A black flying saucer shot over a village in Malta

An impressive and huge black flying saucer has been photographed, several times, above the village of Maghtab, situated on the island of Malta. In this city, there is the largest landfill of the country.

In this place, we can found some toxic waste that interest, perhaps, the unidentified flying objects …

« UFO inspecting landfill big trucks while at work. Workers below have no clue what is above them....normally people never look up or overhead.....that's only what it takes to simply spot one :) Photo 18MP cropped and in HDR format. UFO Circling and inspecting Engineered Landfill ....the big question is, why there is so much activity everyday over this area ? Toxic gases ......??? »


A black rectangular-shaped UFO seen in Bolton

On August 31, 2012, in the town of Bolton (County of Lancashire) a rectangular-shaped UFO has been sighted in broad daylight.

Eyewitness tells his story:

Please be patient as initially I couldn't get the strange object in my viewfinder straight away. At first I thought this mysterious object was a balloon, but it appears symmetrical and uniform in shape. The object which I have coined 'The Flying Sofa' moved silently overhead, spinning in a controlled fashion and intermittently flashing a bright, white light from its own suface like a beacon, (not light reflections from the sun) as the weather was quite overcast and the object was a dark, black colour and not metallic. It didn't look like part of an aeroplane and I'm sure any man made object/ satallite this size coming from space would have burned up in the Earth's atmosphere. Later in the video you can see how far I had to zoom in to see it, so I think the object could possibly have been between the size of a family car and a single decker bus at about a thousand feet or more as an estimate. It casually moved off, seeming to stay airborne and not falling to the ground. What could this strange and intriguing object be???


New UFO shot near International Space Station

Steadily, ISS (International Space Station) shot, in Space, unidentified flying object. On September 5, 2012, a new video has been posted on Youtube showing a circle-shaped UFO. User has found these images on official Website of NASA (NASA TV, more precisely).

Eyewitness states:

NASA not saying what this object was during the LIVE broadcast of their Expedition 32 today on 9/5/12 is mighty SUSPICIOUS, isn't it? Yeah, and we taxpayers pay for all the equipment AND their salaries expecting them to give us ALL the space discovery news and information they're gathering up there... Not WITHHOLD IT. Especially since our country's infrastructure is rotting away and economy goes downhill.... They should at least be giving us something cool for our money like high definition footage of ALIEN CRAFTS. And sorry SETI, you really should get some telescopes instead of wasting time and money listening for radio signals. The ETs who've discovered our planet obviously don't use them to communicate.


A flying saucer shot in Paris during Sunset

On September 4, 2012 in Paris (France), a flying saucer has been shot during Sunset. According to the witness, object looks like a disc that descending on the capital and largest city of the Hexagon.

« I made a second sighting of the same type of Sunset UFO, observing the sky, I saw giant chemtrails. I wanted to film them, what I've done elsewhere. I noticed this orange light, (Sunset color), and pretty incredible: it was Disc-shaped! i don't think that it was just a light, maybe a physic metallic object, like a probe or something like that. Sorry, the sighting is not very long. (I came to late) What is it? »


3 Jellyfish UFOs Seen Over Ecuador Forest

It was an extraordinary unidentified flying object that has been recorded in the city of Pelileo (center of the Andean region) in Ecuador, on Sunday August 19, 2012.

Strange UFO looks like a white jellyfish. That day, the sky was perfectly blue and viewing conditions optimal.


« Recorded Sunday, August 19, 2012 video filmed in the city of Pelileo - Ecuador, at 16 h 33 while driving my car. Look at the end when the UFO on the right which is next to the tree disappears in the air. I certify that this video is 100% original and may be subject to any kind of test or study. »