The Apocalyptic Prophecies of the Hopi People

Every people know the famous apocalyptic prophecy of Mayas. According to some researchers, our World will finish the December 21, 2012. But another Native American people, the Hopis, have predicted catastrophic events for our future.

Prophecies come from a book written in 1997 by Bob Frissel and entitled “Something In This Book is True”. We can discover the story of Reverend David Young. During the summer of 1958, he meets a hopi who walked along a desert road in Southest of United States of America. The Native American told him the incredible prophecy of White Feather. 

"'I am White Feather, a Hopi of the ancient Bear Clan. In my long life I have traveled through this land, seeking out my brothers, and learning from them many things filled with wisdom. I have followed the sacred paths of my people, who inhabit the forests and many lakes in the east, the land of ice and long nights in the north, and the places of holy altars of stone built many years ago by my brothers' fathers in the south. From all these I have heard the stories of the past, and the prophecies of the future. Today, many of the prophecies have turned to stories, and few are left -- the past grows longer, and the future grows shorter.

"'And now White Feather is dying. His sons have all joined his ancestors, and soon he too shall be with them. But there is no one left, no one to recite and pass on the ancient wisdom. My people have tired of the old ways -- the great ceremonies that tell of our origins, of our emergence into the Fourth World, are almost all abandoned, forgotten, yet even this has been foretold.

The time grows short.

"'My people await Pahana, the lost White Brother [from the stars], as do all our brothers in the land. He will not be like the white men we know now, who are cruel and greedy. We were told of their coming long ago. But still we await Pahana.

"'He will bring with him the symbols, and the missing piece of that sacred tablet now kept by the elders, given to him when he left, that shall identify him as our True White Brother.

"'The Fourth World shall end soon, and the Fifth World will begin. This the elders everywhere know. The Signs over many years have been fulfilled, and so few are left.

"'This is the First Sign: We are told of the coming of the white-skinned men, like Pahana, but not living like Pahana -- men who took the land that was not theirs. And men who struck their enemies with thunder. [First sign of guns.]

"'This is the Second Sign: Our lands will see the coming of spinning wheels filled with voices. In his youth, my father saw this prophecy come true with his eyes -- the white men bringing their families in wagons across the prairies.

"'This is the Third Sign: A strange beast like a buffalo but with great long horns will overrun the land in large numbers. These White Feather saw with his eyes --the coming of the white men's cattle.

"'This is the Fourth Sign: The land will be crossed by snakes of iron. [Railroad tracks]

"'This is the Fifth Sign: The land shall be crisscrossed by a giant spider's web. [Electric power and telephone lines]

"'This is the Sixth Sign: The land shall be crisscrossed with rivers of stone that make pictures in the sun. [Highways and their mirage-producing effects]

"'This is the Seventh Sign: You will hear of the sea turning black, and many living things dying because of it. [Oil spills in the ocean]

"'This is the Eighth Sign: You will see many youth, who wear their hair long like my people, come and join the tribal nations, to learn their ways and wisdom. ["Hippie Movement" of the 1960s]

"'And this is the Ninth and Last Sign: You will hear of a dwelling-place in the heavens, above the earth, that shall fall with a great crash. It will appear as a blue star. Very soon after this, the ceremonies of my people will cease. [The Ninth Sign was the U.S. Space Station Skylab, which fell to Earth in 1979.
According to Australian eyewitnesses, it appeared to be burning blue.]

"'These are the Signs that great destruction is coming. The world shall rock to and fro. The white man will battle against other people in other lands -- with those who possessed the first light of wisdom [Israel?]. There will be many columns of smoke and fire such as White Feather has seen the white man make in the deserts not far from here. [Atomic Bomb] Only those which come will cause disease and a great dying. Many of my people, understanding the prophecies, shall be safe. Those who stay and live in the places of my people also shall be safe. Then there will be much to rebuild. And soon -- very soon afterward -- Pahana will return. He shall bring with him the dawn of the Fifth World. He shall plant the seeds of his wisdom in their hearts. Even now the seeds are being planted. These shall smooth the way to the Emergence into the Fifth World.

"'But White Feather shall not see it. I am old and dying. Perhaps you will see it. In time, in time....'


A strange U.F.O. observed over West Oakland in California

In the port city of Oakland (State of California), a strange unidentified flying object has been sighted, in November 12, 2012. A that moment, in yards, situated in neighborhood of West Oakland, sky was cloudless and viewing conditions were perfects.

Here, you can read the comprehensive witness published on UFO Casebook website:

« I was chatting with my neighbor at her back gate, our yards are connected by a wide concrete walkway, and we were just enjoying the weather and shooting the breeze. I felt in awe of the clarity of the day, and just a bit antsy. I didn't know why.

I kept searching the skies, but there was nothing to see but BLUE... but I always look up when I am out. I had just looked up, and looked down, for a minute, then looked back up again...and there was something in the air that was reflecting the sunlight brightly.

It for all the world looked like a piece of paper, but super shiny.

It floated around at bird flight height, or high as a kite, rolling and tumbling like loose paper. My neighbor said, "Oh, that's a kite, see the string?"

I didn't let her get away with that, so I told her more or less, "THERE IS NO STRING ON THAT, AND YOU DON'T SEE ONE!" which she really didn't, and neither did I.

We watched for 2 minutes more silently... and a large regular bird flew underneath it, but the object was much higher than the bird, and bigger, my neighbor quipped up, "It's a bird!"

I asked, "Do you see any wings flapping?" She smiled, and replied, "Nope." She asked me, "What do you think it is?"

Looking at the object again, which would go higher, then come lower, but always tumbling like blowing paper, or a loose leaf, I said, "It looks like a flying sheet of aluminum foil."

There was absolutely NO WIND for this foil sheet to be tumbling from, yet it was coming from a northeasterly direction headed southeasterly.

We had a clear view of it, and watched it sort of pause from moving horizontally, and watched it begin to ascend vertically, because it appeared to get smaller, and when it would descend a little lower it would get larger, but never close enough for us to determine exactly what it was because it was always reflecting the sun... glowing brightly.

After 5 minutes we had to look at it sideways because it was hurting our necks to look straight up.

I told my neighbor, "Ok, I wasn't expecting one, but that's a UFO. It looks thin as foil, but foil cannot fly, and it doesn't look like that is the sun on it, it looks like it is actually glowing on its own. The glow was a white hot yellow color."

When it moved higher over our heads it looked like a twinkling star in the daytime.

It flew out a bit, farther, but not far, and my neighbor said, "LOOK! can you see them? there is more like that one; there are a LOT of them!"

She was right; the sky was now full of glittering stars, and flying foils; roughly about 15-20 of them, but they didn't loiter. They tumbled and glittered past the one we were observing. A lot of them were higher up.

They were going southeasterly as well, and were ascending.

Our foil trailed them a piece, then came back and loitered over our heads tumbling and glowing. When the last of the glitter past overhead, the glowing foil went higher and joined them; in the distance they looked exactly like stars in the daytime.

We watched till it all disappeared.

My neighbor looked at me and I looked at her. We had nothing to say, but when the mass of glitter bits flew by I felt the 'sudden' need to not be so out in the open.

I felt strangely like we were being observed.

One flying low was strange, but had the others come closer down, I would have jumped my neighbor’s gate, and I can't jump; sort of like trying to escape from a swarm of bees, and we would have run into her house. I didn't have to look at her; I could sense her apprehension was equal to mine as well.

The whole sighting took about 15 minutes total.

After nothing more appeared. We stopped watching the skies and went for a walk. Our only mutual comment was "Huh?"

Just a note: When I thought of taking a picture with my cell phone the object seem to purposefully go out of range, then would come back, like it was taunting me. I gave up trying to catch a shot. »


Indian army seeks to identify Ladhak UFOs

One hundred UFOs were sighted by the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITPB) in the Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir between August 1 and October 15 this year, throwing the Indian army into turmoil.

The objects in question do not correspond to any known aircraft. They are very bright and give off a glow day and night. They are undetectable by radar and can only be observed only visually. The Indian Army has unsuccessfully deployed a mobile ground-based radar unit and a spectrum analyzer. Teams of scientists dispatched on site confirmed the phenomenon without being able to discern it.

Rising up on the horizon from the Chinese side, the Indian Army has concluded that the UFOs were manufactured in China using new technology. But the main question is: to what purpose?

[Photo source: Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force]


A famous basketball player has seen an UFO

Deron Williams is the one of most talented American basketball players. He was in New-York when hurricane Sandy has devastated the Northeastern of the United States.

The player of Brooklyn Nets has looked out the window when he has sighted a truly unidentified flying object in the sky.

He was interviewed by GQ Magazine about his paranormal experience :

GQ: Was there a particular "New York moment" during the Hurricane? Did you see something that'd made you think, "That'd only happen in this city"?

Deron: Well, I don't know if you'd call this a "New York moment", but I definitely saw something I'd never seen before. The night all the power went out, I was standing out on my balcony, looking outside the window. Out of nowhere, I saw this big green flash across the sky. It wasn't lightning. It looked... It looked like a UFO.

GQ: Nice. What was it really?

Deron: A UFO. I'm telling you, man.

GQ: You really think it was a UFO?

Deron: I don't know, man. I'd never seen anything like that before.


UFO filmed by a passenger above Hawaii

See an UFO is always an incredible experience. But, to shoot one when we are in an aircraft is probably very terrifying…

A passenger that was in an aircraft above Hawaii has sighted an elongate and white unidentified flying object on October 26, 2012. She has reached to shoot them even if UFO flied really quickly!

"This footage was caught on a cell phone camera, recorded by a female passenger on a plane over Hawaii on October 26, 2012.  Thank you to this anonymous girl who gave me this stunning video to share with the world."