A bright UFO above Leeds on February 2014 in England

On February 2, 2014, an alien craft has flown over Leeds, a city located in the North of United-Kingdom. A witness has observed this UFO during a long time and his report is fascinating…

Witness statement:

I was in my bedroom watching Sherlock on my laptop when a bright object caught my eye out of the window. I observed it for about 30 seconds. It was a very bright light with a searchlight emitting from it. The searchlight varied as it would scan the ground for a few seconds then it would point to the clouds. I ran outside to get a look at this object. As I looked at it I could start to see an object that look like a diamond with 2 red orbs like objects orbiting the diamond. The object brightened with no searchlight from it, I realized the searchlight was on me. I started to hear a low hum. It was the metal railings surrounding me vibrating the searchlight then swung around and pointed towards the sky. I could see the light cast on the clouds. The object then continued on it path start along to North west then it shot off. I went back inside and when I looked out of the window at the top of the stairway the object was low on the horizon hovering there gradually getting dimmer. I took out my phone and I recorded the object for a few seconds til my battery died out.  The object is still on the horizon as I write this nearly 2 hours after the encounter. I had a very head ache after the sighting I’m not sure if it is linked to the searchlight on me or if it is just coincidence. I’m not sure if it is alien or if it is just so weird weather stuff all I know is it is not a helicopter there was noise and a helicopter isn’t diamond shaped. I saw video from west Africa were a diamond shaped craft fixed a beam of light on a village and it like transfix them. It could be linked I don’t know.  I have had two other encounters prior to this. Both was a single green orb like object performing acrobatic maneuvers such as moving in a triangular path in the sky and making angles at such high velocities that it would kill a human with the amount of g force.

NOTE: The above image is a rendering.


A strange flying saucer of a market in Turkey

During a market in Turkey, a little and black flying saucer has been photographed just over hundreds of people. Nobody seems to have noticed this UFO…

Witness statement:

I was walking down the market street when i snapped a picture of the people and markets. I first detected the object in the picture when i was home shuffling trough my pictures. I first thought it was a lamp hanging. but then i remembered it was no other lamps hanging in the air. I cant believe my camera caught this! There seems to be no other reaction from the people walking down the market street. Very odd looking , but very typical saucer shape.


An unidentified objet photographed over Fresno, CA

On February 24, 2014, a person living in the city Fresno (California) has seen a strange objet flying at about 1 000 feet above Nees Street. This observation lasted about 10 to 15 minutes and our witness has taken some photos…

Witness statement:

I was shopping at the drug store at the corner of First St and Nees St in North Fresno, CA. I happened to look up and saw a stationary object in the NW corner of Fresno. The skies were clear and there were no other aircraft in the area. I observed the object for about 10 to 15 minutes. I took several pictures which I attached.

The object made no noise and was stationary. I am guessing that it was at least 1000 ft or more. It is difficult to estimate size and height without having something to compare it to.

I looked at it with some small binoculars. There seemed to be larger than just the lighted area. The pictures do a good job of what I saw.

By chance I sent the pictures to my daughter and she called me immediately and said that my oldest grandson (11 years old) saw the same thing.

It is interesting that I saw the same thing last fall. I did not have a camera that time. The two sightings we of the exact object. In both occasions, the object just disappeared in an instant.

I do not know what is was but the pictures are interesting to look at.


Strange lights flown lower in Valparaiso, Indiana

On February 23, 2014, an inhabitant, living in the city of Valparaiso (Indiana) had seen about ten strange lights. According to him, these UFOs blinked quickly and changed constantly of direction.

They looked like star and one of them had a flashing light. They plane slowly and lower…

Witness reports:

Driving home I noticed a couple lights, kind of resembling the big dipper but as I looked around, I noticed other lights gravitating towards these. They went into a V shape, extremely quickly. There were probably 7 or 8. They sometimes seemed to be pulsating. I looked again and suddenly there were only 4. You'd look one second and there'd be 3 in a row and look again and there would be 4, fairly far apart. They were star-like and seemed very far. (planes were closer/bigger) so, I didn't notice any sound. I assumed they were military until they started randomly disappearing. When I got near my home, there were only about two and no longer visable in my neighborhood. A family member texted us while we were seeing it and said they were taking pictures from their home (posted below).


A flying saucer appeared near Livermore Valley, California

On February 16, 2014, at the South of Livermore Valley (in California), an automobilist decided to take some photos of California Hills. Suddenly, he has seen an object, like a cloud, in the sky. It was in movement. Photo was blurred or doubled because he drove at this moment…

Witness statement:

Photo taken along I-5 from Pasadena to Oakland California. Photo was taken fro moving car as I was photographing California hills. Object in sky at first appears to be a cloud in an otherwise cloudless sky but it has shape and appears to be in movement. Nothing else in the photo was blurred or doubled because of movement. Please note utility pole and edges of the mountain are not blurred. This picture was taken with a Panasonic DMC-ZS25 digital camera. Perhaps this is nothing more than a digital aberration but I wanted others to see and comment.

At the time of this photo, there were no clouds in the area although 8-10 minutes later, in other photos, clouds were gathering in the sky. So maybe just a cloud but I can't get over what appears to be a leading edge on the cloudlike shape.

Please note my statement of which county I was in when I saw this is ESTIMATED based solely on trip time from Pasadena to Oakland and the time of day it was as we were traveling. I'd say south of Livermore but not more than 75 miles south of it.

I put one second duration of event because I only saw this in my photograph and didn't observe it otherwise.


Pieces of meat mysteriously fall from the sky in 1876

On March 10, 1876, pieces of meat are fallen from a clear sky near a habitation, located in the Bath County, Kentucky. Today, nobody knows the origin of this mysterious rain.

Now, I offer you to read this incredible article:

An Astounding Phenomenon in Kentucky - Fresh Meat Like Mutton or Venison Falling from a Clear Sky.

LOUISVILLE, MARCH 9 - The Bath County (KY.) News of this date says: “On last Friday a shower of meat fell near the house of Allen Crouch, who lives some two or three miles from the Olympian Springs in the southern portion of the county, covering a strip of ground about one hundred yards in length and fifty wide. Mrs. Crouch was out in the yard at the time, engaged in making soap, when meat which looked like beef began to fall around her. The sky was perfectly clear at the time, and she said it fell like large snow flakes, the pieces as a general thing not being much larger. One piece fell near her which was three or four inches square. Mr. Harrison Gill, whose veracity is unquestionable, and from whom we obtained the above facts, hearing of the occurrence visited the locality the next day, and says he saw particles of meat sticking to the fences and scattered over the ground. The meat when it first fell appeared to be perfectly fresh.

The correspondent of the Louisville Commercial, writing from Mount Sterling, corroborates the above, and says the pieces of flesh were of various sizes and shapes, some of them being two inches square. Two gentlemen, who tasted the meat, express the opinion that it was either mutton or venison.


Several pulsating lights above Fresno, CA

A group of strange unidentified lights has spotted just above Fresno, located in the state of California, near a fast food. All these UFOs were orange pulsating lights and flown in formation.

What is it? When we look photos, we can think to Chinese lanterns…

Witness statement:

We were outside McDonalds saying our goodnights, noticed three orange pulsating lights flying in an elongated V formation, then four following in a straight line formation, then another 7 in groups of 3 and four, when they were almost overhead they hovered and changed direction from SE to SW accelerated away and faded out. This lasted for about 10 minutes, there were about a dozen people looking up and watching the objects, the local police helicopter flew overhead and was headed towards the NW, there were several small planes in sky (strobe lights) these objects were above them.


A triangular-shaped UFO appeared in Las Vegas in 2012

On April 13, 2012, an unusual cloud formation is appeared over the city of Las Vegas, in Nevada. So, the witness has captured multiple photos of this phenomenon. But, when he looked at photos, he found an orange orb and a triangular shape hiding in the rain…

Witness report:

I photographed an orb and a triangular object over the Las Vegas strip with 3 red lights in an equilateral pattern following an orb (white in color). Took a 2nd photo 30 sec later and found the orb & triangle object lowered in sky. I thought the weather cloud with rain was interesting because we don't get much here in Vegas. The cloud was no larger than 1 block in size, that's why I photographed if, finding out later the orb and triangular object hidden inside. I just happened to wake up at 4AM and went on my porch to have a cigarette when I saw the event.


A diabolical dog killed in Mexico by hunters…

There are two years ago, four or five hunters are killed a very strange creature in the frontline between the State of Texas and Mexico.

After a successful day of hunting, they were gathered around a campfire. All of a sudden, they heard a mysterious “chattering and barking sounds”. Together, hunters decided to investigate the strange noises coming from a tree. Then, a dreadful creature jumped out at them. One of the men has shot and killed immediately a “demonic looking dog”.

According to some theories, this monster could be a very legendary cryptid living in this area: the “Chupacabra”…


A flying saucer photographed near Rochester, NY

On August 24, 2013, in the city of Rochester (State of New-York), a real flying saucer unidentified has been photographed near the witness. According his testimony, UFO was not visible at naked eyes…

Witness statement:

I did not see this UFO when I took this photo was not till later I discovered it was a quiet day in a field on our target range no planes or birds temp was hot about 86 degrees. The object in the picture appears to be at about the 50-75 yard marker out on the gun lane and about 100 feet up?


Several dark UFOs above Paris, in France

On February 2014, a tourist has filmed several dark UFOs when he visited one of the famous monuments in Paris, the Eiffel Tower. These objects flew over the downtown. They were a little visible but their movements were very impressive…

Witness report:

Multiple Ufos were taped from the top of the Eiffel Tower. The person recording the this video, a tourist, manages to capture multiple Ufos from the POV from the top of the Eiffel Tower. She stated she thought they were planes at first and just followed along. The witness added that there was no evidence of plane engine sounds. She mentioned that this tape is several years old, the tape has ever been released publicly anywhere before. The witness taped this Ufo sighting in "2005" on a dated cellphone camera. The person recording this video added, there were multiple witnesses including small children present at the time of the recording. At the start of the video you can see what seems to be 3 Ufos hovering and moving camera left alongside the Paris skyline. As the camera follows, you can see a few more Ufos flying around. One of the Ufos seemingly separates itself from a much bigger Ufo. The tourist who gave us this tape wants to remain anonymous. She recently found out about our channel after talking to a close friend, she decided to submit this fantastic Ufo sighting to LookNowTV. We thank you for letting us introduce this tape to the public first. As always, you decide.


A strange luminous object filmed by automobilist

On February 18, 2014, an automobilist drove near the city of Waynesville, Ohio, when several lights are appeared in the night sky. He has taken a very clear photo with his mobile phone.

Seemingly, the four lights were part of the same object. So, what it is? Perhaps a drone or a alien spacecraft…

Witness statement:

I was turning onto 42 from Lebanon and I notice a very bright light straight down the road, I figured it was probably an airplane going to land at one of the near airfields because I saw some sort of blinking lights, I keep driving towards it heading towards Waynesville down 42 and I notice that it hasn't moved at all as I drove down about 3-4 miles and as I'm about to downtown Waynesville I notice it's about a mile away floating about 4/5,000 above the bike path that runs across the street in Corwin (you can Google it). This is when I can see 2/3 very noticeable lights on the front along with a semi-steady green on my view of the back of it (the front tip and I were heading in opposite directions). Through the middle of Waynesville I'm stopped at a red light and I'm watching it and it starts to slowly (20-30) move heading south, this is when I got a clear view of the outline of a dark black/silver triangle shape, the people behind me in traffic were watching it too. As I'm driving past it I open my sunroof to get a better view and it looked as if it were slowly ascending. Once I passed it and went to Centerville road I didn't see it again. One of my friends had coincidentally uploaded a picture of a nearly identical looking triangle UFO in our area about half a year ago (I'll attach the picture)


Glowing orange UFO over Hernando, Mississippi

On February 15, 2014, on night, a disk-shaped orb is appeared in the sky above Hernando, a city located in the State of Mississippi, USA. Photo taken by witness is very impressive and probably impossible to explain…

Eyewitness states:

I was at a friend’s place having some drinks and we moved out onto the patio to smoke. I was sitting in the chair talking when I noticed an orange light peak over a distant neighbor’s house. Our first thought was a lantern and then we thought maybe it was just a plane so we just watched it float across the sky and as it neared the clouds it just vanished. It looked like a small flashing orange dot. Well we laughed it over and carried on and about 5 minutes later another one appeared from the same spot and went the same direction as the last. This time we decided to take pictures and I zoomed in and tried to use flash but it turned out looking like a white orb so I turned the flash off and captured the picture I have now.


UFO footage from Manhattan, NY

On February 14, 2014, an inhabitant of the borough of Manhattan (in New York city) has seen a powerful and bright blue light near his home. On video, we can notice that UFO moves slowly over buildings.

What is it? Nobody knows…

Eyewitness states:

The object move over the roof line horizontally and vertically. At one point it descended out of our sight behind the rooftop of the building. I then moved to the top of the front stoop to gain height and re-spotted the object. I saw it move for a few seconds and then it descended further out of sight. At this point we all decided to run up to our building's rooftop to get even higher off the ground in hope to capture it on video again. When we reached the top of our building we saw the object again. It was hovering in one spot and then it started to ascend. Then it moved to our right. Then it appeared to move in our direction slightly. That is when I saw a glare of pure white light with a tint of blue. I have seen something similar to this glare on the HID lights of some cars. We observed the object move in a straight line to our right and then back to the left. It ascended and hovered and then descended behind the same building it was flying over. There were many things that helped distinguish this object over its surroundings. The clouds, lights on top of buildings, airplanes flying by, background city noise, even airplane engine noise. This thing made no sounds that we were able to pick up.


Three green lights over Gilford, New Hampshire

On February 16, 2014, at around 7:25 PM, two persons, living in the city of Gilford (New Hampshire) walked on the beach of Belknap. A few minutes later, the two friends have seen three lights in the sky.

Then, one of them has taken several photos of this green and luminous UFO and he has confessed his story to MUFON.

Witness statement:

My friend, my dog and I took our tripods and DSLR cameras and decided to take a walk around 7:15pm and take some pictures of the night sky over the Belknap range. We arrived at our destination at about 7:25pm, set up our tripods and started snapping long exposure pictures at about 7:30pm. I saw the lights in the first picture I took but it was a bit blurry, so I focused on the lights of the house and took another picture. It took about 15 seconds to take the second picture, I could not see the lights clearly because they were behind the clouds but the shutter speed on my camera can pick up stars behind the clouds so I believe the UFO was behind the clouds hovering. I took a third picture and that took another 15 seconds and the green lights were still hovering in the clouds. Without changing my settings I took a fourth picture and the lights were completely gone. The whole craft hovered for about 45 seconds unless it had hovered before we got there. If it was a flare from The lens I believe it would have showed up in the fourth picture since I did not change positions or any settings on the camera. During this whole duration my dog was constantly growling very low and quiet looking at the sky. I felt excitement and my friend felt worried. I did not show her the pictures until we got home unless she could sense something unusual.


Two long cigar-shaped UFOs over Whitby, UK

On October 28, 2007, an inhabitant of the seaside town of Whitby (Borough of Scarborough) has taken several photos of the panorama. But when he looked his image, he has noticed two black cigar-shaped UFO

Witness statement:

My family and I went to Whitby 28 October 2007 for the Goth Weekend. I had a new Olympus E330 with which I took three photos on the top of Whitby Cliffs (next to the Abbey) to stitch together for a panorama. Christmas week that year I opened the photo on my PC full size and was astonished to see two cylinder shaped UFOs just below the clouds. There have never been any similar entities on photos and I know that they are not any form of lens flare.

When you zoom in on the Photo you can see that the cylinders are lighter on top and darker underneath.

There was no sound and I did not see them when I took the photo.


An biological entity unidentified flying over Huntsville

Twice over a bright UFO is appeared over Huntsville, in Texas, at 6:30 AM. The first has been seen on January 27th ant the second, on February 14. This object looked like an “EBANI” or biological entity unidentified.

Witness statement:

The object first appeared on January 27th at approximately 6:30a. It shows very very bright in the East/Southeastern sky. We watched it until the clouds covered it and it was no longer visible. It never moved.

The morning of February 14 at approximately 6:30a, the same object. The same location.
The same white on top, blue ring and amber bottom.

This morning, there was some loud "animal" screaming in the National Forest when I first saw it.

We watched it until the sun came up when it was still visible and then clouds rolled in and covered it... much as they did in the first sighting.

Several people have reported it in the South/Southeastern skies... even on that first sighting saying it was the nova... but the nova, should not be visible as I understand it.


A strange black UFO over Coquitlam, Canada

On January 14, 2014, a strange black shape has been photographed over Coquitlam, British-Columbia, Canada.

This event lasted several minutes. At this moment, witness was went shopping in a local store.

Witness statement:

I was walking to store to do some grocery shopping when I witnessed the craft. I was alone and had my headphones on so I cannot say whether it made sound before I noticed it but when I did see the object I quickly removed my headphones and had enough time to take one picture before it zoomed off. It was a rainy day with a lot of cloud cover, there was no birds or planes in the area. I did not see any blinking lights and the object didn’t appear to have any identifiable markings. It appeared to be smooth and windowless. It was round/oval with a “tail”. I am not sure what it was. It didn’t look like a plane I have seen. It was roundish with a tail, that is all I can say to explain it. The object didn’t move as I viewed it for about 3 minutes before it left my line of sight. It flew in a straight path after it hovered for about 30-60 seconds. Time went by really fast and afterwards my heart was pounding. I showed a few friends and they told I my have something but they have no idea what it is either. Maybe I can get some answers here. (Loaction Coquitlam BC, Canada. Lougheed Hwy.)


Two red lights photographed over Toddington, UK

On January 27, 2014, on night, an automobilist has seen two red unidentified flying objects when he drove on the highway A5120 near the large village of Toddington, in Bedfordshire (United-Kingdom).

Witness statement:

I was travelling from Houghton Regis towards Toddington along a dark road and I saw 2 red lights in the sky, they were moving erratically, sort of dancing and appeared to be moving together, and then apart. They appeared to be very high, almost illuminating the clouds. I have 2 images taken from my camera phone which I wanted to share. No idea what they could have been!


UFO around the Moon, on January 2014, in Stockton

On January 16, 2014, a person has photographed an invisible UFO while he would take the full moon, in the city of Stockton, California. This object was colorless and turned around the only natural satellite of the Earth.

Witness statement:

I was outside with my friend "J" and was checking out the camera on my new cell phone when I decided to take pictures of the moon because it was full and looked beautiful so I took about 6 pictures one after the other and when i started looking at them I saw an object in the pics at first I just thought it was a reflection or something but the object moved in each of the pictures and is very close to the moon and almost the same size I’m posting pictures in hopes someone can explain it to me. Thank you. Sincerely.


7 luminous UFO over Florissant in Missouri

On January 24, 2014, during sunrise, at least seven glowing lights in formation have been sighted above habitations in the city of Florissant, in the State of Missouri. Witness was amazed by this curious spectacle.

Witness statement:

Just another day at work. I noticed a bright light in the eastern sky. At first I thought it was an aircraft. I Drove over to the other side of the campus to get a better look. I looked up to the sky and there were four more lights behind the much larger one. To me it looked like a convoy. They were staggered a bit. They were moving ever so slow and slightly upwards. I grabbed my cellphone and was able to get a real good picture. To my surprise I was able to catch two more star like lights in the shot. I was real excited about capturing a total of seven potential saucers but by the time I was getting ready to take another picture of the light like ufos they simply faded then vanished right before my eyes. It seems unbelievable it really does. Picture tells the story. It was a beautiful sunrise that morning. I wonder where they were going. The large like saucer could of been the mother ship. Its silly to think that were the only life forms that exist in our universe.

Note: if you zoom in on picture the largest saucer has a white bubble shaped top and a thick green ring around dome and a flat bottom. The smaller ones you can see green also. And some of them look like a couple of ufos side by side. So maybe ten or so. WERE NOT ALONE.:-)


A red glowing UFO over Maricopa, Arizona

On February 9, 2014, a red glowing disk unidentified has flown over the city of Maricopa (Arizona). According to the witness UFO moved slowly around treetop level. He has taken some photos and the result is very impressive!

Witness statement:

My mother was outside smoking around 8:30PM when she observed a red glowing light around tree top level moving at around 20 miles per hour. She yelled for me to come outside and look at it. I came outside and saw what she was pointing at and started filming it on my iPhone camera. It had a red glow to it as I caught the remaining 20 seconds before it left our field of view. My mother who saw around 2 minutes of it said to her when it was at the midpoint of her viewing area that she could see a disk like outline and that it had about 5-6 protrusion type areas. She described it as wart like looking as the best description she could come up with. I sent my brother my iPhone video of what I caught and he pulled some still pictures from it after zooming in on the object. It was traveling from North to South and maybe 100 feet above treetop level.


A mysterious stationary light over Cambridge, Ontario

On June 14, 2013, in the City of Cambridge (in Ontario, Canada), a man was waiting his bus when he has seen a stationary bright light in night. As this UFO didn’t move, he was able to take several photos…

Witness statement:

I was just waiting for my bus at the bus stop, when I noticed a strange object hovering just pass a building, I decided to take photos of it every 2-5 minutes until my bus came so you could see the daylight in the background change to show you how long this object was stationary.

I didn’t see it leave or show up, I kind a just noticed it, I zoomed in and put 3 different shots together and will be sending the originals as well. I wanted to record a video but my phone was almost dead.

I immediately knew what I was witnessing, because it didn’t flash any lights, but reflected some sort of light. I felt lucky to witness a UFO, and will feel better knowing these pictures get looked at and hopefully we can come up with something on it. Thanks!

Sorry for delay by the way


Metallic disk over military base in Taiwan

A reader of UFO Sightings Daily wrote me and asked me to look into this. He is also living in Taiwan like myself.

The UFO is over a building complex that has a tall brick fence with barbed wire. I did confirm, the buildings are for Taiwan military use, but usually only used a few months of each year for training.

To find this UFO you must use google map which is free to download, but know this...almost all of the 20 or more UFOs that I reported found on Google map have been deleted by Google within 3-6 months time! So I found that it is important to create a video to document the sighting for the future.

I, Scott C. Waring made this video and can guarantee 100% that it is there, but please visit the location on Google map to confirm this sighting. If you do find it please leave a comment below for others to see. Thanks so much to the person who emailed this in to me. Scott C. Waring


A white orb above Fort Mill, South Carolina

In the afternoon of January 30, 2014, a white orb unidentified has been filmed over the city of Fort Mill, South Carolina. This UFO moved slowly and witness has taken two videos of this phenomenon.

Witness statement:

About 5:40 pm on Thursday 01/30/2014 when I saw something very brightness on the sky, I used my Samsung note 3 to taken the first one until the object went down and I turn off the camera , in  a second I look up and I saw 1 more so I record again, I think 2 of them.


Several black UFOs photographed over Phoenix during sunset

On January 29, 2014, during the sunset above the city of Phoenix (Arizona), a man has taken several photos of the sky. But when he has sent these images to his granddaughter, he has noticed multiple black UFOs!

These objects were probably invisible. But, by watching photos, we can think that it’s just dusts on the lens.

Witness statement:

January 29th, 2014, I went outside & took photos of the sunset -- we definitely have more colorful sunsets than this one, so not sure why I wanted to take these photos. Used my newer Droid cell phone -- took a few photos, deleted some & kept 2 -- really didn't look closely at the pictures at this time.

Last night, 2-6-14, my granddaughter texted a photo of snow in the headlights of their car, saying how cold it was on their way north to our cabin -- I sent her back the two photos of the sunset to show the difference in the temperatures. This was when I really "looked" at the photos and was shocked at what I was looking at -- I look at the sky often & never see anything (ufo's) ------ my camera "saw" the objects ------ I didn't see anything while taking the photos, except the sunset -- as I wasn't looking for objects in the sky. I would have thought I would have noticed -- but, did not.

Not only was I shocked to see the objects, but the fact that there were saucer shaped objects -- and the cylinder object also -- thought that was unusual -- ??

My son convinced me that I should send the photos somewhere to get a possible opinion regarding the photos. So -- sending one to Mufon -- thanks!