Weird bright UFO caught over Andover, UK

One day of October 2016, a witness was at work in Andover (in Hampshire County, United Kingdom). During a tea break, he has noticed an unusual and unidentified bright light in the sky.

Witness report:

On 4th October, 2016, I was at work and went outside for tea break. A group of us were chatting and we noticed a plane in the sky. It was a clear day. I noticed a small shiny object ahead of the plane and pointed it out to the other people there and said it didn't look like a plane, you couldn't see the wings and there was no vapour trail. I thought it was strange so I took some photos as I thought I could enlarge the photo to see the object better. I took 3 photos before I lost sight of the object due to a building. The object seemed to increase the distance between it and the plane very slightly but I think this was due to the angle of vision as it crossed my line of sight. I wondered if it was a UFO and after looking at the photos and still not being able to see wings I am curious.


Translucent UFO caught over Thessaloniki, Greece

On September 30, 2016, a witness was with his friends in the city of Thessaloniki, in Greece. Suddenly, they has spotted a transparent triangular-shaped UFO in the blue sky.

Witness statement:

1. Me and my friends made a visit to Thessaloniki doing sightseeing of local places and sights.
2. We were standing in front of Hagia Sophia watching nearby buildings when we caught a glimpse of the described object in question.
3. I immediately regarded / considered it to be some sort of UFO...
4. The object was / behaved very inconspicuous(ly); was tringle in shape, translucent / transparent in colour, with obscured outlines and unwavering lights at three apexes; it seemed to be hovering / floating over buildings, ascending, descending, leaning to sides;
5. We were surprised, making no action, just taking two photos of object (unfortunately with a digital camera with almost discharged batteries which is the reason for the images to be of very low quality; also we could not record a video...).
6. We had to leave the place for the sake of limited time.


An ancient alien face found on Mars

On October 2016, an ufologist has discovered an ancient alien face on the Planet Mars. The photo of this anomaly has been found on NASA website. So, what is it?

Scott C. Waring explains:

Here on Earth, designer decided to make the faces at Mount Rushmore on a high rocky mountain ridge so that it could be seen for miles away. There is no reason to think otherwise for those on Mars. The facial features are remarkable in detail. The face looks almost human, but not at the same time. What we are looking at is the face of an alien species intelligent enough to make their own likenesses. Its amazing that UFO researchers have identified over 5,000 faces on Mars, and yet, NASA refuses to comment on all but one, Cydonia. The commented about that being just shadows. The truth is within our grasp, but are we ready to take it?

Paranormal Crucible states:

Interesting artifact that for me confirms yet again that an ancient civilization did exist on Mars. Although i did process this image, all the details are there, i have added nothing, apart from colorization and smoother techniques to negate the pixelation. Not many natural rocks have hair, eyes, a defined nose and lips.