Two glowing lights caught in Santa Fe, New Mexico

On April 9, 2019, a man living in Santa Fe, New Mexico, spotted two glowing lights moving in the sky around twilight.

Witness report:

Walked outside to close the driveway gate around twilight, and i noticed a very bright light in an unusual position above my house somewhat and to the north, and a steep angle of maybe 65 to 80 degrees. maybe half again as bright as venus and somewhat larger, but in a patch of sky that the planets never make it to. it was stationary. i soon noticed another similar light further away to the northwest, towards los alamos from here. neither was moving. given the proximity to los alamos, my first suspicion was that they were weather balloons, which are not uncommonly launched from there or from sandia in albuquerque. so i went to get my binoculars since i am familiar enough with the shape of the weather balloon to tell the difference having seen them often enough. thunder binoculars i was surprised to see that the lights had a structure or surface which appeared to be two lobed, with loads of uneven shape and size and with additional hard to discern structure or pattern of lights and shadows inside them. it was difficult to stabilize the binoculars sufficiently to get a really good look. but when i trained the binoculars on the further object it had the exact same structure. also when i trained the binoculars on the second object, i was just in time to see it release or shoot out a tiny rapidly moving bright light which moved in the direction of the first object before i lost it in the binoculars. after 10 minutes or so of observation, i saw a similar bright light moving erratically around the second object, but always on the same side which was to its right from my perspective. as the sun set the objects grew dimmer which reinforced my idea that they were somehow not unnatural objects, but they never lost the strange bilobial shape although it turned more orange than yellow as the sun set into darkness. eventually i lost sight of the further object and could no longer handle the next rain of observing the first object. valerie was with me the whole time and observed what i did through the binoculars also. we took several pictures but all they show are bright lights.

Source, 19th April 2019