Huge alien city found on Mars?

On September 2019, Scott C. Waring discovered a mysterious big alien city on Mars!Is a proof that aliens lived on Mars thousands of years ago?

He explains:

This gigapan photo of Mars shows some very interesting patters that are similar to looking down on a city on Earth. The grid patterns here are huge and thick, much like the streets here in some big cities. You can even see some buildings in between the grid lines. So incredible. One structure looks very similar to the Vatican with its round base and rounded roof. NASA named this photo Atlantis Chassis. These grid lines are about 1km across each on average before they touch the next grid line...just like a big city block. Very incredible ancient alien city that appears to be millions of years old. 100% proof that aliens once existed on Mars. Please watch my video to learn more.

Source, 05th October 2019