UFO stuns Pretoria residents - July 2010

Pretoria - An unidentified flying object (UFO), which apparently consisted of three bright lights, astounded residents from Booysens in Pretoria for two consecutive nights for several hours.

Engela van der Spuy, 67, who lived in Attie Street in Booysens, contacted Beeld after she watched the strange set of lights on Thursday night for the second consecutive night.

"I'm not saying it's green little space men," said Van der Spuy. "We just really want to know what it is."

Van der Spuy for the first time saw the UFO on Wednesday night shortly after sunset in the western sky.

"I couldn't make out the shape of the object because the three lights were too bright, but it almost had a heart shape because there were two lights on top, a blue light on the left and an emerald green light directly next to it, on the right side, with a big bright white light underneath it which shone straight down," she said.


According to her, the UFO hung in the air for two hours without moving and then, at about 20:30, slowly started moving down, diagonally to the left and still down, disappearing behind the horizon.

On Thursday night, the UFO again appeared shortly after sunset and at 20:30 again started moving down before disappearing.

"I called all the neighbours and we looked at it together, but no one could figure out what it could be. All we knew, was that it definitely was not a star or a normal plane."

Henrico Swart, 19, Van der Spuy's neighbour, who looked at the UFO through binoculars, was dumbfounded.

"It has to have a very strange shape, because even through the binoculars I couldn't make out the shape," said Swart.

"All you could see, were three bright lights."

On enquiry, spokespeople from the Hercules police station, the Johannesburg Planetarium and the South African Air Force had no knowledge of the incident and were unable to explain the phenomenon.

"I don't think it is a flying saucer, because we would've been able to see the saucer shape. This is something even stranger," said Van der Spuy.

News 24, Fanie van Rooyen, 2010/07/26

Air force on alert about UFO

Portuguese Air Force

Lisbon - The Portuguese airforce has been on alert since late on Tuesday, when several authorities and witnesses reported seeing a luminous unidentified flying object, the national press reported.

"Military radar surveillance has been increased and F16 planes are ready for take-off," reported the tabloid daily, Correio da Manha, on Thursday.

It said the Portuguese civil protection service had received scores of calls from people who reported briefly seeing a silent, luminous object in the sky on Tuesday night, giving off white smoke.

Colonel Carlos Barbosa of the air force confirmed to Lusa news agency that military radars had detected "a target... that was not identified as a plane" for two or three minutes.

The national air traffic control authority, Navegacao Aerea de Portugal (NAV), also confirmed a UFO had been spotted in the north and south of the country just before midnight on Tuesday.

Not a meteorite, says researcher
"The control tower in Oporto (north) detected a flying object which had been observed 25 minutes earlier in Montijo and Beja (south)," said NAV's Paulo Lagarto.

The authorities were unable to say what the mysterious object was.

But José Fernando Monteiro, a geology researcher at Lisbon's science university, said he had consulted United States air defence officials and the UFO could not have been a meteorite.

If it had been a meteorite, it would have travelled much faster and made a lot of noise, he told Correio da Manha and Lusa.

The European Space Agency said the UFO was not a falling satellite either and the Portuguese weather service said there was no meteorological explanation for the phenomenon.

The only person to come up with a possible explanation was astronomist José Matos, who said the UFO might have been an Iridium telecommunications satellite.

"These satellites orbit at a height of about 780km. They each have three antennae, which are polished like mirrors and reflect the light of the sun," he told the media.

News 24, AFP, 2004/06/03

Texas Fireball was a Meteorit - February 2009

Dallas - The fireball that blazed across the Texas sky and sparked numerous weekend calls to law enforcement agencies now can be considered an identified flying object.

The Federal Aviation Administration said on Monday the fireball was a natural phenomenon - not flying space junk - and a North Texas astronomer said more specifically that it was probably a pickup truck-sized meteor with the consistency of concrete.

The object was visible on Sunday morning from Austin to Dallas and into East Texas.

In Central Texas, the Williamson County sheriff's office received so many emergency calls that it sent a helicopter aloft to look for debris from a plane crash.

The FAA backed off its weekend claim that the fireball was caused by falling debris from colliding satellites plummeting into earth's atmosphere.

News 24, 2009/02/17

Vatican investigates Bosnia 'apparition' of Virgin Mary

The Vatican has announced a commission to investigate claims that the Virgin Mary appears on a daily basis in a town in Bosnia-Hercegovina.

Six children first reported the apparition in the town of Medjugorje in June 1981.

However, the sightings have not yet received official recognition from the Catholic Church.
The 20-strong commission will report to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the top doctrinal body.

Long debate
For almost 30 years, the Virgin Mary has been said to appear daily in Medjugorje, dressed sometimes in a grey dress and veil and sometimes in gold, crowned with stars and floating on a cloud.

It is said she speaks in Croatian, uttering the words: "I've come because there are many true believers here. I wish to be with you to convert and reconcile the whole world."

It is also said that three flashes of light precede her apparitions, during which the voices of the visionaries can no longer be heard.

But the Catholic Church has long debated the credibility of the sightings.

There was a recent visit by a cardinal from Vienna, Christoph Schoenberg.

But the bishop of neighbouring Mostar has frequently criticised unquestioning belief in the claims.

Until the commission reports back to the Church's top doctrinal body, believers are likely to continue to flock to this small Bosnian town.
Around 30 million are estimated to have visited since the first sighting of what they call "Our Lady".

BBC, Mark Lowen

Church: Wis. site 1st US Virgin Mary apparition

CHAMPION, Wis. – The Roman Catholic Church on Wednesday designated a Wisconsin spot where an apparition of the Virgin Mary allegedly appeared three times to a Belgian-born nun in 1859 as the only of its kind in the United States.

The Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help at Champion, just east of Green Bay near Lake Michigan, has long been a popular destination for the faithful. But it was only in the last two years that the Diocese of Green Bay undertook the official process to earn the distinction that now puts it in company with renowned holy apparition sites including Lourdes, France; Guadalupe, Mexico; and Fatima, Portugal.

Green Bay Bishop David Ricken approved the sightings as legitimate apparitions after a two-year study by a commission he appointed. Ricken announced the distinction at a special Mass for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception at the shrine, where he read from a decree that stated the apparitions witnessed by Sister Adele Brise in 1859 "do exhibit the substance of supernatural character, and I do hereby approve these apparitions as worthy of belief (although not obligatory) by the Christian faithful."

Brise was 28 at the time of the visions, and had emigrated to Wisconsin from Belgium with her family about four years earlier. Brise would recount that a lady dressed in dazzling white appeared to her and claimed to be the "Queen of Heaven who prays for the conversion of sinners," according to information provided by the Green Bay diocese. The apparition asked Brise to do the same, and to gather children and teach them what they should know for salvation.

After receiving the apparitions, Brise established a Catholic school and a community of Franciscan women.

Such sites of confirmed apparition earn that designation only by a Catholic bishop's decree. A spokesman for the Green Bay Diocese said there are only 11 other such sites worldwide, none in the United States.

Yahoo News, December 2010

Hitler’s secret flying saucer?

An unidentified flying object (UFO) has been claimed to be Hitler’s secret weapons, the Daily Mail reported on Nov. 17 in its online edition.

The British newspaper cited a report in the German science magazine PM and said that Hitler ordered “scientists to make a war-winning super-weapon” at the close of the war to turn the table. “Some, like the V2 rockets and the first jet fighters, saw action but came too late to halt defeat.”

The Daily Mail reported that “the idea of building flying saucers to bomb London and even New York” could have been just such a scheme.

But now it is claimed that Hitler’s scientists had indeed designed this type of aircraft – and were so far advanced with the project that a prototype may even have flown, according to the Mail.

The program, under the command of SS officer Hans Kammler, was said to have made significant breakthroughs in anti-gravity experiments, the paper said.

The project, called the Schriever-Habermohl scheme, was jointly conducted by Rudolf Schriever, an engineer and test pilot, and Otto Habermohl, an engineer in Prague between 1941 and 1943.

Initially, a Luftwaffe plan after Hitler ordered his airforce chief Hermann Goering to come up with a super-weapon, it was eventually taken over in 1944 by Kammler.

Meanwhile, this claim is not the first one. A German newspaper reported such a story in 2004, followed by similar claims by UFO experts throughout the world.

Korea Times, 11/23/2010