Grey flying saucer over ghost town of Calico, Ca

On June 21, 2014, in the ghost town of Calico (located in the Mojave Desert, California), a walker has photographed a metallic flying saucer when he was arrived on the top of a mountain.

Witness statement:

I was in Calico, CA to go hiking in the mountain pass by the Calico Ghost Town.

When I got to the top of the mountain pass I thought the view was really nice so I took a quick snap shot.

When I reviewed the picture I thought I had a dirt smudge and when I wiped the digital camera screen the spot didn't leave.

When me I looked back up the object didn't appear to be there anymore.

When I got back home in Placentia, CA I loaded the picture on my computer and saw this UFO that is in plain sight and also realized I was the only person who saw this flying object on the other side of the mountain where there are no cities or streets for miles.

I have been skeptical in the past and when my friend informed me that there are many others who have also seen UFO's I just had to take the opportunity to let you know my first encounter experience.

I am a United States Navy Veteran of 9 years and NEVER did I think I would EVER in a million years see a flying object in plain sight at the Calico Desert mountain pass.


Black UFO over Bakersfield, California

On June 27, 2014, a witness has photographed a possible black flying saucer during a clear day in the city of Bakersfield, California. He maintains that he don’t see it.

Witness report:

I was working and taking pictures of a job site at a local dairy where our company is going to be installing a water line. When I took the photo I thought I saw something quickly go by. I didn't think anything of it at the time. Later when I got back to the office and was reviewing the photos I took from my I-phone I saw the object in the photo. Whatever it was it was moving very fast because I never really saw it and heard nothing. It was kind of strange when I took the photo I thought I saw something go by while taking the photo viewing through my phone screen and when I looked up nothing was there.


Bright UFO hovering above Waimakariri, New Zealand

On 20th June 2014, a white UFO has been filmed over Eyrewell forest, located in the Waimakariri District, New Zealand. Object moved slowly and noiseless.

Witness report:

Hi, can you UFO enthusiasts please take a look at this please. I am from the UK travelling around NZ staying on a rural property in Eyrewell Forest, Waimakariri. At around 16:45 today my hostess spotted this object in the sky, at first i thought it was just the first star of tonight sky but it was way too early. After about five minutes i decided to grab my camera from the house to get a video and photos. When i zoomed in on the object it looked different, a vertical poll in the sky omitting a bright light from the center, but to the naked eye could have passed for a star but it was moving (as in much faster than a star would of course). As you can hear in the video i stepped to the side to get a shot through the trees, this was simply to (hopefully) make it easy for debunkers to see the video is genuine. Is there an explanation? Was the picture i got the result of some king of light distortion? A typical glitch of a cheap camera? The model of camera is CANON digital IXUS 70 it has 7.1 mega pixels, an on the projection shell of the lens it has 5.8-17.4mm 1:2.8- 4.9, just in case it makes a difference. I have a couple of pics and 3 more videos. Let me know what you think, thanks.


Ancient walls discovered on Mars by NASA!

According some ufologists, an ancient civilization lived on Mars Planet, there are several thousands (or millions?) of years. Scott C. Waring has recently discovered a proof about this hypothesis…

By watching photos published on the NASA website, he has found old walls on the surface…

Scott C. Waring explains:

I was looking over Mars photos when I came across this unique photo with massive walls throughout.   The walls look like they were there to protect a city long ago. There are also some rectangle structures lined up one by one at the end section of one wall. If we saw these same structures on Earth, we would naturally assume that they were stone walls built by an ancient people. I believe in this matter that archeologists view would be more useful than that of NASA. We all know NASA doesn't like commenting about the possibility of life existing on Mars, so they will be no help in this matter. SCW »


Several bright UFOs over Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

During some days of June 2014, several UFOs have been sighted by different persons in Myrtle Beach, a coastal city located on the east coast in Horry County, South Carolina. Photos have been published on MUFON website.

First testimony (on June 23, 2014)

Photo taken by [Name removed/cms/tg]. Asked me to see if I could get any details from the original file. I did not witness the sighting. Photo was taken while setting camera for night photography. "M" did not see the objects at that time, only when the picture was reviewed the next day. I enhanced a copy using astrophotography techniques to try and identify. Highly unusual characteristics - what appears to be a vapor or atmospheric distortion. 6th smaller light is a blown pixel - disregard. Please send this copy to a photo analyst. - AM/PM reversed in camera setup.

I have [Name removed/cms/tg] permission to distribute.

Second testimony (on June 25, 2014)

My fiance & I where vacationing at North Myrtle Beach, SC. Sitting on the balcony, talking. Right in the middle of a sentence, I saw about 5 lights, light up 1 after another, in a circular pattern. I said "Do you see that" & she did. It disappeared fast, but she was able to catch it. These round orange lights continued to show up all over the sky, only over the ocean, but not above the clouds, or below. They would appear for about 5 seconds on average, then vanish. Right in the middle of the cloud line. This was on the 23rd of June 2014. It lasted about an hour.

On the 24th we saw nothing all night.

On the 25th we saw it again, & this is the night I took the photo. I tried & tried to get them on video, & they weren't showing up, but only had the phone camera. I only got the 1 clean shot, after zooming in. It was like as soon as I put my phone down they would show up on queue. Very frustrating! Same as the previous night, it went on, but on this night until about 1am.

On the 26th was the wildest night. My fiance was joking around, cause I kept saying "There's another, Over there, etc" so she was mocking me, & directly in front of us, still over the water though, was around 20 lights, they did the circular pattern as they lit up, but they were doubled up this time. 1 over top of each other, & lighting up 2 at a time. Then they were all staying lit a little longer than normal. About 3 more appear just left of the 20 or so straight ahead & they floated toward each other. It looked like they joined together right before they disappeared. Again they would show up periodically for about an hour & it was over.

As far as my emotions... When I saw it I automatically thought, that's not normal. During I thought what am I witnessing, & is anyone else seeing this but us? After, I feel like we are not alone!

What happens in Myrtle Beach? An alien invasion?


Crop circle appears after UFO sighting in Springfield, Mo

On June 27, 2014, a resident of Springfield (in Missouri) has spotted, during about 3 minutes, a UFO near his house. Witness doesn’t take photos. But, a little later, he has noticed a crop circle on the lawn.

Witness reports:

Just got home about 8:30 P.M. and went out to water my tomatoes in the back yard, and the UFO appeared, this is not the first time, I have seen it about a Month ago it was reported by some more neighbors in the same area with in a 1/4 mile of my house, it is reported on your site. It hovered over my house for about 3 minutes and was moving from North east to straight North, It was a sold silver and white glowing object no sound or smoke coming from it. I told my wife to come out here and look at it and she did she said why does this keep coming to our area. She said it might come down here someday. I said maybe and we can get a closer look. we went to the front yard to water the flowers and found a crop circle in my front yard about 30ft. in diameter, it had to have just happened, I mowed the yard today and it was not there. I know there are UFO's I have seen them before in other area's with in 50 miles of where I live, also my wife has witnessed these with me. I have a picture of the crop circle in my yard it is a different color than the rest of the yard. We had one about 8 years ago in the front yard the same size it finally went away but the grass still won't grow right there anymore. I don't know if it matters or not but here about 3 weeks or so ago three was 3 stealth plains circled this area for about 45 minutes for no reason and my neighbor and I wondered why they just kept circling here, maybe a training exercise but that was a few days after we saw the first UFO, their Government is not going to tell the truth anyway, you know how they are about UFO'S they think everybody is stupid, but some of us know better regardless of what they say. The pictures are here for you to see.


Scared after a UFO sighting in San Rafael, CA

On June 26, 2014, a person, living in San Rafael (California), is frightened since he has seen something of very strange in the sky…


I was sitting outside in San Rafael, Ca and above me were two clouds, shape-shifting, instantly! From one thing to the next, with ease. Each second it would break apart and come together creating diverse shapes, which grabbed my attention. So I began to shoot this wild cloud display and it became obvious after a few minutes, that despite the windy day, these clouds were not moving AT ALL. Not floating by like the others, just stationed over-head yet appearing then regressing. Oddly, I saw something far off sitting there against the blue hue of sky and the white of the cloud. I took the shot, then just stared, trying to refocus my eyes, then it was gone! Just like that! This picture is all I managed to snap of it. It is completely overwhelming and I'm hoping to be debunked in anyway shape or form. Sadly, this isn't my first capture. Just the most clear. -Sincerely, mortified!


Multicolor UFO over Chandler, Arizona

On June 22, 2014, a multicolored UFO has been filmed over Chandler, in Arizona (USA). Object moved slowly and enlightened the sky with it several bright lights.

Witness statement:

My husband and I were sitting outside in the grass at a park after the sun went down, when he saw something bright zoom fast in the sky; way faster than an airplane would at that height in the sky.

Then he couldn't see it anymore and he had no idea what it was.

So we kept watching the sky until the object appeared again. The craft would hover, then zoom fast, then stop. There were four lights, two red, two green, and it appears to rotate because the lights change up.

This COULD be some sort of drone because the path of the object covered about the same distance in the 20-30 minutes we were watching it. But the saucer-like shape is very clear in the beginning of the video.

Also, I captured the footage with a Canon Mark 3 camera with a 70-200 mm lens, zoomed in all the way at 200 mm. So the object was a few miles from us at least, it seems.


Flying saucer appeared on a photo taken in Dehradun, India

On May 16, 2014, several friends have been photographed with a transparent and clear flying saucer in the city of Dehradun (located in the state of Uttarakhand, India).

Witness reports:

My friends and I visited Shastra Dhara, Dehradun. It is a hilly area. After reaching there, we started taking photographs.

Finally, we decided to take a group photograph. My friend took two photos, rather quickly; both were the same exact pose.

He took both pictures in less than a second, but when we reviewed the two photos, we noticed there was a difference in them.

We zoomed in on the photo and amazingly there was what looked like a UFO in one of them. We were absolutely dumbfounded.

We sent the photo to the local newspaper, JanVani, which published it the next day.

It is very strange that this happened.


3 colored UFO spotted in Brazil, on April 2014

On April 3, 2014, three glowing balls unidentified hovering in high speed have been sighted over the city of Tapes, in Brazil. After 15 minutes, the red and the blue objects have disappeared. Two seconds later, the orange-red spacecraft has disappeared in ultra high speed …

Witness reports:

Three glowing balls hovering in high speed around each other for 15 min then blue and red disappeared and orange-red stood for 2 min and also disappeared to the horizon in ultra high speed. I was riding a motorcycle back home and I was passing a forest path it was so dark and I could see those lights hovering on top of the big laguna like 1 mile away from me. I stood there, and made two pictures, but pics are not that good cos I was using my mobile and it was dark. Anyway I never ever saw something like that, the last glowing light disappeared on the horizon and left a light trail like sort of star wars hyper jump thing, it was just amazing. I can send pictures if anyone interested.


Several UFOs spotted in Ontario, Canada

On 1st June 2014, during several minutes, an automobilist has sighted at least 7 circular UFO light over Newcastle, a city located in the Province of Ontario, in Canada.

Witness statement:

I was driving southbound in the Port of Newcastle approximately ½ km from the shoreline of Lake Ontario. Southwest of my position and over the water of Lake Ontario, I witnessed a group of seven slow-moving aircraft.  I guessed their speed to be comparable to that of ultralight aircraft. I judged them to be at a distance of less than five miles and approximately two thousand feet in the air. Their shape was not immediately discernible.  Six of them were spaced evenly at approximately two hundred feet apart horizontally, with uneven variances in elevation of possibly 100 feet. The seventh was flying alone at a similar altitude, but following the formation at a distance of roughly 1 km. They were distinguishable at this time only by a crisp, bright circular orange light representing each craft.  As they moved slowly through the sky, I judged them to be flying in a South to Northwest direction. As they traversed an angle of approximately 70 degrees from my position, I saw the orange light flicker and disappear from each craft beginning with the lead vehicle.  At this time I speculated that this was because the light was projecting forward from each vehicle, and as the vehicles passed by, the source of light was not visible from my angle of observation.  Because the western sky was still relatively bright at this time of night, I was able to discern the shape of each vehicle in silhouette. All of them appeared to be perfectly round in shape.  No sound was discernable from any of the craft at any time.  Local trees began to obscure my view. Total observation time was less than two minutes.


A flying saucer spotted during FIFA World Cup

On June 23, 2014, during a match of the FIFA World Cup, an inhabitant has filmed a UFO in the sky while he saw into a window. This night the team of Brazil played again Cameroon. On video published on Youtube, we can see a black object, without lights and silent, flying slowly near the Stadium.

Marcus Vinicius Garrett Chado, the witness, reports:

I recorded that video, I guarantee it's not a fake, but I can't tell you whether or not it's a genuine flying saucer. At this time the video is being analyzed by the Brazilian UFO magazine ( experts. Unfortunately, that was the maximum zoom I could get out of that camera. :-(


A shark-shaped UFO spotted in Arkansas

On June 23, 2014, a black and unidentified shape is appeared somewhere in Arkansas, USA. By watching this photo, we can notice that UFO looks like a shark!

Witness reports:

Didn't realize there was anything until I uploaded the shots.....zoomed in on my laptop still could not figure out what it was. I had taken several shots...nothing in the ones before or after. Zoomed in and could not identify this object.


A blue circle unidentified photographed in Sanderson, TX

On June 18, 2014, a person has noticed, on several photos that he has taken in Sanderson (Texas), a blue circle-shaped UFO near the Sun. What is it? Just a reflection of light?

Witness statement:

I was at a public pool with my 2 sons. One of them said look at the rainbow around the sun. I had to shield my eyes from the noon sun but could see a halo like ring around the sun. I took several pictures with my cellphone in rapid succession. After viewing them to make sure they came out I noticed the disc like object in all of them. The disc was in different positions even though they were taken quickly.


Boomerang-shaped UFO snapped in Socorro, NM

A person has discovered something of very strange while he reviewed photos that he had taken on June 8, 2014 near Socorro (New Mexico, USA). In fact, he had seen an apparent boomerang shaped black object flying in a clear sky. UFO had a white dome above it.


We were driving from Albuquerque towards Elephant Butte Lake. I was taking photographs of a train from the inside of the car. Did not see the object while or after taking the photo as I did not pay attention to the sky at the time. Recently I was reviewing the photos and happened to notice the object.


A metallic flying saucer spotted over Barranquitas?

On March 27, 2013, over Barranquitas (in Peru), a stationary UFO flying in the sky has been accidentally photographed. This grey flying saucer is appeared during the full moon. What is it? A fake?

Witness statement:

On March 27, 2013 the niece of a friend of [Name removed/cms/tg] took a night picture of the full moon near the central Puerto Rican town of Barranquias. She did not know she had taken a picture of a UFO. It was only upon looking at the photo later that she realized she had inadvertently also captured the image of a UFO ("OVNI" in Puerto Rico) in the upper left hand frame of the photo. The object was stationary. (Photo of the UFO included here)

As you can see, the UFO is of a type seen all over the world since the 1950's: a typical UFO saucer with three semi-hemispheres protruding on the underside that are spaced equilaterally.

For further information contact Mr [Name removed/cms/tg], a native of Puerto Rico. He speaks English, did not see the UFO but can give you the name and address of the 14 year old girl who took the photo. She can provide more information. [Name removed/cms/tg] can be contacted as follows:

[Name, email, address, and phone number removed/cms/tg] 



Black UFO photographed near Marine Corps War Memorial

On May 9, 2014, a vacationer has photographed a black and long UFO while he visited the famous Marine Corps War Memorial located in the Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia.

Witness reports:

I was on vacation at Washington DC we were taken pictures of the monument from different angles, I took several pictures of it and one of them shows this object. Did not realize it until I browse the pictures in the airplane. I would further analysys of this object.


Incredible eye-shaped UFO in Corona, California

On June 18, 2014, an incredible unidentified flying object has been noticed, in night, above the city of Corona, in California. This blue UFO had the curious shape of an eye. At the center of this object, a powerful light illuminated the sky.

Witness report:

My children and I saw a variety of UFO activity and managed to get very good footage. Here is one short video.

I have better ones, but this one was sizeable to email. This video amongst others were filmed last night in city of Corona CA. around 8:30 pm.

The weather was normal and sky was clear. I have attached some photos as well of another video shot night before as we followed some objects in sky as we were going to market.

All of the video files I have are too large to send. I'm not sure how to get them to you. I need to figure out how to compress the file.... and this was in Corona, CA,. Activity was from 8 pm to about 11 pm.

It was near the Border/Ontario St. area here in Corona. Witness to this are my god-daughter and daughter.

Best Regards,

A. Carlos


UFO near the Mount Rainier, Washington

On April 2014, an automobilist, that drove near the Mount Rainier (in the State of Washington), has photographed an unidentified flying object. Object is blurred, but photo is real. What is it?

Witness statement:

I was driving east towards Mt. Rainier in a town called Buckley Washington. It was around 9 or 10am and I was attempting to get a good picture of Mt Rainier with my cell phone camera. I took several pictures while moving and it was later when I got home I noticed in two images there was a grey colored object. I did not see these objects when taking the pics only observed in later photo review. When you zoom in on both pics the objects are to left of the signs. Photos taken with samsung galaxy smart phone.


A cigar-shaped UFO photographed after Hurricane Katrina

On August 22, 2005, after the passage of the destructive Hurricane Katrina, a long cigar-shaped UFO has been photographed in broad daylight above Ocean Springs, in the state of Mississippi. What is it?

Witness reports:

This was from a post I put on my Facebook page 6/22/2014:

Putting on my "Foil Hat" for a minute.........A few months ago I was reminiscing looking at Hurricane Katrina pics I took on east beach, the day after Katrina. Only living maybe 1/2 mile from there, the only way to get there other than walking, was on my motorcycle. While looking at those pics, I began to remember what I thought was one of the most eerie things about the aftermath of the storm........the absolute dead silence! It was truly deafening! No birds singing, because they were gone!!! No insects, mainly the constant sound of the cicadas we were so used to hearing at that time of year, they too were gone. About the only sound of life that day, was the sound of a generator running, but not at East Beach, because there was nothing left......fine, beautiful homes had vanished. I mean even the bricks were gone, the same scene over and over as I snapped pictures was concrete steps leading to a foundation. Talking to other people, the overwhelming feeling we shared was that time had stopped the day after Katrina. The day before seemed like ancient history........memories of activities that previous day, seemed like years ago, instead of a day.

As I was looking through those pictures though, something caught my eye.......I stared at it for a bit, then looked at the was there too! I was like, "WTF is that?" Was it a bird, a plane, or Superman? lol. Well, at that time there was nothing in the was like an atomic bomb had hit the coast, the only thing that eventually appeared in the sky were helicopters, so many that we declared the helicopter as the state bird, lol. I admit I'm pretty open minded, but still skeptical about UFOs, but have a look at this photo and inside the red box. It's not a glitch or dust on the lens, it is an object in the sky......but what?


Diamond-shaped UFO spotted over Negril, Jamaica

On May 12, 2014, a diamond or cone shaped object is appeared in the night sky over the city of Negril, located in Jamaica. UFO was motionless, lit only by full Moon.

Witness statement:

The night the picture was taken was absolutely clear and we were 1 night away from a complete Full Moon. The Moon itself would be at the 1 o’clock position to the direction the picture was taken. (Almost straight above but to the right).

I planned on a shot of the courtyard and night sky at "Home Sweet Home Resort" in Negril from my balcony. Camera was motionless resting on a balcony railing pointing south (inland). Panasonic "Lumix" (I believe)Digital Camera set on "Stars" setting, 30 sec exposure.

The "object" appears high above the horizon to the right of the resorts' wifi attenna (red light). I did not see the object with the naked eye. I was witness to the stars that were captured and everything else in the shot. Only afterwards, maybe 40 mins after i took the pic, when scanning it to see how clear the stars came out... I was suddenly looking at an object that while not bright enough to be seen by my eyes, was captured by a long exposure, appearing to be lit only by the moon and the reflection off the "object". I looked back out into the sky and could see nothing. I set the camera back up duplicating the shot and nothing appeared that was out of the ordinary. I tried duplicating over the next 2 nights with same almost full moon, same time, same direction, same settings. The object or anomaly was in no other pics. The stars appear as small vertical streaks. The object does not appear to moving with earths rotation. It seems motionless and would have to be to be captured strictly by whatever faint reflection is was giving off.

I took over 300 pictures during the vacation. No other "anomaly" showed up in any shot. Digital or otherwise. Daytime or nighttime. I am a regular visitor for over 25 years and this is the first time I have ever captured anything unexplained.

I along with many friends have spent hours looking at the picture. My friend with Canadian National Defense ran the shot thru various filters. Each time the "object" appears to be something solid, motionless. An embossing setting clearly shows it as a 3 dimensional object. He convinced me it was worth forwarding for further study.

I'm sending the original and the various filtered images with the hope it can be explained... or at least added to the ever growing proof that something or "some things" are in fact up there.

Sincerely, and happy to answer questions about it.



Pulsating blue light appears over Lincoln, UK

On June 2014, 20, a man named Tony has photographed a curious pulsating light over Lincoln, United Kingdom. On photos published on MUFON website, we can a green and blue UFO like orb.

Witness statement:

I as always can't sleep due to massive intense pain. So I always look out the window to look at the sky. I have always observed quick flashes of lights from UFO's. Not all the time, but often enough. At 11.30 I saw in the westerly direction flashing lights emanating from a cloud. It was there too long to be an aircraft. I tried to grab my camera and put the telephoto lens on and by the time I got back to the window it had gone. I stayed looking for a while and observed several lights across the sky. In total (including the lights in the cloud) it was five. I clicked away with my zoom full open and to its fullest magnification (75mm-300mm). I clicked away, not knowing I had caught anything. In the morning I went through them to see if I had caught anything and I had. But only one. See attached. One picture is without crop and the second with crop.

Hope that helps




A mysterious and unidentified silver light in California

On June 19, 2014, above an unknown city in California, a shining long white is appeared in the daytime sky …

Witness reports:

I was outside doing a crossword puzzle. I looked up, thinking it was a contrail, but it didn't dissipate. I asked the wife to look and she saw it. It was very bright and the ends on both sides seem to waver at times. It hovered back and forth from north to south without changing shape or size for about 45 minutes. I took some photos and a few minutes of video, but it was there for so long that we got hungry and grilled some fish... I can imagine that 1000's of people saw this tonight. I would just like a rational answer, maybe something meteorological? I've been searching for an explanation to this all night and haven't found anything. Any insight appreciated.



Bigfoot spotted near Provo Canyon, Utah

On June 2014, a possible Bigfoot has been filmed by an automobilist near Sundance, Utah. This creature was standing on the side of the road, slightly camouflaged by trees. We noticed that it had a thick black fur.

Witness statement:

We were driving near Sundance Utah just outside of Provo Utah in the Provo Canyon. We saw something in the trees so we turned around as quickly as possible. We captured this footage of what might be a Bigfoot or Sasquatch.

What is it? The famous Bigfoot or another unknown creature?


A strange alien spacecraft appears over Toronto in 2013

On October 2013, in Toronto (Canada), an automobilist has filmed, with his cellphone, a tube-shaped UFO in the night sky...

Witness statement:

On October 11 2013, I had driven to our local grocery store around 10:30 pm to grab some snacks as they were closing at 11 pm. It was storming outside but the trip there and back only took me about 15 minutes in total.  As I exited my car to go inside my home I noticed an object hovering in the darkened sky to the South. Although I live not far from the local airport I am very familiar with aircraft flight patterns and this did not look like any aircraft I had ever seen in my entire life. I pulled out my Lumia phone and started the video recording mode.  The object looked almost cylindrical and was illuminated from within. It just sat motionless in the sky slowly and randomly pulsating different colors. Even with all the lightning lighting up the whole area, I could still see it sitting there not moving at all. The sky was really flashing with lightning and it started to rain quite hard to I ran into the house to get out of the weather.  Inside I started playing around with the phone trying to show my wife the video. As I had not had the phone very long I was unable to get it working to show her. I gave up after about 30 minutes and over the next couple of days it faded from memory.

About 6 months later I discovered that I had cloud service for the phone data and lo and behold I was able to recover the video on my laptop.  I was very happy to show my wife and son what I had seen that night, but what I hadn’t expected to see is what appeared in the sky along with what I had originally recorded.  I was shocked to see to the right of the hovering object slowly appeared a shimmering cone of tendrils that seemed to sit motionless in the sky as well.   It glowed and was bright enough to be seen even with the lightning going on.   I had never heard of anything like it being caught on video before, so I hope to see if anyone else has reported a similar incident.


3 UFOs found with Google Earth over Tokyo

On May 28, 2014, three UFOs have been found over Tokyo (in Japan) thanks to the software Google Earth. Two of them are spherical while the third is long and fine. What is it?

Scott C. Waring explains:

Here is another Google Earth UFO that was recently found by someone in Japan. It moves above the buildings and is following the Google car. There is two dark UFOs. One closer and one further away. It is difficult to make it out but the UFOs do disappear after a while of moving down the road. Remember you have to enter Google street view by picking up the small orange person on the far right of the screen and drop him on the blue lines at the coordinate above. To find the UFO, just copy past the coordinates into the Google search box. SCW