Mysterious UFO caught over Anchorage, Alaska

On March 2019, a strange UFO was caught on tape over Anchorage, Alaska. The US Air Force failed to explain the origin of this strange object.

The ufologist Scott C. Waring explains:

This UFO was spotted near US Air Force military base Elmendorf Richardson. Being a USAF vet who once worked on B1 and B2 Bombers, I see this bases location as perfect for tasing the newest and highest tech spacecraft known to man. This location is so far out, that only a few fishing boats would possibly see anything at all at this location. Its perfect to keep a secret unless one of these spacecraft lose control and fall to earth. That is we are seeing here. This is to an alien craft, but a high tech spacecraft crashing over Anchorage. The craft was probably made with alien tech, but its controlled by humans.


Source, 01th April 2019