A driver saw a Bigfoot on highway in Oklahoma

On April 2018, early morning, a driver was on highway 58, near the town of Sallisaw (Oklahoma), when he saw huge creature looking like the famous Bigfoot.

He claims:

While driving to work some thing large ran behind my mini van as I slowed and made a left hand turn. It looked like a silhouette of a very large man. I was shocked but didn't stop until I was about 1/2 Mile away. The sun was just about to come up. It was about 6:00 am. Kind of rattled all day thinking back on it frequently because it made no sense. It was cool, drizzling, dark and in a very rural area. People don't run around the roads anytime of day much less 6am.

Several days later in the same area I smelled an odd smell not quite a skunk but it resembled undertones of a skunk smell.

Photo: Stanley Tubbs Memorial Library, Sallisaw Oklahoma, bJohn PhelanOwn workCC BY 3.0Link

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