Ancient Alien UFO Shard Discovered?

A man claims to have discovered, in the Mediterranean Sea, a fragment of an ancient alien spacecraft. The story was reported by the very serious American organization, MUFON (Mutual UFO Network).

According to the images of this mysterious "stone", we can say that it remained for several hundred years deep in water, sediments attests that there are deeply embedded.

Despite its unusual to conclude on his origin. According to its discoverer there are no doubts:

"It is circular and has broken off perfectly from something. That and the fact it is a light green color which is the color most associated with aliens and extraterrestrial life. It looks and feels like glass, but its very thick and very strong. I tried to break it but I failed."


A triangular UFO sighting in Tennessee

A UFO was filmed in the night sky over an unidentified city in the State of Tennessee, United States of America.

On it, we can see a very strange triangular-shape object. As usual, this kind of UFO has been hovering quietly above the city, without a sound. He issued three white lights at each end. A fourth red light seemed blink sometimes.

This sighting took place on April 29, 2012. After the "DudleyDorito", and the Belgian UFO wave in the 1990s, triangular object continues to fly in our sky ...