Huge orb spotted in East Preston, England

On July 23, 2019, a witness was at a amateur radio meet in East Preston, England. Here, he caught a picture of a strange round-shaped UFO

Eyewitness statement:

I was taking part in a local ham/amateur radio group meet up.We met up on the south downs at chantry post,above storrington,west sussex uk.It was a good event & at 9.30 it was over & was just getting dusk.Everyone left apart from me as i was engrossed in taking photos of the views & scenery(it is very pretty up there & you can see for miles).I decided that i should get going & leave as i was now alone.Took a last scan around & went to take a shot of an interesting cloud when i noticed what i thought was a full moon...But then did a double take because i realised that it was not a night of a full moon,as the moon was waining not waxing.Also this moon like sphere was over the top of a big black cloud...It just looked weird! then i noticed a couple of much smaller white spheres one to the west of the large one & one lower down...There may have been more.I got my camera & took a few snaps,the orbs or spheres only came out in one photo.I was still staring up at the sky & watching them when i realised that a car full of men had come & parked next to me.I did not like the look of them & felt a bit unsafe & so i left.I was still looking up at the sky a bit on my way down the very steep hill back to the main road.After a while i could not see the , orbs i did not notice them leave.This road is very steep & windy though,so it`s more important to watch the road.I drove home & looked at the photos on my pc.

Source, 01th August 2019