Metallic UFO over Tulsa on December 2012

On December 6, 2012, a flight attendant spotted a small metallic UFO over Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.

(Source: MUFON)

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Demon face found on Mars on May 2014

On May 2014, the ufologist Scott C. Waring found a demon face on Mars and strange structures. What is it?

He explains:

Proof we are not alone in the universe, thats what I search for. Sometimes I share the discoveries I make, other times I save it for myself. Perhaps my own selfishness, or perhaps I sometimes feel the public is not ready for some things.

In this video I share lots of interesting ancient structures that I personally found. The face has been labeled as a Demon by many of my subscribers, but its just a face of an alien species. We honestly shouldn't label them as good or bad without having met them. I have met people with evil faces who had the kindest souls, and the kind faces with the most evil of souls, so lets not judge, only observe.

Photo source

Fuente, 29 de Mayo de 2019

Grey flying saucer over Airdrie, Scotland

On May 19, 2019, a young child spotted a metallic flying saucer above the city of Airdrie, Scotland.

The Hidden Underbelly explains:

This object was first spotted by the four-year-old daughter of this family while having dinner with her family. As her father watched the object pass over their home he realised that this was a UFO and begun to video the cruising craft and right before his very eyes it disappeared…

This is my opinion on this footage: I believe this object/craft to be a classic flying saucer and just before the craft vanished we witnessed a bright light emitted from the center of the craft, I believe this to be the craft engaging it's "Cloaking technology" because the UFO didn't fly out of view, it simply vanished.

Source, 29th May 2019

A flying saucer in Balcarce, Argentina

This flying saucer was photographed on July 19, 1974 in the city of Balcarce, located in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

(Source: Instagram)

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Triangle-shaped UFO spotted above Pharr, Texas

On December 17, 2015, a father and his daughter noticed a triangular-shaped UFO flying in the sky above Pharr, Texas.

Eyewitness statement:

I was walking out the door withnmy daugther and as i looked over the horizon i see this perfect stationary triangle thatbi know it does not belong there, i told my daughter to hang for a second and took a couple of pictures the bottom right corner light was starting to

fade but i did. i moved here in 2014 and due to health problems i spend a lot of nights skywatching and i never saw that formation of stars before because they were just there like if they were wating someone to see them, after i took some pictures and shared them with my closest friends and brother the lights stating to fade away very slow until the lights were gone. all who i sent the pictures were texting and calling but i made a costly error. opened the picture with photoshop to enhance the original ans made the mistake of saving the original that i had with a new one that has been gone through a couple of filters until i found the right one, they were not flairs or "swamp gas.....Lol"

i may have tried 2 to 3 filters.

what really shocked me was the 4th light on the left side close to the north side of the triangle.

the picture i am going to send you is the one i applied the filters, its the only i have left althought i have backed them up so i dont loose them.

i have 2 to 3people that saw the originals and they comfirm my sighting.

this is a true event and i am teling the truth, all i want is to share what i saw, for some reason i never reported it.

if some from mufon is interested in more info they are welcome, but beyond mofon i love living in anonimity. the right year was 2016

Source, 28th May 2019

Angelic UFO caught by SOHO satellite on May 2019

On May 15, 2019, an angelic UFO was caught leaving our Sun by SOHO satellite launched by NASA.

The ufologist Scott C. Waring claims:

I was looking at the NASA SOHO satellite images of our sun when I noticed the angelic UFO was back. This one is slightly different in that one is different size than the other. This angelic UFO has been seen weekly for years and I just love reporting about it. It moves much too fast to be a planet or star. There is only one photo of the object in the SOHO video. If it were a planet, there would be dozens of images of it moving from one side of the photo to the other. So this angelic object is something that moves so fast, it gets caught only for a few minutes on the SOHO satellite, before it hyper jumps out of the area.


Source, 28th May 2019

Three UFOs caught over Woodbridge on December 2015

On December 15, 2015, a witness was photographing plane above Woodbridge, Virginia. On pictures, he noticed at least three UFOs

Witness report:

I was taking a picture of a plane so my younger kids who were obsessed with them at the time could get a closer look at a plane in flight. i took a few pictures at that time spaced apart by seconds. when i went to show them, one of the pictures had 3 objects in the frame along with the plane that were not present in the other to pictures (although the other two were more zoomed).

Fuente, 27 de Mayo de 2019

Black triangular-shaped UFO in Argostolion, Greece

On May 21, 2019, a witness was on vacation in Argostolion, Greece, while he caught UFO with his iPhone. What is it?

Witness statement:

I was on a cruise last week (5/21/19) and while docked in argostoli, greece my wife and i were leaving the dock and taking random pictures. behind the boat was a mountain ridge with windmills along the top, i stopped and took two iphone live photos of it. it is a bit of a distance so i zoomed in and took the first photo, it was blurry so i took an almost immediate second photo just as the camera auto focused. there was absolutely no noise other than local background noise caught on the live photo. at the time i didnt even know there was anything in the picture. later that evening as my wife was getting ready for dinner, i was sitting on the bed reviewing my pictures of the day and noticed a spot in the background and then zoomed in. i then held my finger on the pic to activate the live photo and noticed the oval shaped object streak across the photo... it was caught in multiple frames with audio. i tried to play with the picture editor and change the lighting and contrast to see if i could make it out a little better. if interested i do have more photos. hope you can help me figure out what it is.

Source, 27th May 2019

Spherical-shaped UFO over a beach in Wantagh

On May 25, 2019, during the day, a spherical-shaped UFO was photographed over a beach in Wantagh, New York.

Witness report:

Two pictures from jones beach, taken about 1 second or less from each other as part of a two photo "burst" from my camera. at first you'd think its a beach ball or something, but its size, based on the distance of the people under it, doesn't add up to me. even if it is a ball of some kind, in less than one second in the next photo, whether it was going up or down, it should still be in the photo. note the two photos really are about a second or less apart based on all subjects in it being in virtually the same position. shutter speed was between 1600 and 3200.

Fuente, 27 de Mayo de 2019

Blue orb caught over Toronto, Ontario

On May 17, 2019, a mysterious blue orb was shot in the blue sky above Toronto, in the province of Ontario, in Canada.

Eyewitness statement:

I was walking home after work, talking to a friend on the phone, grumbling about all the chemtrails in the sky... they were so bad that day that i said i would take a few pics and send them to him so he could see. that was may 17, 2019 at 7:13pm. i only looked at the photos a couple of days ago - may 24, 2019 - and there it was! a beautiful, blue orb, hovering just above me... i could not see this one at the time with my eyes, though 2 years ago, in the same area, i observed an orb float over the street i was driving down (kipling avenue, just north of the queensway). it was about 40 metres in front of me. it just floated by at about 50 kph and disappeared behind the trees just to the west of where i was. peace...

Source, 26th May 2019

A triangular UFO between Seattle and Los Angeles in 2011

On September 16, 2011, a red triangular UFO was photographed during a flight between the cities of Seattle and Los Angeles.

(Source: Instagram)

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UFO appeared above Sun, in Jamaica

On February 22, 2019, during sunset, a bright UFO appeared above the sun, in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Witness report:

A shot of a sunset taken on my cell phone. it wasn't until months later while processing this image in photoshop that i noticed this object within the frame that wasn't apparent at the time of exposure.

I'm puzzled, it doesn't look like an aircraft nor a bird, seems to be huge?

Source, 25th May 2019

Black square-shaped UFO spotted above Lithonia, Georgia

On May 17, 2019, an automobilist spotted a black square-shaped UFO flying above a group a trees, in Lithonia, Georgia, USA.

Eyewitness statement:

I did not think of it at the time when i first saw this. i thought that it might be a black plastic bag that the wind had put up in the air. i saw it move to the right and move behind a group of trees on a hill. i thought the wind must be kicking here to make that happen. the next time that i saw something it came from the right when i was around conyers, ga. it came from the right going to the left at the same speed and going a little faster also. i'm doing around 80 mph. i'm looking at this and thinking what is this! next thing i know this thing goes more to the left and speeds off into the horizion. i see it again around covington comming fron right to left and was able to snap a few pictures before it hauled ass to the right and i did not see it again. this was over around 15 miles that i saw this and thought this was strange. thought that i would post this they were fast! had my brother look at it and he sent back a pictue that i saw two of them. the 2nd one was the one that halled ass. the number 3 picture shows one in the back ground.

Source, 25th May 2019

A UFO over the island of Korčula, Croatia

On August 8, 2017, a black flying saucer was photographed over the island of Korčula, Croatia.

(Source: Instagram)

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Unidentified bright light spotted above Austin, Texas

On May 23, 2019, a bright white light was spotted hovering above some power lines in Austin, Texas.

Eyewitness statement:

I watched a bright white light in the sky above the cloud line at first i thought it was a plane starting a chem trail but the trail never grew longer. i noticed it was hovering or appeared to be . i stopped at a light while driving and snapped a picture and it was definitely not a plane. once i zoomed in the picture i saw it was oval and had an aura around it.

Fuente, 24 de Mayo de 2019

A ghost filmed by a surveillance camera

A ghostly figure pacing up and down was caught on home security system. What is it?

The Hidden Underbelly claims:

In this we can see this full body apparition walking backwards and forwards with two Orbs appearing. This footage comes from an undisclosed location and the uploader states that this is a brand new CCTV system, brand new SD Card and all. The video was extracted remotely using a smartphone application that can be used to view live and access recordings. Not altered because we accessed the recording directly from the app and extracted it from there. The reason for the location remaining unknown is that the house is part of a housing project/subdivision in a rural area 20 miles away from the city. It's basically uninhabited and not been 'blessed' yet. The CCTV was installed to monitor thiefs since the area is not properly guarded.

Source, 24th May 2019

UFO seen by eyewitnesses moving over neighborhood

On May 22, 2019, a witness saw UFO moving over neighborhood. These images were caught in an unknown location.

Scott C. Waring explains:

This UFO was recorded by a family as it moved over the neighborhood in an undisclosed location. Its not uncommon for eyewitnesses to worry about their location or names for safety reasons. The UFO appears to be flat yet has a square shape to it. Notice how the UFO color blends in with the sky so well and can easily be missed if you are not focused on it.


Source, 23th May 2019

Two blue UFO spotted over Lima, Peru

On November 6, 2018, at 20:30, two UFO were seen above Lima, in Callao Region, Peru. What is it?

Eyewitness statement:

Two ships that were seen in the night that remain still after moving abruptly, at first glance it was not possible to appreciate very well that it was with the lens of the camera (nokia 3200) the form could be observed the shape and how the lights flashed, first they remained quiet after about 10 minutes they began to make sudden movements, moving from one place to another from top to bottom and sideways at a super speed, after 40 minutes of being in that situation disappeared with an upward direction, they were two consecutive days at 8:30 local time.

Source, 23th May 2019

Orb like UFO spotted in night above Dhaka

On July 14, 2014, a strange orb like UFO was spotted in night over Dhaka, the capital and largest city of Bangladesh.

Witness report:

It was ramadan time on july 14, 2014. the time was about 4:34 am. i was awake and staring at the night sky from our veranda. there was an object that looked like a common star or planet, hovering in the western sky at 30-45 degree angle from the ground. the only unusual thing about it was that, it was very bright, brighter than venus. it would certainly go unnoticed, unless it suddenly started moving upwards towards north-west. i brought out my canon sx-50, a camera with 50x zoom, and took 4 shots of it before it went out of sight. 2 of the photos are included here. one pic clearly shows spiral patterns on it. on 50x zoom, the object looked like a waxing gibbous moon.

Source, 22th May 2019

Strange lights caught in Argyle, on May 2019

On May 21, 2019, in night, a witness was coming home. He took a picture and captured a strange formation of lights in Argyle, New York.

Witness statement:

I was coming home from milking and it was around 11:30. the moon was really huge and impressive so i pulled over quick to snap a picture with my phone, thats when i noticed a strange organization of lights but they were stationary. i didnt think much of it at the time and kept on to my house. when i looked at the picture after i got home it really looked strange to me and wasnt sure what to make of it.

Source, 22th May 2019

UFO caught with night vision camera in Texas

On May 16, 2019, by using a night vision camera a witness noticed a triangular-shaped UFO above Carrollton, Texas.

Witness report:

I was tracking and demonstrating via cell phone recording through an eyepiece in my omni v rated night vision goggles how people are able to spot ufo in the night sky, and what they should generally look like in comparison to regular commercial jet aircraft such as those with faa safety lights blinking.

Using the goggles suspended from a helmet mount, i extended the bracket out to allow for my cell phone to record through the eyepiece and had a 3x optical lens on the front of it. while trailing an object that appeared below it, off to the top left side of the video a triangle craft emerges and brightly illuminates; which i was unaware of until after playing back the recording.

I've spotted a similar shape and size triangle ufo in 2012 and reported it in a mufon report around 2018 when i was reporting on some sighting and experiences i had in 2014-2015. it was in a similar location to where i was observing from, in addition to finding other people's video recordings they made not far from me, of a similar craft (when not looking through night vision it showed up like a vantablack surface triangle object with three "lights" which could be referred to as propulsion systems. how in this video the triangle enlarges (whether it be some kind of unusual descent or some kind of holographic projection used to show itself, i have no idea. i had actually been noticing strange "flashes of lights," and for all, i know this could be when the craft launches off into some other direction, or it was merely making its presence known (which i could go into further details though doubt it would be believable.

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Source, 21th May 2019

Cylinder-shaped UFO above Taylor on Match 2018

On March 2018, a witness was in his office when he saw a vertical cylinder-shaped UFO in Taylor, Michigan.

Eyewitness statement:

On march 19, 2018 at around 3:45pm i saw an object from my office. the object looked like a glowing light with the naked eye but i did view it thru a set of binoculars. when i saw it thru the binoculars i could make out that it was a vertical cylinder that was metallic. i viewed the object for almost 30 minutes as it moved to the south west directly over my office. the wind was blowing about 25 mph to the west. it flew just above aircraft landing at detroit metro airport that were landing from east to west into the wind. while viewing the object thru the binoculars i lowered the binoculars and then saw what looked like a military jet pass right next to the object from north to south , which was odd because it flew right in the middle of oncoming aircraft flight paths. i can only guess that the jet was investigating the object in the air. the aircraft landing must have also seen the object, it flew directly in there line of sight and down the middle of there flight path. i finally lost sight of the object as it moved to the southwest. i’ve tried to figure out over the past year what i could have seen but i still don’t know but it could not have been a balloon given the wind direction. i’ve also looked online and noticed sightings of what sound like the same object sighted on the same day in ohio and texas. both of which would be in the same direction it was moving. i do have two pictures taken from my phone but you can't see any detail in the pics.

Source, 21th May 2019

A bright triangular-shaped UFO caught on May 2019

On May 16, 2019, a triangle shaped object with three lights was noticed in a picture of Saturn caught in Nashville, Tennessee.

Witness report:

As noted previously i was aware of the ufo phenomenon but never paid that much attention until a series of orbs were clearly visible at an evening party in october 2016. since then i look up a bit more with the expectation that perhaps something will be visible. as part of my daily routine i walk our dogs a couple of miles very early in the morning. over the past several years i have had a dozen or so sightings of various types mostly in the early morning before the sun rises. a few days-ago i had an urge to snap a picture of saturn (i presume it is not jupiter) as we headed out of the driveway around 5:00am central time. saturn is the clearly visible light low on the horizon (photo via an iphone 8). when reviewing the picture, i noticed the triangle-shaped craft with the three lights. i did not see or hear anything when i took the picture. i presume it was moving fast because i took a couple of pics in quick succession and only one frame had the object, which does not look like a plane. there is plenty of aircraft traffic in the area because bna is about 10 miles to the east while a heavily used airport for private planes is about five miles to the north. the picture of the object looks nothing like a typical aircraft in the area with signature faa-mandated lights.

Source, 20th May 2019

Metallic UFO spotted in Valea Lungă, Romania

On June 28, 2008, a metal craft was spotted and photographed in the city of Valea Lungă, Romania. What is it?

Eyewitness statement:

I was standing with my mother taking photos of a rainbow after a storm. the craft appeared in the photos only. we did not see it with the naked eye, nor were we aware it was there. in the photos, the craft appears to have taken off / landing in the forest on the hill behind our house. there is nothing beyond that field except more forest. please note that this is a rural area, 2008, and there are no visible aircrafts in sight. drones were not accessible to the general public yet. the object in the photos is a little larger than a passenger car if you compare it with the people you can see working on the field below. the object is clearly metallic and has propulsion. it must have taken off/landed at incredible speed for us to not see it with the naked eye and attract our attention, as its size is significant. i am attaching the original photo taken with a canon powershot a550 at the time, and a zoomed in version. exposure time was 1/100, f stop was f/7.1, iso speed iso-80. the object is above the treetops, right side, between the two rainbows. in the field immediately below where the lower rainbow ends, you can see people on the field for size comparison.

Source, 20th May 2019

A metallic UFO in Vietnam in 1983

On September 26, 1983, a grey metallic UFO was photographed somewhere in Vietnam.

(Source: Instagram)

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Unidentified bright UFO spotted in Oshawa, Ontario

On May 2019, an unidentified bright white object appeared over the city of Oshawa, in Ontario, Canada.

Witness report:

I had another remarkable UFO sighting yesterday.

While at home in Oshawa, Ontario May 5, 2019.

I was working in the backyard for some hours.

Took a break and grabbed my cameras.

After some minutes noticed something quite high to the west less than half mile away.

Take one camera and started to video this unknown.

After about seven minutes filming lost sight of it as it went directly above.

A friend then message me and then after few minutes.

Could again now see it to the east moving quite slowly.

Looked quite bright white, appeared well over one thousand feet so it had size.

It then was heading slightly northeast over Oshawa.

Again filmed more video clips at a distance towards the east.

Then took some still shots with my other camera .

I believe I lost sight of it after 3:27 pm.

Sighting lasted approximately thirty minutes .

Here are the two best videos as well pictures along with their picture enhancements.

Thanks a bunch for your interest BJ.

My friend whom did the picture enhancements said appears rectangle pyramid morphing object.

I now know from the time stamps from both camera that sighting lasted just over thirty minutes once seen less a half mile west.

The distance total my guess watched 5-6 miles crossing ever so slowly for the first eight minutes watching / filming west to overhead.

Then lost sight of it and then now texting a friend.

After 3- 5 minutes could again see it the northeast some miles away.

Opportunity window for more filming which I did.

Going to be a interesting year BJ.

Enjoy there my friend.

Fuente, 19 de Mayo de 2019

Strange black UFO caught in Farmingdale, New York

On May 13, 2019, a witness caught a strange video in Farmingdale, New York. On these images, we can see a black UFO flying slowly in the sky.

Eyewitness statement:

Saw this object on a cloudy rainy day. They can show up even when clouds are all above us. Enjoy!

I didn't have my actual camera and was not ready. So I grabbed my samsung S10 Phone. Not bad at all for a phone camera don't you think?


Source, 19th May 2019

An alien in northern Italy

This alien was photographed somewhere in northern Italy. This creature seemed to be hiding inside a cave.

(Source: Instagram)

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Weird triangular formation spotted above Springfield

On May 3, 2019, a mysterious triangular formation was seen and filmed in the night sky above Spingfield, Florida.

Witness report:

Ex me and my wife from 2 separate locations seeing a triangle shaped formation of lights she seen them 1st and told me do you see that you see that I ran over to the window with my daughter and seen these 3 lights Orange and red I pulled out my phone after amediately hanging up on her and began to record she kept calling interrupting one of the videos so I also took a couple still shots I posted it all over Facebook and had a local investigator and Podcast radio host Tobe Johnson from strange brau radio I see pictures of him common investigate the site in an interview me and my wife about what we saw.

Source, 18th May 2019

3-4 UFO seen in Nicosia, Cyprus

On May 18, 2019, a witness spotted 3 or 4 unidentified lights flying at very high altitude in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Witness report:

3-4 light orbs flying very high and then a couple more and after a few minutes 6-8 more all towards the same direction horizontally.

Source, 18th May 2019

Apollo 17 - A Pyramid photographed on the Moon

This photo was taken during the Apollo 17 mission in 1972. We can see a pyramid on the Moon. Is this a proof of the presence of an extraterrestrial base?

(Source: Instagram)

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Glowing UFO caught near ruins in Cusco

On June 28, 2017, in the afternoon, a witness noticed a weird object flying near ruins in Peruvian Andes. He caught an incredible picture. What is it?

Witness report:

I was in peru taking a train back to cusco from machu picchu and was taking pictures of ruins and beautiful mountains. when reviewing the pictures, i noticed a very geometrical frisbee shaped object in 2 pictures. it’s a copper color that has a glowing/mist coming from. it looks very geometric and not like a reflection. would like to know what this is???

Source, 17th May 2019

A stationary UFO spotted in Bathgate on May 2019

On May 12, 2019, at 13:30, a stationary object was visible for half an hour before vanishing over Bathgate, Scotland. What is it?

Eyewitness statement:

A bit of a weird one. i have always prided myself in my ability to spot an aircraft type at extreme distances. as a kid in the cadets, i used to enter and win most the aircraft recognition competitions, and have managed to keep updated in the latest types, and though i may have a colour perception problem, my eyesight, specially at distances is excellent, as some pilot friends would testify. and, through my gliding, i also have a good handle on weather and atmospheric events. the reason for the aforesaid info is due to a wee aerial sighting i had on sunday afternoon. i was sitting in mum's back garden enjoying the weather, and watching the planes climbing out of edinburgh, when i caught a flash of reflected light way out over the capital, well above the departing aircraft's altitude. i thought it was another plane flying quite high, but using an upright on the fence and the corner of next door's roof as a reference, i noticed it was not moving. clouds passed in the wind, but this did not move or climb, or drift away. it just stayed there. i watched for about half an hour, and then decided to go out to the car for my camera. it has a very long telephoto, x63, so was going to try and get a picture. i honestly expected it to be gone when i returned, but it was still there. anyway, my camera having autofocus only made it a bit of a problem zooming in and focusing due to the distance and some heat shimmer, but managed to get a couple of shots at maximum zoom. it appears to be two separate objects close to each other. and they still had not moved position from my first sight of them. lining up for another shot, i had it in the reticle, but during focusing it just suddenly vanished. though i looked all over, it had gone. weird! i have no idea what it was, and did not look or behave like anything i know of, and that in itself is unusual. to be honest, it could be a couple of large silver balloons stuck in a patch of still air (very doubtful), or as the say, "swamp gas". what i can say without any doubts is that it was not an airplane or a helicopter. a bit of a mystery.

Source, 17th May 2019

A Bigfoot footprint found in 2017 in Skamania County

During spring 2017, a Bigfoot footprint was found in Skamania County, Washington. The witness took a picture…

Eyewitness statement:

Aug 2016, my wife (then just friend) and I were hiking along a creek in between Mt St Helens and Mt Adams. After the long day we decided to camp at spot that might have been used for a Skagit tower while logging. The tree line ran south and about 40 yards away from us. Sometime after it got dark and we were sitting outside talking when all of a sudden we heard multiple (around 3-4) wood knocks. We knew it was too much of a low hard sound to be a woodpecker. A minute or less later we heard from behind us two distinct knocks. This happened for a few more times.

We silently would point into the direction we heard it coming from as it went on for about 4-5 minutes. I finally had enough of it and started yelling the only thing I knew in the woods. “Hey Bear!” My wife tries to hush me so that it “could come closer”. I demanded no and kept yelling.

We saw nothing out of the ordinary the next day. Fast forward Spring 2017. Same area. We are exploring the same area when I came across a very large track in the sand, along the creek bed. I took pics of it with my trekking pole and foot. (Size 10.5-11).

Fuente, 16 de Mayo de 2019

UFO caught over an airplane in Curitiba, Brazil

On April 20, 2019, a UFO captured flying over an airplane in Curitiba, in Brazil What is it?

The Hidden Underbelly 2.0 claims:

This object was filmed during a family day out and what an amazing catch.. While filming the plane flying over head this oval shaped object was spotted flying closely above the plane. This is my opinion: I don't think this is a drone as how high it is and how close it is to the plane but what do you guys think?

Source, 16th May 2019

Jesus appears in the sky over Argentina

On May 14, 2019, Jesus appeared in the sky somewhere in Argentina. Is this divine sign? An optical illusion?

The ufologist Scott C. Waring explains:

Hey guys, this is a strange one. This is a photo someone took in the sky over Argentina this week and it seems to show Jesus in a rob with a crown of thorns. I do believe in signs and believe this has some real purpose for being there.


Fuente, 15 de Mayo de 2019

Alien creature encounter in Izmir, Turkey

Between 1993 and 1995, a child saw a humanoid extraterrestrial in front of his house in Izmir, the third most populous city in Turkey.

Eyewitness statement:

I saw a stickman entity when I was a kid through the door hole in my parents’ flat. I was going to the elementary school so this must have happened in early to mid 90s. Possibly around 1993-1995. This happened in Turkey, city of İzmir. It was a sunny afternoon in April and I was waiting for my friend to come and play PC games together. I heard a sound coming from the apartment’s corridor and thought my friend arrived. Went to the door to peek through the door hole. I saw a stickman-like figure standing in front of our neighbor’s door. It was not black. It looked like it was made out of clean light brown wood. It had black spheres for hands, feet and head. Visually its body, limbs and the black spheres were identical to giant matchsticks in color and proportion. Even weirder, it was wearing a yellowish fedora hat with transparent dark fabric hanging from the edges. I could still see that it had no facial features through the thin fabric. I was very confused but kept watching it and it did not move for about five seconds. Then it made a slightly quick wavy movement with its arms (like the motion is carried from one arm to the other) and that scared me off. My mom was at home so I ran to her and told her that there’s something in the apartment. We saw nothing when we checked back. Later I discarded it as an optical illusion since I saw this through the door hole. Maybe there was some dirt or a bug with long legs on the door hole lens. Years later I found about the stickman, hatman and shadow people phenomenon and that really creeped me out. Arethrid.

Source, 15th May 2019

A strange UFO in Clearwater May 30, 2015

This strange UFO was photographed in Clearwater, a town in Pinellas County, Florida on May 30, 2015.

(Source: Instagram)

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Black ring UFO recorded over Argentina on May 2019

On May 7, 2019, a black ring UFO was recorded over Argentina. The ufologist Scott C. Waring was interested in this case…

He explains:

I was sent this in an email. He said he was working on a foundation of building when he and his coworkers saw this black ring object flying over head. He had an older phone, but took video of it best he could.

The video shows the black ring moving like a disk...which is strange. Had this been a balloon it would be flipping like a wheel end over end. This one seems to stay flat, unlike any balloon I have ever seen.

Often when a UFO is nearby, people and animals sense its presence. I mean often they have an emotional aura that either pushes a person to look up and see it, or even make you relax almost in a trance meditative state. You have to seen one first had and feel it to know what I'm saying. Not all UFOs have this aura, but many do.

I remember a sighting by the famous actor Dan Aykroyd where he was sleeping he woke up as if someone wanted to wake him, and heard a telepathic voice telling him to walk outside and look at the sky. When he did so, he saw a UFO. Thats what I mean.


Fuente, 14 de Mayo de 2019

Huge Alien UFO caught over East London, South Africa

On May 13, 2019, a witness took a picture of strange alien spacecraft flying over East London, in the province of Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Eyewitness statement:

My name is leander, i'm from south africa, my sister is the witness to the whole thing. she was visiting my aunt at the old age home. my aunts room is on the 5th floor. my sister found the city view from the 5th floor to be amazing and took 2 photos out the window 1 right after the other. split second if not less difference between the two photos. we don't know if this is a ufo or what it is, can someone please tell us or help us understand what this is?


Source, 14th May 2019

Bright UFO recorded by the ISS on May 2019

On May 10, 2019, a bright UFO was recorded by the cameras of the International Space Station.

Scott C. Waring, the author of discovery, explains:

I recorded this UFO on the old cams not the new cams. The new cams are on Youtube and seemed to be faked, since I noticed they put it on a loop most the time.

The UFO seems curved on the top and sides, but flat on its bottom. The close up in the video shows its color changing as it moves past the space station slowly. This video is over six minutes and shows some serious close ups of a UFO that NASA does not want you to see.

This is absolute proof that aliens have a high interest in the space station and how the astronauts on board are dealing with the unique environment of space.

Fuente, 13 de Mayo de 2019

TR-3B filmed over Oakland, California in 2019

On May 2, 2019, many people spotted and filmed a strange triangular-shaped UFO in the night sky over Oakland, California.

Pirata888 explains:

UFO filmed over oakland ca 5/2/2019 by many people ,Giant triangle UFO's being witnessed around the world. We take a look at the black triangle UFO sightings caught on tape around the world.

Source, 13th May 2019

A flying saucer in Green River in 2009

This luminous flying saucer was photographed over Green River, Wyoming, USA, in 2009.

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Meteor or UFO taken by SpaceX on May 2019

On May 2019, SpaceX took a picture of a strange meteor. According to the ufologist Scott C. Waring, it could be a UFO.

He explains:

This photo was taken by SpaceX and is said to be a meteor that they recorded this week. Many agencies are reporting this as a UFO, and that is understandable since NASA has never ever reported a meteor that looks like this. This makes us think NASA is really lazy and is not earning its keep. Why is a public space agency publishing a photo of a meteor like none ever seen before?

Maybe this is a UFO that is deliberately trying to appear as a meteor. Unless we capture the object and take a hands on look at this object, it will remain a mystery. But the colors and the high detail is extraordinary to say the least. Its an object that will have astronomers and astrophysics talking about it for years to come. Above all else, its awesome that SpaceX publishes extraordinary discoveries like this. It looks like we can trust Elon Musk 100%.

UFO or meteor...really doesn't matter. Its absolutely breathtaking.

Source, 11th May 2019

Grey flying saucer caught in Ipswich, England

On May 11, 2019 at 11:28, a witness took a picture a grey flying saucer behind a tree in Ipswich, England.

Witness statement:

Out playing golf today and took a photo of a large fig tree. when i got home i looked at the photos later on and noticed something. thought it was a bird or bug. but there's no wings or wing motion. or legs. and my galaxy s10+ wouldn't catch a bug that far away. and it's hard to tell how far it is past the tree. i didn't hear anything or even notice it. just wanted a cool pic of the huge fig tree. pretty weird shape. no beak. hard to say what it is.

There are 4 photos uploaded. none of them have been enhanced. only enlarged the one and took a screen shot. the tree further away has nothing in it i can see, which was taken seconds prior to the photo with the object.

Source, 11th May 2019

Alien head found on Mars on May 2019

On May 7, 2019, Scott C. Waring made an incredible discovery on Mars photos. He found an alien head. Is it an evidence that aliens lived in this planet thousands of years ago.

He explains:

Mars has some really cool stuff on its surface. This face is one of those things. The face is similar to the tall grey alien in the true story of Travis Waltons abduction back in the forest of Oregon. The resemblance is uncanny. Perhaps its the same species that made this statue face long ago on Mars, but has evolved to a space faring species.

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UFO close to a plane over Tucson, Arizona

On March 28, 2019, a witness saw UFO flying close to a plane over Tucson, in the state of Arizona, USA.

Eyewitness statement:

This object was close to a plane and disappeared as quickly as it appeared. saw it when i was taking a picture of a nice plane. took 4 pictures and the object cannot be seen in the other pictures. see 2nd photo taken the next day at 2:14pm(took 3 that day), which shows odd object that appears to have windows. i have witnessed many sightings west of tucson in the past 13 years, both day and night.

On February 2017, a witness shot a stunning light orb over Sedona, Arizona.

Source, 10th May 2019

Stunning light orb in sky in Sedona

On February 8, 2017, a witness captured a stunning light orb in the sky, in Sedona, Arizona.

The friend of the witness claims:

A friend and employee who is moving soon (hence me finally getting hands on the photo/videos and submitting this report) witnessed and captured some interesting footage of a spherical/glowing object in the night sky. photo was captured on february 8th of 2017, video files over the following nights until the 14th. captured on an iphone7 which was zoomed in and laying on its back and/or in some cases propped up on its side. reported to me as above lee mountain off of sr 179 in Sedona, AZ. originals are still on his phone. This experiencer witnesses objects regularly.

Source, 09th May 2019