Weird UFO above the holy cross in Sedona, Arizona

On February 25, 2018, a strange UFO was photographed above the holy cross in Sedona, Arizona.

Witness report:

As we were leaving Sedona, we stopped at the holy cross to take pictures. several pictures were taken back to back and this showed up in one photo. we did not see the object with our own eyes, just later in the photo.

Fuente, 30 de Junio de 2019

Unknown aircraft captured above Arroyo Grande

On February 3, 2019 at 10:11PM, a witness captured on camera an unknown aircraft above Arroyo Grande, California.

Eyewitness statement:

So to start the incident i'll start with a little bit of a background on myself. i'm a law enforcement officer in the state of california for the last 7 years. i'm a lover of science, astronomy, archeology and history. ive taken courses in coding and astronomy and have an ever growing interest in the developing the world. i have witnessed everything from fireballs to your average shooting star and i got into astrophotography for a little bit. so in the area i work, there is multiple military bases army, and air force. there are also launches too space conducted locally for govt. and private companies. spacex nasa etc. also in my line of work i have been involved in various trainings and special teams. the location of my work is adjoined with a military base as well, so i have seen countless aircraft. but on february 3rd 2019 at exactly 2211 hours i saw something that i definitely couldn't really explain. other than it maybe being some type of experimental aircraft. i was driving south bound when i noticed a solid bright white light which to me at first just looked like a spotlight from a helicopter but after a moment i noticed it wasn't moving and then i noticed there was a second light and from what i could see they definitely weren't commercial or any military craft i've seen. i quickly got my iphone out and snapped a photo which to my surprise captured both objects but they appeared to be a green color on the phone camera (possibly due to my windshield) you can see some reflected light from the dash on the upper right corner, but you can clearly see two smaller objects that are outside of the vehicle in the sky just below the reflected dash lights. well between glancing at the sky and the road after the photos were taken the objects were gone.

Source, 30th June 2019

Hat-shaped UFO spotted in Cleveland on May 1969

On May 25, 1969, a woman, now deceased, caught a picture of a hat-shaped UFO in Cleveland, Ohio.


This is regarding a sighting in early 1960 made by my aunt, now deceased she took a photo on a hazy day of a hat shaped ufo over her street. the photo shows the ufo hovering above with a telephone pole in the lower left corner of the photo. i tried emailing this but the email link is not working on you page. i know she took it with a brownie reflex camera. i recently discovered the photo when my cousin offered up a bunch of family photos at a reunion and it was in the pile. she had told me about it when i was 12 after my first sighting in garfield heights, ohio, in 1961. thought it would be interesting to show.

Fuente, 29 de Junio de 2019

Tic-tac shaped UFO spotted above Freeland, Maryland

On June 29, 2019, the passenger of an airplane spotted a tic-tac shaped UFO flying at 5,500 feet above Freeland, Maryland.

Eyewitness statement:

I was flying over us 83 at the maryland/pennsylvania border at 5,500 feet at 127 knots, heading 048 degrees, at 0749l. weather was visual meteorological conditions with clear skies and visibility in excess of 6 miles. while scanning for traffic, i saw a pulsating object at my 2 o'clock position appearing to be co-altitude or slightly below. the object appeared silver and pulsed red. the edges of the object appeared indistinct and fluid but it maintained a tic-tac shape. i was in radio contact with potomac departure, and there were no aircraft on my adsb traffic display within 12 nautical miles. the object remained stationary, appearing to hover and pace my aircraft at 127 knots. after approximately 15-20 seconds of my observing the object, it ascended at approximately a 70 to 80 degree angle from its stationary position and was out of sight within a second. upon landing, i reviewed my recorded flight data which shows my altitude and airspeed were accurately captured during the event, however heading was not. additionally, there is a 5 second gap in which no flight data whatsoever was recorded during the incident. prior to the event, the flight data recorder shows my aircraft's heading as 048 degrees. there is no recorded flight data between 0749:00 and 0749:05 which is very odd because flight data is normally electronically recorded each second or two. from 0749:05 until 0749:19 the heading was recorded as 0 degrees -- despite my aircraft not changing its heading from 048 degrees. at 0749:21, my recorded aircraft heading returned to 048 degrees. i continued my flight to the planned destination without further incident. the recorded flight data showed no anomalies following the event, so the aircraft equipment was fully functional during the entire flight.

Source, 29th June 2019

UFO caught at Gettysburg Battlefield on June 2019

On June 27, 2019, a witness took a picture of a UFO at Gettysburg Battlefield, located in Pennsylvania.

Witness report:

I was there earlier today on a trip back and was taking pictures with my phone. later i discovered one of the pictures had an image on it that looks far away from where i was but I never saw the image when i framed my shot. i only saw it later when i was sharing my photos. it can be seen in the first photo i uploaded.

Fuente, 28 de Junio de 2019

Possible bright UFO shot above Philadelphia

On August 10, 2019, in night, a possible UFO was snapped over Philadelphia, in Pennsylvania.

Witness statement:

On this night i was out with a friend after work and we were exploring night photography with our new slr cameras we had gotten which were nikon d90,s.(we aren't pro photographers) . we chose the area of the philadelphia art museum because of the lighting and various things to photograph . on that night there were no out of the ordinary things that happened except for the unusual formation of the clouds which i had never really seen before and the moon had seem a bit more bright that night. toward the end of our time at the location which seem to be around 2 hrs we were in the rear of the art museum . (i personally did not witness the subject in question and i did not discover it until i uploaded the photos onto my computer. ) i was just taking pictures on the sky and the because the way the sky was looking and that,s how i took the picture of what i believe is a ufo. the object seems to have a glow to it and it just happens to be in the shape of other reported typical flying saucer. the object also seems to move to the left and shoot up vertically into the sky. i'm unaware of any capable aircraft that can maneuver is such a way. i will include the original picture untouched photo file as well as a few edit i have done just to verify what i believe the movement the object took. while reviewing the files to submit i found another photo file number dsc_0074 to have an unusual array of lights what appears to be some other kind of craft . possibly a mother ship ? i have also included the original as well as an edit i did to highlight the object for further inspection. note the this second photo was actually take earlier and in the front of the art museum around 10 pm the same day. image dsc_0165 is a picture of the unusual cloud formation that spoke of.

Source, 28th June 2019

Bright UFO over Conway, South Carolina

On April 20, 2019, at 8:00PM, a witness was in the yard with his dog when he saw a bright UFO. He lives in Conway, South Carolina.

Eyewitness statement:

Standing in the yard with my dog and was looking at the sky cause the stars are so beautiful here, just moved here from new york so we don't see stars that clearly. noticed this really big bright light i knew wasn't a star. went to get my phone to take a picture and noticed it was now two lights, one bigger than the other. i took 3 pictures before they both just disappeared.

Source, 27th June 2019

UFO moving in sky over Santa Rosa, California

On June 29, 2017, witnesses spotted UFO moving in the sky above Santa Rosa, California.

Witness report:

We noticed this just north of the setting sun and thought maybe it was venus. after watching it for awhile, it slowly moved south of the sun then lower towards the tree line then disappeared. i took photos but never zoomed in on them. today someone in our town posted pics of an orb so i went back to rebook at my pictures and zoomed in. the orb had dots of light in it that change in number and position. sure would like to know what that was.

Source, 27th June 2019

2 stationary UFOs above Teton, Idaho

On June 25, 2019, two stationary UFOs appeared for several hours in the sky above the town of Teton, Idaho.

Witness report:

I looked up in the sky , saw two bright bright objects in the sky ! watched them for 2 hours straight! they didn't move at all ! a hour later the one that was the highest was moving very slowly.

Then they just disapeared out of no were.

Then a military helicopter flew right over them. And they still remain up in the sky.

Fuente, 26 de Junio de 2019

Hexagon-shaped UFO spotted over Lagrangeville

On June 22, 2019, a witness saw an hexagon-shaped UFO flying above Lagrangeville, New York. What is it?

Eyewitness statement:

On sat 6/22, myself, husband, ex-husband & 13 yr old son were leaving an event at the links country club and we noticed a very bright star in the nw sky. there were no clouds, we were standing next to a golf course & this one star was extremely bright. while watching the star we noticed it slowly moved up, down & in a swinging pattern. i started filming this "star". when i looked through my camera the " star" was moving much, much faster than we saw without tech. i attached the video. on sun 6/23, i reviewed the video & by pressing the pause then play button i caught the attached image in one of the frames. i don't have any idea what this object could be. the four of us are baffled and a bit freaked out.

Source, 26th June 2019

Two small UFOs caught over Seoul, South Korea

On June 25, 2019, a man filmed two small UFOs over Seoul, in South Korea. What is it?

Witness report:

There are two objects in this film.

The first one comes down from 11 o'clock of the screen at 10sec.

The second one is a small white ball and comes from 1 o'clock of the screen at 1mic 25sec.

You can check more ufos in my youtube channel, "look sky".

Watch video

Source, 25th June 2019

Three amber UFOs spotted over Phelan, California

On March 11, 1997, a witness saw three amber light UFOs above Phelan, in the State of California.

Eyewitness statement:

Three pulsating amber light estimate craft about 1 mile in length. hovered for 15 minutes. two squaderns of jets came in. one from south , other from north. ufo then disappeared. jets continued to search.

Source, 25th June 2019

3 black UFO caught during sunset in New Zealand

On June 22, 2019, during sunset, a man caught a picture of three black UFO flying above Lyttelton, Canterbury, New Zealand.

Witness statement:

I’m posting on behalf of a friend.

He took this photo on his phone somewhere in diamond harbour,new zealand,looking towards lyttelton.

Later he noticed the 3 objects silhouetted by the sunset. he didnt notice anything at the time. the image isnt the clearest when zoomed in. the phone was a huawei p30-pro set to night mode which we believe takes more than one shot to produce this image, meaning this could be one object.

Any thoughts on this image from anyone with more experience would be appreciated.

Fuente, 24 de Junio de 2019

UFO recorded near Space Station on June 2019

On June 2019, a person living in Asia records a UFO flying near Space Station. He posts a video in YouTube

The ufologist Scott C. Waring explains:

This UFO was record by a person in Asia and posted to Youtube today. The UFO looks similar in shape as many that I myself have see, except this one comes closer than I thought it would. As it comes close, it shows some serous detail to it.

You can hear the space station say "contact and capture," meaning they took the object aboard the space station. It doesn't appear to be a satellite because it has no solar panels for gathering energy. Very odd shape too. I wonder if NASA actually pulled in an alien craft that was abandoned and floating in earths orbit. This could be NASA retrieving a satellite, but I heard of no reports from NASA about such activities taking place.


Source, 24th June 2019

Purple UFO caught over Dyer, California

On April 9, 2019 at 18:15, a bright UFO was shot during sunset in Dyer, a city located in the State of California.

Witness report:

Found on sunset photo took just as got green arrow to turn onto fwy.Zoom in on photo, light spot right side of sky.

Fuente, 20 de Junio de 2019

Balloon-shaped object spotted in Bellbrook, Ohio

On June 18, 2019, at about 6:15pm, a witness saw an incredible balloon-shaped UFO in the sky above Bellbrook, Ohio.

Eyewitness statement:

During an evening walk i saw a bright white object far up in the sky. it was stationary. a plane or jet of some kind was flying very close to the area of the object. the direction i was looking and where the object was is the general area of wright patterson afb. as i looked around i saw another similar object a short distance away from the first. it was the same shape/size and also was stationary.

My local news station (whio.Com) had a short article about the object the next day (6-19-19). the air force claimed not to know what the object was and the national weather service said it wasn't a balloon. two companies (loon balloon was one) reported it wasn't their balloons either.

This is a link to the news story: https://www.Whio.Com/news/local/bright-white-dot-sky-raises-questions/dlylxb9uzsvojcrmcdazmo/

At first i thought the object was a type of balloon, but it never moved. it was already pretty high up when i spotted it! the cloud cover eventually overtook the object.

The first picture is what i took with my cellphone camera. i zoomed in with my photo editor. the second and third pictures are both of the area where i spotted the object.

I'm curious to know if anyone else has seen an object like this or can tell me what it was? i've never seen anything like it before!

Source, 20th June 2019

Purple UFO spotted in the morning, in Kent

On June 19, 2019, in night, a witness observed an unidentified purple light above Kent, England.

He claims:

After my dog created to be let out i was able to observe a light in the morning sky. moving slowly. at first i didn't really think to much other than it must be a airplane. as the object came near the light became bright and gave of no sound. at this point i noticed a hexagonal shape at the bottom of the object. at this point i rushed back to the house and grabbed my mobile phone. after getting the first and second picture the object changed direction at speed and shot off. the way i can explain the speed is as if you had lighted stick glowing and whipping through the air.

Fuente, 19 de Junio de 2019

Very bright UFOs moving over Kettering, Ohio

On June 18, 2019 at 19:30, very bright lights were spotted moving above Kettering, Ohio. What is it?

Eyewitness statement:

My wife and i were watching our granddaughter play softball when i saw what i thought was a potential supernova because it was so intense and bright in the broad daylight and was not moving, we watched clouds go by and the objects never moved, at first one light then 2 lights then 3,....Giant triangle pattern, a lot of people missed the game by looking at objects the whole time. i have photos and videos, we reported it to the news (whio) and sent pics, they never mentioned it on the night news, hundreds of people called in, one channel did mention it and said it was weather balloons of course what else could it be. wind current proof ballons.

Source, 19th June 2019

Dark Knight satellite in Apollo 10 mission

The ufologist Scott C. Waring found the famous Dark Knight Satellite on a picture caught during the Apollo 10 mission.

He explains:

This dark black object is in an Apollo 10 mission photo. This object looks like it may be a dark knight satellite. Those were alien built satellites being hundreds of thousands of years old, but left in earths orbit for unknown reasons. This raises the next question, if its not a dark knight satellite, why was it there? Perhaps it was alien trying assist and watch out for the Apollo 10 mission. Its 100% certain that the US government has connections with aliens, so the possibility of this being aliens watching over the mission seems great.

Source photo


Source, 18th June 2019

Black UFO snapped above Acapulco de Juárez, Mexico

On July 1st, 2013, in the morning, a man shot a black unidentified flying object above Acapulco de Juárez, in the state of Guerrero, in Mexico.

Witness statement:

In the morning I stopped to photograph the acapulco bay, I took several photographs and that object appeared, there was nothing flying in the area, and only that object appeared in that photo.

Source, 18th June 2019

Silent cylinder-shaped UFO over Gansevoort, NY

On June 12, 2019, a witness saw a silent cylinder-shaped UFO moving north to south over Gansevoort, New York.

Witness report:

6:59 pm broad daylight and blue sky. white cylinder shaped craft with a distinct black band in middle traveling north to south flight path. estimated altitude of 2500 to 3500 ft. no wings, no tail, totally silent. no lights. turned on it's own axis and proceeded to the north. then accelerated out of visual sighting in a millisecond. there was another sighting and extensive video of an object just like this in 2010 just a couple miles from this location, on northern pines rd. in wilton ny.

Source, 17th June 2019

Black triangular UFO above Maple Ridge, Canada

On June 15, 2019, a black triangular-shaped UFO was caught above Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada.

Witness statement:

Was looking at a live pic i took of my bike with the moon in the background, randomly expanded sections of my pic and noticed a black spec, when i looked closer it looks like a black triangle with 3 perfect crosses.. one in each corner... since this is a live pic i could also see it's flight path, it very quickly flew off and then sharply up to the right... much more quickly than a bird could travel in my opinion and no obvious flapping motion, what do you think? i'm hoping you can tell me what that spec is, it seems to go from one speed to a much faster one immediately. im very interested in ufos and purposely took this photo of the moon with the intention of seeing if there could possibly be something else there too. such as the tic tac ufo,the object is to the right of the moon near the top of the picture. you can only see it when you've expanded the picture.It also appears to me to have a halo around it when magnified. i have also noticed the ufo photo from the navy pilot regarding the tictac ufo has an eerily similar shape colour and ora around it ?

Source, 17th June 2019

Alien captured on film in 1930's in Alaska

In the 1930s, a humanoid extraterrestrial was photographed somewhere in Alaska. Is it real?

Ufologist Scott C. Waring explains:

This is a historical account of an alien that was photographed in the 1930s in Alaska and how the eyewitness was targeted and killed to hide the sighting. Watch the video to learn more.

Fuente, 16 de Junio de 2019

A cigar-shaped UFO filmed in Moscow

During the filming of a video clip in Moscow, Russia, a cigar-shaped UFO appeared in the sky. He was flying at a very high speed.

Witness statement:

Did unidentified flying objects come to you on the set? In the center of Moscow, on one of the roofs, during the filming of the clip for the Imperialis Orchestra, a luminous object flying at great speed got into the frame. Meteorite, satellite parts or guests of the galaxy - let the experts understand! :) And we just saw it.


Fuente, 16 de Junio de 2019

Guy uses telepathy to call UFOs to him

On October 2009, man had stated in a video that he was able to communicate telepathically with UFOs

The ufologist Scott Waring explains:

This is an old TV news video, but it really has stuck in my head over the years. Meditation...something I easily dismissed as being possible, but after decades of UFO research I have found that it is a factual skill and a useful one when trying to summon an UFO orb to record. You don't have to be a religious or special, just realise a few things...and then put the effort in.

1. Understand everything is energy. You, me, the sky, trees, UFOs, planets, space. So there is no distance between us, we are connected already.

2. Silence your mind. Block out all problems, stresses and focus purely on your friends in the sky.

3. Get emotionally involved. If you don't feel message, then it wont be delivered. Emotions are the fuel that delivers telepathy. The stronger the emotions, the faster its delivered.

I've done this and about 30% of the time got responses instantly. From a baseball size UFO 2 meters from me, to having an alien approach me saying the secret message in my head in front of my whole family in a museum, to even creating a 5.0 earthquake that almost made me fall while running in the park and telepathically sending messages to aliens. So...if I'm brave enough to tell you about my experiences, maybe you can be brave enough to try. It only takes one minute to 5 minutes to get a response.

Fuente, 15 de Junio de 2019

Bright UFOs spotted over Reno from an aircraft

On January 28, 2019, a witness was on a commercial airliner above Reno, Nevada, when he saw unidentified lights flying in the sky.

Eyewitness statement:

I was on a commercial jetliner over area 51 at about 39000 ft when i observed these lights. They appear to move forward and backwards and they also appear to split from a total of 3 to a total of 6 objects.

Source, 15th June 2019

5 UFO caught flying over Toronto, on June 2019

On June 7, 2019, a man was shooting a movie when he noticed 5 UFO moving east to south over Toronto, Ontario.

Witness report:

I was working on a film, part of 180 background, so was looking eastward at approaching cars for some time. we were standing outside the princes' gates at the c.N.E. on a beautiful sunny blue sky day. at 1 p.M. i noticed very pinhead sized white lights at 30 degree angle. i checked with people surrounding me to check if they also saw it and knew i wasn't seeing things. my eyes were not always on the objects as i had to work and talked to others, but they did seem to appear and disappear, as my mov. files later proved. i took 4 pics, each of varying quality, and one object stood out. at one point, for a very brief moment, i could make out an interior darkness and a blinking light. upon further cropping the object, applying sharpness & high contrast, it is apparent that it is crescent/winged shaped with probable lights across the span. this object (number 3 in each pic) is slightly ahead of the others - as if you spread your left hand out with the thumb extended from the fingers. the top two objects were always observable, brighter, while the two objects beneath were almost invisible, maybe due to being further behind the main three. again, the digital editing of the pics revealed the lower two. the three main objects reflected the sun, and emitted the occasional flash of a light that could have originated from the object. there were no erratic movements, no sound, no reversing of direction, and they retained their positions. one woman near me also took pictures, however i don't have her info. there's no telling how many others witnessed this. the film crew didn't seem to observe anything as they were facing us. filming went on as usual. afterwards, i asked someone randomly if they'd seen the objects and the guy dismissed them all as drones. there was a drone (black) being used to film us and it was very low and making a noise above us. the wind was blowing from the west, so against the objects, ruling out balloons. we observed a plane flying out of pearson airport, miles north from us, heading south. we quickly rules out airplanes were floating in the sky, nor helicopters or birds. my last sight of the objects was of them almost fading away in a southerly direction over lake ontario - the sun changed their viewability and reflection. in all, this lasted 10 to 15 minutes.

Source, 14th June 2019

Stationary metallic UFO spotted above Killeen, Texas

On June 13, 2019, in the afternoon, a strange metallic stationary UFO was spotted above Killeen, Texas.

Eyewitness statement:

Went to get the mail across street when i noticed something flickering in the sky. i’m used to seeing planes and helicopters continuously living by fort hood and this was none . i went to get my camera and took several pictures. i was surprised when i zoomed in and saw the details. i’m sending the most of the original size and some of the zoomed in pictures. i do have more pictures if you want them all.

Source, 14th June 2019

Bright cigar-shaped UFO spotted above Pliny

On May 18, 2019, a bright white cigar-shaped UFO was spotted above Pliny, West Virginia.

Eyewitness statement:

I walked outside to take a moment for myself from work,& happened to look up to see this thing that resembled a tic tac, but very large. moving very quickly.


Fuente, 13 de Junio de 2019

Disc-shaped UFO over Black Mountains, Arizona

On May, ufologist Scott C. Waring thinks to have found a huge UFO disk on mountain in Arizona. What is it?

He explains:

I think this disk stone object could possibly be an actual UFO. Let me explain. The weight of a UFO means nothing. The alien propulsion system could make an solid gold elephant fly. But I feel that some UFOs were made to withstand destruction. They were made to work remotely without occupants. They were used in war and needed to be they made them solid with the nano tech built into it, much like a 3D printer creates an object with is software and hardware all built into it so it cannot be damaged. Now you have the ultimate war machine. One that can really take a beating. This one seems to have landed on top of this mountain in Arizona and sat there ever sine. Maybe millions of years and the tough material blends into the environment and people assume its part of the mountain. Its not the only stone-like UFO disk ever found...there have been hundreds discovered worldwide.

Source, 13th June 2019

UFO in Whitby May 8, 2019

On May 8, 2019, a spherical UFO was photographed in Whitby, North Yorkshire County, England.

(Source: Instagram)

More information

Glowing UFO moving above North Royalton, Ohio

On June 11, 2019, a witness saw a bright UFO moving in the sky above North Royalton, Ohio.

Witness report:

A some dim orange lighted moved to one spot in the center of the sky, light up extremely bright for about 5 minutes or so then dimmed and flew sideways and disappeared into the sky. when looking at pictures of it, it appears to be a large circular object with middle non existent.

Fuente, 12 de Junio de 2019

Square-shaped UFO above Buford, Georgia

On June 11, 2019, a white square-shaped UFO was shot over the city of Buford, Georgia.

Witness statement:

I was coming home from work. i was close to my exit. i knowdest this bright light so i observed it a little bit to see if it was a airplane or helicopter. it was not changing so i took a picture of it than i began to record it. right after the recording i was off the exit and i stopped at the traffic light. i looked everywhere to see if i can see what it was but it was gone. no airplane or anything. i thought i should send you the pictures to see if i got something.

Watch video

Source, 12th June 2019

A giant alien skeleton found on comet P67

Recently, the ufologist Scott C. Waring found a 80 meters alien skeleton on the comet P67…

He explains:

I found this 80 meters skeleton on Comet P67 also called the singing comet. The original ESA photo has a measurement of 100 meters in its lower right hand corner. I used it to get the true size of the alien body.

Now over 20 years ago scientists around the world heard the singing comet. Its song never ends, is always on and always transmitting in radio frequencies. Scientists built the Rosette probe to investigate this song...believing it to be an invitation to meet. What they really found when they got there...we may never know, but I will report to you what I find in the photos to help you decide.

I believe the skeleton belonged to the alien race that created the singing comet millions of years ago. I believe it was a scientist who had the idea to make the comet and send it out into the solar system as a international greeting card of sorts. But he probably died before seeing it completed and asked that he be placed upon the comet to explore the universe with his creation. Its kind of poetic really.

Source photo

Source, 11th June 2019

Slow moving UFO spotted above Highand, Indiana

On June 7, 2019, a witness saw a slow moving and silent bright object flying over Highland, Indiana. What is it?

Eyewitness statement:

I was at home and my roommate called to me to come outside onto the balcony to see something in the night sky at about 10:50 pm central standard time. the sky was clear but it was especially dark because it was a waxing crescent moon with 21% visibility that evening.

We thought it was a plane at first but it was flying relatively low and we were unable to make out a shape of the object which was strange because there were commercial and small engine airplanes flying this evening at varying altitudes and we could make out the shape of the planes even though it was dark . this thing had about 5 rectangular white lights oriented vertically across the back of it. the lights pulsated and flashed in a staggered order and then they would go completely dark for about one or two seconds and continue flashing again in rapid succession. we were not able to hear any sound coming from it nor were we able to see any kind of exhaust trail coming from it. it moved from west to east in a straight line and we observed it facing south. it moved slower than a single engine plane would which made it stand out even more. we thought it might be a drone but it was unlike any drone i've ever seen before. we both knew we saw something we've never seen before and we're hoping maybe someone on here might be able to find out if this is some kind of military craft or drone. we followed its trajectory which was viewed above a tree line for about the next 4 minutes until it was no longer visible behind the tree line / horizon.

I've included digital photos / screen grabs from video (a couple are zoomed in and cropped) and video that are relatively bad quality because of how dark it was but it highlights well what we saw.

Watch video

Source, 11th June 2019

Two bright UFO captured over Wasatch Mountain Range

On June 3, 2019, two brightly UFOs were captured over Wasatch Mountain Range, in Utah.

The Hidden Underbelly claims:

This footage was filmed by Pana Rican and her husband as they where taking their dog for a walk in Lodestone Park they noticed at first one very big bright object on the Mountain Range that they have never seen before with Pana add " I just happened to have my phone with me and begun to film" but shortly after she started to filmed a second object appeared. In part of this footage we can hear the engines of fighter jets to which Pana's husband states " The jets are checking them out...

Source, 10th June 2019

A webcam captured a black UFO in Colorado

On June 8, 2019, in the morning, a webcam captured a black UFO in New Castle, Colorado.

Witness statement:

I look at the colorado webcams every day from my home in edwardsville, illinois. yesterday morning when i looked at the new castle webcam, one i tend to frequent, i saw an object in the sky, below the clouds, that looked peculliar to me. when you look at the image, you can see it! i've visisted colorado in person many times over the course of my life and have seen many different, and unexplainable things, including an up close encounter in 1996. i know they are out there, but this time i was able to save the image. once the camera updated, the object was gone. please see the attached image.

Source, 10th June 2019

Bright UFO above Kristiansand, Norway

On January 1st, 2016, at 13:20, a witness caught bright UFO over Kristiansand, Vest-Agder, Norway.

Witness report:

I was on an island, landoey, west of the town kristiansand on a scenery photo shoot this day, the 1st of jan 2016. standing on a small mountain i took several pictures, even with 2 different cameras. on the very first image, time pm 1.17.25 enclosed raw-file, i took a small serie with some seconds break. what i did not realize was the objects moving in the sky. my cameras did. so my "obeservations" described are taken from the photos afterwards. luckily on the digital mirror camera i had adusted it to take both jpg and raw files. i was stunned when i started to work with the images later in the evening. even out in the sea, south, i could up to 3 objects in the horizont.

I contacted the local airport, however they had no air movements, except a embraer 190 klm aircraft coming in around 5000 feet for landing around pm 1.25. i enclose 3 photos (the first 022 in two files, one raw and one jpg adjusted, the 2 other adjusted jpg) on the 034 you see the object just to right of the lighthouse, the 038 is taken 10 sec later.

Then, this is my cameraâ´s observation.

Oddvar Paulsen

Fuente, 09 de Junio de 2019

Silver disk-shaped UFO over Yerevan, Armenia

On June 2, 2019, a silver disk-shaped UFO was seen flying over Yerevan, the capital of Armenia.

The ufologist Scott C. Waring explains:

This is a great video by a Yotuber who usually only shoots landscapes. The UFO was seen over the Armenian capital city of Yerevan, flying low and at an angle. I remember Area 51 employee Bob Lazar saying that the UFO disks they had in Area S4 often had to tilt to move from place to place. That they didn't fly flat like planes would. This really stands out to me in this video of this disk being actual alien technology.

So now we are confronted with a dilemma. Is this a top secret USAF craft made from alien tech that flew from the US secret island base in the Black Sea? Yeah, there is a US base there. Or is this a craft manned by another species? Armenia is only 80km from the Black Sea. I would say this is too close to the Black Sea and it looks too classic in it must be a USAF secret project. Aliens gave Area S4 classic UFOs not the newer high tech advanced yep, this is US military.

Source, 09th June 2019

White orb UFO spotted in Las Vegas, on June 2019

On June 2, 2019, a white orb UFO was seen over the city of Las Vegas, in the State of Nevada, USA.

Scott C. Waring, ufologist, claims:

This is a great video of the famous white UFOs frequently seen over Las Vegas area. The UFO is orb like and holding relatively still. However similar such objects are shooting around in the video at increadible speed. The other tiny objects have a white glimmer on two sides of each of them, which tells me the they are insects. The main object is no insect, so don't let them distract you from the actual UFO. I believe the eyewitness is standing on the grass looking up, in a location where many mosquitos or knots are swarming.

Eyewitness states:

I thought was one but there are many ufos if you pause the video or slow down.

Source, 08th June 2019

Bright unidentified light above Russell Springs Kentucky

On June 7, 2019, at 11PM, a motorist was driving on a road in Russell Springs, Kentucky, when he saw a bright unidentified light

Eyewitness statement:

Was traveling on the cumberland parkway 6/7/2019 at 11:18 pm and noticed this one section of clouds become illuminated. not a large section, but enough to see what happened. soon after, there was this light, that appeared at first to be a crescent moon, protruding thru the clouds. the clouds were low and there was some but minimal fog clouds. ground visibility was easily 2-3 miles. there was no traffic, so i stopped quickly on the road to watch this. the only movement i seen was when it came out from the clouds. it appeared just below the top of my suv windshield. no obstructions. the entire event lasted maybe 1 minute and had to be close to the ground. i have posted a picture of what someone else sent to me and what it appeared to be to me in an image i found on the internet. the location they seen this was about 40 miles west of where i was.

Source, 08th June 2019

A huge white UFO taking off from the sun

On May 23, 2019, a huge white UFO taking off from the sun has been spotted by the SoHO spacecraft.

Ufologist Scott C. Waring explains:

On May 22, I noticed two huge black circles on the northern and southern poles of our sun. I took a screenshot and the very just a few hours later on May 23, I saw a white object that was shooting out of the Northern black area of our sun. The objects color was white, indicating that it was not made of the material of our sun. If it was material from our sun, then it would be a greenish hue due to the SOHO filters. However this white color indicates its solid, but not made of the same material. Meaning...its a UFO that exited our sun. I have often said that our sun is so huge, its very likely that its hollow and has an entire planetary system (mini solar system) inside. Sounds bizarre, but really, is it? It is the most logical explanation for the exiting of this UFO. And its not like this is the first UFO I ever found exiting our sun, but more like the 20th or so.

Notice at 4 min into the video is the screenshot of the sun on the 22nd of May...two huge black circles on both polar regions.


Source, 07th June 2019

Bright UFO caught in Shasta County, California

A bright UFO was caught on June 3, 2019 in the sky above Shasta County, in California. What is it?

Eyewitness statement:

There was a helicopter circling the area when I saw this object. Location: Shasta County, California. To see an excellent critique of the alien/UFO phenomenon, from the Eastern Orthodox perspective, read the relevant chapter in "Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future," By Father Seraphim Rose.

I called my local airport and asked if there are weather balloons in this area. I was told not that he is aware of. Also, consider that weather balloons are more round and have strings hanging from them. The object I recorded did not appear to have a string, and it does not appear to be shaped like the typical weather balloon.

Source, 07th June 2019

Old pyramid found in a crater on the moon

An old pyramid was found inside Moon’s Ryder Crater. These incredible images were publish by a famous ufologist…

Scott C. Waring claims:

This is a post by the late great Streetcap1, a friend of mine that became famous on my site and then died mysteriously after doing an intervene with a beautiful Russian news caster that had also been trying to contact me. I wanted him against it, but he let them into his house. A few months later...the family notified me that he had passed of a sudden and unexpected heart attack. She...tried contacting me again for a sixth time a few days ago. It gave me shivers.

Its been 11 months since he passed and I have to say the UFO community is feeling it.

Streetcap1 states:

I am convinced that at one time the Moon had an Intelligent Civilization. Something happened to wipe out that Society. Some evidence remains as a testimony to these people who were perhaps destroyed by some awful disaster. SC1.

Source photo

Fuente, 06 de Junio de 2019

A poltergeist filmed in a hospital in Canada

A poltergeist was filmed at a hospital in the province of Alberta, Canada. In these images, you can see a wheelchair moving on its own …

The Hidden Underbelly explains:

Hospitals have long been a great place for paranormal activities as it is one of the few places that bridges both life and death. This footage was taken a year ago and the exact location will not be disclosed as the guard still works there. He states the following "I do security at a hospital. The chair was on the other side of the hallway on my first patrol, and on my second patrol this is what i had found. He also added "I never went back down there until my following shift. By then the chair was folded up against a wall." When ask if he had anymore paranormal encounters he said, "This is really the only time i've ever experienced anything spooky like this. Never really was a believer until this happened."

Source, 06th June 2019

Black UFO spotted through a telescope in Cincinnati

On May 7, 2019 at 12AM, a witness spotted a black UFO through a telescope in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Witness report:

This was observed thru a telescope observing the moon this is my friends photo he had sent me with video and is ok to share with you guys it's not much but definitely was observed and seen.

Fuente, 05 de Junio de 2019

Pink donut-shaped UFO above Manhattan, New York

On May 29, 2019, a pink donut-shaped UFO was caught above Manhattan, in New York. What is it?

Eyewitness statement:


I am living in belgium (europa).

I was visiting the floor 100 of the one world trade center in new york on the 29 of may.

I noticed an helicopter in the neighborhood of the empire state building.

I found it strange because i though that nothing could fly over new york since 09/11.

I took a picture to see if it was a police or an army helicopter (it was memorial week) and... i was a bit puzzled by the picture.

The object is pink on the picture but i didn't notice it when i took the picture. to me, from that distance it appeared black (exactly like an helicopter seen from kilometers).

11h02 am, local time in new york.

Picture was taken by a canon sx730 hs, maximum optical zoom (=40*, equivalent to zoom 1365mm), iso 400, 1/500sec, f6.9, quality large superfin

I took the picture, look at it, was a bit puzzled, show it to people around me (10 seconds) decide to take another one but the object had disappeared.

Attached picture is not the original picture, i cut it to center the ufo and lower the quality because i don't agree that you do what you want with my picture. you can show it on your site but i remain the proprietary.

We can discuss by email if you are interested by the original one.

On the second picture, you can see the approximate zone i saw the object.

Object was moving horizontally to the left, then oblique (+or-45â°) to the upper left.

Probably nothing else then a balloon but i would appreciate you can tell me if similar descriptions has ever been sent to you, or if someone told you about this ufo over new york on 29/05 (i did not find anything related on the internet, but people visiting empire state should have noticed something). from the one world trade center, it looked the same size as an helicopter seen from that distance.

Source, 05th June 2019

Small metallic UFO over Alvechurch, England

On May 22, 2019, a small metallic rectangular-shaped UFO was spotted above Alvechurch, England.

Witness report:

I was taking pictures of an interesting rainbow like cloud and noticed a small metallic object zipping around in the sky through the camera view finder. it moved very quickly, darting around the sky and becoming stationary between movements. then it quickly shot straight up and out of sight.

Source, 04th June 2019

Long cigar-shaped UFO over Tokomaru, New Zealand

On June 3, 2019, a long cigar-shaped UFO was caught over Tokomaru, in Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand. He didn’t noticed it before he download it on his computer.

Witness statement:

As stated all the information i have is in the picture. Facing east, nw of Wanganui, New Zealand.

Object is above small cloud on left of pic.

Source, 04th June 2019