Tiny alien statue found on Mars

On August 2019, Scott C. Waring, ufologist, claims to have found a tiny alien statue on Mars (Sol 1296).

He claims:

This alien statue is 100% evidence that intelligent aliens once lived and thrived on Mars. I can easily make out the feet, legs, upper legs and thinner waist, shoulders, neck and extraordinary detailed head with extended cranium.

This is a fantastic discovery by Youtube Art Alien who finds some really incredible alien artefacts on Mars. This find is one that allows us to see what the aliens that lived here once looked like, how tall they were and how they had a larger cranium. Undeniable evidence that is proof that NASA true purpose is to hide the truth from the public.

Source photo


https://www.etdatabase.com/2019/08/tiny-alien-statue-on-mars-tells-us-what.html, 30th August 2019