Mysterious blue orb spotted over Enfield, UK

On September 27, at 11PM, a blue silver flashing orb appeared in the sky above Enfield, England.

Eyewitness statement:

Me and my 10 year old son saw ufo maybe up to 4 flying over our home about 11 pm last friday night they came from the right there is no flight path there we actually saw 2 join into one in a red colour but i never got that on film there was another one that hovered back and forward and side to side over my home we went downstairs and videoed what was a flashing blue and silver circle moving around i videoed it when i came back up i froze shot the video and can see a blue looking circle with what looks like some discharge around it i have been studying ufology for 27 years and never seen anything like this they were not choppers as they made no sound when i flashed my torch light on my phone they all came nearer and then slowly dispersed.

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Source, 02th October 2019