Yellow UFO caught from an airplane in Flagstaff, Arizona

On September 7, 2019, a witness was in an airplane between Washington DC and Los Angeles. Suddenly, he caught a picture of a yellow UFO.

Witness statement:

On sat, sept 7th flying from dc to la, my friend who is like a mom, was taking pictures of the sunset from the airplane window. when she showed it to me i pointed to an object on the photo and told her that it was a ufo. she snapped a few more pictures and took a couple videos that showed the object darting around in the sky. at first she didn't believe me but when it started moving quickly in all directions she couldn't explain otherwise. we have a 24 second and a 3 second video. ( i will attach a few of the photos here and upload the videos to you tube soon.) when i looked at the info on the photo it showed that we were flying over arizona which is a very familiar area for sightings. i have watched a few ufo documentaries and knew about mufon from them so i decided to share with you.

Source, 10th September 2019