Diamond-shaped object witnessed over Ontario

On July 4, 2013, an automobilist has sighted a fast diamond-shaped object when he droves on a road near the community of Brights Grove (Canada). At this moment, the sky was very clear and witness is convinced to have seen a really UFO…

Witness report:

At approximately 9 pm, on July 4th, 2013, I was driving and witnessed a white diamond-shaped object in sky with a circular orange/red light in center.

It was hovering directly above the road, maybe a few miles away, and maybe a thousand feet or more up, but it was very clear.

It moved so fast, I cannot explain it; it moved VERTICALLY, down, then up, then to the left, then straight down, finally disappearing into the horizon.

It was SO FAST, like a laser pen would move, but it stopped on a dime. Then it moved again, then stopped in a micro-second.

To go so fast and stop so quickly, I knew I was witnessing something extremely unusual. And to move perfectly VERTICALLY was very strange. Also the shape was very strange.

I KNEW what I saw was a UFO.

I was very, very nervous, as I was almost home. I got out of the car, looking in the same direction, but it was gone. I told my boyfriend. I went again back outside, feeling very uneasy, but it was gone.

The rest of the summer I felt uncomfortable going outside at night, as I realized the event was somewhat traumatizing at a deep level. It was most definitely a UFO.

Thank you,


Disc-shaped UFO spotted during a tornado warning

On May 26, 2014, during a tornado warning, an impressive and black disc-shaped UFO has been photographed flying above the thick cloud cover. At this moment, witness was in his house located in Odessa, Texas …

Witness statement:

I went outside to check on the clouds for we were under tornado warning. The clouds were beautiful. So I sent my daughter in to grab my cell phone so I could snap some pic of the clouds. Cause I thought they were beautiful and when I get a chance to paint I wanna do that and paint beautiful clouds. Well anyways I didn’t see the ufo with the naked eye. But with revieve of my photos I was astonished to see what I caught a ufo maybe even two. I have that picture and would love to share it. So plz give me a number were I can send it. Thank You


Long and luminous cigar-shaped UFO spotted in Greece

On June 24, 2013, a very luminous UFO has been several times photographed from Thessaloniki (northeast of Greece). First, object looked like a simple ball. But after few minutes, it turned to an incandescent bullet…

Witness report:

June of 2013 I was having my vacation in Thessaloniki - Greece. At night I was practicing my photo shooting and I captured what you see in the photos.

I'm not sure what is that. I just noticed is seemed like moving although the camera was still.

In my first photo it looks round and still. In the 2nd and 3rd photos it changed position and shape, like it was moving. I remember for sure it wasn't the moon because the moon was much above from the frame i captured with my camera. The photos are genuine.


A passenger spotted an UFO from an airplane, USA

On May 19, 2014, a passenger of an airplane looked out the window when he noticed distantly a cigar-shaped and luminous UFO. At this moment, airplane flew over the state of Georgia, USA.

Witness statement:

My favorite part of flying is looking out the window, so on this trip back from Florida I decided to take lots of pictures and videos from my window in the plane. I took 88 pictures and 11 videos. Two weeks later, after going through them a 2nd time, something caught my eye! I found it in 3 pictures. (I couldn't find anything in IMAG1872, but I can send it as well if needed.) Upon closer examination I found 2 other more green-ish shapes, underneath the main silver looking object. If you flip back and forth between 1873 & 74 (kinda like animating it) you can see I took them within 2-4 seconds of each other, and how high up the object(s) is going. Looks like it was going pretty fast. Did not see this stuff when I was taking the pictures!


Dazzling flying object sighted in Fiji Islands

On 1957, at least five residents of Fiji Islands had seen a white unidentified flying object above them. These witnesses had even noticed the figure of man inside the alien boat…

The Colorado Springs Free Press (November 5, 1957) reports:

HONOLULU (UP) - The Fiji government, in a report received here Monday, said a white clergyman and four natives reported sighting a dazzling object in the South Pacific skies which generally matched the description of an unidentified object reported in Texas.

The report issued from Suva, capital of the island group, said three separate sightings of the strange flying object were reported last week.

First, the report said, four Fijian fishermen from the Nabouqaiu village in Bua Province on the island of Vanua Levu said they saw a "strange object white in color and circular in shape descending from the sky.” They were very near it and saw it hovering at a steady height of 20 feet above the sea.

"It appeared to be revolving and on it appeared to be the figure of a man," the Suva report continued. "As the Fijians approached in their boat a blinding light ahone on theme and made them feel weak.

"Then the object went straight up into the air and disappeared into the night sky," the report said.


UFO shoots over Lincolnwood, Illinois

On May 26, 2014, in broad daylight, a resident of Lincolnwood (in the state of Illinois) has succeeded to film a little black UFO on the sky. This object moved quickly and in a straight line…

Eyewitness states:

Chilling on patio on zero gravity chair and observed a fast moving object in the sky. Could be a bird but it moves pretty fast for one. I watched the video many times but I do not have programs to enhance the image. I can not tell what it is.


Grey metallic UFO appeared over Hudson River

On May 25, 2014, a medium sized grey metallic UFO has been sighted moving over the Hudson River, in New York City (USA).

Witness statement:

I was spending Memorial Day weekend in the Long Island area and was in New York City visiting the USS Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum. After touring the deck and interior of the museum I made my way to the adjacent dock to see the nearby Concorde on display. It was New York Fleet week so there were multiple News and Tour Helicopters flying up the Hudson and a Coast Guard MH-65 helicopter performing a Search and Rescue demonstration over the water, there was also the normal commercial airliner traffic always seen in the area, with all this going on I had my eye on the sky anyway when I noticed another object that I didn't recognize, At first I thought it was a Balloon, but upon closer visual inspection it appeared much larger than a balloon and was a different overall shape, and despite the noticeable wind that day the object appeared to be hovering in place or moving extremely slowly. It's color was also strange, it seemed to be mostly a metallic grey or chrome color, It was mostly circular in shape from my perspective. I estimated the objects altitude to be at around 4,000 feet more or less because it was noticeably higher than the various helicopters going up the Hudson but considerably lower than the passing commercial airliners, I had no way to estimate the objects size due to its distance, and the lack of anything close enough to it to compare it with. After a few minutes the object began moving slowly and gradually increased it's speed. I began taking photos on my camera phone (an IPhone 5) and began backing up to get a better view of the object before it passed over the deck of the Intrepid and out of my sight. The following day I uploaded the photos onto my computer and reviewed them. The object was barely visible in the photos, but I cropped them to get a closer view of the object. The first few photos showed exactly what I described seeing, a small rounded metallic grey object hovering, However the 6th photo showed that the object clearly had a shaded edge to it proving it was an actual three-dimensional object. An uneven pattern began to develop where the object was completely shiny in one picture and then has a darker shaded edge in the next few, I could not explain if this was due to the sun shining on the object or not. However it was the 11th picture when I noticed things were becoming stranger. In this photo the original color and possibly even the shape of the object has significantly changed. On close visual analysis the photo shows the object as a definitively structured craft with a more angular shape to it, and a small ring of light around the center, something I did not notice while viewing the object (though I may have missed it through the phone lens). The final photo is by far the strangest, and most compelling, The object is again grey/chrome and metallic but the upper part appears to be a brighter blue-white color which may be reflective light or light generated by the object itself. I will submit all of the cropped, close-up photos and some of the original ones. There were no other witnesses that I ran into, although I find it unlikely that I was the only one who saw the object because there were hundreds of people on the museum deck and neighboring docks (not to mention the general area of Manhattan) I did point out the object to my father who was unable to see it well at the distance and quickly dismissed it as probably being a balloon, however after I showed him the photos he no longer thought that. I have always been intrigued by the UFO phenomenon and know a lot about aviation and identifying aircraft, so all I can say is that the object I saw and photographed did not resemble or move like any normal airplane or helicopter I have seen before.


Unknown object captured on film in Simi Valley

On Sunday, May 18, 2014 5:05, a couple has seen a curious black UFO when they were in a road in Simi Valley, a city located in the southeast of Ventura County, California. Behind this object, there was two rows of black smoke…

Witness statement:

I finally heard back from a couple of friends who have experience with unusual pictures/videos and unidentified objects... My good friend from MIT has been dissecting my photos for the past 5 days and he can't find any reason for the object in my pictures so there for it will be unexplained.

He has stated that the object is not lint nor any foreign object on my sensor or lens in-fact my lens had spots on it (not a pro) that actually helped identify that the object was far away from the camera in point of fact . My other good friend from ASU has ran the object through a known sightings and UFO image database and has found no matches or similarities of photographed phenomenon.

He also explained to me that since I'm not looking for any publicity or monetary gain that it would be fine to post slideshows of the images. He made it clear to me to disclose that I am not a professional photographer and the photos I took are just photos of a object that is in a curious contrast to current known aircraft and weather phenomenon.

The basics of when where and why.

It was Sunday, May 18, 2014 5:05 am at Rocky Peak Road exit 118w, facing east dawn view of the sky over San Fernando/Simi Valley area.

I was on my way to Camarillo to do some work at my mother’s home. I habitually leave early way before any traffic and just so happened to stop at rocky peak... my dog was whining and looked anxious like he was about to wet my back seat.

I exited the 118 let my dog relieve himself and noticed it was right on time for some pictures of the sunrise. I grabbed my camera (Nikon D7000) from the trunk put on a wide angle lens (sigma 10-20mm f4-5.6) and proceeded to snap a few pictures.

This was the last thing I ever would have expected to catch on camera. Please bear with my camera skills; I got nervous while taking the photos. I switched to a Zoom Lens (Nikon 70-300mm f4.5-5.6) after I couldn't figure out what was in the picture, then right before my eyes... too nervous and fidgety to set my camera well, but still snapped all the pictures I could before the morning sun got too bright to focus on the object.

As I was staring into the sunrise 3 male hikers asked me if I was taking pictures of the dawn sky. Then one of the hikers said under a breath "Did you see the strange 'scaffold' in the sky? We had observed it as we parked our car?"

The hikers vehicle is photographed early in the sequence... this is all the info I have on this subject. But if you have seen this object please drop me a message is just would like to know... that besides me and the other 3 individuals we're not alone in seeing this amazing sight!


Multicolored UFOs and crop circle spotted in Illinois

On May 25, 2014, several multicolored star like objects has been spotted above the city of Carol Stream, Illinois. According to witnesses, UFOs made worm like movement. Later, few orange/yellow orbs are appeared by ascending and circling area.

The next morning, witnesses have noticed that the field has brown where luminous orbs have been spotted…

Witness reports:

Last night my girlfriend was looking out our bedroom window when she noticed a what she thought was a star that was changing colors. I was in the living room watching tv with my daughter at the time this all started. She called for me to come look at something with an unusual tone in her voice. I came into the room to make sure she was ok. She asked me to look at the object and see if I too noticed the object changing colors. I verified what she was seeing and continued to watch the object for several minutes. It seemed to be hovered NW just above the roof line of the apartment building just NW of our building. At that point my girlfriend went and got a pair of binoculars we just got my daughter for her birthday in April. My girlfriend tried using the binoculars but couldn't get the object in focus. She got frustrated and passed them to me to use. It was at this point things started to get unusual. I watched the object flash different colors, red orange, green, and yellow. From my vantage point I couldn't quite make out the shape of the object but from the color lights it was producing it seemed to be in a diamond pattern. I continued to watch the light flash for several minutes and the object seemed to be hovering in the same location. All of a sudden the object started moving in a worm like pattern. It was glowing red and trails were following it as it moved in the air. I began to feel an overwhelming sense of fear come over me as I realized I just saw something with my own eyes I couldn't explain. I called for my family to stay close to me as I went and grabbed a hunting knife and hatchet I use when we go camping and fishing. I don't own guns so I wanted something to protect my family in case this object came any close to our home. I watched out the window for about a half hour as this object just stayed stationary in the same general location. It moved what seemed like a few inches back and forth every so often but just stayed in that general location. Then a orange/yellow colored orb ascended behind the treeline from the field across the street from our complex. I started really to become scared at this point. My girlfriend said " holy s**t they are here ". My girlfriend has seen these orbs before and tired to explain them to me but I've never seen them with my own eyes. The object hovered around the treeline for about 30 seconds and then moved NW just behind the other apartment building. I watched this same location for next two hours. I saw the orb circle the area of the next couple of hours. As I watch at one point it passed my viewpoint again to the NW behind the building a second one came into sight. I couldn't sleep so I was so afraid. My girlfriend and my daughter both fell asleep in bed. I sat up in bed watching out the window until about 1:30 am when I fell asleep sitting up. I wanted to protect them in case anything came to our home to harm our family. Today I woke up and couldn't stop thinking about what I saw last night. I got ready for the day and my daughter woke up joining me to watch tv in the living room. I needed to go get cigarettes so we took a ride to the 7-11 just past the area where I saw the objects last night. As I drove past I noticed the field has brown areas where the grass looked dead. I continued to the store but felt something wasn't right with the grass in that field. My daughter and i returned home and I wanted to take a walk and check out the field where the saw the objects last night. I noticed the grass as pushed town in areas and it looked like a design was created. I took several pictures of the areas where the grass was unusual. I also took pictures of the area where I saw the object from my vantage point so when I reported this it would make sense. I got home and looked at the pictures, I noticed in the one I took from my vantage point from last night, I captured something flying above the area I didn't notice when I took the picture. I didn't notice the object until I zoomed in near the power lines. I included all the pictures I took for you guys to check out. These were taken from my Samsung galaxy 4 cell phone. Attached file 10 was my vantage point from last night and the same area where I captured the picture of the craft today.


Long UFO seen on Mars by Curiosity rover

Curiosity Rover has again photographed a luminous and white UFO near or above the fourth from the Sun, that is to say Mars.  Is Scott C. Waring who discovered this new proof on the website of the NASA, on May 21, 2014.

Scott C. Waring reports:

I was looking through todays Mars rover photos and found an object in the distance. This object matches the description of the UFO seen by the same rover on April 28, 2014 and on May 4, 2014. The end of the object is glowing due to the angle of the sunlight and the long body is lighter in color. When you add contrast and lighting you can see its detail of the body better. I have messaged NASA about this UFO in the two earlier sightings (April 28) and (May 4), however NASA refuses to answer. SCW


Black UFO photographed over Isle of Man

On June 6, 2013, in Peel (a city located in Isle of Man, in Great Britain), a local resident has snapped a curious and unidentified black flying object during sunset.

Witness statement:

At around 21:45 PM on 13th June 2013 I was taking random pictures with my phone-camera from my open apartment window of the sunset over the town of Peel, Isle of Man. I took 3 pictures and some days later I uploaded them to the PC. It was only then that I noticed the object to the left-center of the frame 2/3rds up. I quickly realized that this object was the shape of a 'classic' UFO. The setting sun appeared to be reflecting off the underside.

The window was open and there was no dirt etc. on the camera lens.


Ancient dinosaur egg found on Mars, May 2014

This discovery was made by Whatsupinthesky37 of Youtube and I have to admit at first glance I laughed, but in all honesty, when you look around the photo...this egg clearly does not belong there.

Every object in the photo is rough and ridged, except this egg. It looks like a prettified egg from long ago, but also looks like ancient sea sponge thats been petrified. Either way, its a sign of life past. SCW

Eyewitness states:

I was skimming through the pictures today from the new 631 SOL and this stood out immediately. I have not seen any rocks that look like this on Mars. I figured it would be a quick little video and it ended up going over 13 minutes. We take a good look at it! Here is the link to the picture and please share it with all your friends!


A silent UFO appears over Wrightsville Beach

On May 22, 2014, nearly midnight, a resident of Wrightsville Beach (located in North Carolina) has noticed a silent yellow/orange orb approaching from west. He has taken impressive photos of this phenomenon.

Witness report:

Was taking a few night sky shots with 35mm lens looking to capture stars, satellites, planes whatever. Walked over to the wife talking a minute when I noticed a brighter than usual light moving to the ENE from the W. This would put this object crossing the beach just south of Masonboro Inlet.

The object was brighter than anything in the sky, silent, and stayed lit (not stroking). Only thing that flys this path is the SABLE chopper, and you can surely tell when he is flying by sound alone.

The 1st photo had to move the camera to position and was shaky. In the 2nd photo(moved camera again to locate) the object was going behind the tree and in pic #3(had to move camera again) it is not shaky and shows the wobbly path and inconsistent yellow /orange glare. I wished I had not been set for 8 sec exposures as it appears to just be a trail of light. It is plain to see it is not a chopper or plane due to their lights are more consistent as evident in photo #3 of a planes lights.

It did not appear to be moving extremely fast,but steady for sure. In pic #3 I am not sure how to analyze the length of line the plane made in 6 secs at a further distance / as the object made at what appeared to me to be a closer distance. The objects line seems to be 1.5 as fast as the plane. Silently is what gets me : )

Nikon D5200 35mm lens f/1.8 ISO-1600 8 sec


UFO orbiting near Moon photographed

On November 16, 2013, a witness, from the city of Smithfield, has taken some photos on the Moon with his iPhone when he noticed a strange clear orb moved around our only natural satellite…

Witness report:

I was going through my iPhone pictures yesterday and found a odd orb in the photo I took of a full moon. It looks like it is going behind the moon at some incredible speed since it looks like it went from on side of the moon to the other in under a minute. The files out stamped with a creation date of 11-16-2013 8:26 pm for all five pics. I didn't even know this was there until yesterday. I just thought the full moon looked pretty good and wanted to see if the IPhone could take a decent pic of it, which looks kinda of blah. So I was kinda of surprised to see this when I was looking thru it. I have circled the object in the picture. It is in 3 of the 5 I will send you and I have named them 1-5 in the order they were on my phone. Thought it was kinda of neat, maybe satellite, planet or space station.....or alien.


Orange fireball spotted above Aurora, Illinois

On May 22, 2014, a bright fireball bursted in the night. A witness, living in Aurora (Illinois, USA), has photographed this UFO.

Witness report:

As I walked outside to photograph Mars to the West I noticed a bright orange orb not familiar in the flight path of O'Hare Airport. I grabbed my new Nikon camera and tried to snap shots as fast as possible. Within the span of 2 min. it was gone but manages to get a few images weight he telephoto lenz.


A skull found on Mars by Curiosity rover!

Something of very strange has been discovered on the surface on the Mars Planet. On photo published on Internet, we can see that this could be an ancient skull! In fact, we can notice eye socket, nasal cavity, behind and above eye bone ridge.

Whatsupinthesky37 of Youtube states:

Thank you to Mike A. for sending over this picture of what looks to be a dinosaur skull skeleton on Mars. He attached a picture of a similar skull found on Earth. This is not far fetched considering the other dinosaur videos I have made from pictures on Mars. Please take a look at it and let Mike and everyone else know what you think!! Much love to you all!


Several UFOs on the heights of Moultonborough

On May 9, 2014, on the heights of Moultonborough (in the State of New Hampshire), several black and white UFOs have been photographed. Witness noticed nothing before he downloaded his photos on his computer…

Witness report:

I was at Castle in the Clouds Friday afternoon on May 9-2014. I took 8 pictures of the views overlooking the lake region seeing nothing unusual. When I downloaded the pictures there was just one with a dark object in the lead with 7-8 glowing objects behind it. I think I just randomly caught them in flight.


UFO over iceberg in Canada

On May 17, 2014, near the town of Salvage (in Newfoundland, Canada), a white UFO has been filmed by an automobilist. This object fluttered just above an iceberg!

According to the ufologist Scott C. Waring, this is the proof that aliens take an interest in our clean water reserves.

Witness statement:

So I really don't know what to say about this, while driving around Salvage, Newfoundland and Labrador looking at all the icebergs, I noticed what appeared to be a chunk of ice just barely attached to an iceberg, hoping to catch it collapse I took out the camera and zoomed in. What you can see is a white object not attached to the iceberg, but rather spinning around and changing shape? There was no fog and it was a perfectly clear day so I'm up for debate. So any ideas what this could be I'm open to all opinions, ufo, illusion or what? This is easily the strangest thing I have ever witnessed in my life.


At least 7 pulsating orbs photographed in night

On May 19, 2014, during night, at least seven mysterious and pulsating orbs are appeared in the State of Idaho, USA. Each UFO was circular and moved slowly.

Witness statement:

This is a follow-up report to original Case # 56387. Last night there were 7 objects that hovered, pulsated. In the middle of the largest object there were clearly visible strobe lights. All objects remained hovering from 9:00 PM to 2:00 AM when I last checked. I finally found my digital camera charger and stayed up to get pictures of these objects once the battery was fully charged. Looking at them in the night sky, they appeared bright, similar to a star, but brighter and larger. On the photos I will try to attach here, they appear more like orbs and photos do not show the brightness I saw. This is a nightly occurrence and I would love to understand what they are. The numbers vary from 3 to 7--last night there were 7. My camera is digital and the lens was clean. In the photo it almost looks like water spots, or orbs, but looking at them with the naked eye they were bright, and threw off varied light. They hovered and watching them, you could clearly see they were not totally stationary. My daughter in law and my son all saw them last night, as we do every cloudless night. I will post a follow up IF I am able to capture a better close up, but these objects are high in the sky over my property which is in an isolated location near St. Maries, Idaho.


White flying object near a United States Air Forces in Florida

On May 15, 2014, a mysterious white UFO has been photographed near the Tyndall Airforce Base (a United States Air Forces), located 12 miles east of Panama City, Florida. What is it? An alien spacecraft? Or top secret aircraft?

Witness report:

As we were nearing Tyndall air force Base on our way to Mexico beach Fla. My wife was taking pictures from the car as we passed over a bridge. We noticed the object in our picture a day later. We had also recalled seeing multiple Jets taking off from the air base shortly before we took the picture. At the time it just seemed like good timing. Now I am not so sure. Now the window was up in the car you can see some reflection. But This looks nothing Like the reflections. It has no visible wings and no noticeable tale.


UFO hits Russian Proton-M rocket

Today the Russian Proton-M rocket exploded nine minutes into its flight, but lucky for us it was all caught on video.

The video shows a UFO flying from the right to the left. Just as the UFO hits the rocket, the rocket flames begin to change. At first it looked like a missile, but the object that hit looks round, like an orb.

Another possibility is the rocket was shot down. A heat seeking missile would also bend to hit the heat of the engine.

The rocket was carrying the most advanced satellite that Russia had ever created...the Express AM4R, but was it actually something more? Perhaps a weapon or spy satellite? The satellite was said to be designed to bring Internet access to remote parts of Russia. Watch carefully to see the UFO bends slightly so it can hit the rocket in its engines.

In the video below, jump to 45 seconds into the video to see the UFO move from far right. Please use full screen mode.


A black UFO appears over Newport a morning

Like every morning, a man went to his work near Newport, city located in Great Brittain. But on May 3, 2014, he has photographed a strange black shaped object in the sky. It is his girlfriend that has noticed this anomaly.

Witness report:

Riding to work early morning took photo of sunrise on bike stopped bike to take photo did not realize till I showed my girlfriend later that day after she said what is that I cropped the photo I was amazed to find what seems to be a circular shaped object with a dome on top just still there.


An unidentified shape near Las Vegas, Nevada

On May 17, 2014, a new unidentified flying object has been photographed near Las Vegas (Nevada). According to witness, UFO was not visible at naked eyes and quiet.

Witness statement:

I bought a new Olympus OMD camera and went to Red Rock to take initial photos. Nothing was visible to the eye. No aircraft in the area at the time.

The next day, upon getting home, I downloaded the photos to my laptop to get a good look at the camera quality.

The upper right-hand corner shows the object. The only reason I can come up with for it being blurry is that it was moving quite fast.

20 other photos in the same area at or around the same time show nothing like it.

I hope you have the capacity to view this image with more sensitive software than my own.


A UFO appears in Normandy, in France

On January 11, 2014, a slow flying saucer is appears over a mountain, in Normandy, in northwest of France. A witness has filmed by means of his iPhone 5S…

According to the witness this UFO floating slowly during about 30 seconds. It measured about 10 meters in diameter. This saucer-shaped object was black or / and grey with a red light on the side.

Video was published on Youtube but images were very fuzzy and it’s difficult to see with precision the shape and the features of UFO.

What is it?


Five orbs in formation above Nagoya, Japan

On May 17, 2014, five unidentified and luminous orbs have been photographed, during a clear day, above the city of Nagoya, in South of Japan. What is it? Or a formation of several UFOs? A reflection?

Witness report:

I took 3 photos from the 5th floor of the Mitsukoshi Department store in Hoshigaoka, Nagoya city, Japan. I thought as close as I could to the glass, there was netting about a meter from the window. Only later I saw what looks like 5 "orbs". However, I admit this is most likely a reflection of some kind of spotlight, possibly one with LEDs. There is also an oval pattern again suggesting a spot light reflection. However, I am surprised there could be any reflection as I took the photo right against the glass and there are no other reflections apparent at all. I was hoping someone could tell definitely if the orbs are in the sky or reflected in the glass. They appear to obscure the netting, so lending weight to the likelihood they are a reflection, but then again if they are bright perhaps they would appear to get around the netting. Also I thought it was worth posting in case there were any other observations (I know orbs have been spotted over Japan recently.) To be honest I personally doubt aliens would be visible to us (due to advanced technology), but I've seen the footage of orb like entities which might be some other interesting natural phenomena so I thought I would post it anyway. If it turns out to be just a reflection perhaps the image might be useful as a good example of a non-UFO.

They are also pretty high res pictures so I hope that helps. I haven't altered them in anyway.


A former secret agent says Obama is gay and muslim

Paul Horner, a former Secret Service agent, affirms that the current President of the USA, Barack Obama, is homosexual and a radical Muslim.

In 2014, he has published a book entitled “The Black House”. In this best-seller, he unveiled publicly the real truth about the life in White House. When he worked for Obama, he has discovered who the president is really:

Everyone on the inside knows that Obama is gay and a Muslim, it is common knowledge,” Horner said. “I saw many men coming and going from Obama’s room, at all hours. I would say a good portion of the men, over fifty-percent, were Muslim.

Victor Berman, a journalist, has interviewed Paul Horner on CNN:

Berman: “In your book you talk about several rituals Obama preformed to unwind from his busy schedule. Can you elaborate on these for our viewers?”

Horner: “When no one was around, except his security, Obama couldn’t wait to get out of his suit and into his Muslim tunic. He would wear it while praying to the prophet Muhammad throughout the day. During these prayer sessions he insisted that he not be disturbed.”

Berman: “Your book spends a whole chapter devoted to the various “tortures” that Obama and the First Lady would subject you to. Can you explain?”

Horner: “Because I was white, Obama would force me to listen to Diana Ross full volume, every day, at all hours of the night. It was horrible, I never got any sleep. This is one of the main reasons I finally had to quit.”

Berman: “Can you give us any insight on Obama’s feelings towards the American people?”

Horner: “He constantly made jokes about Americans, frequently referring to them as “mongoloids” and “idiots”. Christians were his favorite verbal punching bags. He has absolutely no respect for the Christian religion. I believe he actually hates Christians, and finds their ideology to be old fashioned and ignorant.”

Berman: What is one of the things readers will find the most shocking?

Horner: “Probably the sheer amount of men he welcomed into his bed quarters. I am in no way homophobic, but Obama’s insatiable lust for homosexual liaisons is like nothing I’ve ever witnessed.  We’re talking 20-30 partners in a single day.”