Two witnesses have seen the same UFO in Calhoun, Georgia

When only one person sees an UFO, we can logically doubt of his story. But if two witnesses assure to have seen the same thing, then story becomes more serious.   In this way, in the city of Calhoun (Gordon County, State of Georgia), two separates men have sighted a strange object flying in the sky.

According to the testimonies, object was very luminous and it resembled neither a plane nor a helicopter.

First witness:

It was about 4 am; I was driving northbound on I-75 and with the exception of a car in front of me the road was empty.

Then a very bright green object just appeared in the sky ahead of me. It wasn’t flying in a path, it just appeared, then sort of dropped on an angle but you can tell it was a path to the ground and then disappeared under the tree-line.

I was able to see enough detail that it appeared to be a ship. I know this is crazy but it reminded me of those fighter type ships you see in Star Wars. This was no airplane, no balloon and the green light coming from it was just a very bright fluorescent green that lit up the sky.

The entire time couldn’t have been more than 15 seconds but it was clear, I was wide awake and I’ll never forget it.

As soon as it seemed to descend to the ground the car in front of me pulled over at what I now know as the Gordon Rest Stop. I followed the car because I had to see if this person saw it. I parked next to the other vehicle and as he got out, I said "did you see that"? He confirmed and said, "what was that?"

I said: "that was a UFO, I’m not crazy right?"

He said it caught him off guard and he didn’t get a good look at it, but knew it wasn’t normal. While he didn’t get as great of a look at it as I did, he confirmed to me I wasn’t crazy.

I saw a very good shape of it; I can draw and send you a picture of what I believe I saw if you like. AS I drove off, the next exit was Calhoun, GA.

I did not get the other person's name.

Second witness:

It was around 6:40 when I glanced out my window facing the South. To my left I saw a bright white/green light in the East and that was moving in my direction and I had a feeling about it; it just didn’t seem like a typical plane.

I noticed it stop getting closer for a few seconds, appearing to just hang in the sky just over the trees.

It then abruptly yet so smoothly turned to the South and then again back to the West towards me. It looked very strange, so I decided to take snap a picture of it and my jaw dropped when I saw the photos!


A rectangle-shaped UFO reported in Molina

On January 11, 2013, a man and his daughter drove, peacefully, on a road near the town of Molina (State of Colorado) when they saw a rectangle-shaped UFO in the sky. According to his testimony, object wasn’t an airplane or another helicopter.

This story was been collected by the most important UFO organization in the world, the MUFON, based in United-States of America …


« I was driving home on Friday, January 11, 2013 along Hwy. 330 near the town of Molina, CO. I was heading NE when the object appeared in the sky.

I first thought it was an airplane or a helicopter; however, after driving towards it for approx. a 1/4 mile it did not change positions. The way it just appeared is what caught my attention.

It did not descend out of the clouds, it just sort of appeared. I had my 17-year-old daughter in the vehicle with me. She also saw the object. I could not keep my eyes off the road for long, but every glance I got at it only made me certain that it was not moving, and I was only driving 40 mph as the roads in my area tend to be icy.

As I got closer to the object, I noticed the center lights, on what appeared to be a light bar type light, were flashing. They were a yellow/orange shade and reminded me of hazard lights.

The object itself was square-shaped, as far as I could tell it was a grayish color; kind of like pewter, and it was not shiny, but dull. It did not move at all, it was completely stationary.

I think that is what really caught my attention. If it had been an airplane or helicopter it would have moved. I mean even when a chopper hovers there is movement, it kind of bobs up and down. This object did neither, if it hadn’t been up in the sky I would have thought it was sitting on solid ground.

If there was any movement it was too slight for me to see at the distance I was from it. I was able to catch a long enough look to see that there were no discernible moving parts; i.e.: rotors, propellers or tail rotors.

The lights were in the wrong place for any aircraft I am familiar with. I drove for approx. 2 miles before losing sight of it around a curve. To be perfectly honest, I was a bit frightened by it, as well as a little excited to have seen something so completely inexpiable!

I have never felt compelled to report other sightings I have had, because I felt those were explainable, they were tricks of light or something. This was a truly unique experience, where the object made no sense to me!

I think the only reason that I am reporting it now is because a friend of mine saw the same object a day before I did, but she did not mention it to me until after I had seen the object. She described the exact same thing!

I am hoping to see it again and have had a camera with me ever since. If I am lucky enough to see it again I hope I can get a good picture of it!

I don’t know if anyone other than me, my daughter, and my friend saw the object, but maybe someone out there knows what it is. »


A Frisbee-shaped UFO photographed above Palm Harbor

On January 17, 2013, a Frisbee-shaped UFO has been seen in Wall Springs park situated in Palm Harbor (Florida, USA). Several persons were here. That’s why an incredible photo has been taken with a mobile phone.

UFO seems to a grey flying saucer. Obviously it is not a plane or helicopter or something else. But, what it is?


« I was at WL Parks doing basketball around 11 am when 2 pool cleaners screamed, "Hey look."

I looked at what they were looking at and saw a silver Frisbee-like object.

The one guy said he watched it shoot backwards, then stay still, and that’s when he screamed for his friend to look which is when it got my attention.

I ran over and they tried to take pictures and their cellphones weren’t working, so I ran back and got my camera that was in the truck. I just got back to a clearing by them when I zoomed in and took a picture.

A second later it was gone; it disappeared as if you stomped on a soda can to flatten it.

After me and the pool cleaners talked about what we had just seen and the picture on my camera wouldn’t show up.

When I put the SD card in my computer when I got home it was there. I’ve been scared to come forward because of government and other people.

I’d like for someone to give me an answer. I’ve been having bad headaches and trouble sleeping at night since this happened. I also noticed black helicopters in the air that day.

All I know is that what I and the 2 others saw WAS NOT of this planet. If anyone wants to meet up and see the SD card with the original picture and pictures before and after please let me know. »


Several mysterious lights sighted above New York

On November 24, 2012, several UFO have been seen, in circular formation above New York City (USA). According to witness, it wasn’t an airplane.

He has decided to describe, very precisely, his paranormal experience:

« At 5:00 am I was looking through the 2nd floor family room window of my residence admiring the clear blue early morning sky with a few white clouds and the fully lighted Empire State Building at a distance.

I was getting ready for the daily working routines, when all of a sudden I noticed what appeared to be a big circular/round "plate" formation of bright colored lights cruising the sky.
It was coming from the New York City direction, from my left to the right, passing at eye level towards the area where I was.

The lights were not speeding nor where they moving slowly, mainly the peculiar sight was traveling on what appeared to be a constant straight path motion. There were stars above it. This was not a star.

I have observed airplanes go by from a nearby airport. This was not an airplane. There were beam lights around the city in support of Sandy’s victims. These were not beam lights.

I witnessed the most beautiful and unusual lights I have ever seen "adorning" our early morning skies. The size is unknown to me, but from my perspective it seems they were as big as my garage door, at a distance.

No noticeable edge indicative of "a circular unknown flying machine" was observed. There was no outward reflection or beam light coming out.

There were no pulsating lights, either. There was no clockwise movement to the left or right. It was a "plate" full of colored lights-red, yellow, and orange that came to a mind-flashing constantly without moving around.

It happened fast, not lasting more than a minute. There was no time for me to call upon my sleeping children; no time to get my cell and take a picture.
It was a sight to be admired, enjoyed, while wondering, what if? Personally, I am a bias witness because I do not discard the possibility of unknown phenomena and mysteries in our great world and beyond.

In the past, I have witnessed other unexplainable events that I have kept to myself. However, this time I feel it would be nice to share my experience with others.

When I first saw these lights, nothing to the effect of "UFO" went through my mind. I just could not make sense of what it was, where it was coming from, where it was going... and who was "guiding" or "piloting" it.

I did not take my eyes from the lights and followed them until they disappeared beyond my eyesight. I just could not move from that window. I did not want to miss anything, for that matter.

The stars where there to greet me, as a reassurance that I was indeed seeing something beautiful, unexplainable, unknown; something for me to recall as a true witness of this incredible and amazing event.

Within a few hours I shared my experience with my children, they remained a little bit skeptical until I looked up UFO sightings in NYC on that same date and showed them other individuals’ sightings around the early morning of that unforgettable day. »


Hacker activist Aaron Swartz commits suicide

The programmer, activist, and early Reddit cofounder Aaron Swartz reportedly committed suicide yesterday in New York City. He was 26. Swartz's death is reported confirmed by both Swartz's uncle and his attorney to The Tech, the campus newspaper of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

In 2011, Swartz was arrested and charged for downloading two-thirds of the material on JSTOR, a repository of academic journal articles. Last year, on September 24, he pleaded not guilty to the charges against him. He had previously attracted the attention of the FBI for downloading 20% of PACER, a database of documents related to US federal court cases.

Swartz was active in the world of free culture and open source software. When he was 14, he worked on the RSS 1.0 specification, a standard for syndicating news articles in XML. He also worked on a Y Combinator-backed startup called Infogami which was merged with the popular news sharing site Reddit. Swartz also founded Demand Progress, a progressive activist group dealing with civil liberties issues.


Nicolas Sarkozy ordered the assassination of Hugo Chavez

The Venezuelan Minister of Correctional Services, Iris Varela, has announced on her Twitter account the expulsion of a French citizen known as Frédéric Laurent Bouquet, December 29, 2012.

Mr. Bouquet (photo) had been arrested in Caracas on June 18, 2009, with three Dominican nationals in possession of an arsenal. In the apartment he had acquired, forensic police seized 500 grams of C4 explosives, 14 assault rifles including 5 with telescopic lenses, 5 with laser sighting and one with a silencer, special cables, 11 electronic detonators, 19,721 cartridges of different calibers, 3 machine guns, 4 hand guns of different calibers, 11 radios, 3 walkie talkies and a radio base, five 12-gauge shotguns, 2 bulletproof vests, 7 military uniforms, 8 grenades, one gas mask, one combat knife and 9 bottles of gunpowder.

During his trial, Mr. Bouquet admitted he had been trained in Israel and was an agent of French military intelligence service (DGSE). He admitted planning an attack to assassinate Constitutional President Hugo Chavez.

Mr. Bouquet had been sentenced to four years in prison for "illegal possession of weapons." He served his sentence. He was taken from his cell by Ordinance No. 096-12 of trial judge Yulismar Jaime, then was expelled for "undermining national security" under Article 39 paragraph 4 of the Migration and Foreigners Act.

Venezuelan authorities had so far refrained from communicating on this subject. The facts were confirmed by the spokesman of the Quai d’Orsay, Philippe Lalliot. The French Embassy in Caracas declined to comment.

From our investigation we can conclude that:
 (1) President Nicolas Sarkozy had ordered the assassination of his counterpart Hugo Chavez;
 (2) the operation was a fiasco;
 (3) France granted substantial compensation to stifle this matter during Mr Sarkozy’s term in office.


A former soldier sees a non-moving UFO in Arizona

On January 5, 2013, in the city of Scottsdale (Arizona, United-States), an inhabitant assure to have view a strange light in the sky. According to his testimony, he has sighted object during more two hours!

Witness was in US Navy. He is convinced that the object was something unusual.


« I was in my backyard at approximately 1900 hours local time bar-b-qing.

It was dark since it was winter (1/5/13) and I walked out by the pool to look at the stars for a moment. A particularly bright star-like object was in the sky about 20-30 degrees above the horizon to the Southeast.

It did not move at all (as an airplane would) and I watched it off and on for about 2 hours or so.

I looked at it through 10 power binoculars, but could not make out any features whatsoever. This star-like object was twinkling brilliantly in various colors like blue, green, red, yellow, and orange.

It was brighter than Jupiter which was also visible overhead. I called channel 10 news to see if they were interested in going outside to take a look, but I doubt that they did anything.

This object stayed stationary the whole time, so I convinced myself that it was in fact just an atmospheric condition making a star look brilliant and change colors.
I went to bed about 9 PM and it was still there. The next night (1/6/13) at the same time, I went outside and no such object was present, no bright stars of any kind were in that area of the sky.

I was in the US Navy (aircrew) for 4 years and have held a private pilot's license since the 1970s. I am 67 years old and camp out frequently so I have seen plenty of stars. I have never seen anything like this before. »


Triangular UFO formation sighted over Mora, Sweden

Wednesday, January 9, 2013, three UFO in triangular formation has been shot over the city of Mora (in Dalarna County, Sweden).

On video, we can see several white lights moving, noiseless, in the night sky.


Triangle ufo in Mora Sweden, I was on my way to my girlfriend on the buss the clock was 16:08 and i spotted it outside the bus. So i jumped of the bus and took one picture and filmed one. The clock was 16:12 when the film was captured.


Enigmatic UFO photographed above a building in Seattle

On December 30, 2012, an impressive black unidentified flying object has been photographed above a building in the city of Seattle, State of Washington. UFO looks like a giant spaceship. By looking the photo, we can notice that object seems to hover.

It is obvious that object doesn’t look like an airplane or a helicopter. Witness had not noticed UFO when he had taken these images.


« On Dec. 30 2012, I was downtown killing time before meeting friends for a weekend of bringing in the New Year, so I decided to take some photos of buildings and places around downtown Seattle which I found to be interesting.

It was an uneventful morning and I got several great photos of the area. Several days later I was reviewing my photos when I noticed this object apparently hovering above a building in one of them.

I zoomed in on it and quickly realized the object does not look like an airplane or a helicopter. It vaguely resembles a blimp, yet it had unusual characteristics.

There appear to be no windows, some blueish and reddish coloration, and definitely it is a metallic looking surface.

There also appears to be an appendage sticking out the top near the middle and also seems as if it may have a boomerang shape as well. When I originally took the photograph I saw nothing hovering there and heard nothing unusual, just typical sounds of city traffic and such.

It was only after I had reviewed the photo nearly a week later that I realized it was there. It was not visible to the naked eye or in my viewfinder on my phone camera when I took the photo.

I feel like it could be something remarkable or perhaps not. I do not have any means of enhancing the photo with my phone, so I can't really get a more clear look at the object other than the zoom I do have.

This thing doesn't look like any known aircraft I have ever seen and all who I have showed the photo to agree that I may very well have a legitimate UFO sighting over downtown Seattle.

I would like to have this picture examined by an expert to determine what it is just as much as I want to know what it is not.

Camera - Samsung SCH-S720C »


A grey flying saucer photographed in Dutch Caribbean

Most of UFO photos are of poor qualities: it is often difficult to really see them. But recently, an inhabitant from Bonaire, in Dutch Caribbean, has taken an incredible photo of a perfect flying saucer.

That day, December 25, 2012, sky was blue, without cloud. Viewing conditions were so optimum.

Here, you can read testimony of this person:

« I am from Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean; this is a Dutch island north of the Venezuelan coast.

Our sister islands are Curacao and Aruba. We have a bright night free of clouds and with naked eyes we can see a planet close to the moon.

A friend requested her daughter to please take a picture of the moon with her telephone and in two pictures we discovered a strange object like a flying saucer or UFO.

In each picture the object is in another position.

In the third picture it was gone. This phenomenon or else scared the girl who took the pictures. They sent them to me where I can see them better on my large pc screen.

It’s amazing and this is not a joke. I checked on the Internet to see if there any other sighting reports today, Christmas Day and found your site.

The pictures were taken between 18:15 and 18:23 local time. Our local time compared to GMT is -4hrs.

Further to my previous message, I hereby attached the 3 pictures. Pic was taken by Ziggy Mansveld yesterday as per my report.

Be informed that her sister also took a picture with the object, but in her fear deleted her pic. This was also witnessed by a friend of them from Curacao who is on vacation.

Please find attached the pictures emailed to me directly from the Samsung Galaxy smart phone used to take the pics. They are of better quality.

In properties/summary you can see date/time, make of the phone etc. Only on the first pic I could find the GPS position Latitude 12; 8; 56. 183999499997341 / Longitude 68; 13; 59. 7719999999997227.

For your information Bonaire geographical position is N12° 9.6501' (longitude), W068° 18.2625' (latitude) and this proves pictures were taken here. The time frame is very important.

Take notice that pic number two you have to flip it. You will notice on pic no.2 and 3 that planet Jupiter could be seen clearly at left side of the moon. Just for your information, yesterday a person reported to me that he saw the object on same day at 18:15 hours when he walking to a friend’s house. He declared that the object was floating and suddenly moved very fast away.

He thought it was just his imagination and did not talk about it with anyone until he saw the article with pictures in a local newspaper.

He claimed that what he saw looked similar to the object on the picture. Other information, our local airtraffic control was also sent a request to check whether they had any object on their airport radar. They informed me today that it will take some time before they can let me know.

Camera - Samsung GT-I9300

Kind Regards

Byron T

Bonaire Dutch Caribbean »