Two UFO caught in Haleiwa, Hawaii, on March 2018

On March 20, 2018, a man and his wife took a picture of two UFO during their honeymoon in Haleiwa, Hawaii.

Witness statement:

I took these photos on march 20, 2018 on my honeymoon in haleiwa oahu hawaii and submitted them them to mufon after viewing them almost immediately afterwards. the investigator determined they were know objects given the us bases in the area. however the photos were clearly saturn type objects and not to be mistaken for a helicopter or airplanes or even a drone i had seen and taken photos of on the island. i have seen photos less clear than my photos called unidentified objects! i understand that there are us bases in hawaii but that should also prove the case that unknown objects hang around us bases. i would like another investigator to look at my photos and review them please.

Source, 28th April 2019