Two UFOs photographed over Machu Picchu in 2012

On July 29, 2013, one (or two) unidentified flying object had been photographed just over the impressive and legendary Inca site, the Machu Picchu (located in Cusco Region, in the South of Peru) …

The two blacks U.F.O. had been detected by a family in vacation, in broad daylight and skies were clear.

Witness statement:

The camera used was of low resolution, brand and model are: Canon SD1000 and only has 7.1 megapixels. My mother said they did not notice anything strange in the sky that day that everything was normal and it was in the picture I just realized, and this happened on the 29th July 2012. My mom and I are quite informed about this issue and that there are lots of fakes about UFOs photos, but I can assure you that the photo is 100% real, and Ive had experiences before but unfortunately I have no evidence.

Source, October 29, 2013

A mysterious light phenomenon seen in Texas

On October 18, 2013, an enigmatic and supernatural phenomenon has been photographed in the State of Texas. What is it? These lights could be a flying saucer slightly hidden by clouds. Or maybe a simple (and impressive!) meteorological phenomenon…

Witness statement :

My son and I had just gotten outta the car and were heading inside. We have this habit of staring up into the sky at night sometimes because weve always been interested in the whole UFO thing. He saw it and said "Hey Mom, look at that." I looked up and just assumed it was a passenger plane, even though the two nearest airports are quite a ways away from where we are, we just sort of brushed it off and went inside. Even though I had never seen those many lights on an airplane before, we continued inside.

It wasnt until Sunday when I got onto FaceBook and saw the posting that I flashed back to what we saw. I then realized that what we saw had absolutely no sound. If my son hadnt have noticed it ( the lights were quite bright ) we never would have seen it.

And I realized that it was flying awfully low to be that far away from the nearest airport. If I had to measure the distance from the ground where it was I guess I would say it was about 15 stories high. It had been raining a couple of days prior to that and it was really cloudy. We could see the formation of lights ( that flashed a bit, then stopped ) thru the clouds as it flew along at a moderate speed. We only watched it for about 20 or 30 seconds. It quietly flew/glided directly over my apt complex and I cant believe no one else saw it. There was no wind that night. And Im in the north part of Dallas and the pic was taken in Oak Cliff, which is in the south-ish. So it flew North to South.

According to whomever posted the pic on FaceBook, it was taken a little before/after approximately 8pm. My son and I got out of our car around 8:10pm headed inside, so Im guessing it was the same object. Since the clouds were blocking our complete view of it we never saw the actual structured craft. Only lights in a circular pattern.


An airplane’s passenger films a black U.F.O.

On August 8, 2013, while he was on an airplane, a passenger has filmed a long and fine black shape flying across the window. At that moment, airplane was just over the State of Nevada.

Witness statement:

I was flying to California from Illinois when I looked out the window.

Here I see this massive egg-shaped object flying by the plane.

I took pictures of it and then a video when the object changed direction. It started flying away from the plane, so eventually it just went out of sight.


A white chevron-shape UFO photographed near Sedona

Strange light has been observed and photographed on October 19, 2013, above Village of Oak Creek (VOC), a bedroom community for Sedona, Arizona.

Unidentified Flying Object seemed to a white and luminous chevron.

Witness statement:

At 19:20 hours on 19 October 2013, as I was leaving my home, I sighted a Large, very bright white light hovering above the southern edge of my property in the VOC of Sedona, AZ.

I took about 5-6 photos with my cell phone but only two photos were any good as once again my camera began; as during one other sighting this month while photographing another UFO, the camera controls began flickering wildly and again refused to photograph correctly.

I did not have the time to grab another camera as I had to leave being my wife was getting off work and was waiting in Uptown for me to pick her up. Fortunately, the object stayed nearby where I first sighted it and/or moved nearby the Sedona airport and was visible all the time while we were on our return trip to the village of Oak Creek. My wife and numerous others also sighted the object (as well as the quite large full Moon which was off to the eastern part of the sky).

The object, upon our return to the VOC, was further south of the location where I first had sighted it; but I did not see it leave or am aware as to the length of time it was viewable. I am sure a great many others were viewing the object/craft as numerous cars were parked alongside the roadway and appeared to be watching the object!

Source, October 20, 2013

Several UFOs caught on photo above Miami Port

Several luminous UFO had been caught on photo in October 4, 2013, just above the port of Miami, in the State of Florida.

On photo, we can see, at least four strange objects. The largest of them was long, fine and was composed of yellow or red lights. The three others were simple with orbs.

Witness statement:

I was coming back from cruise vacation (Bahamas, private island and Key West). We were heading back into the port of Miami.

It was 6:00 am on the 4th of October. My fiancé was right next to me as we were taking pictures of the buildings and basically trying to capture as much of the city as possible.

It was definitely not a plane because I looked and images vanished shortly after I took the picture.

Also when I stretch out the picture on my phone, the colors of the objects are amazing.


©: S.Lewis

Camera - Samsung SGH-M919


A luminous diamond-shape UFO over Hong Kong

On October 6, 2013 a former cable TV reporter (he worked for TVB) based in Hong Kong has photographed an incredible U.F.O. during several nights in the sky.

This unidentified flying object had a shaped Diamond.

Witness statement:

I used my DV and took this video. As I zoomed in the object and it looked like an UFO to me. You decide. Tonight I bring a DV go out , as I thinking it will there again. Then finally I saw the object is in the same position again. Then I used DV to take this video. After I zoom in and it looked like a UFO. And you can have a look and make decision yourself. And after 10-20mins, it disappeared.


Strange black objects photographed over Pennsylvania

We are the 1st May 2013, in the State of Pennsylvania, when a man has photographed, at different times, several U.F.O. above a valley. These objects had an undefined black shape. What is it? Nobody knows it …

Witness statement:

To this day I still want to know and see what this was, seen thousands of planes flyover valley, been to air shows, but this was very strange. Thought maybe balloon but balloons don’t fly against the jet stream. I’ve seen lights at night around that seem not to belong, but to this day I see this in my mind’s eye. Took about thirty or so stills with my canon rebel no video cuz the card wouldn’t handle it. But I don’t know I wasn’t gonna send these in because I’m still having a hard time when I think about it. Remember its coming north up the valley towards Scranton then just stops goes west over close to public square.


A fine UFO shoots over Malta, in Montana

On July 9, 2010 at 3:16 PM, a long UFO has been photographed over the city of Malta, situated in the State of Montana.

The sky was perfectly clear and there was not airplane or helicopter. On photo, we can see a black fine and fuzzy object, slightly angled. According witness, UFO was quiet and probably very quick.

What is it? A simple insect or a real alien spacecraft?

Witness statement:

I noticed the UFO in the picture after I came home and looked through my photos. I didnt notice anything at all while taking the picture.


A UFO crashed into a car in the United States

On October 4, 2013 at 12:00 AM, a woman has been collided by something unknown. At this moment, she drove on a road in North Carolina. What has actually happened? Nobody knows. But, we can imagine that car has had an accident with an unidentified flying object …

Witness statement:

It has been 2 weeks since my wife drove into something invisible Sat. night 9/21/13 around 8pm in the rain down near Ft. Bragg coming home, sober from her girlfriends home. Nancy said she was driving along at about 40 to 45 mph. since the rain was so hard and she was not in a hurry in such nasty weather, anyway she was driving into a slow curve in the road when she blacked out on impact with nothing?!! She came to when a Moore County Sheriff was knocking on her window. Nancy was given breathalyzer which she passed because she hadn’t been drinking and he wanted to know what happened since the complete front end was caved in dead center. Problem was she was in her lane on this 2 lane black top and now she was parked 6ft. on other side of her shoulder of the road. The SUV had no skid marks no glass, plastic, nothing around our SUV so we don’t know what to make of it and thought I would write you to see if you have heard about collisions involving something invisible and just driving along and bam. Our air bags didn’t deploy so she broke her forearm and her face slammed against steering wheel biting thru her lower lip and splitting her mouth open. He called an emergency vehicle who checked her out and asked if she wanted to go to hospital but she was in shock & didn’t realize her injuries until next day when her arm got x-rayed. We don’t want any publicity only wanting to let others know? I was going to say warn others but you wouldn’t be able to prepare for that.


A strange red light photographed over Bainsville

On October 7, 2013, after a family dispute, several persons have observed a bright glowing light that is appeared in a cloud … This observation takes place over the city of Bainsville (Ontario, Canada).

Witness statement:

We (my husband, myself and 3 of our 4 children, aged 21, 19 & 16) arrived home from an outing at about 11:30pm on Monday October 7th, 2013.

We were in the midst of a terrible family crisis (stemming from a horrible argument between me & my 16 yr. old) and in much distress. There was hysterical crying and screaming and emotions were so high that I chose to gather some essentials and drive off somewhere to be alone. 

I was attempting to get into my vehicle while my husband was imploring me not to leave. This went on for several minutes because I was determined to go. As I was about to get into the truck, ignoring my husband's wishes (my 21 yr. old had pleaded with me prior, to stay as well. She was distraught)a bright glowing light had appeared in a cloud directly in front of us. It was the only visible cloud in an otherwise perfectly clear sky and it flickered and flashed the reflection of the light which seemed to emanate from it. 

This was a huge distraction to which I asked, "what is that in the sky?" 

My husband turned to look at it and answered, stunned, "I don't know... a ufo." 
We thought for a second, that it was a meteor, headed straight for us but we quickly realized that it was much too low and not moving. 

We were mesmerized by it and continued to watch as it seemed to emerge from the cloud and grow in size and intensity. It shone the brightest white at this point. I ran down the driveway and positioned myself on the road, in line with it, which was perfectly in line with our home. It was about 1.5 kms or 1 mile away, straight out over a corn field to the south, 500-1000ft high, at about a 40 degree alt. It looked to be between 50-100ft in diameter. It appeared as a massive round light with no visible detail, just light. 

My husband ran in to tell everyone to come back out (including his 23 yr. old son who had been at home) to see the phenomenon. The 6 of us watched (I, on the road, my 21 yr. old on the lawn behind me, crying frantically for me to come back and my husband and the other 3 kids behind her, on the front porch) as it remained still, suspended directly in front of us, changing from an enormous fiery orange sphere of light to a brilliant white, before it shrunk and disappeared in an instant. 

Despite his intense fear, my husband managed to capture 4 images of the object with his phone.
He moved while taking one of the shots, which you'll see looks like 2 lights, but there was just one.

We've discussed and pondered and tried to figure out what exactly took place that night. And while I continue to try to work through family problems, I can't help feeling that what occurred was an intentional distraction from an increasingly desperate situation, that instantly halted it, possibly preventing something tragic from happening and ultimately unifying us. 

The actual event lasted approximately 5 minutes but the effects of it will be with all of us forever.


A snake-shape UFO photographed in Astoria, Sept. 2009

On September 22, 2009 at 12:00 AM, a strange unidentified flying object has been photographed over the neighborhood of Astoria, in New-York City.

According testimony, this twisted and white U.F.O. moved very quickly. Suddenly, object has stopped before fly away.

Witness statement:

I was in my backyard
It was fast
Not an airplane
Flew fast then stopped
I want inside my house to get a camera
sped away after a few seconds


An UFO appeared several times over Fort Myers

A mysterious UFO, constituted of three lights, is appeared several times on October 8, 2013 above the city of Fort Myers, in the State of Florida. All white lights moved vertically in the sky.

Witness statement:

This object has appeared on multiple nights, always between 7:15 PM and 8:30 PM, always in the WSW sky, and remains visible for approximately one hour. It does not deviate in altitude. It changes between two forms, seemingly as it slowly rotates. It is either a triple light or a single orb, always white, and changes in intensity. I have watched it through binoculars and when it disappears, it quickly dims and just "goes out". It does not set. It does not fly away. First the outer lights begin to dim, followed quickly by the center light until it is no longer visible. I have never seen it reappear the same night. There have been three adult witnesses to this and we all agree on the description. First, we believed it to be Spica, then Venus. But planets do not "dim away" nor do they have three distinct lights. We first observed this in September and filed a report at that time. I have contacted our local control tower as we are a few miles from an airport, but they could offer no explanation. After so many subsequent sightings I have decided to file an updated/new report for tonight's sighting. Tonight's pictures are the best representation I have been able to capture, to date. All three witnesses are responsible, non-drinking adults who would really love to know what it is that keeps appearing in our sky!


UFO follows Virgin Galactic into orbit

September 12, 2013 - I looked at the original video posted by Virgin Galactic and yes it is there. Jump to 2:09 of the video to view the UFO and its trail. SCW

News states:

Strange anomaly on the tail footage of the Virgin Galactic Rocket Engine test flight released on 09-06-2013 it couldn't be Comet ISON this thing makes a drastic course correction and is leaving a huge visible trail. Original Video Credit: Virgin Galactic.


A strange glimmer photographed over Kenner, Louisiana

A strange and weak glimmer has been photographed on October 5, 2013 at 8:16 PM. The UFO flew over a house situated in the sixth-largest city of Kenner, Louisiana.

Witness statement:

I was leaving to pick up my oldest daughter for work and on my way to my car I saw a blinking light red and blue my youngest daughter said mom the plane isn’t moving so I said it could be a star so we paid it no mind and left. when we arrived at my daughter job we noticed that there was a bright light on the left side of my car it was Oct 5,2013 at 8:16pm we waited for my daughter to get off for 15min and in those 15 min that thing didn’t move. I took a picture of it and zoomed in it on my cell and I saw it wasn’t a plane it was a UFO. (3 witnesses).


Group of witnesses observe UFO over Truro, Massachusetts

In the little city of Truro (near Provincetown, State of Massachusetts), more than 30 people has sighted an unusual bright blue light flying in the sky. This U.F.O. has been observed on September 14, 2013, at 8:30

Witness statement:

We were waiting for the 8:30 bus to Truro (back to our condo at a place called Sand Castle) along with roughly 30 tourists, primarily. I had my movie camera in hand.

This little boy asked his father what it was he was looking at in the sky, toward Provincetown's historic Pilgrim Tower. Perhaps 500 yards away, and appearing to be floating next to the tower was an extremely bright, light blue light.

Though the illusion was that the object was close to the tower, I believe it was probably 1/4 of a mile out over Race Point and the ocean, near the absolute tip of the Cape.

Everyone in sight was visually locked onto the object, guessing what it was; helicopter, blimp, kite, drone, etc. where it was or seemed to be, it was none of those things.

That was quite clear to every adult I spoke with over the few minutes we watched. I took a still of the event, one minute or two long video, and a couple of other seconds long clips.

The bus driver stated that we should all get on the bus because he was leaving. I tried to film one more time out the window, but the object moved quickly off toward the west-southwest and was gone.

We went back to the condos and the adults stood in the parking lot scanning the sky for one more look (no dice) and analyzing our collective experience. One party suggested we were all fooled by someone.

A couple of others thought we had seen a copter... the silent kind. The majority thought that we had all seen a UFO, and I agreed.

We have come to Provincetown to our timeshare for many years, as have many of the other observers. Most had never seen anything like it before, though I had; in Vermont years ago. I checked the paper each day, but heard nothing.

Nobody reported it, I believe because we were all "tourists" for lack of a better reference.

I too at first thought I was seeing a copter, but I know how far away you can hear them, how they move, where they might and might not be.

I pretty quickly, along with many others, thought I was looking at a UFO. I have shown many other co-workers and friends the brief film and, given the way the thing moves, most agree that it is not identifiable.”

* Photo of the city of Truro (Google Maps)


A black flying saucer photographed in Lost River

On August 26, 2013 at 7:15 PM, a black flying saucer has maybe been photographed in Lost River, West Virginia.

Witness statement:

My father and I had just spent a week in Lost River, W.V. This picture was taken as he just shot the valley after a great sunset. He never saw the objects until being back in New Jersey after we came back and put them on the computer. If you look in the upper left of the picture there are some strange objects. I just want people to look at this and let me know what you think this may be.

What is it?

By seeing photo, we can think that this UFO is just an insect coming through the lens. But, alien hypothesis is still believable …


A plasma UFO seen in Suffolk, Virginia

Ufology has a very fascinating science. Certain observation as so strange as this UFO photographed over the city of Suffolk, at Southeast of Virginia State. Object seems to a blue and white plasma cloud.

This UFO has been seen on June 15, 2013 at 6:00 PM.

Witness statement:

I was taking photographs of some beautiful clouds and captured what appears to be a plasma type craft. I didn’t see it until the photo was downloaded. You can see it in the lower right of the photograph.


A metallic UFO captured in Evergreen Aviation Museum

On July 28, 2013, at 12:00 AM, a huge and long metallic U.F.O has been photographed above an airplane exhibited in Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum, situated in the city of McMinnville, Oregon.

Witness statement

Hello, I was visiting the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum in McMinnvile, Oregon and I have a couple of pictures I would like you to take a look at. Look at the pickup in the background in picture one, and then where it is in picture two, the pictures were taken about 2 seconds apart and I did not see any aircraft flying in the area the entire time I was there. 

But picture two clearly has an object in the upper middle. I heard nothing but highway traffic no airplanes or helicopters and did not hear anything from the object. I noticed the object later looking at the photo and thought that is a UFO. 

Just want to know what the object is in photo two and how it seemed to just appear. I did not see the object when I took the photo. 

Thanks for looking


A big spherical UFO captured over Baltimore

Above thy City of Baltimore (in Maryland), a gigantic and spherical blue object has been photographed on August 7, 2013. This case has been posted on MUFON website.

Witness statement:

I was laying in a hammock by the pool. It was a beautiful day with a few clouds. I was outside for about two hours.

I looked up and saw clear as day what looked like a small, blue planet sitting next to a cloud.

It moved a little sideways in one direction then the other. I took a photograph with my iPad. I took a second photo and it was just gone.

I would like for someone to see the picture and tell me if anyone else has seen anything like it.