Fleet of UFOs spotted in Garland, Texas

On August 31, 2019, a man and his wife spotted from their balcony a fleet of UFOs flying in the sky over Garland, Texas.

Eyewitness statement:

I was sitting in a chair on our balcony. my wife was standing by the balcony. we were watching a large hawk or possible vulture fly it had a wing span roughly 5-6 feet. it was flying fairly high and two small birds approached it. my wife commented whether or not the bird of prey would attack the two small birds and i said i doubt it. my wife spotted the bright white spheres in the sky first and called them out. i stood up and replied omg. there were literally at least a couple dozen of them. they were small and appeared as about the size of baseballs flying around. they were bright white and some of them would occasionally turn orange or red flame color then turn back to white. some would stop and hover while others flew in a straight line. multiple objects flew together and would stop to make shapes in the sky. we saw them make the shape of a square, various triangles and diamonds. think in terms of 3-4 spheres taking there spot in each corner of a square or a diamond/triangle of various sizes. while we were watching i pulled my iphone 8 + out and began recording. not the best camera for such long range video but after carefully reviewing the video i was able to capture images by taking screen shots of a few of them. it was wild! not the first time i have seen craft. first unknown craft i witnessed while in third grade in dublin ohio it was within 100 ft of me another childhood friend have seen two other distinct craft since not including what i can only describe as time of armada style fleet.

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http://ufostalker.com/sighting/103043, 01th September 2019