UFO spotted over Devon sky

Experts are unsure whether this suspected UFO is a bird, a plane or perhaps a spy drone hovering over the North Devon landscape.

The fascinating image was captured by photographer Rob Tibbles in a series of pictures taken on Saturday at Fullabrook wind farm.

But it was only when the camera man returned home and downloaded his work that he spotted the strange object gliding high above one of the turbines.

And even after zooming in on the object to have a closer look, it was still unclear what exactly it was.

The airbase at RMB Chivenor, near Barnstaple, which houses search and rescue helicopters, said they had not had any reported UFO sightings in the area, however a training exercise was conducted that day.

Dave Gillham, founder of the Cornwall UFO Research Group (CUFORG), based in Truro, said it was not unusual for unusual craft to be spotted near military installations.

They seem to be around when the military are up to something – to put it bluntly these objects appear to be watching them,” he added.

It has got a good shape to it – the last couple of pictures I have seen looked good in the distance but when they blew up they looked like herring gulls.

“This looks a little bit unusual with spikes sticking out and what look like two windows or eyes at the front.”

Over the past 18 years, the CUFORG has recorded a number of unexplained sightings.

The group held its 17th annual conference this year, attracting more than 100 fans from around the world. In January, two witnesses in Par, near St Austell claimed to have seen an unidentified object from their kitchen.

A man and his wife also reported seeing a red light above Padstow last year.

Mr Gillham, a retired merchandiser, said his close encounter came in 1995.

I have never fathomed out what they are but UFOs don’t necessarily contain little green men,” he added


Alien grey spotted by hikers in forest?

A group of young hikers insist they have photographed an extraterrestrial creature in a dense forest near Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

The group were hiking in Yundola, a large meadow between the mountains of Rila and Rhodoppe, when they came across the mysterious visitor.

One of the hikers managed to snap a picture of the creature before it vanished, an grey Alien perhaps?


Glowing orb caught on wildlife on cam in Georgia

November 22, 2013, a mysterious glowing orb has been filmed by an infrared camera in the city of Waycross, in the State of Georgia. This very luminous UFO moved quickly and was probably invisible. In fact, a cat doesn’t seem to see it.

Witness statement:

I placed a infrared trail camera in my woods on my back land line about 3 weeks ago. Camera was set to take a 10 second video ever 10 minutes. A 2GB SD card was changed out on the afternoon of November 19, 2013. This card stayed in the camera until the afternoon of November 22, 2013.

When I viewed the videos on the night of November 22, 2013 I found that two of the night videos, one at 01:45AM and the second one at 01:55AM, on the morning of November 22, 2013 contained the following: 1. A raccoon feeding on some corn. 2. A white ball suspended in the air above the raccoon which moved, shook, and dropped down toward the raccoon. The second video ten minutes later at 01:55AM shows the raccoon backed up looking at the white ball and then deciding it was time to leave. The white ball was dancing around going back and forth, up and down, goes off camera and comes back and video ends. In the second video the white ball seems to be smaller than it is in the first video.

There were no white balls of light in any of the other videos before these two nor was there any in the videos following these two. These two videos would have covered a time span of thirty minutes twenty seconds. ten minutes before the video started, ten seconds during the first video, ten minutes between the first and second video, ten seconds during the second video, and then ten minutes after the second video.

I dont have any idea if this qualifies as a UFO, or not, but it is above the ground about six feet and moving around like a ball dancing in the wind. The only eye witness is the raccoon and I dont know where it can be located. If it had not been for this moving white ball I would have deleted these two videos. However, because of it I have placed them in a folder to keep.

Had to use September for month account it would not take the actual month of November when I tried to submit.


The Kinross Air Force Base Incident

On the evening of 23 November 1953, an Air Force radar controller became alerted to an "unidentified target" over Lake Superior, and an F-89C Scorpion jet was scrambled from Kinross AFB. Radar controllers watched as the F-89 closed in on the UFO, and then sat stunned in amazement as the two blips merged on the screen, and the UFO left. The F-89 and it’s two man crew, pilot Felix Moncla and radar operator Robert Wilson, were never found, even after a thorough search of the area.

“The Disappearance of Lt. Felix Moncla”

The channel that connects Lake Superior with the other Great Lakes flows through the Soo Locks near Saulte Ste. Marie, Michigan. On one side of the channel is the U.S., and on the other side is Canada. The fact that this area is on a U.S. national border makes it a restricted airspace. As such, it was monitored by the Air Defense Command in 1953.

On the evening of 23 November 1953, an Air Defense Command Ground Intercept radar controller at Truax AFB became alerted to an "unidentified target" over Soo Locks. He sounded the alert, and an F-89C Scorpion jet was scrambled from nearby Kinross Field. The jet was piloted by 1st Lieutenant Felix Moncla, Jr., with 2nd Lieutenant Robert Wilson in the rear seat as radar operator.

Ground Control vectored the jet toward the target, noting that the target changed course as the F-89 approached it at over 500 mph. Lt. Wilson had problems tracking the target on his onboard radar, so ground control continued to direct the jet to the target. For thirty minutes, the jet pursued the radar blip and began to close the gap as the UFO accelerated out over Lake Superior.

As Ground Control watched, the gap between the two blips on the radar screen grew smaller and smaller until the two blips became one blip. Ground Control thought that Moncla had flown over the target and that the two blips would separate again as he moved past it.

That didn't happen. Suddenly, the single blip flashed off the screen and the radar screen was clear of any return at all.

Frantically, Ground Control tried to contact the F-89 by radio. There was no response. Marking the last radar position, Ground Control dispatched an emergency message to Search and Rescue. That last sighting was about seventy miles off Keweenaw Point in upper Michigan, at an altitude of 8,000 feet, approximately 160 miles northwest of Soo Locks.

After an all night air/sea rescue search, not a trace of the plane or the men was ever found. No debris, no oil slick, nothing was ever found.

Officials at Norton Air Force Base Flying Safety Division issued a statement that "the pilot probably suffered from vertigo and crashed into the lake." However, this was merely speculation and was based on hearsay reports that Moncla was prone to vertigo.

The Air Force explained the unknown radar target at first as a Canadian DC-3, then later as a RCAF jet. Canadian officials responded that there were no Canadian aircraft in the airspace over the lake at any time during the chase. The Air Force finally stated that the F-89 had exploded at high altitude, ignoring the fact that this would have left a lot of debris on the lake surface.

NICAP investigators found that mentions of Moncla's mission - chasing an unidentified target - had been obliterated from official records. Project Bluebook files simply listed the case as an "accident."

Off the record, those that were present in the Ground Control radar room that day have expressed other opinions. They think that whatever the F-89 was chasing directly caused the disappearance of the jet... 


A ghostly alien photographed in Florida

On November 22, 2013, a man, living the city of North Port (Florida), has accidentally photographed an alien! When he has taken his photo, he saw nothing. What is it? A “ghost alien”? Optical illusion?

Witness statement:

Hello, today I took a selfie outside a gas station In North port, FL. I didnt look at the pictures until later that night. To my surprise a strange alien figure is in the background. I am not a believer of aliens but this figure really impacted me. I am 98% no one was around me at the time.”

http://mufoncms.com, November 24, 2013

UFOs observed regularly for several weeks in Ohio

On November 18, 2013, a family, living in the city of Hillsboro (Ohio), observes, for several weeks a strange UFO in the sky. This strange phenomenon would have begun on September 27, just after the passing of a meteor …

Witness statement:

My daughter and I have been seeing these ufos every night except on cloudy nights since the meteor came down here on Sept. 27 2013. Im not sure if that is the correct date or not for the when the meteor came down near here. They at first look like a star or airplane. But after watching them they hover and then move up or down and then fly across the sky.There are more then one, in photos I have taken there are up to 10 or more.In the photos they sometimes look like orbs connected together. I also took a video, in the video it was circle shaped and looked like it was spinning. It changed from yellow, to blue, to red,to green and orange and stayed in the same spot. We both have seen lights in the woods not far from our house. We walked to the woods where we saw the lights and took photos which had several orbs in them.The photos showed a very bright blue orb, a green orb and a pale white one. I have seen bright orange and yellow type orbs in the woods from photos I took on my deck during the day. We have several photos of the ufos and orbs.

This has been going on since we first noticed it after the meteor. It is confusing to me because in my photos the ufos have different shapes it seems each time we take a photo.
I know it is not an airplane or anything like that because we have seen several at a time and a bunch in the photos. We have seen one large white light which looks like a satellite but there were several of smaller ufos flying around the large white light. I know it has kind of upset my life because I keep checking the woods and sky taking picture to try and find some sort of understanding or answer for what’s going on .I’m only going to send two photos of some that I zoomed in, lightened and cropped because I think they be worth something.

http://mufoncms.com, November 24, 2013

A red UFO seen in Konya, Turkey

On November 21, 2013, a strange moving red light has been photographed over Konya, the seventh most populous city in Turkey.

Witness statement:

I went outside for a smoke. When I first came out, I did not. 2 three minutes later I felt. Although there is no sound felt it was above. first saw the light was more light and move out of state was higher in the first two seconds, quiet and quickly went up to about 10 miles ahead. I was nervous, but he was so fast that what is this? Did not even have time to tell them that.

And it seems, as if an object was illuminated circle. It was quiet and movement. 10 kilometers later stopped and there was direct. Direct phone in my hands, I wanted to take pictures elip. However, the photos that capture the object appeared as if they were small and very hill. But as it appears, and the hill was not so small. Zoom photo I noticed that out of the objects light and I saw a small object understood is the UFO.

http://mufoncms.com, November 23, 2013

Disc shaped UFO clearly wizzing around tornado in Noblesville

Before anyone says this is wind or a balloon. Notice that the UFO moves from fast to slow and up and down quickly. Also notice that the UFO changes direction like only a technology can do.

The main question on peoples mind is probably, "did that UFO cause the tornado?" It's possible that for research purposes it caused the tornado to see how humans react to it, but until we catch more UFOs around tornados, there is really no way of knowing for sure. SCW

Eyewitness states:

November 17, 2013. Crazy UFO over Noblesville, Indiana! It was EXTREMELY windy (tornados about 8 or so miles away!) and this thing was just zipping around like it was nothing! What is it?


Two UFOs seen over Denver, Colorado during Football Game

On November 17, 2013, Denver Broncos met Kansas City Chiefs at Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium for NFL championship. During this event, a viewer has seen and photographed several unidentified flying objects …

Each of them looked like spherical and luminous UFO. This case has been sent to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) …

Witness statement:

My husband and I were watching Sunday Night football last night and right before half time I noticed strange lights doing odd maneuvers in the broadcast cutaway shot of downtown Denver.

As my husband is a total nonbeliever I never said a thing about it, but as we record every Bronco game I have proof of what I saw.


A strange green and spherical UFO near Roanoke, Virginia

An incredible green orb-UFO has been photographed near the city of Roanoke, situated in the southern U.S. state of Virginia …

On the photo, published on MUFON website, we can see a luminous and fluorescent sphere flying above a river.

Witness statement:

Coordinates ,37.266, -79.905,Focal Length 4.6mm,Exposure 1/3759,F Number f/2.8,ISO 200.Walking the greenway. Saw orb out of the corner of my right eye. Thought it was a bird at first. Orb was moving towards me in a straight line about 50 feet away, then saw it and grabbed my phone out of my pocket and started taking photos as fast as I could and got 3 pics before the orb took off very fast straight up and disappeared. My feelings were good because I busted an orb checking me out. Lost sight when it shot up in the sky.

http://mufoncms.com/, November 18, 2013

A cigar-shape UFO photographed over Monte Sant’Angelo

In the middle of August 2013, a long cigar-shape UFO has been photographed, by a tourist, over the city of Monte Sant’Angelo, situated in the province of Foggia, in the South of Italy.

This photo has been analyzed by the CUFOM (Centro Ufologico Mediterraneo), an organization specialized in study of UFO.


On August 17, 2013, a UFO was observed near Monte Sant’Angelo (Italy). A tourist has taken some photo on which she has then detected a strange object. Intrigued by the finding, she informed about the photos the Centro Ufologico Mediterraneo (CUFOM), whose president, dr. Angelo Carannante, has received the interesting pictures on the mail of official website, www.centroufologicomediterraneo.it, and alerted the specialists of both research centers. The image analyst, Biagio Fusco, has already started his data analysis on images sent by the tourist.


Diamond UFO Appears Over City In Italy On Nov 6, 2013

The people of the in the region of Val Pescara in Italy have witnessed large pulsating UFOs multiple times this year. Similar craft have been seen world-wide for the past four years.

Charles DeMeo wrote:

They say the one large one is emanating a light beam now at this time, this is over Italy on the 6th of this month and radio signals were disturbed. The term Val Pescara designates the industrial zone which is situated in the north of the town of Chieti and in the western city of Pescara and which coincides geographically with the valley in which flows the final part of the river Pescara , which takes the name. The area has been the site of repeated sightings of large diamond shaped UFOs.


New face found on Mars, November 2013

On November 12, 2013, the famous ufologist Scott C. Waring has found, on Mars planet, an impressive human face! Discovery was made thanks to Google Earth software …

Ufologist explains on his popular blog:

I found this face today and I loved the detail of its braided or curly hair making the face stand out more. The face looks to be more worn than the hair, probably due to being made of different minerals. 

It's important to look for faces on the planets and moons in our solar system so that we can educate ourselves on the alien species that we share this system with. Don't you want to know what they look like? Don't you want to meet them? I sure as hell do, and this is how I learn about them. Through NASA photos which cannot be contested.

I opened Google Earth and switched it to Mars. Its a free program guys. Then I looked around and found this really cool looking face inside a crater. It has a reptile like face with an open mouth and highly detailed hair with part of a hat sticking out.

To find the face yourself, just copy and paste the coordinates into the Google Mars search box and press enter. It will take you there. Scott C. Waring

Coordinates are: 43°32'56.65" S 147°52'39.10" E


A strange cloud observed over Philadelphia Airport

On November 9, 2013, a man has published, on his Facebook profile, a photo showing a mysterious cloud that look alike a white flying saucer. Photo has been taken over Philadelphia airport …

Witness statement:

A friend took this picture and posted it to Facebook. They seemed to be unaware of the object in the picture. The were taking a picture of the skyline because they were grateful to be back in the USA. Myself and others commented on the strange object.


An orb photographed over Fayetteville, West Virginia

On November 6n 2013, a person, living in the city of Fayetteville (West Virginia) has taken a strange photography. Thereon, we can see an orb perfectly circular. Is it a lens flare? Probably not. In fact, this UFO appears on several photos.

Witness statement:

I wanted to take a picture of the beautiful sky with changing color pattern when I took the picture I immediately saw the ball in the picture, but did not notice it in the trees until I enlarged the picture.

The ball shaped object went from the trees to the left heading North.

The one I saw going North bound to Beckley the same day was going back and forth from cloud to cloud, but I could not get a picture of it, and it was white.


A strange red ball photographed near Cleveland, Ohio

On November 6, 2013, a strange unidentified red ball has been photographed, just over the city of Willoughby, near Cleveland, in Ohio.

Witness statement:

Strange last night I was listening to ufo story of Stan Romanack and he spoke of red ball ufo. I had never heard of these before. I am a believer.

Today my daughter was walking home from bus and saw red ball in sky flying faster than a jet behind her. She was able to take picture with iphone.

But like camera phones image small. She said it was like penny size in sky. She came running in house freaked out. We both ran back out and saw it flying away.

Earlier in day helicopters were noticed when I was walking dog. And after sighting police were driving slow in neighbor hood, even parked in fort on neighbors house for about 10 minutes and left without getting out of car.. They never drive down our street has a dead end.


Vatican Hides Alien Information From Public

In May 2008, Funes gave an interview to the Vatican’s L’Osservatore Romano newspaper saying that the existence of intelligent extraterrestrials posed no problems to Catholic theology.

The conference itself was officially convened by the Vatican's Pontifical Academy of Sciences, chaired by its religious leader Bishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, and was held on private Vatican grounds from November 6-10. Together with Funes’ 2008 interview and subsequent public comments by him, the conference demonstrates a welcome openness by the Vatican on the possibility and implications of extraterrestrial life.

The Vatican’s openness to discussion of extraterrestrial life is no accident. It is part of an openness policy secretly adopted by the United Nations in February 2008. In fact, the Vatican is playing a leading role in preparing the world for extraterrestrial disclosure.


They affirm to have contacted an alien civilization

In the State of Philadelphia, several friends maintain to have contacted an alien civilization, called “Pleibians”, by using an experimental apparatus, the God Helmet … They have decided to give their story to Mutual UFO Network …

Witness statement:

It started with my friends and I wanting to try out something new, so we bought and tried out a device called a Shakti God Helmet. Our intention was to learn about altered states of consciousness by going into them using the device and how to better access them using the device. At first a few of my friends tried it out and said they had some interesting experiences but nothing too strange. However, one of my friends said they had met an alien being they called a "Pleibian" that resembled a human but Elf like in the ears with long hair. Just before I sent this message I also emailed my friend about the environment they were in when they were in the altered state and I was told this by my friend:

"I just remember that their attire looked robed, and was really fancy. Also, their technology was very advanced. The place I remember being in was very bright and mechanical, like a ship. I think the walls were golden, but Im not sure."

However, when I first heard the message about the "Pleibians" I didnt think too much about it as my friend has had somewhat weird stuff happen to them since high school but nothing truly provable and I didnt think too much on it back then. A couple weeks later though, we returned to Drexel University to try the experiment again (which is the place we used the device in secret both times) and my friend suddenly got this compulsion to write on a chalkboard in the room we were in. My friend started writing what looked like an alien hieroglyphic on the chalkboard while having no control over thier body and didnt respond when I talked to them. After they finished and seemed very confused as to what was going on we suspected it was likely the "Pleibians" taking control of my friends body and making them write that on the board. I took two pictures of the two sides of the chalkboard and attached it to this email from my old phone. After checking my phone the pictures were taken on: 6/6/11 at 7:17pm.

Just about a week before 10/25/2013 however, I was googling Edgar Cayce and saw an artice about an alien race called Pleiadians which reminded me of the experience my friend had of aliens with a similar name. I googled images that people had on the beings and sent an image that I found online to my friend of the alien race and was told that they were the very same race of beings that my friend saw that day in the altered state.

Realizing that this alien message could be legitimate proof of an alien encounter I decided to send this message to MUFON with the pictures of the hieroglyphs I took that day and the picture I googled with a request that someone might be able to help us find someone who could decode this message so my friends and I can know just what this all means?


UFO crash in Vicuña, Chili?

The case involving the strange object that fell on a hill in Vicuña is already being studied by ufologists. Cristián Riffo, one of the most respected in Chile, notes that the incident is reminiscent of the famous Paihuano UFO.

For the time being, it’s a UFO,” Cristián Riffo says unequivocally, a journalist and one of the most experienced Chilean ufologists, regarding the strange sighting and crash of what remains, for the moment, an unidentified flying object, that is to say, a UFO. There are many people – not just one – in different parts of Vicuña who claim having seen an object zigzagging in the sky and losing altitude around 16:00 hours before crashing into a hilltop in Vicuña’s La Compañía sector. The researcher notes that the sighting is very interesting, because it meets characteristics such as the reports of several witnesses and some photos from people who tracked the trajectory of the fall and photographed the crash site, prompting the interest of the UFO research community at the national and even international level. “In terms of expectation, some researchers from Santiago have already begun to ask questions on the matter and look into the images. Unfortunately, the initial photographs are from very far away, but it is a case that deserves investigation. There is more than one witness and that is very interesting.
There were people in Vicuña proper and others closer to the site,” Riffo points out.


4 unidentified white lights photographed over Marysville, WA

On October 27, 2013, after a meditation session, a witness has photographed a UFO above the city of Marysville, in the state of Washington. Unidentified flying object was constituted of four white and aligned lights …

Witness statement:

I went out to Lake Cassidy in Marysville Washington around 11-12 in the afternoon. I did the CE-5 meditation that Dr. Steven Greer performs with CSETI. For what seemed to be a half hour I visualized looking down at myself first from a close distance than from above the city, then state, then country, then earth, then further and further shooting through space. Using nothing but positive vibes of wanting to experience and learn. For about what seemed to be a minute I saw myself on a craft looking at two beings. I just had a feeling of awe and confusion. They looked to be about 4 feet in height and had bear looking noses but tanned white skin. Both looked slightly overweight and had curly blonde hair. After this meditation I felt the need to take a picture of the sky. So I did and when I looked at the picture I saw the craft. It has 4 lights and 8 lights when zoomed in and is transparent with a dome shape it is either very large or close to me. I attached the original image, zoom in to see the additional 4 lights. The image is facing 215 degrees SW and my location was 48* 3 45" N/ 122* 6 21" W

http://www.mufon.com/, November 2, 2013

A luminous alien spacecraft filmed over Michigan

An American, called Bob, has filmed a strange little light moving in the sky, on the night of October 27, 2013. By zooming on the UFO, he has discovered a true alien flying saucer!

Witness statement:

I live in a rural part of Michigan. The closest major city is Port Huron. I saw this object near my home on the night of Oct 27, 2013.

So, I followed it down a public dirt road. Then it turned so I had to turn onto a private unmarked road which is probably used for farm equipment to tend to the adjacent field crop.

At that point, I was running out of road to go any further. So, I got out of vehicle to take a better view of it. Then, suddenly, the object started moving towards me.

It startled me so I ran like hell for a little bit. It was making a very strange low swirling noise... so, please try and turn up your speaker volume to hear it better.

Once I moved a distance back, I zoomed out the camera a bit more and noticed the object was hovering directly over my vehicle. Then it started to lower itself as it slowly rotated directly over my roof!

At that point, it appeared to be shining a very bright green beam over it.

Then suddenly, it shot straight up into the sky and the swirling sound disappeared at the exact time it vanished.

This was a very eerie experience and even my hair was standing on end through the entire time and felt as if there was highly dense static electricity in the air!

What the heck do you think this is people? This thing scared the bejesus out of me!

For the debunkers that come on here and type "FAKE" without doing any in-depth analysis or proof of evidence that it's a fake just tells me that they're prejudging the video before even watching it.

Also, if they were sitting in my shoes at that time and experienced what I saw, they wouldn't be saying 'fake' either. The video doesn't do this sighting justice as the light intensity and the sound that came from the object was intense. Even my hair was standing on end at the time.



For the debunkers that come on here and type "FAKE" without doing any in-depth analysis or proof of evidence that it's a fake just tells me that they're prejudging the video before even watching it.

Also, if they were sitting in my shoes at that time and experienced what I saw, they wouldn't be saying fake either. The video doesn't do this sighting any justice as the light intensity and the sound that came from the object was intense. Even my hair was standing on end at the time.