A donut-shaped UFO sighted over Colorado, USA

Several inhabitants of Colorado (west of USA) have noticed something of very strange in the sky. In fact, they have seen an unidentified flying object that has had a shape of golden donut!

Witness statement:

My sons and I just arrived from my youngest baseball game, when we were getting out of the truck we all seen it and the boys were asking me what is that and I said I don't knows. I then sent my oldest son to go get the camera I tried to snap a couple pictures but I don't have the steadiest of hands so I gave the camera back to my oldest son and he snapped a few photos and of all the photos we got one good one. We watched it for about 15 min then it just vanished we didn't see it shoot off in any direction I it just vanished.


A UFO very luminous filmed over the Bronx, New York

On 3rd January 2014, a inhabitant of New York has taken, on video, a mysterious flashing light over Van Cortland Park in the borough of Bronx.

Witness report:

I'm not sure what exactly it was that I photographed, perhaps a drone? It was there for at least an hour from just before sunset around 4PM, not sure of the exact time, on January 3, 2014. It was in the sky until well after dark over Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx, NY. It may have been there longer, because I just looked up from my computer and there it was flashing toward my window. I didn't film the whole time as I am recovering from a broken arm and it was difficult for me to keep holding the camera.


Object Falls From Space Over Dillon, Montana

A Dillon resident saw a huge fireball in the sky, just before 8 a.m Tuesday.

Ruth Jackson of Dillon spoke to NBC Montana over the phone and says she had no idea what she was looking at, so she pulled over to take a photo.

"We were driving east on Helena St. in Dillon and the sun hadn't come up yet but there was this bright thing in the sky and I said to my husband, 'What is that?'" said Jackson.

She was a passenger in the car along with her husband and two granddaughters. They were on their way to drop the girls off at school when they stopped to take the picture.

"I am always looking for something to take a picture of, but this was just awesome," said Jackson.


A man abducted by aliens in 2013, Indiana

On March 2013, a man, first-named Chris, affirms to have been abducted by alien in the town of Brownsburg, State of Indiana, USA. He has told his incredible experience in MUFON website…

Witness statement:

Hi, My name is Chris. On March 26, 2013 I had a strange experience. I filed a report with MUFON. This happened in Brownsburg, Indiana. At the time of my report I did not realize that I had been abducted. This was on my way home from work. I have driven this path every day for the last 20 years. I felt this strange light and could not move and when it quit I saw the UFO. I know when I felt the light and when I saw the UFO and realized I had driven a mile down the road that I don't remember. A few weeks later I was pulled out of my bed then awoke seconds later back in bed. The missing time is 20 to 30 minutes every time. This usually happens around 2:30 AM. I have lost count of the times I have been abducted. Twice I was aware of my surroundings. One time I was on a hard surface and felt heavy weight on me and finally screamed to get off me. It took a lot of effort to get the words out; then I was back in bed. The other time I was being forced to walk and felt something happening behind me. When I turned my head I saw an alien standing there for just a second then I was back in bed. Each time this happens I get a two inch "dent" in my head... This is about a half inch wide with a circle indentation at the end. This takes several hours to appear. A couple of time the dent is bigger and wider at the top back of my head and this one appears quickly. I have had headaches from the start. I don't always wake up when this happens. I work long hours and don't sleep long. Due to my job I wish to keep this private. I have a year until I can retire so don't want to draw attention to myself. I am curious to see how many other people this is happening to. Thanks for any information that you might share.


A giant triangular UFO filmed over France

A huge UFO triangle is appeared above France on January 23, 2014 at 10:08 PM. That day, sky was perfectly clear. On video, we can three bright lights forming an impressive equilateral triangle. These lights were barely visible.

Unfortunately, we don’t know where precisely this UFO has been sighted. This UFO looks like one single object, as the three lights are pulsating together.

Witness statement:

I filmed a beautiful clear triangle formation in the blue sky, during a nice morning in the countryside. I'm still wondering if it's an orb formation or one single transparent ship spying the area. If there are some experts about UFO formations, please tell me!
Type: Triangle UFO
Scale: Unknown
Duration: 52 seconds
Color(s): White
Light(s): 3 bright lights
Speed: Medium
Filmed with: SDR-S70


An orb multicolor over Antelope Valley, CA

At Fremont, California, two men have observed an orb over the beautiful Antelope Valley, located in Los Angeles County, California.

UFO was just a simple light that changed color regularly. This phenomenon has been reported, on MUFON website, on January 27, 2014.

Witness statement:

I am here at work I work graves so I see a lot of things. This is the first time i have seen the lights here. The last time was 5 months ago in Antelope Valley, CA. But it followed myself and my friend while walking our horses. It’s strange. But they are pretty lights. When we would look at it of would move away. When we looked down it was 10 times closer than before. So we got on my horses and rode home. The sighting lasted about 35 minute.


Two bright lights near the Bermuda Triangle in 2009

The Bermuda Triangle is region in Atlantic Ocean where a lot of aircraft and ships are mysteriously disappeared. Some people think that UFO abducts them.

On October 2, 2009, two strange bright lights have been filmed, by a man who sailed on his own boat, near this famous area…

Witness report:

Filmed these early evening on Oct. 2, 2009 while in the Bermuda Triangle with one other witness. The ship was headed to Nassau, Bahamas. You can't tell by this video, but these objects were very large and VERY bright. There was a third witness confirmed later.

At the end of the video, these lights go out.


Several lights filmed over Paducah, Kentucky

On Wednesday, 15th January 2014, the sky of the city of Paducah (in McCracken County, Kentucky) has been swamped by several unidentified lights, at least six according to the witness. Three of them constituted a triangle…

These UFO moved very slowly.

Witness statement:

Triangle formation caught during the day over Paducah!!! Can anyone explain this or seen this? We’ve thought about a few things, wind not blowing hard, there were 6 n only 2 lost altitude, n they flew at least a mile n we lost sight of them, no noise from them at all jan.15 2014 at around 4:30 in Western Key. about 10 miles south of Paducah.


Drone or UFO over Montauk on January 2014?

On September 15, 2013, in Montauk (State of New York), a witness has observed a strange black object while he was on a desk. According to him, UFO would seem to fly off the return against the wind.

Witness statement:

While going out into my deck to have a cigarette I observed what appeared to me as some kind of balloon.... It was a windy day I remember blowing 15-20knts SW ... My deck faces south... It seemed to drift away at first. What I though was odd is that the object returned into my view and looked like it was remote controlled ... Hovering and moving against the wind... I would say the object was approx. 500-1000 feet away.... I have photos I will try to download to whomever is interested... Maybe it's just some kind of remote controlled metallic looking balloon contraption....

What it is?
By looking photos, we can notice that object looks like an unmanned aerial vehicle (commonly known as drone).

What do you think?


A diamond-shaped UFO over Indianola, WA

On January 23, 2014, above Indianola (State of Washington), a strange object has been seen in night. UFO looked like linear diamond necklace with three luminous jewels.

Witness statement:

I was cleaning out my trashcan a bit before 9pm past on a beautiful, clear night and noticed a weird light flickering to the southwest over Everett, was perhaps, or over the Puget Sound. It hung out for about 45 minutes, slightly moving to the left then back to its previous location and then circling around very subtly. I thought it was my vision so I sat in an outdoor chair very still to see if it still moved around, which it did. It looked like a wand with three diamonds flickering in the night sky making beautiful colors of blue, green, and perhaps red erratically but mostly seemed to shimmer a brighter lumen than the brightest night stars. I got a pair of low power bird binoculars which showed it as a blue orb, but then concluded that it must be the lens of the binoculars that was making that shape as I could see one and then two starlight objects moving within the orb, as it looked different without the binoculars. I tried taking photos but all my videos and photos were black except one. Interestingly, everything in the photo is black except the one speck that appears to be the object at a particular point when it was glimmering. Not a great photo for an iphone5. I invited my wife outside to see it as well. She remarked on the colors it was emitting.

I went inside, then, after 20 minutes or so, checked the night sky from a skylight inside my home and saw that it had moved and was now an 75 degree level west-nw, much higher in the sky and I could only see the bottom of it - didn't appear cylindrical anymore and could see the sides, just the flicker at the bottom end. After a few minutes, I got bored and went to bed.


A bullet-shaped UFO over New Braunfels, Texas

On January 3, 2014, a bullet like object has been seen over New Braunfels, in the state of Texas. According to the witness, it had a red and orange glow on half and grey on the other half.

Witness statement:

As I was driving home to Canyon Lake from a job interview in New Braunfels on FM 2722 on January 3, 2014 around 11:00 a.m., I saw a bullet like shaped object floating in the sky. It was a little less than a mile away from the road to the northwest. I noticed it did not have wings, so I pulled over on the side of the road, turned off my radio and began taking pictures. There was no noise, or delayed noises coming from the object. I knew immediately it was not an airplane or helicopter. This was an object I had never seen before. At first siting the object, it seemed to be floating and moving south and had an orange-red glow on the front half and a grey metallic color on the back part of the object. I was in awe and knew I had to get a picture. After the first picture was taken, I checked to make sure the picture turned out and then went to take a second photo, but the object was gone. I started to drive off and then I saw the object far away within seconds. I took another picture. After checking the picture to make sure it turned out, I looked back at the sky where the object was, and it was gone and I did not see the object in the sky again.


A cigar-shaped UFO over Davenport, Florida

On August 25, 2013, a long cigar-shaped UFO has flown over the little town of Davenport, Florida.

On photo taken on this day, object seems so blur.

Witness statement:

I was leaving my sister's home in Florida during the late afternoon, and traveling West on Ridgewood Lakes Blvd., near HWY 27. I saw an interesting cloud formation, north, that looked like a dragon with razor sharp teeth, and took 4 pictures.

When I loaded the photos on my computer, I noticed the "spots" on two of my shots.

I noticed that the angle of the "spots" and shade of them were different in both shots. When blown up, they seem to be darker on the bottom than the top. The car was traveling about 35 MPH, but "spots" were blurry, trees nearby were not. My thoughts: object was traveling slow enough for camera shutter to catch it, but too fast to get a clear shot.


An alien spacecraft found thanks to Google Earth

By using Google Earth, a famous ufologist on web, nicknamed “wowforreeel”, has discovered on the Moon an huge and impressive anomaly. According to him, it’s perhaps an alien spacecraft…

This shape is composed of a perfect black triangle. On this, we can see seven luminous white nodes arranged in a 90 degrees “V” pattern.

Witness statement:

What IS that??? No idea how to title this one really so went with first thing that comes to mind. After going there on Google Moon and staring at this thing for quite a long time I can say yes, it is really there, not faked and I have no clue what it is. I found nothing else like it in any of the other craters. Not much to be said other than .. it's there, take a look and tell us what you think it is.

22°42'38.46"N 142°34'44.52"E

What is it? A weird crater? An image anomaly? An alien spacecraft? Or a base engineered by intelligent minds?


A multicolored UFO over Cancun, Mexico

On January 20, 2014, a conical and multicolored UFO has been snapped over a heavenly beach in Cancún, a city in southeastern Mexico, located on the southeast coast of the Yucatán Peninsula.

Witness statement:

I took this picture around 1pm on the beach in the Cancun Hotel Zone standing in front of the Bay View Grand Condos looking south.

I did not notice the purple object in the picture until I uploaded it on my laptop. It looks like an upside down jellyfish.

I used a Kodak 3X Digital Zoom camera on the "auto" setting.

I contacted Jan C. Harzan and she said to send it to you for analysis.



Edward Snowden has top secret documents about aliens

According to Iranian newspapers, the government of this country thinks that Edward Snowden (who lives currently in Russia) has some undeniable proofs about the existence of Aliens! These aliens will be in contact with the U.S. Secret Service…

Scott C. Waring explains:

« Iran may have some inside information from its in formatives in China and Russia, because they currently believe that Edward Snowden had top secret information about the US and Alien alliance making the US a world power. Iran states: "incontrovertible proof that an alien/extraterrestrial intelligence agenda is driving US domestic and international policy." I have to admit, I didn't know Iran was so advanced in their thinking. Yes, the US has been working with aliens all the way back to the 1950s when Val Valient Thor visited President Eisenhower in the pentagon. Yes...they even have photos and eyewitnesses to that event. Looks like countries around the world are wising up about how the US has become so powerful. If those countries also begin attempting communication with aliens using experimental methods, America might not be a world power for long. SCW »


A giant flying saucer over DeLand, Florida, in 1969

On August 20, 1969 at 9:00 AM, Billy Anderson, a junior high school student, has photographed a huge black flying saucer over DeLand, Florida.

According witness, disc shaped UFO interfered with television signal. In those days, a famous ufologist, George D. Fawcett had inquired about this curious case.

Witness statement:

Around noon one day in mid August 1969, I was having trouble with my television signal. While adjusting the rabbit ears, I noticed that the front yard went dark with a shadow, and that the shadow clearly had a rounded edge to it. This surprised me, so I peeked out of the front door and saw a huge round object moving south, slowly. After a moment, it had disappeared over the tree line, and the television signal returned. Few moments later, it happened again. This time I ran to the kitchen to grab my mother's camera, which she kept atop the fridge. I then ran back to the front door, and saw that it was moving north. So I had to run back through the house to the back door for a northward view. As I ran out of the back door, I landed on the last of three steps so hard that it broke in two and I fell on my knees. It was there long enough for me to snap three photos with a Kodak 135. Only one of the three developed, the first, which only caught about two-thirds of the object. The other two were blank but for a small white light. As I knelt there, I encountered a bone crushing vibrational sound, a sonic disruptive force, that made me feel ill and fatigued for a few hours. The object finally disappeared over the trees to the north-northwest.

The original photograph was given to Author and Investigator George D. Fawcett. The only copy I have is from a magazine article, and has my age and time wrong.[I was eleven years old at the time]


City employee takes photo of UFO hovering over train tracks, Australia

A mysterious photograph has sparked a UFO frenzy in the city's north. Both believers and skeptics are scratching their heads over a picture, snapped in Beveridge by a council officer last week.

 Whittlesea Council is considering informing NASA and has already sent the image to Australian authorities. The photographer, Whittlesea Council traffic engineer, Roland Rozario said he could not explain the digital photo, which shows a small round object zooming through the top right side of the frame. Mr Rozario said he and a colleague were doing a routine audit of a railway level crossing about 2pm on Thursday, January 15.

"We didn't see or hear anything when we were there," he said. "I took about 10 or 12 photos, facing east and west.

"Then I came back to the office, downloaded the images and noticed an object in one photo. I still don't know what it is. I passed it around the office and people didn't know what it was. A few said it didn't look like a bird, an aircraft or even a bug in front of the camera.

Mr Rozario said a train passed through the crossing just seconds after the photograph was taken and believes a passenger may have spotted something in the sky. Whittlesea Council's communications officer, Jim Linton, said the image to the Chief Defense Scientist, Defense Science and Technology Organization and the Civil Aviation Authority. He said the council was considering referring it to NASA and other authorities. 

"As a municipal council we have this image and we believe it is responsible to pass it on to the Government authorities who have the expertise and let them work it out," he said. 

Mr Linton said staff assured the council the photograph was not altered or tampered with. 

"We're not making any claim on it. We're looking for some expert who can look at it and tell us. Maybe there will never be an answer.

Weather bureau senior forecaster Peter Blake said the photograph did not look like anything meteorological.

"It almost looks like a plane from the rear. It is certainly not a weather balloon," Mr Blake said. Local flying saucer experts also struggled to explain the photograph. 

Victorian UFO Research Society scientific adviser Bernard Wilson said the group needed more information in order to make a full assessment.

"There are some interesting aspects to this photo. The sun reflections from the object and the rails appear to be fairly consistent," he said. "There appears to be some motion blur to the left of the image which might indicate a fast-moving object."


Three unidentified spheres over Patterson, California

In the city of Patterson, in Stanislaus County, California, three red/orange unidentified spheres have been observed on 1st January 2014, shortly after midnight. According to witnesses, these objects seemed to follow same path…

Witness statement:

January 1, 2014, 12:10 AM I stepped out onto the back patio to hear the music from a neighborhood party. I immediately saw two red spheres in the night sky. I came in and got my camera and started taking photos. A third sphere joined the other two. They remained evenly spaced and in a horizontal line. I continued taking rapid photos, 15 in all. The spheres appeared to ‘fade’ one at a time but looking at the photos with zoom, they were still in the pictures and seemed they had left ‘away’ from me to a greater distance. The photos are time stamped from 1:12 AM thru 1:16 AM because my camera was still set on Daylight Saving Time. The photos are very interesting when enlarged. I don’t have television so I didn’t hear of other reports. My daughter sent me the activity from your site and so I thought I should report what I had seen and photographed.


A white spherical UFO over El Lago, Texas

On January 15, 2014, in the little city of El Lago (Texas, USA) a mom and her children have seen an object hovering and moving closer, then suddenly shot up toward the sky and changed direction again.

Witness statement:

I had just got home with the kids. I went inside and the two teenage girls went to check the mail. Suddenly they started knocking on the kitchen window and called for me to go outside. I went outside with my younger daughter and saw them pointing at a large object in the sky. The object was orange/yellow in color. It was a disc/sphere. It looked like fire was coming out from the bottom. At first I thought it was a hot air balloon, but it was moving too fast. It travelled toward us, faster than a hot air balloon but slower than an airplane. It made no noise. It hovered near us for a few moments before it shot straight up into the air at a very high rate of speed. Then it changed direction to the right and appeared whiter in color. Then it faded out of sight. The girls said that it changed directions and descended again over the trees and faded out, but I did not see that happen.

We watched the object for several minutes before it shot of into the sky. My daughter took a couple of pictures with her cell phone. We really couldn’t get a good shot to tell what it was or see any other details.


A red-orange glowing orb flies over Lehigh Acres

Over the city of Lehigh Acres, located in Lee County (Florida), a red-orange glowing orb has been photographed, on January 13, 2014 at nightfall. According our witness, this luminous UFO emitted, sporadically, subtle pulsation of light.

On photo transmitted at MUFON organization, UFO seems to take the shape of the figure “7”.

Witness statement:

I walked out the front door of my house to go to the local Mason Lodge. I looked up (as I always do) and saw a bright red-orange orb. I knew immediately that it was not a normal aircraft; we live near an airport and have seen numerous aircraft at night over the years.

Since I had locked the door behind me, I banged on the door so my wife and daughter could come see it. About ten seconds later they came out and witnessed it too. They too realize that it was no normal aircraft.

I yelled to them to run and get our cameras with telephoto zoom.
Although I have no way to judge speed, it moved rather quickly in a straight line heading north northwest.

While they were running to get our cameras, I snapped one picture with my cell phone. A few seconds later they came out with our zoom cameras. By that short amount of time, however, the object had moved too far away and was too dim (probably due to cloud cover) for us to even attempt at getting a decent picture.

As it was traveling towards the north northwest, it did appear that the object was ascending, but that could have just been an optical illusion of it flying into the clouds and getting fainter. The entire episode probably did not last much longer than a minute. All three of us were in amazement and still are tonight as I type this report.

I’ve attached my cell phone photo to this report just for documentation purposes, but the slow shutter speed my cell phone used to take the shot made the object appear to have a couple of tails. It does, however, represent the color fairly accurately.


Bright white light sighted over Winder, Georgia

On January 14, 2014, in the morning, a white object is appeared above the small city of Winder, Georgia (in United States). First UFO seemed to be stationary. But, rapidly, it has begun to move…

Witness statement:

I was at work and walked out back to smoke at around 0930AM. I saw a white object in the sky. I thought it was stationary at first because I didn’t see it moving. It was a few miles away and was fairly high. It began to move across the sky and I assumed it was a plane. I was watching it still not really concentrating noticed it stopped moving and was stationary again. I thought perhaps it had been turning and just appeared to be stationary to my view. It suddenly went straight up really fast for a second and stopped again. The speed it went up with was not something I had seen before. Now I was paying attention. I know what I saw. No one would believe me. I grabbed my cell phone and snapped a quick picture of it. I also looked at the time. It was 9:35 AM. It isn’t a great photo but I did get it while it was still. I’m not saying I took a picture of a "UFO" but the movement this object made was not something I had ever seen a plane make. I continued to watch the object not really sure if I was seeing this clearly or had I just not been paying attention. While I was paying attention, it very quickly moved to the left so fast that I had to turn move my eyes to find it. It stopped again stationary. It stayed there for a about 6 seconds and then I lost it. I don’t know if it moved again really fast or just disappeared. I’m not saying this was "UFO" but it moved faster than an object, normal object, can move at that distance from me. It also stopped twice and just sat there. Since the hairs on my body stood up I decided to tell someone. I didn’t want to tell my coworkers or family what I had seen. I don’t even know what I saw. If it was a plane, it is not like any plane I have ever seen or heard of. I was hoping maybe if this was looked at, you folks might be able to rationalize it for me.


Orbs triangle formation and rods filmed above Newport Beach

On January 7, 2014 at 10:30 AM, three bright lights have been filmed just over the city of Newport Beach, located in the State of California. UFOs moved very slowly but in the end of video, one of the lights seem to multiply by three others lights …

Witness statement:

Filmed this on Jan 7, 2014 in Newport Beach CA at 10:30 am. I was having coffee when I looked up and saw a large triangle formation above my roof! The object consisted of 3 orbs working together to form this triangle. They hovered in formation for about a min then took off north towards the ocean. At 1:24 shows a breakdown of the triangle activity. I also managed to film some Rods. The video shows various Rods flying thru the screen and flying in packs! This is the clearest footage of Rods from my deck yet. There were also some orbs captured. It was high activity!


Two fireballs unidentified snapped in Henderson

On 1st January 2014 at about 12:00 AM, a couple has sighted and photographed two impressive fireballs unidentified, flying above the City of Henderson, located in State of Nevada, near Las Vegas (about 18 miles).

Witness states:

I was lying in bed watching the fireworks on New Years. I was up and about taking pictures out for the bedroom window of the fireworks over Las Vegas which is 16 miles away from our home. We have an unobstructed view of the entire Las Vegas Valley. FYI, we do see the mountains and sky and valley from our bed.

She alerted my attention to a glowing orange red ball coming over Sloan Canyon southwest of us. The direction was from California to Utah. The object was flying low at approximately 2000 feet.

I got up from the bed and we both watched as the phenomena passed by us and then went up into the sky and disappeared.

As we were trying to figure out what we just saw another one came over the exact same path. This was very close to us, less than a mile and at about 2000 feet altitude. It was round, and I saw the pulsated energy with in and flames evenly over the top as if it were from a gas burner on a stove. They were blue, red, flames that appear to be 5 feet tall spread evenly over the top of the object going up as the object floated peacefully through the valley past our house and then changed direction going up into the sky and disappeared at approximately 8,000 ft. The second one was very close, and as I watched in disbelief, a lot of things went through my head and I do not know what I was looking at, I stared deeply into the object. I followed the entire path. We are 11 days later and I am not ok about what I saw. I have emailed, called and spoken with Peter Davenport twice, NASA, FAA, Nellis, George Knapp, and Henderson Executive Airport. We did not see lights dancing in the sky; we saw the objects close and with certainty. I am loosing sleep and I want to know what I saw. It is not a possibility that someone does not know what is going on. Two many people saw this on New Years and it s about time that we are told what this was. I can say with certainly, if I grabbed my medium format camera, we would have pictures that would reveal a UFO. Personally, having been given the phone number from Nellis and the FAA to call Peter Davenport seems to me that this is a poor excuse to get rid of the people reporting and shunning any responsibility to be accountable as they have to know what this was and what is going on.

I took two pictures with her smart phone. The second was taken at 12:04:26 am Jan 1st 2014.


An alien, looking like god Pan, seen in Somerset in 1948

In an evening of 1948, in Somerset county (at southwest of England), a man has seen an alien near his house. This humanoid looked like Pan, god of the wild, shepherds and nature in Greek religion.

This story has been reported by B.M. Nunnelly in the book entitled “The Inhumanoids real encounters with beings that can’t exist”.

A man named Cyril Barry was outside smoking a cigarette one evening when he noticed light coming from the window of the adjacent house. He casually strode over and looked inside the room---and got the shock of his life. There, sitting at a large table was a white, humanoid figure with a bearded goat’s head complete with ten-inch-long horns. Instantly regretting his indiscretion, Mr. Barry hurriedly left the area. Shake by what he had seen and unable to resolve it, he reportedly returned to the house the following day and once again, peered into the same window. He was surprised to see that the room was now empty, dusty and in disarray as if it hadn’t been occupied for years.

http://ufoinfo.com, January 12, 2014

Spherical orange UFO filmed near ISS by NASA

On January 7, 2014, famous ufologist, Scott C. Waring, has discovered something of very strange near International Space Station. By watching NASA live cam, the researcher has noticed the presence of a strange orange sphere.

Scott C. Waring states:

I was taking a look at the ISS when I began to listen to some of their conversation to see what they were talking about. As I was listening, I saw this golden orb about a meter or less hovering about 2 meters from the walls of the space station. As I watched the solar panels behind it were moving and we could clearly see the orb was between the camera and the solar panels. As the solar panels moved away from the orb...meaning the orb now had a blue background so it stood out more...suddenly NASA cut to blue screen. But I did notice just 5 seconds before they cut to blue screen that the camera was begging to pan out...making the orb seem to move further away. Did they see the orb and cut the video? I believe so. I recorded this video, I know it’s real and I can vouch for its authenticity. Below the video I will put an astronauts sighting of a similar golden orb back in May of 1981, which he states, "one or two seconds later, a second explosion followed somewhere else and two spheres appeared, golden and very beautiful.