A former French minister accused of pedophilia?

It’s a very incredible and unbearable history who has been told by Luc Ferry, Minister for Youth, National Education and Research from 2002 to 2004 under Raffarin government. In fact, according to this man, an ancient minister participates to an orgy in Marrakech (Morocco), together with little boys!

However, he has refused to reveal to journalists of French television programme “Le Grand Journal” who was this famous pervert.

This new has chocked a lot of people. This secret seems to be known by (almost) every politician, notably Prime minister, François Fillon.

Le Grand Journal, Canal+, May 30, 2011

Rael appears in Wikileaks Diplomatic Cable !

WikiLeaks has published a diplomatic cable date from January 3, 2003 and was issued of United-State of America Consulate in Montreal on Raelian sect. At that time, sect affirmed that it has realized first human cloning.

Here an extract of this cable from Wikileaks :

“Although the sect is based in Montreal – and not Switzerland as the British tabloid press has reported – Rael moved his personal headquarters to Florida in the early nineties. When it was announced Rael was moving to Florida, radio commentators joked he was simply imitating Quebec snowbirds or that he wanted to get closer to Nascar circuits. However, some saw U.S. expansion as a logical business move. On the one hand, since the 1960s, Quebec has proven to be tough recruiting grounds for all religious groups, mainstream or otherwise. On the other, the U.S. offers much bigger pools of money and target audiences for Raelian commercial enterprises. Because the group is recognized as an atheist religious organization by the Quebec government it enjoys the same fiscal advantages as other religious groups.”

You can consult yourself raelian cable by following this link:

A UFO triangular-shapped in Paris - July 23, 2008

Recently, we learnt that photography of « Petit Rechain » was false. Ufologist community was very disappointed about this new. But, I have discovered on Chinese hosting video, Youku, a very strange video. It appears a triangular-shaped UFO. It was taken July 23 in 2008 in Paris, France. The object was seen at about 9:50 PM. The witness was in a small public park at the corner of Rue d'Alesia and Rue Vercingeton in the 1st Arrondissment. Belgian UFO has come again?

Incredible UFO in Cencun : hoax ?

On August 28, 2011 – An impressive video has been taken in Cencun village near town of Guangzhou, China. Images are certainly the most extraordinary ever seen. UFO is exceptionally clear and this technology is very remarkable, unique and not human origin.

Perhaps it’s a new UFO invasion in China ?

A vampire attacks a woman in Texas

On August 16, 2011, a native of Galveston, Texas, claiming to be a vampire, was jailed, after attacked a woman fiercely, police said.

Lyle Monroe Bensley, a 19 young man, entered in apartment of his victim in order to rob. After forcing door of his home, he went in the bedroom of women and attacks her violently, as she slept peacefully in her bed.

According to the Houston Chronicle, he struck her and tried to bite repeatedly. He hauled her out of her apartment. Then, she broke free. She ran at full speed and went into the parked car of his neighbor. Bensley rushed to the window and feeling helpless, he fled.

The young man apparently schizophrenic said, "I'm a vampire and I've been alive for over 500 years".

One officer, named Erickson, who took part in the arrest, testified: "He was begging us to restrain him because he didn't want to kill us, he said he needed to feed."

Early expertise, the perpetrator was under the influence of any illegal substances. His bail was set at $ 40 000.


Final Destination in Spain !

A Spanish who was gone on pilgrimage on foot to thank "the virgin of miracles " after surviving a car accident, died Saturday after being hit by another car, said Monday the mayor of Ordes, in Galicia (north west), where he lived.

The man, a 40 trucker, walking on a side street with a group, including two of her aunts, also died away, towards village of Caion, about thirty kilometers from 'Ordes, said a city hall spokesman.

The driver "had survived last year in a car accident and they would like to thank the Virgin of the miracles of Caion", she said.

"He did not even cover one kilometers and were again in the town of Ordes" at the time of the accident, she said.

The accident occurred at 06:30 and "the probable cause is tiredness of the driver" of the vehicle, according to a spokesman of the Directorate General of traffic.