Glowing UFO sighted over Hephzibah, Georgia

On August 26, 2014, a glowing and bright white UFO has been filmed just above the little city of Hephzibah, in Richmond County (state of Georgia). According to Scott C. Waring, it is one of the common UFO type seen in the sky around the world.

Eyewitness states:

My husband and I were standing on our front porch, when I noticed the ball of light. I have seen them many times but normally at night and not having a camera in hand but this time I finally did so I magnified my camera on my Moto x Motorola cell phone by 4.0x to catch it on film. We both were trying to get it on film at the same time but I was able to.


Possible UFO captured over Ponca City

On August 31, 2014, after to have photographed the beautiful starry sky over Ponca City (in Oklahoma), a man has noticed a curious and unusual series of stars. By looking images, we can think that it’s a UFO…

Witness reports:

Was preparing to take star trail images. Snapped off a few stills to check the exposure settings Then went ahead and took a series of star trail images. When going through the images this morning I came across something that I cannot identify.

Just to make to clear I did not see this with my naked eye or even notice it was there. In following image taken shortly after the "UFO" image does not show anything. So it was gone quickly.

Camera was on tripod and pointing due east in my backyard.


Several UFOs spotted over Charleston on August 30

On August 30, 2014, for the third time, a inhabitant has spotted a globe-shaped over the city of Charleston, in the state of South Carolina. Witness has able to photograph him…

Witness reports:

On 3rd floor apt balcony. Third time this summer spotting object. Stationary then moved to my right out of sight obscured by tree line. Still behind trees now. Checked phone app to see if it was a star. Apparently not.

The same day, another person has sighted another strange phenomenon over the same city. This second case has also been reported on MUFON website:

Witness reports:

5 green lights were seen moving from the SSE to the NNW at 10:09 PM on 8/30/2014 in Charleston SC. Two groupings were seen, three lights in front, two in rear. Lights were moving relative to each other and stars could be seen between the lights indicating they were not connected by any solid object. All lights were moving at generally the same speed in the aforementioned direction. The first three lights moved only slightly in relation to each other. The trailing two lights moved at great speed in relation to each other, where one light moved 270 degrees around the other light in approximately 10 seconds. The movement was not in a perfect arch, again suggesting the two were no physically connected. While the trailing lights were performing the 270 degree movement relative to each other, one of the leading green lights became intensely bright relative to the others. This could best be described as seeing a laser pointer that was suddenly pointed directly at the observer. This lasted approximately 5 seconds. Lights did not blink and were constant, and their brightness in comparison to each other was similar, with the exception of the sudden brightening of the one object. Light intensity could be described as that of a slightly brighter than a standard green airplane navigation light at approximately 1,000 to 2,000 feet (as compared to known aircraft landing at CHS on most any other night).

Absolutely no noise of any kind was heard during the entire sighting.

Lights were first seen approximately 45 degrees from directly overhead and it took approximately 60 seconds to move to the corresponding 45 degree angle. 90 degrees were covered in approximately 60 seconds. The objects were seen for another 90 seconds, moving to the NNW, until they slowly faded from sight. No additional movement relative to each other was seen at that point.

Many flights go over the house in the direction of Charleston international airport. The direction of these lights was different in that it was 30 degrees to the west of the normal flight pattern to the airport.

Sky was clear, no clouds. No haze was observed.

The pattern below generally reflects the relative position of each light although there were subtle variations of this during the observation. The distance from the lead light to the trailing light was the distance from the pinky to the thumb with full spread of fingers at arm’s length when the objects were directly overhead. The distance from the two trailing lights to each other was approximately the size of a half dollar at arm’s length.


Given the speed the trailing two objects moved relative to each other, it gave the impression that these objects were not at any appreciable height. The general speed of the objects across the sky was much slower than an aircraft landing at CHS. A landing aircraft takes approximately 15 seconds to cover the same 90 degree arch these lights covered in 60 seconds. However, landing aircraft are only visible for approximately 20 to 30 seconds where these lights were visible for 90 plus seconds before they slowly faded into the distance. That gives the impression these lights were higher in altitude which contradicts the impression of a lower altitude given by the relative movement of the trailing two objects.

My wife observed the objects for 10 to 15 seconds before calling me outside to see them. We were the only two witnesses that we know of.


Possible alien abduction in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

On May 1991, in Baton Rouge (Louisiana), a woman and her dog have sighted near her home an incredible bright UFO. She has been paralyzed by it. After a few minutes, object has disappeared. By reading this story, we can think that the woman has been abducted by aliens …

Witness statement:

On the first Monday night in May, 1991, I was watching the news with my dog. The ABC World News had just begun on TV when my dog began to growl. I had never seen her like that. She had a good nature and was playful. Her hair suddenly stood up in a ridge along her back and she was crying and growling at the same time.  She jumped off the bed and went to the French door, with windows, that led from the bedroom to the backyard. She didn’t paw to go out. Instead she sat down and kept growling and crying with her fur raised. She kept shaking her head. I got up to see what what was frightening her.  When I got to the door I noticed a screeching, buzzing, sound. It was similar to static. The TV blinked and so did the lights. It was actually hurting the dog.  When I looked in the backyard it was just beginning to get dark, but there was still some light out. In the distance, just above the tree tops of the woods behind my house, I saw a circular light. It was hovering. I could tell it wasn’t the moon, or anything natural, because it wobbled as it hovered. My dog was staring straight at it and growling viciously. I thought it was odd. I began to stare at it too.   As I watched, it was as if I couldn’t take my eyes away. Then I realized we were both unable to move. The static sound got louder but my dog couldn’t shake her head. We were frozen in place. I was terrified. I wanted to run only I couldn’t.  The light changed direction. It fell down through the trees and took a path through the woods toward my house. It wove through the trees and got bigger and brighter. It hurt my eyes. It wasn’t stopping it came straight for my door, about six feet off the ground. The light got so bright I thought my eyes would burn. Then it was just gone.  I looked down at my dog. She was in exactly the same spot, drooling, and growling, but softer now. I was dizzy and disoriented. I was as if the light passed straight through us. I sat down on the floor to check my dog and she fell over and laid still, panting as if she’d been running.   The whole event seemed a few seconds long. When I looked up at the TV, Wheel Of Fortune was ending. An hour and a half had passed. The World News, the Local News, and Wheel Of Fortune had aired. I can’t remember one thing during that time.  What is truly strange is that exactly one month later my dog vanished out of my backyard. I had to go out for a while. I left her outside. I had a five foot wooden fence around the yard. It was locked with a padlock. She wasn’t a digger. I got home about nine PM and she was gone. The fence was locked. There was no fur on the ground. There were no holes in the yard. No one could have gotten over the fence, with a thirty-five pound dog, without a ladder. She was just gone.  I miss my dog, but mostly, it bothers me that I have no idea what happened during that time frame. I have severe headaches and strange dreams. I don’t like to sleep at night. I have a strange rash all over my body and radiation has been found in the woods behind my house. What happened to me??


Shining star UFO photographed over Henryetta, OK

On August 28, 2014, a curious luminous phenomenon has been spotted over Henryetta, in the State of Oklahoma. At the outset, witnesses have noticed a bright but unusual star in the sky. Suddenly, this UFO has exploded.

Witness statement:

Myself and two others were sitting on a hilltop watching the sun set in the western Oklahoma sky about 7:45pm. Right above the cloud line appeared a ball of light, the size of a star but much brighter and closer, we thought maybe it could be the space station going by.

The light stayed in the same spot for about two minutes then 2 smaller orb looking shapes appeared directly under it. The bright light began to get very dim as if it was moving away. We thought it was gone then out of nowhere the bright orb exploded as if it hit something, there was a large ball of fire in the sky, it happened so fast.

Right after, it left what looked like a cloud of smoke.

The pictures enclosed are immediately after it exploded.


Boomerang-shaped UFO snapped over Sharon, VT

On August 28, 2014, a large but rounded boomerang-shaped UFO is appeared above the city of Sharon, in Vermont. Object flew at high altitude. The center of it was totally transparent. What is it?

Witness statement:

I was watching two red tailed hawks in the sky. Saw a strange movement out of the corner of my eye. When I looked it was very hard to see. but when you saw it it was very distinct even though it was nearly transparent. It was boomerang shaped but round not triangular. Almost thought it was a flock of birds at first or maybe a trail from a jet or plane. But when I watched it it was perfectly rounded on the leading edge, which was slightly darker and the only aspect of it that gave it away. It was also very high. it was almost invisible if it wasn't for the leading edge. When watching it it did appear that there was more to it than just the leading edge. its hard to describe but it was a little blurry behind it. it was flying almost directly from the north to the south. It was a little cloudy and I lost sight of it after about 30 seconds. I know that I have never seen anything like it before. I am unable to explain it that is why I am reporting it here. I did some research on the web. Most of the images I found were triangles. But I found one image that is identical to what I saw.


Bright UFO captured over Owings Mills, Maryland

On August 28, 2014, a glowing and very bright UFO with a diamond-shaped body has been photographed over Owings Mills, in Maryland. According to the witness, object made abrupt directional changes.

Witness reports:

My wife and I observed a disc shaped white glowing object on evening of 8/28/14 at approx 7:54pm. We know standard aircraft and have never seen anything like this or made an actual UFO report ever. This was not a plane or copter.

The glowing disc made high speed movements, abrupt turns, ascending and descending, hovering. Eventually is disappeared into tree lines. We tried chasing but lost track of the object.

This was In Owings Mills MD, near a major road intersection and fairly heavy traffic. We first noticed the object coming up to a traffic light and saw it to our left over tree lines. We saw the strange glow and thought this in not a plane or any standard aircraft that we know. The object moved in paths in fast abrupt movements, ascending, descending, hovering, abrupt directional changes. We tried chasing but lost track when the object vanished near tree lines.


Giant UFO sighted over Dunnellon, Florida

On June 2014, a giant triangular-shaped UFO has flown over the little city of Dunnellon (in Florida), according an inhabitant. Witness has tried to film this object but video obtained is in a poor quality.

Witness reports:

On 6/21/2014 at 22:54 pm, I was standing outside my house smoking a cigarette. I was facing my house with my street at my back. Out of no wear I heard a horrific sound like hundreds of helicopters flying towards me. When I turned around I seen a huge triangle shaped ship flying/hovering towards me.

It was triangle in shape, had three white lights on it at each corner of ship, it look to be 100-200 feet long per side, loud, roaring/turbine/rumbling sound. As it got closer to me I was overcome by a hair raising, tingling sensation that came over my body.

I had my cell phone (Galaxy S5) so I started to record what I was seeing. I recorded it for 45 sec to 1 minute. As it was over top of me I got a 2nd wave of fear and went to grab my .45 cal pistol. To my amazement there was one bullet sitting next to my pistol...I Freak out grab my gun and retreated inside my house.

After a minute or two I no longer herd or seen the ship. After calming down I went to review my video and found that the whole recording was screwed up. It showed the first few sec and then the last few sec when I was going to get my gun. I was filling a little bit disorientated going to get my gun I need to add that. Threw this ordeal my dog was going nuts and so was my neighbors dogs.


Two luminous UFO above a field in Frankfort, IN

On August 26, 2014, in broad day-light, an automobilist has photographed two impressive luminous objects flying above a corn field in Frankfort, in the state of Indiana.

Witness reports:

I was driving north when I see a military plane flying straight toward was flying almost as low as a crop duster would..i was scared to death. I thought it was either going to crash or land on the highway...I slowed my speed to 10 mile an hour watching this plane...then it made a large circle to my right and started to ascend and head north. I leaned over in my seat and took a picture of the plane on my cell phone....I didn’t think I got the picture because I was so freaked out I was I was looking at my gallery pictures and seen the picture of the blue sky and thought well I guess I didnt get the picture...I took my fingers and pinched to enlarge it and I see the military plane..along with a saucer type dark object and 2 white objects with a red and green lights....i have tried to come up with any reasonable conclusion to what all these things are but can’t....could this be UFO'S


Black flying saucer photographed over Glenwood Springs

On August 2014, while they were on holiday in Glenwood Springs, a man and his wife have photographed a possible black flying saucer. What is it?

Witness statement:

While reviewing our vacation photos taken in Glenwood Springs, Co, my husband and I noticed a strange object in one of our photos.

The photo was taken on 8/24/2014 at 4:07pm while we were standing on the south side of the foot bridge that spans the Colorado River in Glenwood Springs, Co.

We did not notice the object at the time we took the photo and we do not remember hearing any sounds of aircraft.


Basement Jaxx claims UFO encounter on new album

Basement Jaxx star Felix Buxton, 44, has written a song about aliens after catching a glimpse of what he believes was a UFO, outside the band's London headquarters.

The electro musician, who forms one half of Basement Jaxx with Simon Ratcliffe, 47, claims he saw "something very still and glinting in the sky, like light reflecting off a car" through a window of the group's studio near King's Cross in the British capital.

"I saw it from from the studio. It was a bright, sunny afternoon in London and I saw a flying saucer. Luckily I was with someone else at the time, so people can't think I'm barking crazy," he told USA Today.

"For me, seeing that UFO opened my eyes, made me think more about looking for the meaning in things, and thinking about my music and purpose. I believe in ghosts and angels and UFOs. It's up to you if you do, too." Buxton was so spooked by the encounter that he went on to write a new song, titled We Are Not Alone.


Metallic flying saucer over Oshawa, Canada

On July 17, 2014, a man, after a premonition, came out of his home to observe a possible metallic flying saucer into the sky above Oshawa (in the Province of Ontario). At this moment, the sky was clear and witness has managed to photograph this anomaly…

Witness statement:

Today on Thursday while outside on our deck at home, I had this feeling once again inside me. Even a premonition to even get my wife’s glasses from inside the house. Reason being so I could point out another UFO to her should I spot one.

Suppose being on holidays can do that to a person on a nice day? While chatting with her her about twenty minutes facing west, I looked up and was shocked once again or least surprised. Up very high, I could see something strange moving from the west to east; maybe three to five thousand feet – moving very slowly – 20- 30 mph ? It appeared to be best described as a long, white unidentified flying object.

As I watched to confirm its presence nearly moving towards above our home, bringing attention to my wife saying, ‘ look another UFO up there.‘

Almost sticking out like a sore thumb - glistening white and also appearing to change shape.

She replied hardly looking up, 'It’s probably the moon,' and looked back down on her phone.

With that answer confirmed – of a closed-minded result confirmation, I then snapped away trying to capture this long, white type of UFO. It did appear to intensely glisten as it was nearly over the house – the sun rays reflection I suspect.

After taking 15 pictures trying to capture it on film for two minutes, only to capture the best of it on six pictures in the bunch, 11:33-11:35, I had lost sight of object travelling directly over the house heading east.

I then raced to the backyard to further view it. Now I had further lost sight of it from the backyard, looking around for three - four minutes blocking the sun with the house, I noticed this small brilliant white ‘very‘ high/fast Lear jet type come across from the south heading north' I mean fast.

Though has not been the first time seeing that type of aircraft before or after a UFO sighting in memory.

Honesty once again in the truth of this matter, all of this started from a thought to witness this bizarre sighting above. So I can only conclude there is a form of contact being observed here.

Added to the photographic evidence giving confirmation of something high above deemed as totally unknown and bizarre. There appears to be different shapes in the mix photographed here in southwest Oshawa near Lake Ontario.

This has been my fifth daylight UFO sighting for 2014; close to equal number of night timers in stats.

One cannot dismiss these facts when looking up that something is up above us ALL.

Photos taken with Canon PowerShot SX260 HS


Green UFO over a casino in Niagara Falls

On August 19, 2014, during night, a stationary UFO is appeared over a casino, located in Niagara Falls (Ontario). The object looked like a simple green gleam. What is it?

Witness reports:

It appeared at about 1 a.m. after leaving a casino, other search lights were around but were not as clear as this light was. It was stationary. Also it appeared that the rest of it was cloaked, almost rectangular. I've heard about one being reported in the area before, both times on new years eve. There's even videos of it.


Possible UFO photographed over Houston, Texas

An Internet user has noticed a possible UFO while he watched pictures posted on Instagram. According to the person that has posted the photo, it has been taken on August 18, 2014, during sunset.

Witness reports:

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and noticed someone was just posting a picture of a sunset, but I noticed a UFO on the right side of the picture not being able to keep its cloak due to the sunset. I might be wrong but check it out. The date of the sighting as far as I know is 8/18/2014 in Houston, Texas.


Glowing UFO caught during sunset in Cottonwood, CA

On August 10, 2014, a mother and her son were on a road between Cottonwood and Red Bluff, when they have witnessed an impressive UFO that emitted a luminous laser beam. This case has been reported by the ufologist Scott C. Waring.

Eyewitness states:

My Mom and I were headed home from Red Bluff Ca headed north on I-5. We were almost to the Bowman road exit at the time the photo was taken. My Mom asked me to take a picture of the sunset. It was Aug 10, 2014 around 8:30 p.m. After turning on to Bowman Rd. heading west, I saw a bright light in the sky, but quickly lost track of it. I noticed the dates said Aug 11 on the pictures that i took on the way home. The rest of the photos that I took earlier that day were dated Aug 10. I notice it while transferring pics from phone to pc. I checked the phone and the pc, they both had the right date and time on them.


Tom DeLonge has sighted UFOs over San Diego

On the night of Monday, August 25, 2014, a famous American musician has sighted and filmed multiple unidentified flying objects above the city of San Diego, in California.

Tom DeLonge is internationally-known to be the singer and guitarist of Blink-182, a punk rock band. This artist is also an active UFO researcher. So, when he has seen UFOs in the sky, he was very excited and has decided to share his experience on social media.


LAST NIGHT UFO IN SAN DIEGO!! Hahaah yes!! My wife and I followed it for 30 min, a fleet of cars were pulled over watching it with us. Some said they were watching it for an hour. It was 2 sets of lights, going in and out and popping up in different locations. Standard shit if you read about this stuff… HAHHA YES I WAS THERE. Does anyone know how happy I am!!??


A new UFO filmed over Popocatepetl volcano

Recently, Scott C. Waring, a famous ufologist has noticed a strange UFO by watching the webcam that filmed constantly the Popocateptl volcano, in Mexico. This object is appeared on August 18, 2014.

Scott C. Waring explains:

I was looking though the archive of the Popocatepetl volcano and found a glowing object half way down from the volcanos mouth.  This object is flying and made up of 2-3 large orange orbs. Also there is a hole in the cloud where it came from with white streaks leading to the UFO. If you read the O'Hare Airport UFO investigation by MUFON, you will learn how many eyewitnesses describe the UFO shooting upward through the clouds, cutting a hole in the clouds. That is also what we see here. SCW


Glowing white UFO over Perry Hall

On August 2, 2014, a bright white UFO has been filmed in the sky, above Perry Hall, in Maryland. On video, we can this curious object go up and go down. What is it?

Eyewitness states:

In Perry Hall, I was working on laptop from my car. I saw this object out of the corner of my eye. There was a big lightning storm moving in from west when it appeared in clear skies of the east.

I thought maybe it was a remote-control airplane, but it would have been very large at the apparent distance it was at, and it climbed straight up at the end.

I wasn't sure if an RC airplane could do that. I videotaped it on my cellphone, but didn't realize it was still in view when I stopped recording.

Later when showing the footage to a military friend of mine, I noticed it reappeared at the end going straight up behind a tree - hadn't noticed at the time.

Military friend said it didn't look like a drone. Just curious what it was - it was interesting to watch.


Little black UFO over Joshua Tree, CA

On August 10, 2014, a little and unidentified black orb has been filmed, in daylight, in Joshua Tree, California. The object flews slowly just above electric lines before to disappear…

Eyewitness states:

While attending the Contact in the Desert event I left around 6:15 pm on Sunday night to get some dinner from the local Sonic drive-thru. I ordered my food and paid the woman at the window. As she handed me my change I noticed this dark ball in the sky straight ahead of me. At this point it was 6:38 pm. Watching it for only a moment I inferred that it wasn't any kind of bird or aircraft that I'm familiar with, so I grabbed my cell phone and immediately started filming. I zoomed in to catch the object on film, and the girl at Sonic opened her window to inform me they were just waiting on my sandwich to be done. I dropped the phone as she talked to me, but focused in on the flying object as soon as she left again. I watched this small spherical object fly just over the power lines, slowly, but consistently. I noticed a slight aura or field of sorts around the craft with my own eyes, and the object seemed to be rotating. When I was watching it I felt a great sense of calm, despite the unknown nature of its appearance. I followed this object with my cell phone just until that Sonic girl handed me my food. After I left the drive thru window I tried finding the object again to record its path some more, and then I noticed it had greatly descended in altitude. When it dropped below where the power lines were, the color of it became camouflaged against the valley's mountain line and I could no longer follow it.


Giant alien figure founds on Mars

On August 16, 2014, the American ufologist Scott C. Waring has found, thanks to Google Mars, a really alien figure engraved on the surface of the planet Mars. The researcher has noticed that this figure appears to be a Greek god …

Scott C. Waring explains:

Guys I found this today and I am still amazed at what it is. The face alone is an incredible find, but this one has 70% of a figure to it. This guy looks like a warrior with his massive shoulders and arms. The other leg and arm look faded and warn, not by time, but by an ancient lake area. I have to say, I see a lot of resemblance between this and the ancient Greek gods. Perhaps a story that has lasted thousands of years has more truth to it than once thought. SCW

UFO sighted during an earthquake over Windsor

On August 24, 2014, in the morning, the city of Windsor (in California) was hit by a little earthquake. A resident, waken up by it, got outside and noticed an unidentified flying object in the sky. UFOs are they responsible for this earthquake?

Witness statement:

I was woken up because of an earthquake at about 315am. Went to my front door walked outside and saw a very bright object though the fog. I kept looking at the object in my site. The object broke through the clouds and was about 150ft above the houses moving northwest very slowly. The object was extremely bright. Blue and purple and red lights were coming from the object. The object the moved northwest slowly over me and the stopped. The object then shot a huge bright light into the air and shot through the fog making an indent in the fog.

* Image Google Maps de Windsor, California


Blue UFO photographed a night above Douglas City

On August 22, 2014, in night, a man and his wife were in their home, located in Douglas City (in California), where they noticed a red UFO that looked like a sphere. The woman has managed to take a photo and, on it, the object is blue and has a curious and unusual shape …

Witness reports:

We were sitting in our back deck and I noticed a red ball rising in the distance. I told my wife to look and she thought it was a planet. It rose and was big and looked reddish. It hovered a but then flew over the house about 3-4000 feet. My wife ran and got my phone and took a picture as it was leaving. After it happened and we looked at the picture we were curious to discover what it was. We lost site of it after it went to the East because there are several trees around our property.


Golden UFO over a lake in Gig Harbor, WA

On August 11, 2014, during a clear sky, a golden disc-shaped UFO has been photographed flying above a lake located in the city of Gig Harbor, in the State of Washington. Photos published on MUFON website are impressive, but are they real?

Witness statement:

I was on the beach at low tide in Gig Harbor WA (Forest Beach Drive), on Monday, August 11, 2014 around noon with my children and grandchildren. I was photographing everyone catching crabs and star fish and looking at shells on the beach. I just decided to take a picture of the horizon and the lovely scenery. I did not see anything unusual with my eyes, nor did I see anything but the scenery through the camera lens. No one with me noticed anything unusual in the sky. However, when I downloaded the photos later that day I saw the round yellow object in four sequential (rapid shot) photos and the object was in a different position in each one. I am not saying it's a UFO, but everyone who has seen the photos says it has to be. The object was too far from land on either side of the Bay to have been a Frisbee or a remote control plane. When I zoomed in close on the computer, the object definitely "looks" like a UFO with a little bulge on the top and what looks like a row of windows -- although I'm sure it could be any number of things. I was standing on the west facing beach, looking out over Hales Passage (part of Puget Sound). The four photos were taken at 12:04:18.


Weird black UFO over Lakewood, Ohio

On August 20, 2014, during a soccer game in the city of Lakewood (Ohio), a mom of a player has taken a picture of a weird black object flying in the sky…

Witness reports:

I was at my soccer game which had started at 7 and my mom takes pictures of me so she had her camera. My cousin came to the game and noticed something funny in the sky while looking at the airplanes and it was a weird shape so my mom took a picture and we have never seen anything like it. It's bronze colored and shaped very odd.


UFO over famous Edinburgh castle on August 9, 2014

The oddly-shaped light in the sky was captured by Catherine Stuart and her mother Susan, who were in the queue for Saturday’s late-night Tattoo, just before 10.30pm.

Ms Stuart, who lives in London but is originally from South Africa, said she had no explanation for the strange apparition, which disappeared soon after they photographed it.

The 31-year-old said she thought the “weird” object was a bird at first.

She added: “It was very strange to see because when we looked at it again it didn’t look like a bird.

It was hovering around and then it disappeared. It was a weird shape, like a square light. I have no idea what it was.


UFO over lake in Venezuela on July 12, 2014

An unidentified flying object (UFO) was spotted in the city of Uiramutã city located within the Raposa Serra do Sol in Roraima northern sky.

The record was made by landscape Tetsuia Eda, 42, the last day at 14h 12 A physical consulted by G1 states that the image may portray shadows of clouds.

The photo records a gray oval object moving through the clouds. According to the landscape, at the time the image was made there were birds, or planes in the sky. "I was next to a waterfall and took the photo with a camera phone. The sky was totally clean," said Eda.

The person adds that he did not see the UFO at the time that he took the photos. "Just saw the object when I showed the picture to a friend. He showed me and I was surprised," he said.

According to the physicist of the Federal University of Roraima (UFRR), who examined the photographs, Miguel Campos, it is not possible to confirm the presence of a UFO in the photo.

"What appears in the photo is solid, but I'd vote for it being a cloud that is very high. Hence the darkest point in the image," explained.