Stranges lights in Myrtle Beach sky

A business owner went for a walk along Grand Strand when he shot a very strange video who showing bright orange lights in the nighttime sky around Myrtle Beach area. According to this man, lights don’t come of a conventional aircraft.

"I'd never seen anything like it," says Gary Travis, who is an experienced pilot, "Not in my experience."

Video shows lights appearing in sky by moving abruptly.


A french minister wants kill democracy!

France was commonly called the « country of human rights ». But, today this image was seriously calling into question. November 29, 2010, the former Government's spokesman and and current minister of finance, François Baroin has declared on national radio that « A transparent society is a totalitarian regime”.

It’s simply incredible! An important politician who consider as normal that citizens should not know what happens in his own country.

All governments want kill democracy by hiding their truly intentions?

Demi Lovato has seen an UFO!

Demi Lovato has seen something strange flying in the night sky, and, according to her, it could be a true unidentified flying object (UFO). Famous singer has testified on his own account Twitter to know if others people have also seen this unknown object.  

She writes: "Did anyone else see a UFO or weird thing in the sky tonight in LA???", asked on Monday 10th October 2011.

According website,, “Internet journalist Hanna Beth responded, "that UFO was nuts" to Demi's tweet, so it does appear that some people saw some thing”.


Aliens body find in Roswell: an ex-soldier testifies

Ex-Soldier Paul Epley, living in North Carolina, is 80 years old, fighting cancer and wants to get a few things off his conscience.

One of the things he wants to come clean about is that he saw a live alien that survived the UFO crash in Roswell while he was serving his country.

In the summer of 1950, Paul was in the U.S. Army and stationed at Camp Wallace on the James River in Virginia. One day, for reasons he no longer remembers, he travelled to Camp Perry near Williamsburg, Virginia. While there, he recognized an MP guarding a bunker as they had served abroad together.

“I went down and asked him what he was guarding,” says Paul, “and he said I can’t show you. So I kept talking to him and he said, ‘All right, I’ll give you a brief look at it.’ So he opened the door.” The door was opened and just 15 to 20 feet from him was an ET standing in a small cage with a base that was only three to four feet square. The ET was about 4 ½ feet tall and only wearing briefs.

What Paul remembers most clearly was the alien’s skin color which he described as “an old orange-gray, dead-looking color.” Despite the dull color, Paul could clearly see alien was alive and seemed to be aware of his presence. Though smaller and skinnier, Paul found the alien’s features remarkably human. The shape of the head, ears, eyes, nose, chest, arms and legs were all not that different to those of a human being. According to Paul the alien was almost bald with just a little bit of hair. He also noticed the alien’s fingers were longer than those of an Earthling.

After viewing the alien for several minutes, Paul left the bunker. He remebers well the guard saying “that was the fifth one from Roswell (UFO crash site)” and “they were taking it up north somewhere.” Paul also explained that the alien was moved from Roswell, New Mexico to Fort Hood, Texas before arriving at Camp Perry, Virginia.

“At that time,” Paul adds, “Camp Perry was the most secret place that we had in America. I didn’t know much because I didn’t stay there long, but I know you had to have top secret (clearance) to get in.”


Interview of Hope Dworaczyk and her Paranormal experiences

Famous American Playboy model, Hope Dworaczyk, is fascinated by Paranormal and wolrd mysteries. She tells about this in an interview given at website …

So, you dig ghosts?

The paranormal. Yeah. When I was growing up at one time we lived in a house that I know was haunted. My mom isn't somebody who really believes in ghosts, and since I'm older now I told her, "You remember that house, mom?" She thinks now it was haunted too, even though she doesn't really believe in it. But it was across from the railroad tracks. That's when I first really got into paranormal things. At night I would see things, and looking back, you know when you're a child imagining things? But there were times when lamps would be moved, and it was just the creepiest, old, old house.

This was in Port Lavaca, which was where I grew up. It's a ranch farm town with very few people way out in the country. [Laughs.] I guess the whole story where you'd set up a ghost story would be there. So, across from old railroad tracks, the house was about 100 years-old. But that's probably when I first decided that I believe in ghosts. I became obsessed with going into a place and I could immediately feel if there are spirits in the place or not. [Laughs.] I like staying in old hotels or exploring that. My friends always tell me not to do any paranormal researching in their homes, because if there is something they don't want to know. [Laughs.]

How old were you, then, when you got bit by the paranormal bug?

I think I was probably 7 or 8. I was in second grade.

Growing up, how did that interest get a hold of you? Did you start a paranormal club?

I never started a paranormal club, but there would be times when you'd just feel a presence and then say something out loud like, "If you're there, let me know. Make a noise. Do something." I'd have like, light flickers when I've said things like that. I've had different interactions. It's just stuff that happens. It's not always late at night. But I never started a ghost club, and I never liked Ghostbusters. [Laughs.] It was just too fake for me. For me it was always feeling something whether you see it or not.

But this interest continues to this day?

Definitely. Recently I was in my bedroom late at night and Betty White was on TV, hosting SNL. This was maybe close to a year ago. I had the creepiest encounter that I had in a long time, because it doesn't happen all that often. Even yearly. I'm just obsessed with it when it does. I saw the image of something, and a cold feeling came across the room. I know I sound like a crazy person, but -- [Laughs.] I totally believe it. If I come to your house, I'm going to be wondering if there are spirits there. [Laughs.]

Do your friends indulge you in this? I know you mentioned you'll check for spirits at friends' houses, but is that out loud or just to yourself while your friends are doing whatever else?

It's really if you're staying somewhere or if you're in a room alone. Not many of my friends believe in it or would take part in it with me. But if I'm in a hotel room, traveling alone, and creepy things happen or different things in the hallway, I can feel in my personal opinion whether it's haunted or not.

Where's the most haunted place you've stayed?

I was in Nashville and I can't remember the hotel, but it was the creepiest experience. Somewhere where they had an underground hallway. We were sitting there and had heard the place was haunted, and we went bowling underground in this private bowling suite. We went up to our rooms, were sitting by the fire, and kept hearing something. Then we said, "If someone's there, let us know." It was about three or four of us sitting in the living room, and the lights flickered. We tried again three different times, and nothing happened. Then we tried it again and it happened exactly when we asked for it. It was just the creepiest, creepiest feeling because at that point you're really communicating with the spirit.

Don't you ever get scared when this happens? You say it's creepy, but you don't sound phased at all.

I'm more intrigued by it. I want to know, like, why are they there? I know I sound like a complete lunatic. I know this sounds crazy.

No, no. You don't. I think everyone grew up playing with the Ouija board and believed in this sorta stuff at one point or another, and they either lose interest in it or they forget about it. But I think everyone believes in it at some point.

I definitely believe that people get stuck. First of all, I could go on forever, but I believe we have many lives. I also believe that at times people don't want to let go of that life, and they come around not necessarily to haunt you but because they don't know where to go maybe? I just really am intrigued by it. When all of the paranormal shows started coming on TV I'd watch them and say, "That's fake!" But then when you're watching them, they have the room thermometers and you see the temperatures spike or drop. I know how television works. I know what they can do with editing. Sometimes, though, the reactions are just too real. I'm so into it. I can't say if I wasn't into model walking on runways, posing for ads, and things like that, that I'd be a ghost hunter, but it is definitely something I'll continue to pursue.

How else to you pursue this interest? Do you plan special trips to check out places that are known to be haunted?

No, but I'm always really excited when I know I'm in a haunted place.

If you were to come back as a ghost, what would you do?

I haven't really thought about it. [Laughs.] I hope not to come back as a ghost. I think that I'd probably mess with people. [Laughs.] I'd find the people who were the most jerky and give them a hard time. I don't know.

I was on a ghost-hunting site to buy equipment once, and my boyfriend at the time told me, "Do not buy that, because nobody wants to bring that equipment into their house testing to see if they have ghosts." [Laughs.] It's like, here I come with a big duffel bag to check for ghosts.

What sort of equipment were you looking at getting?

There are machines that let you listen to the room tone and it'll show when you get these spikes that you can't hear with the regular human ear. It peaks and you can see it rather than hear it.

Oh, right, they always say that animals are more aware of things like ghosts because they can see and hear things that we can't. And of course they can't tell us about them.

[Laughs.] Right. It's just things to make your eyes and ears more sensitive to it. [Laughs.] But I guess it's funny that I'd be really interested in going into the most haunted places in America and testing them out and seeing what there is, and having these ghost experiments, but I'm totally into it.

I'm sure if you pitched that around as a TV show, it'd get picked up. People would watch that.

[Laughs.] We'll see.