sky above Clarence, New York

On January 15, 2011, a film producer has photographed above town of Clarence (in Erie County, New York) a curious UFO that was falling from the drawing. No photo or video has been taken but witness has realized a design…

Witness report:

A small light source in the sky, I started running for a better view then it drops. It didn't go at an angle like it was entering atmosphere, like a comet, it went straight down. FAST. There was a growing trail behind it as it fell and a wake around it like a boomerang (as in fell so fast it caused it) I got scared of the force of the impact on the town of Clarence! Then it just stopped above the trees and went out. Then I noticed a small light source again above the trees. I literally flinched expecting an explosion!


Black flying saucer photographed in Orange County

On October 3, 2014, an automobilist drove between the cities of Irvine and Tustin (in California). Suddenly, he has noticed, high in the sky, a possible dark flying saucer. Witness has sighted this UFO during several minutes. What is it?

Witness statement:

I was driving north from Woodbury area to Paseo Westpark area. I first noticed a black disk like object hovering over what seemed like Tustin District area. It didn't move, or have any lights. Then I noticed 2 black/dark helicopters flying away from the object. As I turned on Irvine Center Drive towards Culver, I saw the object directly in front of me. The object seemed to be hovering for at least 6 minutes or so. Then as I got closer, it seemed to have moved at a rapid speed towards north. I then followed it to Tustin Ranch Road where it was about 300 feet from the ground flying almost parallel to Tustin Ranch Road right by the 2 large hangers. Once I reached Walnut, the object flew NE in tremendous speed. At this point, I could not even see it in the sky as it had flew super fast, very far away. I thought at this point it must have been an airplane. I turned around to head back to Paseo Westpark, when I looked in my rear view mirror and saw the object was back hovering over the District area. This could not be an airplane as it hovered for long periods of time, flew with great speed, THEN somehow turned around and came back to the same spot within a couple minutes. I again made a U turn to follow the object when it just disappeared. At this point, the sun was setting and got very dark so I couldn't see it even if it was up in the sky. I'd like to add that there were several commercial planes flying into SNA that must have seen this object.


Triangle object spotted over Gainesville, in Florida

On October 25, 2014, a wife and her husband came out of a restaurant, in Gainesville (city in Alachua County, Florida), when they have sighted a triangle object with three lights moving from in a southeast direction. Other witnesses?

Witness statement:

We went out to dinner and were looking at the sky afterward. It was very dark and the sky clear. I was looking for meteors, and movement caught my eye. I saw three lights traveling together in a triangle formation. It was moving real fast. I pointed it out to my husband and we watched them fly overhead. Overhead the object looked like it was solid and dark, blacker than the sky and it looked low. Like low enough to hear if it had been a plane, but there was no sound. The lights on it looked as if you were looking at it though a lens, like they were fuzzy almost as if there was interference. Shortly after it flew overhead, it turned sharply to the west and the lights flew apart in different directions. And then it was gone.


At least 10 UFO sighted over Carmel, Indiana

On October 26, 2014, two friends have noted about ten luminous dots in the sky with different colors above Carmel, a city located in Hamilton County, Indiana. What is it?

Witness report:

I was helping a friend put up a sign right across the street from Maggiano's restaurant located in the fashion Mall area. I was holding the ladder for my friend when I looked to the sky and saw a bright dot. When I looked closer I counted 10 dots. All different colors. Looked to be solid and headed in the direction of the sun. I saw this for about 5 minutes until it was out of sight. My friend at the time saw this as well.


Triangular-shaped UFO sighted by a flight passenger

On July 31, 2014, a flight passenger has spotted, through the hatch, a perfect triangular-shaped UFO. Fortunately, he had enough time to take several photos of this incredible unidentified object …

Witness statement:

I was flying to Toronto on July 31st, 2014. I had an aisle seat, but lucky me the middle and window seat were empty, so I had the whole row to myself. I decided to sit by the window so I could look outside and lean my legs against the wall of the plane. As I was looking out the window I noticed a massive triangle, large enough for me to see from an airplane, and it was in an area surrounded by trees and mountains. There was nothing but untouched and uninhabited nature for miles/kilometers. The triangle was impossible to miss. And it was a perfectly shaped. All I could think is how could something of that size be cut so perfect. Then I starting thinking why is there a giant triangle cut out in the trees in the absolute middle of no where. If it were for foresting they would cut a whole section, not a triangle. Nothing made sense as to why the triangle was there. I took out my phone and took pictures of it, but the photos don't do justice to what I saw with my own eyes. I snapped a couple pictures as quickly as I could, then we flew beyond the triangle and it was out of sight. I kept looking at my pictures once the plane was beyond the triangle, zooming it and trying to examine what it could be. I have no answers.


A rectangular-shaped UFO over Crossville, Tennessee

On October 24, 2014, a parent and his son have sighted, near the city of Crossville (in Cumberland County, Tennessee), a rectangular-shaped UFO.

Witness report;

My son and I were walking along in a field and noticed a rectangular shaped object to the SE of us at approximately 350 yds from us. It hovered for about 2 minutes before descending below the treeline. It made no sound and we walked to the area near it and noticed a herd of cattle that appeared spooked by it. Approximate Latitude 35 degrees 55' 22.60 longitude 85 degrees 10' 52.65 at about 100 ft from the ground before descending below the treeline. Weather was clear with no clouds high 60s and no other objects in the sky.


Keanu Reeves shares real-life ghost story

On Wednesday, October 24, 2014, American actor Keanu Reeves has shared a real-life encounter he once had with a ghost during the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” while he answered a series of random questions.

Keanu Reeves tells:

 “Yeah, when I was a kid. It was in New York. It was cool. So I’m like a little kid. I’m probably like 6, 7 years old, [in] a new apartment. … We’d come from Australia. Renata, nanny, was in the bedroom. … There was a doorway and, all of a sudden, we’re looking over there and this jacket comes waving through the doorway, just empty – there’s no head, there’s no body, there’s no legs. It’s just there and then it disappears.


UFO shoots Past Air Show Jets in San Francisco

On October 11, 2014, during an Air show in San Francisco (in California), a viewer has filmed, with his mobile phone, a spherical-shaped UFO flying near an aircraft. The images taken were surprising…

Eyewitness states:

San Francisco, California - 10-11-14 - I was watching Blue Angels with 100's of people on rooftops. I used my iPhone 6 to shoot several slow-mo videos. I never got them quite right above me.

5 days later, I watched the videos and when I saw them in slo-mo (they were shot at 240FPS) I saw something pretty incredible.

There must be 100's of videos like that, 10,000+ people were watching. I did not see anything in real time and you cannot really see anything in real time on the video either.

But since I was shooting at 240FPS, at slow-mo, object moving across the sky, making a loop to "look" at the flying planes, while they look almost still and taking off at 10-100x the speed of the jet planes is clearly visible.

I have the original video, untouched on my iPhone 6. It could be validated by experts. You could also ask on local TV station for other people who shot 3:27:00 - 3:28:00 PM in high speed!

Other people must have much better video of this. There were hundreds of people who must have shot this and just did not realize what is on their videos.


Bright red orb spotted in Ohio, USA

On October 23, 2014, somewhere in the North of Ohio, a mysterious circular-shaped UFO has been photographed. At first, object was red before to become yellow.

Witness report:

Watching solar eclipse 10-23-14. Took pics. This thing was first captured above the sun as a dot. as it descended it turned red orange and sunk into the horizon. Very weird for me, looking for explanations. Feeling like I need answers. Sight was lost when it sunk into horizon. What is it?


Strange object photographed during a Solar Eclipse

On October 2014, during a Solar Eclipse, a man and his wife have photographed a strange unidentified shape opposite Moon. Witnesses assure that UFO was invisible at naked eyes. What is it?

Witness statement:

My husband was taking photos of the Solar Eclipse on 10/23/14. He was taking photos through an 8 inch reflector with a solar filter and a 25 millimeter plossl lens.

While sorting through his photos - the one attached stood out.

While examining the photo and comparing it to others taken at the same time, this is not a solar flare. A solar flare was actually caught on another photo. This object is much larger and closer to the earth.

The object was not visible through the camera to the naked eye.


UK pilots spot unknown flying man at 3,500ft

On October 2014, two pilots have sighted, while flying over United Kingdom, a man in the sky! This incredible story seems genuine…

Scott C. Waring explains:

Hey, check this out. Pilots and crew saw a person flying past them from above...yet radar does not show any plane that dropped him off nor shows the sky diver! Sure DARPA said they were making the ironman suit, but they can't be this far along. Nothing could defy radar...except an object with advanced tech on it. Perhaps this is an alien with Superman-like powers. Even Superman in the comic book came from an alien planet. What I'm saying is...this report is cool! SCW

Macclesfield News states:

Pilots on a passenger plane were stunned when a “flying man” zipped past the side of their aircraft at 3,500ft as they flew over Macclesfield.

Aviation experts admitted they were baffled by the sighting of the human UFO, who has been dubbed the 'Superman of Macclesfield'.

He appeared from nowhere as the Airbus 320 passed above Broken Cross and towards central Macclesfield while it was coming in to land at Manchester Airport.

The pilot and first officer, who reported the sighting to air traffic control, thought the man was a paraglider but could not see a canopy. The allegedly airborne man was above the Rainow area when spotted.

And the mystery deepened when there was no sign of him on radar.


Flying saucer sighted in night over Montgomery, Alabama

On April 17, 1967, a family looked at the sky when a flying saucer is appeared during several seconds. This scene took place in the city of Montgomery, in Alabama. Since this event, witness has known multiple paranormal experiences…

Witness reports:

I believe it was the spring of '67. My mother, brother and I were in the back yard watching a lunar event. It was to the right of our back yard. As soon as it finished my brother and I caught a flash out our left eye. There was a cloud in the sky. A perfect saucer popped out from behind it, stopped for 5 seconds, then took off at a 45 degree angle at an impossible speed. We both screamed.

Since then I have had many encounters with them. I would very much like to talk to the people from MUFON......Please help me.


Bright UFO spotted over Santa Ana, California

An automobilist was near the city of Santa Ana (in California) when he has seen a bright unidentified light in the sky. Witness has taken a photo of this anomaly. What is it? A meteorite or a real UFO?

Witness statement:

I was traveling east bound on the 22 freeway on the morning of October 22, 2014. Between 6:00am and 6:30 am I was on the overpass transition from the 22 freeway to the 55 North and witnessed what looked like a bright light. It appeared to be a contrail but it was not getting any larger.

I grabbed my camera and snapped a photo. I have no clue if it is just a contrail or what it is....

Attached are photographs. One is the original file from my phone and the second one I enlarged the image in a photo program to get a better look myself.

Looks like a contrail... but not sure as it did not move or spread-out.....


Ancient statue head discovered on Mars

On October 2014, famous ufologist Scott C. Waring has found on a photo published on NASA website a possible ancient statue head on Mars. What is it? An optical illusion or a alien’s skull?

Waring explains:

This interesting head was found on Mars this week and shows us an elongated skull, much like we have seen with some ancient skulls on Earth. We have seen such skulls in ancient Egypt and murals. From its curvature, this face looks reptilian. I have found other reptilian heads on Mars which only reenforces the the proof that the species did exist on this planet, but its only one of many species which inhabited Mars. This giant head would be about 3-5 meters across. It looks like its the head of an ancient statue. The statue may be buried from the neck down. SCW


Black orb filmed near Sun, in Grand Marais, Mn

On October 9, 2014, a trail camera located in Grand Marais (in Cook County, State of Minnesota) has filmed an impressive black circular-shaped UFO flying near the sun…

Witness report:

A black object in front the sun two days in a row, off my deer camera in the back yard.

A motion sensor has to trigger a photo to be taken and there was no other image in front of the camera that moved, Just the black orb.


Strange brown object over Clayton, California

On October 11, 2014, after a birthday party in Clayton (California), a person begun to go at his home. He observed the mountain before to take it on photo. Later, he noticed a dark UFO, no visible at naked eyes. What is it?

Witness statement:

After attending my niece's birthday party at Clayton Community Park in Claton, California opposite Mt Diablo, I went to the parking area to leave. I could observe the mountain side from where my car was parked. I took three photos of the mountain around 3:45PM. I did not see the object at the time. The horizontal lines on the pyramid shaped mountain were interesting to me. After downloading the photos to my computer I discovered the strange brown object in the third shot. The object looked like it was cruising along or hovering in place. It's difficult to judge as this is a still photo. I was shocked to see the object in the photo as I didn't see it while shooting it. I have heard that UFOs are often seen around mining areas.


Wildlife camera reveals strange light in Missouri

On February 1st, 2014, at around 6:39 AM, a wildlife camera has filmed a very strange light in night, in Nelson (Missouri). What is it? A unidentified flying object or something else?

Witness report:

I have taken over 8,000 pics from a wildlife camera at the site shown here. I noticed the object when viewing animals.

It seems to be about 10 to 15 ft off the ground.

The deer in the photo seems to see or hear object also.The object was not in the next photo.

I also have a photo of a head in another wildlife pic taken in 2010. It looks like a enity of some kind.

Also in June of 2014 I had a 15 ft circle in my front yard. The grass was dark green 12 inches wide around the outside edge of the circle and lighter in center.