UFO at New Year Fireworks in Taiwan

There is no traditional New Year without a UFO sighting and 2012 is not an exception.

Indeed, a white light UFO was spotted in Taipei City, capital of the Republic of China (also known as Taiwan), just few seconds before the traditional fireworks New Year's Eve. The UFO is first appeared in the last few seconds of 2011. It was visible until the explosion of fireworks. This intriguing UFO was filmed by Scott C. Waring. Here you can read his description of this own observation:

"Me and my family were in Taipei waiting for the fireworks when my wife yelled out to me to look. I turned around toward the 101 building (once world’s tallest) and saw a glowing white orb defending [sic] from the sky. It moved away from and then toward the building and seemed to land on the lower part of the top,  or disappear on the other side. As the countdown began for the fireworks, this UFO began to slowly move away from the building and then eventually came near the ground heading back into the fireworks. At that point the fireworks were to bright and I lost sight of it."