UFOs caught in Niagara Falls on August 2019

On August 31, 2019, a witness caught strange pictures in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Later, he noticed unidentified lights flying over the city. What is it?

Eyewitness statement:

While visiting niagara falls for the first time, the wife and i decided to take a evening stroll. we headed south pass the hard rock cafe then turned right onto clifton hill where we were in awe to see all the people still out. we began to take photos with our phones of the strip and all the attractions then decided to grab a bite to eat. after our meal we headed back to the hotel because it was chilly that night and we were freezing! so while lying in bed looking over the photos i had taken i noticed strange lights in a few photos that we did not see while we were out taking the photos. also these lights did not appear in my wife's photos which were taken at the same time and direction.

http://ufostalker.com/sighting/103125, 05th September 2019