Huge snake-like UFO over Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

On September 18, 2019, a witness spotted a snake-like UFO over Mytle Beach, in South Carolina.

Eyewitness statement:

So when we pulled into the mcdonald's on 501 between myrtle beach and conway i noticed a very bright light in the sky and instantly knew that it was an alien spacecraft.I could tell that it was moving or changing shapes but not in detail my friend thought i was crazy and pulled out his camera to zoom in to the spacecraft. he then proceeded to take a few pictures even though at first when he tried to zoom in to the spacecraft the camera would not allow him to it was acting funny and being fuzzy and wouldn't zoom in it took about five minutes for us to actually get the camera to zoom in to the spacecraft where it then proved that i was right and although it looked stationary it was actually moving it was changing shape the whole time it was very snake like one minute it would be curved like an s in the next minute it would be a straight line then we witnessed two smaller craft come out of the one larger craft and shoot off across the sky at unbelievable speeds it literally went from where i was facing forward to where i would have to do a 45 degree turn to see the direction of the two smaller spacecraft in like 20 seconds then we proceeded to split up and i went into the pizza hut next door i for some reason knew that as soon as we left it would disappear i felt as though i were supposed to be shown this sighting i felt like it was for me to see so no more than two minutes went by when i walk back outside to look for it and it was gone i was right i looked everywhere in the sky to see if it had traveled some distance away but it was gone completely gone.

Source, 07th October 2019