Green flying saucer appeared in Sykesville, Maryland

On August 3, 2019, at 5:15PM, a green UFO looking like a flying saucer appeared on a picture caught in Sykesville, Maryland.

Witness statement:

I was taking random pictures of the sky to add more photos to my weather photography folder on my facebook page. later that night i was looking through them and took noticed a green color in the sky in the one picture. the second picture i saw a more bright green color so i zoomed in and well, idk what this object could be. i didn't know it was up there nor did i see the second object slightly above the green one. idk what this is but as far as i'm concerned it is a legit ufo caught. first two photos are zoomed in, the last 2 are the original photo. taken using my iphone 6s.

Source, 05th August 2019