Glowing UFOs appear over smoking ship off California Coast

On September 2013, an impressive video is appeared on Youtube. On footage, we can see several luminous and glowing UFO flying over a smoking boat. According to the author, this incredible scene has been taken on a beach in California …

LooknowTV states:

Ufo Sighting 9/2013 recorded in California from the viewpoint of the beach. You can see a few Ufos flying over or behind this ship which appears to have a large amount of smoke coming from it. Whether or not this Ufo sighting is captured during a fire on the ship is unclear. When we first viewed this tape, we thought that the UFOs might be military flares released from a plane at sea, but military flares do not fly up, they float straight down, so we decided to release this interesting Ufo sighting here.

Rob Robinson has viewed video. He discredits also the theory of the parachute flares:

Parachute flares don't hang in position for long periods of time, they always have a downward descent that from time to time can be carried long distances on a parachute, but they do NOT ascend UPWARDS, after floating down for a while, nor even hang at the same altitude for several seconds.


A red and white UFO captured in Redding, California

On September 7, 2013, at 9:05 PM, a bicolor U.F.O.  ( red and white) has been photographed just above the Redding, in North of California.

Witness statement:

Need some help here. Last night my wife and I watched/observed an object fly over a far northern california small city/town for more than an hour starting at 9 p.m. It possessed a red light and a white light (side by side) and no flashing navigation lights that are required on all aircraft. The strange part is that this object flew in a grid pattern; more like a box pattern what seemed to cover many many miles per side with each turn being quite abrupt. Each cycle took 3 minutes and a few seconds and each time the pattern was more offset from the original. It was high altitude and continued more than the hour as we sat and watched. She got up at 2 a.m. and it was no longer flying. Drone? UFO? I managed to zoom in and take a shot. Its just a small red dot in the sky.


In his bed, a Canadian observes a luminous UFO

On September 19, 2013, at 5 in the morning, a man, who was in his bed, has seen a glittering unidentified flying object through the windows of his bedroom. This incredible story took place in the city of Nixon, Ontario …

Witness statement:

I had just turned my alarm clock to snooze at 5 in the morning and was going to fall back asleep.

Before I could shut my eyes, I noticed what looked like a plane because of the flashing colors. The more I concentrated on it, the less I thought it was a plane.

It came forwards towards me at a steady speed, but then just as quickly went back at the same steady speed.

It changed colors multiple times (blue, white, orange, red twinkle). It then proceeded to move side to side.

At first I thought it was just a weird star event, but when it moved towards my house in bed I became startled. I woke my girlfriend up to look at it as well so I could confirm I wasn't crazy.

I would have watched longer, but I had to get ready for work. I lost sight of the object when I went downstairs to get ready. I tried to take a video with my girlfriend’s phone but I captured nothing.


Multicolored UFO above Encinitas, California

On September 14, 2013, in the coastal beach city of Encinitas (California), a multicolored U.F.O. has been filmed by an inhabitant.

It was night-time, when a strange is appeared in the sky directly above the downtown. Spacecraft was long and fine. Regularly, it blinks becoming totally red, blue and grey (or white?).

Witness statement:

I was downstairs from my office watching this guy who looks like John Lennon singing a Jimmy Hendrix Song called Angel.

Then several hours later when I was leaving I noticed these strange lights in the sky and decided to video it.

I put the guy singing in this video because I found that it was weird that the lights flashing on the guy's head seemed to be like the ones in the sky, but that singer had left the Lumber Yard Shopping Center in Encinitas, CA several hours before.


Incredible UFO captured in Provence, France

On September 5, 2013, a vacationer, nicknamed Rob, has photographed an impressive unidentified flying object in Provence, South of France. UFO seems to a giant and metallic boomerang.

Witness reports:

I discovered this object when reviewing photos from a recent holiday in Provence, in the south of France, and thought it might be of interest to you.

I didn't notice anything unusual at the time. It was taken in the grounds of Chateau des Baux-de-Provence, at 12:59 local time, on 5 September 2013.

As you can see, the weather was perfectly clear.

Camera - Nokia Lumia 520

Regards, Rob


Proof of alien life discovers by Sheffield University?

Could life really exist on other planets? The most positive scientific answer we can offer is: well, maybe, but we do not yet have enough evidence for or against.

Yet Milton Wainwright and colleagues from the Universities of Sheffield & Buckingham would seem to disagree with that. They seem to have found evidence of life-forms in Earth's atmosphere, delivered from space. The press has rapidly and uncritically echoed these claims.

This most definitely grabbed my interest. There has been a lot of talk that life on earth was seeded from space, a hypothesis called panspermia. It has been considered for hundreds of years, and has got a boost from modern research: life, in the form of bacterial colonies, can survive under the extreme conditions found within space environments. But is there physical evidence for "life arriving from space"? Such evidence would be monumental.

On reading results from Wainwright in the Journal of Cosmology, I would suggest the jury go back to deliberate some more. What the authors report sending a balloon for obtaining tiny objects from the lower stratosphere, which they examined using a scanning electron microscopy.

They found something called a "diatom frustule", which is, in essence, the non-living outer shell of a dead organism, a type of algae that thrives in rivers, streams and oceans. Diatoms are so common and so populous in such environments that they are central to those ecosystems. Wainwright makes a case that the inanimate material they see once belonged to a living entity.

The elephant in the room of course is, how did the diatoms end up in the stratosphere?

The authors conclude that they come from some other planet. But the explanations and (more to the point) the scientific evidence provided in the authors' paper are rather weak. While terrestrial sources for diatoms so high in the stratosphere, such as volcanic eruptions & contamination of the original sampling equipment are considered unviable by the authors, they offer as an alternative that the material must have come from space. However, to date there is no supporting evidence for that hypothesis either.

As a skeptical scientist, I would argue that Wainwright has found evidence for some inorganic particle (a composite of silicon and oxygen) in the lower stratosphere. It looks from the morphology (for we have no more to go on than that from the paper) as though it may have been the mineral shell of a living organism, a diatom. An organism found more than 20km up in the sky—how did that get there?

One could propose that it could have come from place A (somewhere down below, from the Earth) or it could have come from place B (somewhere up above, from outer space). What do we know about places A and B? We know that place A is teeming with diatoms and other exotic forms of biological life. We know also, at this point in time, that place B has no life that we can definitively say originates there. So, on balance, a skeptical scientist might focus their attention more on place A.

Doing so means being able to eliminate all suggestion of terrestrial contamination or mechanism for organisms or their remains being delivered to the stratosphere. Both of these hypotheses have a greater probability of being answered to the satisfaction of the scientific community than one based on life from space.

As someone who was turned on to science by the wonder of life on other worlds, I am genuinely excited by that possibility. But, as a trained scientist, that excitement will only be realized through scientifically justified evidence. As we stand now, I remain to be swayed by the scientific weight of argument in favor of life from space.

As for the press that has uncritically spread these claims, I can only suggest further developing its sense of scientific skepticism. A good start might be to compare the general reliability of the Journal of Cosmology to that of more mainstream scientific journals.


A cigar-shape UFO filmed over Dusseldorf Airport

On September 4, 2013, a long and black cigar-shape U.F.O has been filmed just above the Dusseldorf airport, in Germany.

On video, we can see a strange unidentified flying object gains height slowly and silently. Is that the radar screens of the airport noticed something? We don’t know …

Eyewitness states:

Amazing New footage recorded from a German Airport in Dusseldorf that's captured a bizzar larger tubular cigar shaped craft passing blatantly over the airport vicinity which could have caused closure to the airbase. Passing slowly in the background the object seems to be intelligently controlled and hovering effortlessly is black in colour and has no wings front-side or back. What is it? Have you ever witnessed such craft.


Several UFOs filmed above western France on September 2013

On September 11, 2013, several unidentified flying objects have been filmed in the countryside, in western France. On video, we can see at least two black dots soaring in the blue sky …

It is real? We don’t known. But, witness didn’t specify the exact location of this supernatural apparition …

Witness reports:

Great footage of 2 very oblivious UFO’s hovering low over fields in western France on the 11th of September 2013. Clearly the objects are around 300ft above ground level, They appear stationary, They are sphere shaped and have no effect to wind as they hover in place. The witness said he knows the focus is off and states it was recorded by his Sony Experia U, We have studied the footage and class it an actual occurrence! Credits To: Electic Jon 101


A close encounters of the third kind in Rising Star, Texas

In the little town of Rising Star, in Texas, a man assures to have encountered an alien entity, on September 14, 2013.

Witness maintains that this mysterious visitor had a head elongated, like antic Egyptian.


When arriving on the property home from work, I drove down the driveway, and when approaching the opening to see the house I observed an entity that was approximately eight 1/2 foot to ten foot tall.

It came from the direction of the house from the edge of the grass.

I would have never noticed it if it wouldn’t have been reflective of the sunlight that evening. It then proceeded to cross the driveway in what looked like three steps, which the drive would usually take a normal man to cross in about 15 to 20 large steps.

I noticed it was a chrome color; very reflective. I could see it had arms and legs, but could not see the hands or feet almost like they were cupped.

I also observed it had a pointed-elongated head; almost Egyptian like. It then disappeared into the wooded pasture.

Now while heading to and from work or while driving out in the pasture I feel watched, and I catch glimpses of it on the drive, and dirt road beside the property.


An UFO-entity filmed over Cavehill, near Belfast

On September 2013, a “UFO entity” has been filmed above Cavehill, a basaltic hill overlooking the city of Belfast in Northern Ireland. Object has an unclear shape of Hippocampus. Over this spacecraft, we can notice a little flashing light …

Eyewitness states:

I filmed this strange entity slowly moving west, behind the Cavehill in Belfast.

The thing looked like it had legs at one point, then just at the end you will see it seems to double up the image, which seems to be common with the inter-dimensional things I'v filmed in the past, the orbs and probes have doubled up a lot of times when filming.

Ufologist Scott C. Waring has analyzed, on his blog, this uncommon case :

This entity seems to have two orbs within it, you will see the strange behavour of it, sorry for the shaky footage, but when you see something like this in the sky, you grab the cam and start shooting.. as i did.. and lucky enough after i got the camera steadied up a bit, i zoom in on a swift flying 'small fast bird', which i thought was the 'thing', then i pan over to the right to where the entity is, it was good to get the bird in the same footage, as it gives a perspective of what im capable of filming.

This the the second time iv filmed one of these entities, and iv no doubt i'll film one again, they are being filmed more every day, all around the planet. The activity in the skies lately is astonishing at ties, and the multi coloured living haze can be a bit of a trip at times, some seriously strange ''cloud'' formations lately also...

Keep an eye on the sky, and a camera close by...


A dark flying saucer filmed in Suresnes near Paris

On September 13, 2013, a man maintains to have seen a metallic unidentified flying object. When he has filmed this UFO, he dinners in a restaurant situated in the city of Suresnes (commune in the western suburbs of Paris), in France.

On footage, we can observe a strange object, accompanied by two white orbs, moving slowly in the sky.


September 13th, I filmed one of the most amazing UFO sightings of my life. I was looking through a window in a restaurant in Suresnes, when I saw a strange long silver object crossing the sky really slowly. I thought it was a zeppelin, but when I watched the video and zoomed, I understood it was not. A really clear saucer-shape, no any wings in the back of it, no propeller. A symmetric disc-shape.

Later, I noticed two strange lights following it, they were probably escorting it, maybe two other UFOs or even the air force?

I didn't have my camcorder with me, I was in a restaurant, but fortunately I could film it, and in HD. :-)

At 1:30, I show you 3 snapshots of the footage: you can CLEARLY see the object is not a zeppelin, it exactly looks like a typical flying saucer.

Filmed by me with my iPhone 4S in Suresnes, France, Sept 2013.


A black flying saucer over Sweden, on September 2013

On 10th September 2013, an authentic flying saucer has been filmed over an unknown city in Sweden. On footage, we can see a pastille-shaped UFO glides in a cloudy sky …

Witness report:

I don’t care what people think about these things as they are dam real and when you witness this stuff you seem to doubt yourself and try not to believe it, whatever is in that smudgy spot up there has to be a saucer, some thick blackish fog is around it covering its identity, ive recorded enough, sent to numerous reporting centers with no reply, so without someone helping get radar proof there will be skeptics.


A white orb flying over San Antonio, on 6th September

A white U.F.O. orb has been detected above the city of San Antonio, in Texas. This orb flew across the sky on high altitude on 6th September 2013 around 12:45 pm.

Witness report:

ORBs were captured on video traveling high in altitude over San Antonio, Texas. With reference point such as the clouds...

..As i was Skywatching using a SONY TRV-138 20X900 ZOOM with a 900nm IR Filter .While scanning the sky I Notice this Orb high in altitude it did not appear to be an aircraft.As you can see on the video it's a U.F.O ORB was traveling overhead..This orb seems to be emitting some kind of energy,not reflect the suns rays.At one point you can see this U.F.O Orb come into a complete Stop then Rise straight up

...Short time later another U.F.O Orb comes into view..At one point you can see this Orb traveling behind the clouds at a high rate of speed..
I did not hear any noise coming from these unknown objects. In my opinion these glowing objects were clearly no weather balloon/aircraft or satellite.


Dome-shaped flying saucer sighted in Cottontown

On August 24, 2013, during one hour and 30 minutes, a dome-shaped flying saucer has sighted over the city of Cottontown, in the State of Tennessee. According to the testimony, this possible alien spacecraft flew and stayed stationary.

Sadly, the only witness (?) didn’t succeed to take a photo or video. But his story is very impressive …


I walked out on my back porch to smoke a cigarette and noticed a bright light through the only tree in my yard toward the east.

I didn’t think too much of it; just figured it was the moon or a plane. I finished smoking and turned to walk back in, but it caught my eye again; only this time it was a little higher through the tree. I really didn’t want to be too curious knowing I had to get up at 6:00 AM to go to work, but I had to see what it was because I knew a plane should have already been past. It was just moving too slowly.

I walked to the end of my porch and could see it through the very end of the branches; it appeared to be moving, but I just told myself it was probably a breeze moving the leaves.

I focused on several different leaves and none of them were moving. I went out to my shed and propped myself against it and lined the object up with the corner of the building and saw then it was moving without a doubt.

So I went in, grabbed my long range rifle with a very high quality scope and bipod because it looked like a very bright star, but it was just too bigto be a star.

When I set the rifle up and zoomed in as far as I could I could see it wasn’t a star at all. I could see a clear shape of the object and what really stood out was 3 short black lines about 1/4 the way up on the craft from the bottom.

It was saucer-shaped up to these lines and domed shape above them. The color would be light, I guess I have never seen anything like it in my life. The whole object was bright white like it was being illuminated from the inside. That's the only way I know how to describe it.

I can’t explain how the three black lines stood out so much on something that bright. I guess the eye relief on the scope really helped.

I could see the object was moving almost like a car would if you popped the clutch. Then it would stabilize and not move any; then do the same thing. It looked very deliberate, but not like you would think anything functioning correctly would.

It would move west every time. And through the scope it sometimes would fall out of the routine like a stalled plane would do. I went and woke my wife; she watched it a while then became concerned and wouldn't come back out. It was very high.

I watched it for about an hour moving sporadically, but still maintaining its westerly course. Then it stopped and I’m not sure if it turned or what, but it looked like a cube just kind of all of a sudden.

It stayed like this for probably ten minutes and never moved an inch.

I was beginning to wonder what was going on. I thought I was losing it, but a very light purple cloud formed under the cube, I guess it had to be exhaust. I guess it rotated or something, but I could see the original shape once more; only the upper part of the craft was very light purple color.

It kept moving westward very slowly then just vanished. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and I never saw it again. I don’t understand what all I saw, but the movements were too deliberate to be natural.

The light it was putting off was very bright; I can’t understand how the whole object was that bright. To the naked eye it looked like a huge, very bright star, but that scope told me a different story and I wish I could comprehend what I saw.
That’s the best I know how to explain it. I've never seen anything similar in my life. It is what it is. What that is. Heck if I know.


Motorcyclist reports triangle UFO near Los Angeles

On September 6, 2013, on the road between Los Angeles and Carlsbad, a motorcyclist has seen three white lights in V-shape or triangle in the sky. This U.F.O. has disappeared suddenly and silently.

This testimony has been transmitted to Mutual UFO Network.


I was leaving Los Angeles to ride down to Carlsbad on the motorcycle, Friday night around 8 pm. Heading east on the 101 Freeway, around the Echo Park area, I just had the urge to look up to my right.

I often look up at the sky while riding at night watching the lights from helicopters, plans, blimps, stars etc., and there are many helicopters over the LA sky at night.

But what I saw was definitely none of the above; it was three bright white lights in a triangle formation or V-shape with a red light in the center rear.

I couldn’t see the shape of the craft, just the lights forming the shape. It looked stationary as I stared at it for about 4 seconds which is a long time while on a bike.

Immediately I knew it was not normal. I had to face the freeway, so took my eyes of the lights. I thought quickly, "what the hell? That’s definitely not a blimp," which would be the only thing similar, but not really.

I looked up again. A few trees blocked my view as they whizzed by; then clear sky and no lights. I looked all around in the area. It was facing east direction, but to me looked stationary.
I checked the freeway again, straight road, traffic moving steady and safely, so I literally turned about face eastward with a clear view of the sky and still nothing; it was just gone, nowhere in sight.

After determining it had gone, I focused back on the ride knowing I had definitely seen what I had seen and it was, in my best judgment, an extraterrestrial craft in a V or triangle shape.


UFO seen over Lincoln, Nebraska on Sept 10, 2013

On September 10, 2013, three circular lights have been photographed in the city of Lincoln, Nebraska. These UFO formed a prefect equilateral triangle …


The sky was in constant motion so I was taking pictures of the clouds rolling in. There were spots of showers coming down in the distance and bolts of lightening and then to the East it was clear blue sky. I was on my patio in my back yard under the patio roof. I took 10 -15 pictures in about 15 - 20 minutes. I was trying to catch a picture of the lightening so I was trying different settings on my camera. When I started to rain I went in, and did not look at he pictures until the next day.

That was when I noticed the one picture with the space ship looking disc in the sky. 2 of them where identical and the third was like it was behind a cloud and was not as distinct and the other 2. I thought how did I not see them when I took the picture yet they are plain as night and day in the picture. Everyone I have showed the picture to believes the same thing, that they were space ships from another planet. My theory is they were not visible to the naked eye and for some reason were picked up by the camera lens. I am going to send you some of the other pictures I took too so you can see how amazing the sky looked that evening.


Curious UFO captured in Palm Springs on September 2000

Recently, a website specialized on UFO phenomenon, UFOCasebook, has received a curious email about an unidentified flying object photographed by a Japanese tourist (from Tokyo) who was visiting the city of Palm Spring (Arizona) on September 2000 …


In September 2000, I was traveling around Route 66 in Arizona and took a photograph with a strange object in it.

Actually I was just taking pictures of the scenery. So I was not aware of that flying object then.

The reason why I'm going to report to you is that I want to find pictures of a similar shaped UFO.

The aperture value is f16 and shutter speed is 1/160. That is "pan-focus," so that means the flying object is moving so fast.

I was looking for the similar one in your web site, but could not find it.

Please let me know if you have any info about it and hope this would be helpful for your work.

Camera - FinePixS1Pro

Thanks and Best Regards

Yasuhiko Otani
Tokyo, Japan


A UFO filmed during a baseball game in Vancouver

Sure the guy moved the camera away from the UFO...but hey, he had a game to focus on, and any hard core fan would focus back on the game eventually. Interesting sightings and it looks like the UFO was trying to get a closer look while peeking half out from behind the tree. If there are aliens in that thing, they are cute little buggers about hand size. SCW

News states:

UFO Spotted Hovering at Canadian Baseball Game. Mass UFO Sighting In Canada During Baseball Game On Camera: UFO Spotted Hovering at Canadian Baseball Game.

An Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) was spotted during a minor league baseball game taking place at the Scotiabank Field at Nat Bailey Stadium in Vancouver, Canada.

The sighting that came towards the start of the sixth inning of the game, prompted viewers at the match to tweet photos of the unusual object with glowing lights. Around the time of the UFO sighting Vancouver Canadians, one of teams playing the match, scored four runs causing some viewers to speculate it was a lucky "cosmic intervention" during the game.

The same team went on to win the match with a 5-1 score.

According to a report in Open Minds, the UFO was shining blue and was hovering over the right field fence.

It did not take long after the sighting for twitterverse to be flooded with tweets with hashtag #luckyUFO. There was a tweet from the winning team themselves about the sighting.


UFO recorded over Rome, Italy on Sept 5, 2013

Italy is famous for its UFO sightings so close you would think you could touch them. Especially back in the 1950s-1960s of the friendship group. This new sighting fits in with their past patterns. SCW

Eyewitness states:

"Bright object appeared September 5, 2013 time 1:00 am in the sky of Rome. since the object becomes smaller and releases other objects was no longer visible to the naked eye but only to night vision. 5x50 night vision bresser, Night Vision Sound off."

In Italian

"Oggetto luminoso e' apparso il 5 settembre 2013 all'una di notte nel cielo di Roma.dal momento che l'oggetto diventa piu piccolo e rilascia altri oggetti non era piu visibile a occhio nudo ma solo col visore notturno. Night vision bresser 5x50 no audio."


Huge UFO filmed by two cameras over Melbourne

On September 2, 2013 at 05:25:51 AM, a huge UFO has been filmed over the city of Melbourne (Australia) by two cameras with night vision.


First camera is a Samsung SDC-435 - Second camera is a P8079HP 3 stage generation 1 night vision tube with a 50mm slr lens.

I watched this 'thing' visually and it just lit up the sky.

This is the real deal Neil. Been doing this for about 5 years now, full time, never ever seen anything like this.

If 'anyone' can explain what is larger, slower than the ISS in orbit, please let me know?
Sorry about the swearing, but it is what it is.


A metallic UFO photographed in Legazpi, Philippines

On August 3, 2013, a resident of the big city of Legazpi (located in the province of Albay) in Philippines has took a picture of a mysterious and metallic U.F.O. The unidentified object was quite distant when it was snapped, but with a zoom we can see something of paranormal …


Hi, I'm Abraham from Philippines. I'm just wondering if anyone from your team can investigate this picture that I took about 3 weeks ago.

I and my friend just passed by in this rice field near a volcano not too far away from our home.

I just now realized there was something out there in the sky that is really weird when I started browsing my photos from a holiday back in my homeland, the Philippines.

I took this picture using my iPhone 4s, so it's not really a high resolution, but attached is the raw file of this photo.”